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– Howdy, everyone.
Welcome to Yoga With Adriene. I am Adriene and this is
a very blissed out Benji. And today we have a
yoga to heal stress. So I need it,
you need it, he needs it, and together
we’re going to get it. So bring a pillow to
class today if you have one. If you don’t have one,
don’t worry. If you want to be extra
though and bring two pillows, bring one for your neighbor,
just kidding. It doesn’t really work on a
digital platform, does it? Or does it? Hop into something
comfy and let’s get started. (upbeat music) Alrighty, my darling friend,
let’s begin today’s practice in
Extended Child’s Pose. So if Extended Child’s
Pose is not awesome for you, you can just
start today’s practice in a nice comfortable
seat of your choice. Benji has selected this shape. You can select your shape to
really just get comfortable and find your
breath and tune in, because today’s practice
is of course an invitation to really look at the ways in
which we might be stressed. And understand and remember that we always have an
opportunity to tend to that, to circle back
to that awareness, and eventually to heal from that so that we
don’t get really sick. Okay, let’s not worry
about all that for now. Let’s start with just
tuning into the breath in an effort to bring more loving awareness to our life. Shall we? In your comfortable seat,
in your Benji pose or if you want to join
me in Extended Child’s Pose, take a second to get settled in. And once you’re there, right
away bring your awareness or your
attention to your breath. And really, don’t
skimp out on yourself here. Right away listen. What’s it like today?
Is the breath shallow? Is it hard? Remarkably sometimes
it’s hard to breath. And let this
invitation to focus inward on your breath,
let it do its thing. Invite more
presence into the body by allowing one moment to
simply bleed into the next. So you start by noticing
the quality of your breath. But then that might
inspire you to reach the arms a little wider, to notice
if you feel a bit tired, to notice if you actually
wanted a fiery practice today but you find yourself here,
maybe you can trust that you might need this too. Now gently begin
to deepen the breath. Notice the thoughts
that come up here. And you know what to do,
but I’ll just remind you. As those thoughts come up,
because they will. It’s just a matter of if
it’s five times or 500 times in our practice here today. As the thoughts come up, acknowledge them, notice them, and then return
back to your breath. And that’s the
dance that we’ll practice. That’s the dance that we aim to get good at. Continue to gently
deepen your breath. Notice how you feel. Is there love
in your heart today or are you tender hearted? And yes, of course,
you can be both. And if you’re like, “I just want
to chill my nervous system,” “Get a nice little stretch in,”
that’s great too. Wherever you are,
take one more cycle of breath to really land. Then slowly we’ll carve a line with the nose to look forward. And ever so slowly press in
to the tops of the feet and from your heart,
lift forward. Walk the knees
underneath the chest. I said chest. Walk the knees
underneath the hips. Sorry, I got distracted because
what I wanted to tell you was after you walked the
knees underneath your hips, carve a line with your
nose to look to the screen. And look at
Benji’s paw on my hand. Alright, now bring
your gaze straight down. Spread the fingertips evenly. Walk your wrists
underneath your shoulders. Let’s move with the breath,
so synchronize the breath with the movement and the
movement with the breath here as you inhale, drop the belly, open the chest, look forward. Broaden through
the back of the neck, so careful not to crunch. Then exhale, round through
the spine, chin to chest. Really create a contraction
in the center of your being as you broaden
through the upper back body. Let the neck kind of hang
here and the head be heavy. And then here we go. On an inhale, drop the belly,
open the chest. Let your heart open forward,
forward, forward. And then exhale, tailbone
goes down, chin to chest. Breathe out. Inhale, drop the belly. Exhale, round. Inhale, claw through the
fingertips, open the chest. Exhale, claw through the
fingertips, navel draws up. Inhale, last time,
drop the belly. Exhale, chin to chest. And now just take it
off the railroad tracks a little bit here, bumping the
hips a little left to right, finding a soft or
generous bend in your elbow. Checking in with your hips,
your shoulders, just kind of going freestyle
a little bit here today. And see if you
can soften your gaze and start to move with
the sound of your breath. You can curl the toes under
here, checking with the feet, checking with the neck. Get a little freaky here. Find what feels good. And then bring it
back to Tabletop Position, nice, neutral spine. And we’re going to
slowly press the left foot into the ground,
curl the right toes under and send the right toes out. Right heel, really reaches,
extends back. And you’re going to work to
press into your right pinky toe so that your
right ball and socket can really get snugly here. Right thigh bone, femur,
down towards the ground. Then rock front and rock back, rock front and rock back. And the next time you rock front
you’re going to drop your elbows exactly where your hands were. Then interlace the
fingertips out in front. So now I’m on my forearms. Good, you’re going
to lift the right toes now, bend the right knee, press
into your left foot firmly. Careful not to collapse
into the shoulders here. And then baby pulses here with the right foot up towards
the sky, breathing deep. Baby pulses. Gaze is straight down,
lifting the right knee. Waking up the body so we’re
building a little bit of heat but nice and low to the
ground mindfully here today. Take a deep breath in.
Long breath out. One more time.
Big breath in. Long breath out. Release, knee comes
underneath the hip. We’ll press back up
to Tabletop Position. Press into your right foot,
curl your left toes under, and send your left leg out. Rock front, rock back. See if you can bring your
lower belly in just a bit, hug your low ribs in. So finding that center. Stretching through
the fascia of the foot, the Achilles, the calf. Upper arm bones rotate out. So creating space between
the ears and the shoulders, working to create a
whole body awareness. Then the next
time you rock front, connect to your center.
Draw the low belly in, drop your elbows
where the hands were. Interlace the fingertips, this time opposite thumb on top, the one that
feels kind of funky. Then you’re going to press up and out of your foundation here. I’m pressing into
both elbows evenly. So there may be a tendency
to rock onto your right side. See if you can hug the midline. We’ll lift the left toes,
bend the left knee, and find baby pulses. Yes, this is
good for your booty. Yes, this is good for your core. But we’re trying to create a
full body experience, right? A 100% full body experience. So tuck your chin, we’re fine. Press into both knees evenly. Find your breath. If you get thrown off balance,
return to the breath. Welcoming that heat. Breathe in, breathe out. Breathe in, breathe out. Good, release. Hop back up to the hands. Bump the hips to your left. Turn to look past
your right shoulder, yes. Come back to center.
Bump the hips to the right, turn and look past
your left shoulder. Sweet, come back to center. Place the hands mindfully. Spread the fingertips evenly. Index fingers pointing towards
the front edge of the mat. Claw through your knuckles. Here we go, curl the toes under. Deep breath in. With your exhale, peel the
tailbone up towards the sky. Downward Facing Dog. Find what feels good here. Breathe deep. Close your eyes. Let any stress,
tension melt down the back as you continue to
firmly press through your hands, working from the ground up here. Inhale in. On your next
exhale find stillness. And then slowly
release to the ground. Awesome, walk your
knees up just a bit. Cross one ankle over the other. We’re going to
come through all the way to a nice flat back position. So come onto your back. We’ll join Benji here. Excellent. Then when you’re ready
we’re going to plant the palms and slowly lift the
right leg up high to the sky. Good. Bend your right knee,
squeeze it up towards the chest. Breathe. Then take your right hand. You’re going to grab
either your right shin, calf, right ankle,
or right big toe. If you want to use
a blanket or a strap, even a dishtowel
works great here, you can. We’re going to inhale,
start to kick the right toes out towards the right
side of your yoga mat. Use your left hand on the ground or on your left ribcage to slowly, slowly keep a
mindfulness in the left hip. So we’re opening up here. You can use a strap,
you can use a towel, you can clasp the
big toe if you can. If not, just make it your own. We want to just
play a little bit here. Don’t have to master the shape. Again, keep a
nice firm awareness in the left thigh bone,
left hip. Flex your left
toes up towards the sky. And then slowly
bring it back over. We’re gonna
squeeze the right knee up towards the chest once again and then cross it over
the body, Supine Twist. Breathe deep here. Close your eyes. Relax your jaw. Then slowly come back to center. Extend the right leg out. Excuse me,
extend both legs out. Bring your hands
back to the earth. And then keep the
right leg extended as you bring the left leg up. Hug the left knee
into the chest, breathe. And then here we go
grabbing the left shin or calf, the left ankle,
maybe grabbing that big toe or using a towel,
a tie or a strap. We’ll start to extend
left toes out, up and out. Breathe deep here. Try to keep your
shoulders on the ground. And then slowly reeling
it all back into center. Keep the right leg extended. And here we go crossing
the left leg across the body, finding your Supine Twist here.
Breathe deep. Inhale in. Exhale to slowly
melt it back to center. From here you’re going to
hug the knees into the chest, cross the ankles, grab
the outer edges of the feet, and we’re going to rock all
the way up to a seat again. Send the legs out long,
Paschimottanasana. So here’s where you
might want to grab your pillow. Hike the edge of your pillow all the way up
to your hip creases. Bend your knees generously. And if you want to use
more than one pillow you can. Really bringing the earth up
to you to rest your forehead. Alright, inhale in,
reach for the sky. Exhale, draping forward,
Paschimottanasana. Start with a nice bent knee. Toes up toward the sky. Heels in line
with the hips to start. If you want to work to
bring the feet together, that’s up to you. I’m going to go
feet hip-width apart. Inhale, everyone look forward. Exhale to melt into the posture. So there’s going
to come a point here where you want to get out. See if you can layer
in a depth of breath here, that you’re in the breath
instead of coming out of the posture.
See what happens. Pay attention to that moment between the inhalation
and the exhalation here. Soften the skin of the forehead. Lean in. Check it out, take
five more breaths here. Count ’em out. Relax your shoulders. To come out of the pose,
move slow. Keep the feet
and the legs active. Move down
through your sits bones, and with soft
fingers tuck the chin and slowly roll it back it up. Bring the hands
together at your heart, Anjuli Mudra, and just notice
how you feel here in Dandasana. Toes up towards the sky. Inhale in. Exhale, bring your fingertips or your palms down to the earth. And just a
couple of seconds here to find soft easy
movement in the neck. Cool, grab your pillah,
as we say in Texas. Grab your pillow,
you’re going to come onto one side,
your favorite side. If you have an extra
pillow here, you can grab it and use it for
your head or your neck. But your main pillow is going
to go between your legs. Get comfy. So set yourself
up for support here for our final posture,
a little relaxation. When you’re ready,
close your eyes. Lift the corners
of the mouth slightly. And once again, bring
your awareness to your breath. Allow your breath to
soften and just return to its natural rhythm,
its natural flow here. Notice if you might be holding or clenching
anywhere in the body. See if you can
soften and relax that too. If it’s bright in your space and you want to
bring your top arm over to cover the eyes,
you can do that here. And just take a
second here to chill. And if you’re already
thinking about your next meal, your next task, or
your next to-do list item, that’s totally normal, but that’s what we kind
of want to get at here today. Just notice if that’s happening. Return back to your breath. Choose to stick it out
with me here on the video and with Benji. Commit to your practice. If you’re feeling good here
and you have nowhere to be next you might pause the video and stay here for
a little bit longer. If you’re ready
to rock and roll, let’s slowly
take a deep breath in. Use the top arm to
press into the earth, bottom arm to press our
bodies all the way back up. Move your pillow to the side. Bring your hands
together at the heart space. Let’s take one final loving
inhale in through the nose. And exhale through the mouth. Inhale to draw the
thumbs up to the third eye. And exhale to bow. Thanks everyone. Namaste. (upbeat music)

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