You Make Me Want to Be a Better Man – As Good as It Gets (7/8) Movie CLIP (1997) HD

okay now I got a real great compliment for you and it’s true so afraid you’re about to say something awful don’t be pessimistic it’s not your style okay here I go clearly a mistake I’ve got this what ailment my doctor a shrink that I used to go to all the time he says that in 50 or 60% of the cases a pill really helps I hate pills very dangerous thing pills hate I’m using the word hate here about pills hate my compliment is that night when you came over and told me that you would never um all right well yeah you were there you know what you said well my compliment to you is the next morning I started taking the pills I don’t quite get her that’s a compliment for me you make me want to be a better man that’s maybe the best compliment of my life well maybe I overshot a little because I was aiming at just enough to keep you from walking out

88 thoughts on “You Make Me Want to Be a Better Man – As Good as It Gets (7/8) Movie CLIP (1997) HD

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    Ever since I was fired for sleeping on the job I’ve worn a shirt and tie to bed.

  2. We live in a world where people know there is a fourth fucking Transformers movie and I'll bet only one in a 100 of them have seen this movie.  That's the apocalypse in a nut shell. 

  3. This scene is so great I randomly thought of it on my way home and had to watch it, and I'm a straight construction worker in his thirties, go figure

  4. Love Jack's boyish smile……….Helen plays a challenging role.  This movie touched me in many good ways.

  5. what's hilarious about this scene is that nicholson's character follows this with an incredibly inappropriate comment that makes hunt's character walk out on him

  6. The commentary on the DVD is one of Nicholson's few commentaries (along with the director), and it's wonderful.

  7. I love jack Nicholson as an actor….and I admit that his character Melvin says things in this movie would piss me me right off completely

    What I don't understand though, is after what he said about her son, how she managed to have the courage to even date him….if he said that about my child? I wouldn't speak to him again!

  8. Gotta admit that this is definitely one of the most touching scenes from any movie, and it manages to pull it off with a minimum of schmaltz.
    For some reason, to me it's the high point of the whole movie, and I liked the movie quite a lot.

  9. I remember watching this movie with my dad when I was a kid. And I'll never forget him looking at me and saying "Son, that truly is one of the best compliments you could give someone."

  10. We watched this movie in my Public Speaking class a few years ago. The scene where she calls him, and he just answers with a weird noise made me and the girl next to me lose it. We were possibly the only two in the whole class that were laughing and we were laughing for a pretty long time.

  11. Just as commented by TheJollyGreen, I just remembered the scene today and came to youtube to relish it one more time. Last time I saw the movie and the scene was almost 5 years ago.

  12. great line….i have used this on young bimbos who i know have never seen this film and are generally clueless on just about everything that came before them….this line is my go too line when i take a chick out to dinner and i want to skip dessert and head back to my man cave for some lovin'.

  13. actually,for the brothers out there don't try to say this(i didn't say it too btw) to someone who's not interested in you she/he will look down upon you instead…

  14. I always wanted a man to say that to me, for years I thought about this scene. I had a man say that to me tonight. Yeah. I'm on cloud 9.

  15. Those are the women worth having. There are so many out there that would make you be a worse man because they like "bad boys" and would call you "too nice." Stay true to your nature and wait for the ones who appreciate real manly virtues. It's the only way to grow a relationship and grow yourself.

  16. Every woman makes every man want to be a better man. That's what women do. Check out any guy who doesn't have a woman in his life. Chances are he's a slob, a pervert, and a jerk.
    As Jim Stafford put it:

    She can't make the mountains move
    She can't make the deserts cool
    She can't make a good man out of a fool
    But she makes me any way.

    Blue jean sequined see-through mama
    Done took in a Southern farmer
    She's so jive, she's such a charmer
    She chased my blues away

  17. This movie is really good, I think it’s so simple and just has a true positive message that’s moving

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