Yoga for Stress Relief – Part 1. Iyengar Yoga Sequence

hi I’m Ned and I’m Leo welcome back to
yoga with Luna and we go and today we’re coming into our routine
for stress relief so this could be quite a fast practice there be on your mat
don’t use any equipment yeah just before we start just a reminder if you haven’t
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videos and if you like the videos and want to make any comments we try and
respond to any comments that we receive ok so it’s starting at the front end of
your mat ok so this is really about you know taking your mind off things and
just bringing the body into a more active state so extending the arms up in
what my hairstyles not coming to have them bending at behind of course seeing
that you lift in the abdomen reaching into the palms taking your fingers to
Uttanasana. Straightening the legs if you can if you find it
challenging this action straighten the legs then you can put your hands on a
couple of bricks so if you’re not quite sure about the equipment and do refer to
one of our videos which is got all the information about the equipment that
you’re going to need I’m now coming back into order for hastasana ok and
releasing your arms down into okay so you know this practice Massimino
repeat it take the arms up on an even wood breath let the breath release
banish the knees on another in would break every movement needs to come from
that inward breath okay now take the hands either to break so to the floor
and come into uttanasana oh I see that you straighten those legs nicely okay
see familiar with this action now we’re going to take a breath in keep the
abdomen towards the spine as we come up into order that’s awesome okay we’re
going to add a slight change here when you kick it on this up comfort or to
katana and now coming to uttanasana okay sit if you need hands for the
bricks at this stage then do so lift the abdomen keep those legs absolutely
straight and strong but we’re going to change it slightly now so soften your
knees and bend your knees slightly so if you’re on bricks take your hands to the
floor now step your right leg back step your right leg back
yeah be in that position and drop down with your left hip and get that opening
in the groin I now step back with your right leg back they’re going to eat
standing back lift the abdomen extend the thighs back
now you’re going to come forward with the same leg as you took back so go and
see taking your leg back being in this position
being that being aware of the groin I then step the back leg in to join and be
in automats now that’s good okay now going to be
the right the left leg back left left back going to take the left leg back be
in that position just let the abdomen soften be in that position and now the
right leg back okay being an audible pitch one last night yeah okay so it’s
the same leg now you bring forward as you took back that’s it be in that
position okay I’ll now bring the other leg to join oh
it’s anonymous so we go again a little bit quicker so go and see that you take
your right leg back okay that’s it now your left leg good be in that position
and now you take your right leg forward good and now your left like to join what
a nice man and now you take your left leg back be in that position allow you
to take your right leg back I don’t know fish on us go and see that you get my
action good I’m now bringing your right leg forward and now your left leg
forward okay so we’re going to change it slightly now sit come up into Talisman
so we’re going to bring in the plank position now so we’re working towards
chatter injured and asthma so take the arms up what if I have to a simmer
soften the knees coming to what a guitar snare take the hands down to the floor
and now stepping your left leg back and your right leg back and coming into a
plank position so when you come for the pipe you’re just going to be in this
position straight arm straight arms and then Adam Orchestra has no dog head down
and now stepping the feet back you can jump at this point
if you’re able to and coming into your auditor NASA okay we’re gonna step back
again now into the plank position but this time we’re going to bring in all
four mawkish from asthma so taking the feet back step in and now the elbow
coming to the plank position and come up into order for more cash –
lifting the stone chest extended up and now I don’t push – no dog head down and
now look forward and need to step the feet or jump the legs towards the hands
okay and come up so we’re going to change it again slightly now we’re going
to come into a jump in action for those of you who find jumping a little bit
difficult then you can step and repeat what we’ve give practice but those of
you who couldn’t jump into the chattering – down – no we’re going to
come into that so start with 1/2 that’s my arms up and now look at Arsenal and
now take your hands down now bend your knees now this is the point where you
either step your feet back or you jump into chaturanga dandasana
so either yeah that’s it and now all mukha svanasana that’s it and coming up
I don’t know push one asana and then jump in those feet towards the hands so
let’s just show you for those of you who not sure about that positioning those of
you who find it really to jump then just show the stepping back
in the plank again what we did previously this is your action and then
you’re going to order from we’ll go from here okay
so those of you can jump we’re going to do another two times now so standing up
take a breath in lift those arms up or perhaps just nut soften the knees soften
the knees door the abdomen back what to master from what guitars now those of
you stepping step otherwise bend the knees and jump order mukha svanasana
it’s standing up now boy see that you reach that chest forward push it
forwards if you can come on to the front the very top of your seat legs lift up
going see you live from the sacral lumber Junction and now Adam official
asana okay and then jump those legs towards your hands okay take a breath in
extend the arms last time so the one thing that you eat stand up okay now
what asana what’s national and jump those legs back okay I’m now going to
see order for mukha svanasana be in that position and now I don’t know Fishman
asana okay I’m wrapped up in your body feel like doing anything because the
mind is rolling but the best thing to do is to get the body moving and this is
just our first it was on really trying to wipe out that dullness and the stress
or just to refocus the mind so just be in a resting position and I’m okay
there are centers for a few more moments just recover let the breath roots
starting have soft texture so we’re coming to the end of our sequence in now
so we hope that you’ve enjoyed this routine and we look forward to seeing
you again very soon

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