Young Woman Admits Anger Is ‘Out Of Control’ And She Takes It Out On Fiancé

my anger is very out of control I absolutely take most of my anger out on Jeremy salsa de salcedo this is mushrooms okay I was just asking all right I was just telling me anything could set her off why would you put it on there looking like that all right my bad over the smallest thing Victoria completely goes off the deep end why don’t you try this actually talking to me instead of getting pissed off to and fueling it feel like when it comes to Jeremy everything he says it’s just on autopilot we’re no revelatory I’ll tell you to call Bill told me he’s gonna make me calm down no it’s gonna piss me off more Jeremy does purposely try to make me mad I think it’s entertainment to him why would you put cheese on it like you oh you know what you like why when we do get into a fight it does start with name-calling I’ve called Jeremy worthless piece stupid loser liar he’s worthless but call me a Mexican piece of dirt I said he were a dirty Mexican when I get into rage anything breakable in sight is going to get broken these are often throwing bowls break glasses I’ll punch holes in walls is from a hairspray can that I threw jaws slam doors she’ll grab whatever she can get her hands on maybe as simple I’m sorry for putting cheese on the pizza that’d be great all right Dave we’re right there you told me you do not say you were sorry don’t lie and say you said that you’re sorry when you did it said I was sorry you know you did it you do not say that you were sorry oh my freaking literally shaking so angry Alaska all the way down over here Wow this ridiculous it happens like so often though so we’ll kind of just I guess it becoming accustomed to it I blame Jeremy followed this because ever since we’ve been dating I’ve been raging nobody that loves each other in their right mind will try to stress out the person they love every day it’s the same crap oh well this is absolutely Jeremy’s fault okay it’s good to meet you thank you I’m a little confused so help me get my bearings or are you here to defend what you do understand what you do or change what you do I’m here to understand and change what I do and understand why I’m like this and why I’m but you seem to be defending it some of the things that he’s saying is not true he is a liar and he does want to make himself look like the victim even though he has sent a lot of the same things to me okay but I just don’t talk about them because I don’t want him to look like a bad person did you chip his tooth in February yes I did he was drinking a glass of water and we were arguing and he called me a white whore white b-word so I tapped the glass not knowing it would break his tooth of course but it did break his – so he called you a white whore bitch and you went yeah exactly that if this is the glass tap it the way you tapped it thank you sideways like that on his – he must have brittle teeth break the glass just his teeth yes here’s an incident report from May that was February then this is May and it was made after you were arrested yeah they were called Jaime and I had been arguing all morning and I had to go to work and the cops came in and arrested me after they had stopped at the apartment talked to him he open the door shirtless he had a small scratch right here it was only half an inch he knows from my dogs because we have three German Shepherds and they were jumping up on him giving him hugs and kisses they were excited to see him but I told the cops that he had never did anything to me that started that but what really happened was he was holding me down and I told him to let me go and he wouldn’t so he leaned back and flung me off the bed and started making me hit myself in the face with my own hands well they should’ve arrested the dog then the court paws up you’re going in right he he knew it wasn’t what the cops were thinking he wasn’t pressing charges he told them it was just the dog but they in the state of Texas they can pick up charges and that’s exactly what they did

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