– Stress is the number one
cause of illness and disease, and if you don’t take care of it now, it will come back later. So take some time today, get on your mat, and take care of yourself. – My name’s Kelly and I’m from Michigan. – Hi, I’m Diane and I’m from Georgia. – [Both] And you’re
watching Fightmaster Yoga! – Welcome to Fightmaster Yoga, a place to deepen your practice. When you commit to this channel, you’ll begin to see beauty
in every aspect of your life. Hi, I’m Leslie Fightmaster. Begin sitting with your shins crossed, close your eyes, take a deep breath. Hands to hearts. May your practice bring
you to the present moment, relieve you of any stress, and connect you to your
awesome authentic self. Release the hands and then
switch the cross of your legs so the other shin is in front. Bring your right ear to right shoulder. Let your right hand just rest on your head as you extend the left arm
out, flexing the wrist. Now drop your shoulders
away from your ears. Take long, deep breaths, in
and out through your nose. Inhale to center. Exhale left ear to left shoulder. Take your left hand on your head, not pulling, just a little extra weight. Right arm out, flex the wrist. Long, smooth breaths as
you let those shoulders just melt away from your ears. Inhale, come to center. Bring your fingertips into front length, and your spine, you can stay up or exhale. Walk forward any amount. Keep your spine nice and long, hinging from your hips
as you come forward, instead of bending from the waist so that the back doesn’t round. Inhale back to center, and
switch the cross again. Now take your chin and turn and look over your right shoulder. Take a couple breaths here, releasing any tension in the neck. So, inhale to center. Exhale, bring your chin
over the left shoulder. Keep lengthening all through, from the sitting bones
to the crown of the head. Inhale center. Exhale again, look to the right. Inhale center, exhale left. Inhale center, exhale,
turn your head right. Inhale center, once more to the left. Now right ear to right shoulder, roll your chin toward chest. Bring left ear toward left shoulder. Again, chin toward chest to the center. Right ear toward right shoulder. Come to center. Inhale, look up if it’s
okay with your neck, but draw your shoulders down. Lift your chest. And then make your way back to center. Fingertips in front. Inhale, lengthen through the spine, and exhale, you can stay up or walking forward any amount. Give me a little stretch in the hips. Keep long, steady breaths throughout. Inhale to come up, and then roll forward making your way onto your hands and knees with wrist under shoulders. And then walk your hands forward
in front of the shoulders. Keep the hips over the knees as you stretch your
chest toward the ground. Spin the outer-upper arms, the
triceps down toward the mat. Draw shoulders away from ears, and keep a little lift in your belly. Press evenly through the
base of your fingers. Maybe a little extra in the
thumb, first finger side of the hands. Continue steady breath with every exhale letting go of any stress or care. And then coming back to hands and knees, turn your inner-elbows forward, and tuck your toes to stretch to down dog. Arms, shoulders distance,
feet, hips width. And then bicycle in the legs bending one knee and the other. Make sure your fingers are
still spread nice and wide, wrist creases are parallel
to the front of the mat. If your wrists bother you though, you can try turning your finger tips out. Now walk your legs, your
feet as wide as the mat. And then stretch back,
press your thighs back, and reach your heels toward the floor. Keep the arms and ears in line. Draw the belly in and up, especially at the bottom of the exhales. Keep the legs firm. Walk your feet to hips-width apart. Inhale to plank pose, top of a push-up. Knees can be up or down as you
shift the shoulders forward, lower to your belly, exhale. Bring your hands by your low ribs. Peel the chest up; cobra. Press all 10 toenails down. Then tuck the toes
under knees, up or down, as you press to plank, and then again to down dog. Keep pressing the weight
up toward the hips and then reach it down. Inhale, right leg lifts. Now bend the knee and open up the hip. I’m stretching back
evenly through the arms, left heel reaching down. Inhale, level off the hips. Exhale, step the right
foot up by the right hand, left knee down. Reach both arms up as you
inhale, palms facing each other. Draw your ribs in; lengthen
through the back ribs. Maybe look up if that’s okay on your neck. Keep the right knee over the ankle. Now bring your left hand
to the floor, or a block, and reach over toward the left side as you’re stretching through
the right side of your body. Make sure those shoulders stay relaxed. Other side, right hand down, reaching left, hand up and over. Sinking through the hips
by pulling the belly in. Take both hands down and step to plank. Lower through Chaturanga, shoulders no lower than the elbows. Inhale, upward dog or cobra. Exhale, stretch back to down dog. Inhale, lifting the left leg back and up, and then bend the knee, open the hip. Press back evenly through both arms. Reach down through the right heel. Inhale, take the leg to
center, squaring off the hips, and then exhale. Lightly step it up by the left hand. Take your right knee down. Make sure your left knee’s over the ankle. And reach up through the
arms as you sink forward. You can have your back toes tucked under or you can be on the top of the foot, whatever feels better to you. Look up gently toward the hands
if that’s okay on your neck, but draw your shoulder
blades towards the waist. Now taking left hand down,
reach your right arm over, and stretch through the
right side of the body. Keep that left shoulder away from the ear. Inhale, both arms up. Exhale, take the other hand down, now stretching through the left side. Make sure the right
shoulder and left shoulder are just softening away from your ears. Bring both hands down. Step to plank and lower Chaturanga. Knees can always be up or down. Inhale, up dog, thighs
and knees off the floor or stick with cobra. Exhale, lift the hips, down dog. Even out your breath, inhales and exhales equal in length, and gaze between your knees or your feet, arms and ears in line. Now look forward, bending the knees. Lightly step or hop your feet up. Inhale, lengthen. Exhale, folding in, bending
the knees as needed. Now inhale to look up. Bending the left leg, take your left hand over
toward the right side or on your right leg as you stretch up through the right arm. You can straighten both
legs if that works for you, but keep your hips level. Come to center and fold. Bending the right leg, keep the left hip pulling back as you stretch up through the left arm. Straighten both legs, or keep them both bent if that’s better. If the legs are straight, hips over heels. Inhale, back to center fold. And then next inhale sweep the arms up. Exhale hands to heart. Turn to the long side of your mat and step your feet out nice and wide. Turn your right leg all the way out, so wrists are above ankles,
so it’s pretty wide. Bend your right knee over the ankle. Stretch the arms out at shoulder height. Now make sure the knee is
above the ankle, double check. And point it over your middle toes. Drop your right hip down. And as you lift your chest, still let your shoulder blades
release toward the waist. Interlace your fingers behind your back or hook your thumbs, inhale, look up. Exhale, right shoulder toward right knee. And let your arms stretch
up toward the ceiling, but soften your elbow joints. Crown of the head’s lengthening
down, release your neck. Press with the outer
edge of the back foot, lifting back inner thigh. And keep that right knee over the ankle. Come on up, inhale, and stretch out the arms. Straighten the front leg, feet
to parallel, left leg out. Back toes in a little
lineup, heel to arch, and been the left knee over the ankle. Warrior II; Virabhadrasana II. As you reach through the arms, lift the chest, soft and
through the shoulder blades, gazing over the fingertips
of your left hand. Keep the breath nice and steady, in and out through the nose. Interlace your fingers,
other pinky or thumb on top, inhale, look up. Exhale, left shoulder toward left knee, and stretching the arms
up toward the ceiling. Soften through your elbow
joints a little bit. And if you can, touch your palms together, if your hands are interlaced. Press the outer edge
of the back foot down. Lift the back inner thigh. Inhale, come up, releasing the arms. Straighten the leg, and bring your feet to parallel. Step or hop your feet together, and turn and face the front. Inhale, sweep the arms up. Exhale, hinge from your
hip creases to fold. Inhale, look up, lengthen the spine. Exhale, step or float and find Chaturanga. Shoulders no lower than elbows. Inhaling to upward-facing dog or cobra. Exhale, lift the hips, downward dog. As you inhale float your right
leg back and up, level hips. Exhale, draw the thigh
in toward the belly, shoulders over wrist, hover a moment, and then step it up. Take the back heel down,
back to warrior II. Then interlacing again,
fingers behind your back, this time wrap them
around your front thigh, behind your back. Turn and face the side of your mat, and widen through your collarbones, opening up your chest. Make sure that right knee’s
still over the ankle. Inhale, straighten the right leg, taking feet to parallel. Look up, lengthen. Exhale, hinge from your hips and fold. Firm your leg muscles. Outer hips firming in, inner
thighs as if you’re holding a big beach ball between the legs. Let your arms stretch any amount. Remember, never matters how
deep you get into a pose, just feeling a stretch
is all that’s required. So take it easy on yourself. Take another breath as
you inhale, come on up. Turn your right leg out
again, lining heel to arch, those fingers are still interlaced, hinging from the head for triangle pose. If that’s too intense
then release the hands, otherwise, continue to widen
across your collarbones. Rolling your top shoulder back and perhaps looking up toward the ceiling. Press firmly into the base of the big toe of your right foot. Release your hands down, step to plank, and lower Chaturanga. Inhale, upward-facing dog. Exhale. Stretch back, downward-facing dog. Left leg lifts on your inhale, keeping the hips level. Exhale, hover a moment. Thigh toward belly, shoulders over wrists, and then step up between the hands. Spin the back heel down for warrior II. Interlace with your
other pinky on the top, and then wrap those arms behind your back around the left thigh. Now widen across your chest. Keep lifting up through the chest, but soft and around the
shoulder blades again. Draw your belly in and up. And remember, it’s not about perfection. Just practice. Take your feet to parallel. Open the chest, look up, inhale. Hinge from your hip creases
as you come forward. Crown of the head is
reaching toward the floor, never has to touch. Now firm your outer hips in, your inner thighs, make sure
the legs are nice and active, and hips right in line with your heels. Relax your jaw. Relax your face. Inhale, come back up. And turn your left leg out, both legs straight for triangle pose, so keep that interlace if you can. Hinge from your hip crease. Lengthen your torso over the left thigh. Make sure that your knees are not locking, but you are firming your leg muscles. Press down into the base of
the big toe of the left foot as your left hip draws under you. Lengthen from the crown
of the head to the naval. Inhale, come on up. Exhale, windmill the arms down to plank, and lower Chaturanga. Come all the way down to the floor with your arms along
the sides of your body. Roll your shoulders back and lift everything up, Shalabhasana. Pull your belly away from the mat, press your pubic bone down, lengthening sitting bones to heels. And then release and rest a moment. Can rest your forehead
down or take one ear down. Press all 10 toenails into the mat. Take your right forearm
parallel with the front, reaching left hand for left foot. You might just hold it,
you might not reach it. If you can reach it,
you can draw it forward. But make sure that
you’re not going too far. Release and rest. Other side, reaching back for your left foot. You can just hold it or maybe just bend the knee
and don’t reach for it. Pressing it toward the hip
if you have that flexibility, and if you don’t, it’s totally fine. It’s not even about the pose. Release that. It’s about breathing, and
moving, and connecting to your very best self. Inhale, lifting and bending the knees, reaching back for the feet. Lift the feet up, stretch
them back for Dhanurasana. If that’s too intense,
then release the feet. Let your shoulders relax, and slowly release it. Bring your hands by your low ribs, come up to upward dog or cobra, inhale. Tuck the toes, down dog, exhale. Stretching back. And then inhale, come on to your knees, and take your hips to your
heels for child’s pose. Now press firmly into the
mat in this child’s pose on the base of the fingers, pressing your hands forward,
so you’re stretching out through your lower back. Breath. And then just take your arms by your sides and completely relax in your child’s pose. And then inhale, come up, shift your hips off to one side so you can come to seated,
extending legs in front. Reach your arms up. Exhale, hinge from your hips. Lengthen the spine, inhale. Exhale, extending forward. Be sure to flex your ankles so that your legs are engaged. Keep the crown of the
head lengthening forward, and you don’t have to reach your feet. You can hold on anywhere on to your legs or use a yoga strap. Gently draw the belly
in and up as you exhale, maybe going a little
deeper if it’s possible. But if it isn’t, just let that be okay. Come on up, inhale. Bend the knees and come onto your back with your knees bent,
shifting hips to the left, dropping knees to the right. You can cross your left knee over right. If you wanna deeper twist, look over the left shoulder
unless it bothers your neck. Turn your belly up toward the ceiling as you take long, deep
breaths in your twist. Twisting is so good for your spine. Inhale, come to center. Take your hips to the right and knees to the left. Cross your right knee on top of the left if that feels more comfortable. Looking over your right shoulder, turning your belly up toward the ceiling as you take little deep, deep breaths. Inhale, come through center, hug your knees into your chest, and lengthen your sitting
bones toward the ground stretching out your back. For Shavasana. Make sure to lengthen sitting
bones to backs of heels. Draw your shoulder blades
away from your ears, and allow your face to just relax. Our quote today comes
from Dr. Carl Gustav Jung. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakens. Quiet mind, quiet body, Shavasana. Begin to deepen your breath. Make some little movements
in your fingers or toes, hands, feet, stretch
our arms over our head like a nice, good morning stretch. Bend your knees, roll
yourself onto your right side, and thank yourself for showing up today, taking your practice. Make your way back up to seated. Bring your hands together. Hands to your forehead reminding you to have clear and loving thoughts. Hands to your heart reminding you to have clear and loving intentions. And hands to your mouth to remind you to have clear and loving communication. Sending positive energy out
to all beings everywhere. Namaste. If you liked that class, I
have another one for you. It moves slowly like a moving meditation, gets into your hips. And Fightmaster Yogis, it’s one of their very, very favorites. So, if you’re still here leave the word grounded in the comments, and thank you for being here.

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