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“Precious friends.” That’s it, only one? One, two, three, four. We are four guys. Want more, aren’t we enough? Where is your boss? Why, what do we have
to learn from the boss? We are the goons. Hey! Straight talk, no nonsense. Where is your boss? We have no boss. Yeah, man.
Where is your boss? Call him. Because I don’t fight with underlings. What? Underlings? – Underlings?
– Underlings? Man, we told you. We have no boss. Oh, wow, orphan goons! Got us insulted? He has abused you. I told you to bring a strong
guy along, now you need him, no? I feel you have a boss, man. I am my own boss. Shut up, underlings. The way there can’t be maternal
aunt without a maternal home.. ..similarly there can’t
be a scoundrel without a boss. Raja, how come you are here? – Forget about me, tell me about you.
– Who’s he? It’s been an hour I have been calling,
you are not taking the phone? Oh, I was enacting a scene. Look at these goons, that too orphans. Forget this scene.
Think about the next scene. It’s time, come let’s go. Come on. Come on. Where is he going? Hey, bro. At least finish the scene. Producers will face a loss, Tillu. Come on, let it go. You too are.. Get lost. Scene will begin now. – Hey, Tillu you don’t understand.
– What should I understand? You Manchanda, the most ugly. So, Tillu, it’s time now.
– What just happened? What we were waiting for. Raja… Where are we going? Just to finish the same old account. Which one? Come on, remember it, Raju. Oh, yeah, the same canteen guys dues?
Nothing to it. Haven’t you paid
the canteen guy’s money? Hey, I asked him to take it. Then? But he says give your autograph,
it will stand cleared. – Then I gave him the autograph.
– Tillu, you are just a Tillu. Stop. Stop here, man. I won’t stop. Man, stop now or else don’t
blame that I didn’t tell.. Stop, man. Couldn’t you say it earlier? Damn it, I have been
telling you for long time. Hey, what’s all this? Why ask me?
You have done your business and come. Man, I am not talking about this. The account you were talking about.
What account? The same account which when
he was going he left on our head. He is arriving from Canada. So we are going to receive
him from the airport. Is Sabi coming from Canada? No. His duplicate is coming. Was I talking in Farsi
all this while, rascal? We were impatiently
waiting for this day. It’s not even two years since he left. But it seems we are
meeting him after ages. Do you remember? This was the day we
had met for the first time. And this was the very day he had left. And is also returning on the same day. It’s amazing, man. How can I forget that day.. Are we going in flashback? Okay, start from the beginning then. What a great day that was.. When a super star
was born on this earth. Hey, hello. I didn’t ask you
to start from so early. Who made him a part of this film? Looking at its speed,
it looks it’s surely going to Canada. Hey, Aeroplane guy! Take me along too. I’ll pay for the fuel! Not responding, no problem.
This Jat’s will is strong too. Damn you, I shall see you. You keep following me.
You have no other job? You think you can outrun me? I have a scooter,
that to too Lambretta brand. Hey, she has halted. It seems the girl
will come around. Wow! What is she doing? She seems to be very advanced. Hey, damn it! Wait.. Come on, move, move.
Don’t die on me. Move. Come on, run. Move. It’s a matter of your
Raja’s prestige today. Here. My damn luck is bad too. Where are you, guy? Come soon, my pop. Come immediately, man. – Hey, hero has come. Hero is here. Welcome, sir. – Sir, scene is this..
– Wait a minute. Tillu sir, your scene begins from you. Man, my scene has to begin with,
not you. The scene is, you go to
the girl to express your love. Tillu! Super Star Tillu? Will he go to the girl?
No, change the scene or pack up. Tillu sir, I meant.. No, no, not you,
the girl will come to you. Girl will come to you. Now see, how nice it sounds. Then go, prepare for the shot. – Hey!
– Your sister’s.. You are talking ill about your aunt? Dad, you have ruined
my face early morning. To ruin the face
it should be good too. Are you worth anything? You just lie down and
keep looking in the mirror. What do you know? My son is a hero. He is one in a million. You just keep talking ill,
like the villain Amrish Puri. Son, here look in it and get up. I will make some breakfast
for you and bring. Good and handsome guys go to Canada. I too am surely going to go, friends.. ..directly to Canada somehow. Mom, I like the girl. By the way what your son does? Take it that his
son is also a very big.. Rascal, you are going alone again? Never mind. He is going to Canada. I wonder when I will
get rid of this work.. ..if I find that guy who started this,
I will bury him. Give me all of it. – Hey, dad, what is wrong with you?
– I said, I’ll show, just hold on. Why are you hyper like
thrashing the grains out? Wait, I’ll be thrashing you. Why are you jumping like a frog? Wait, you cannot escape me. – I am working and yet you aredetermined
to thrash me. – Wait, I will.. Hey, what has happened to you? You are always after my dear son. Today my son has ploughed
the entire field. Shouldn’t I go after him? Ask your dear son.. – ..whose field he has ploughed?
– What’s it, son? Hey, you darling son has ploughed
the neighbour Kishan Singh’s fields. Once I find out who has done this. I will cut him into the pieces. Brother, I feel it’s Bhole’s deed. He was eyeing our
fields from a long time. Ploughing the field so neatly
isn’t a job of some common guy. Hail Lord, I feel it is a miracle. Look, someone has
staked a claim on it. Lazy guys, you can only play cards. See now,
someone has taken over our land. I had told you earlier, that
someone had done some black magic. Why do you blabbering, mother? Damn you, support your
mother at least sometimes. Now listen to her. Sardarji, forcible possessed is made. Damn you, it’s not possessed,
its forcible possession. Go and first bring the Village Chief. – Should I take the cycle?
– Thank god that you’ve got a cycle. What more should I give you,
a vehicle, damn you! Lunch. There you go, father. What hunger? Where is Kaka? Has gone for work. Don’t know why people work at all. At least they do something.
They are not like you. You have done only one work.
Of being born. Mom.. Yeah, hold on. Are you happy by breaking
off your sister’s alliance? How many losses I should mention.. ..which you have caused
by running after aeroplanes. Look, I am tired
of your Canadian dream. I cannot bear it anymore. Oh, let it be. He’s still a child. Tejo, you better keep quiet. “Still a child.” He chases after planes
like a dog chases after a car. Look, boy.. Quietly get in to farming. If you can’t do farming.. ..then do anything
but stop this drama. Dad, what did you gain
by getting into the farming. We hardly have four acres
of land and two are mortgaged. Nothing is gained but do farming. Now will you make me understand
as to what’s gained or not? First look at yourself. So man years you have
wasted wanting to go to Canada. If you don’t want to do the farming.. ..then at least finish your education. Take this. I have taken a final decision.
I will go to town.. ..finish my education, become a Hero. Not at least I will fully do it, dad. But shall certainly go to Canada. Hey, do whatever
you want but spare me. First finish your education. Then of course, you may go to Canada. You shall see, dad. World will run after your son. You will see, dad. World will be running after me. World will run after me, be after me. “Precious friends.” Stop it, druggie. You want her legs? You want the whole of her,
can’t I even go for her legs? Shut up! Your hands are so cold. Do you apply Dermicool powder? Hey, you.
I don’t use cold things at all. Wrong number. Hey, hey. Who is he? Who are you? You guys just got scared
when I opened the door? We felt some senior has come. I am myself a fresher, man. But you don’t appear to be one. That’s also a long story. – Story?
– I will tell you. Narrate me the story, bro. Didn’t you hear what bro said? He says it’s a long story. Long.. story. Hey, not that long too. If you permit, may I sit? Yeah. Obliged. My name is Sarabjeet Singh. Affectionately they call me Sabi. I stay near Cheema Noor Mahal,
Jalandhar district. I have only one desire,
I want to go to Canada. My name is Kulraj Singh. And lovingly they call me Raja. District is Kapoorthala,
and village Nadari. And your brother’s like
a Raja (King) from his heart. Bro, my name is Navjot Bawa. And at home the call me Tillu. – Tillu?
– Yeah. – Tillu. – Tillu. Tillu from Nabhe. And? Have lots of land. Father is in farming. And relatives are settled in Mumbai. You know, Sunny Deol, the hero? Is Sunny Deol is your relative? Then what, is he Laden’s relative? So, you dinosaur’s egg… – What’s your name?
– It’s Vikki Singh, bro. Hear that.
Damn you, looking at your health.. – ..your name should be Vikki Double.
– Brother, please give me breather. Listen to him.
He says give him breather. Damn you,
as it is you have so much air. Do you want to get
burst taking more breath? Please let me go, brother. What’s going on, guys? – Yes, man?
– What’s going on? Bro, just a new chicken
is in our trap, we are.. Planning to make a meal out of him. He’s too hefty, will cause trouble. Let him go. Are preparations made for the night? Preparations for the night? What’s at night? All night prayers? Damn you, do I have to remind you? Oh, yeah. I remember now, bro Bro, I have informed
everyone just a few are left. I will invite them right now.
You don’t worry. Bro, I am here. I am here.. Come on, let this be.
Let’s go out and have some fun. What’s outside? Everything is outside. Excellent life, neat and clean roads… White and fair damsels… – Damsels..
– There are also some dark ones. Dark? Oh, no, bro. – Dad, says not to fall for it.
– No, no.. Come on, I am not talking of those
things, I am talking of white girls. Man, I haven’t seen
any such city here? I only met one warden. He’s like Tipu Sultan. And a stick like peon and this Tillu. Hey, man. Where have you come from? I am talking of Canada. Canada? Just a minute. Just a minute. I will see.. Hey, you? Fresher? Any doubt? Actually,
a party is organised this evening.. ..for the freshers of the hostel. It will be fun. Party? Surely we’ll be there, man. At what time? At 8.00, bro.
On the terrace of the hostel. Okay, bro. We’ll make a move.
We have to invite others too. You do come. You don’t need to ask twice. – Party!
– “Precious friends.” I can’t understand one thing?
Party for freshers? Let’s be alert.
They might be fooling us. Oh, no, brother.
Now days college atmosphere is not so. – Yeah.
– We’ll go, man. Tonight. We’ll have drinks together. We will enjoy the
welcome to hostel party. Oh, sorry to disturb you.
It’s my phone. Hello? Yeah. How are you? – Where is my phone?
– Are you fine? Your phone must be with you. All right, fine. I’ll do it.
I had come to pick Tillu up. – I know it is with you.
– He is with me. Hey, it’s not with me, bro.
I have mine. Yeah. Right now I am driving.
Bit busy. We’ll talk later. Okay? Thank you. Take care. Bye-bye. I know it is with you.
Come on, give back to me. You do know,
I can’t mange Without the phone. Also you get some
important phone calls. You are being too much now. Man, I am telling you it’s not with
me and you are insisting on phone. Why? Didn’t you pick up my phone? You picked me up. Man, how can you do this to me? Should I give it in writing? Come on, let it be.
It’s not such a disaster too. Has life come to a
halt without the phone? Life has come to a halt. Bro, those who have
no phones do they not live? – Really?
– Yeah. Hey, why did you throw my phone? Now it’s fine. Damn you what kind of guy you are? What have you done, you idiot? People do live without a phone too. Isn’t it? I feel God has given you just a head. You don’t have any brains, damn you. Want the phone? Rascal, I may live without the phone.. ..but how will I live without you? Idiot, college is over
but your drama still continues. Come on now, go and drive. He also lost all the
phone numbers of girls. Now you can say. You can understand my pain. Oh, hello… Continue the story. Story? What did you think, boys? Yeah? That I will be very pleased? I mean.. Param bro will be very pleased. That’s what you all thought, isn’t it? That we’ll go to the party. Eat chicken and meat. Drink, and make merry. But how were you to know.. ..that we shall take
off your clothes.. ..and now, this college’s
most senior and smart student’s.. ..I mean,
listen to our Param bro’s decree. Oh, so to speak, you all know.. ..that having come to college,
every individual.. ..tries to escape from his senior. And many times he does
manage to escape by mistake. That’s why to stop this mistake.. To stop it, we have kept this party. It’s called the ragging..party. So? Do you see the fun? – Bro!
– What? – May I have a part of it too?
– Of course, go ahead. Come here you lanky fellow. Oh, damn! What’s your name? Yo Yo. Yo Yo? – Coming soon, Yo Yo.
– Hey, this is no party. You know why he has
kept his name as Yo Yo? Why? You can make me eat anything
but I will stay lanky. Look there! Hey! Hello, one, two, three. Come here. Yeah, you colorful guys. You didn’t remove your clothes? Or do I have send SMS to you? Do you have a tongue
in your mouths or not? Start talking. Senior bro, you get too angry, man. Anger doesn’t bode well for you. May I say something, bro. Man, we have newly come
to city from the village. We have brought new clothes. And you want us to remove them too? Don’t do this. There are
many naked guys hanging around here. Are you going to pickle them? Let us be covered.
Please don’t unrobe us. Isn’t it right? Yeah, it’s right. Decide.. Do you want to shed
clothes or the skin? – Skin?
– Skin? Hello, I pay my respect. Talk to him. Who is on the line? My respected father. MLA Shersingh. Come this side. Hello! Canadian MP? Where I am, sir? Yes, yes. MP Sir. Yes. No, sir. You talk to
principal in the morning, sir. Here, senior bro is standing
please talk to him. Yeah. Now you talk. – Who is it?
– Canada’s MP. Guramatsingh Garewal sir. Hey, come here. Should talk to him. Bro is not going to talk to anyone. Here, you talk. Because I too am not
going to remove my clothes. Now who is he? Our Sunny bro. Who’s this Sunny? Sunny Deol, bro. Then let me talk to him. Let it go, rascal! – Hello?
– Bro. Let me speak too. First let me at least talk. Hello? Hello. Hello.. I feel Sunny bro is busy. Damn you, I feel you will
get Sunny Deol, as if it’s too easy. Remove his clothes. I won’t remove them. Then I’ll remove yours. Bro, in front of everyone? All right, bro. What are you doing here? Run! Run! Who is it? Didn’t you hear me? – Get lost!
– Go downstairs. She’s come. So why are you just watching? Hit her, damn you. Hey, hello. Give the ball here. Didn’t you hear me? Give me the ball. Such a big ball.. Don’t you feel ashamed
to hit on a girl? Hey, I will show you. You just stand here.
Don’t go anywhere. I am standing here. You too wait up. Rascals. Thank you. ‘Raja, this girl is
really very beautiful.’ ‘But she is native. No.’ – No, no, no.. where, where..
– Uh, I mean.. It’s okay. It’s okay. Hey, Tillu! Good morning, sir! Shut up. Are you saying good
morning or some damn thing? Sit down. Punjab and Punjabi heritage. Today we shall discuss on this topic. Oh no! Our Punjabi heritage is very old. – 7She is making me think about her.
– The land of Punjab where.. Gurus.. Prophets.. – And saints were born.
– A penny for your thought? On that land, we can’t overlook,
tales, stories of romance and love. Professor? Just a minute. Hello, sir. Yeah, tell me what it is? – I wanted to tell you..
– Yes, ma’am. That my daughter
doesn’t go with studies. Don’t you worry.
I will make your daughter go around. Hey! He is really an idiot. Don’t you feel ashamed,
using double meaning words? Hey, you feel like laughing too much? It’s you who is talking
in double meaning words, sir. We were merely talking. Dirty mind. Shut up. They think it’s too funny. Get out! I say get out. “My friends..” – Hey.
– Tea, please. Here, buddy.
Three cups of tea, please. – Less strong and lots of sugar.
– Okay. Hey, you are moving too fast. – But it’s you who is driving.
– Hey, I am talking about the story. You forgot? – We had gone to the club too.
– Oh, yeah, man. We had gone to the club too. Alcohol! “The beautiful sights in the pubs.” “The beautiful sights in the pubs.” “Group of friends hanging around.” “Group of friends hanging around.” “The beautiful sights in the pubs.
Group of friends hanging around.” “Few drink openly, few on the sly.” “The beautiful sights in the pubs.
Group of friends hanging around.” “Few drink openly, few on the sly.” “Hot girls just rock the dance floor.” “My body moves, my heart moves.” “My body moves, my heart moves.” “My body moves, my heart moves.” “My body moves, my heart moves.” “The girl has a thin waist,
the dance floor matches her pace.” “I’ve given you a nick name.
I’ve started placing bets on you.” “No matter what you say.
This is the moment, Sherry.” “But my body is on fire,
lady you are my only desire.” “My body moves, my heart moves.” “My body moves, my heart moves.” “She knows both Indian
and western moves.” “She looks good even
dancing the snake style.” “She knows both Indian
and western moves.” “She looks good even
dancing the snake style.” “Now slowly give me a love bite.” “My body moves, my heart moves.” “My body moves, my heart moves.” “My body moves, my heart moves.” “My body moves, my heart moves.” “My body moves.. my heart moves.” “My body moves.. my heart moves.” “Precious friends.” “Precious friends.” Thanks, dad. You gave me lift. Otherwise, I was really
going to be late to college today. – On the very first day.
– You’re most welcome. Any time. But there is one thing, dear. I want to tell you something. In the college. Don’t call me, dad. Just call me sir. Do you understand? But why so, dad? Why? Why can’t I call you dad? I don’t want that being my daughter.. ..you get special attention. Because to me every kid is the same. You too are the same.
Do you understand that? And you know your dad so well. Okay? Okay, principal sir. Fairy angel. – How can she be my angel?
– Which one is mine? But none falls for us, man. Have you come to college
to study or what? Where to, man? What happened? You went like a tiger,
man, and now you’re back already? Why, man? If you can’t go, may I go? Shut your trap. She is your sis-in-law from the disco. Got it? Come let’s go
with her to attend class. Come. Heard, it’s time to attend the class. Hey, you Goggle. Make a search. Tell me who is she? Her name is Sabar, roll number 10. Branch electrical.
Village Chandigarh. Damn you with this glass bottom,
you see Chandigarh as a village! I meant, city Chandigarh. She is daughter of our principal. 47 weight and 28 waist. I too was waiting for her. All the students note it down. – Yes, sir.
– Okay? Sir.. Man, why do always
get caught in his class? May I ask you three
the reason for being late? – Sir, that.. jeep broke down.
– It stopped earlier.. You guys come from
that hostel building. That too in a jeep. So you also must have
a heavy expense of fuel? Yes, sir. Don’t you feel ashamed? – No, sir.
– Shut up. And you? Me? Take out your pen and show me. – Pen..
– We are in a soup. Remove it. Damn.. Which pen is this? Check yours too,
may be you too have something else. Catch. Drinking alcohol
is injurious to health. Drinking alcohol destroys lever. What? It’s written here. – Really.
– Yeah. Hey. Where you’ve come from? What are you carrying? I have brought some sweets, man.
You only asked to bring something. Come on, show what you’ve brought. Also shut the door. – Yeah.
– Remove the blanket. Drinks! I was wondering,
they don’t look like the studies kind. And here, I see a bottle. Come, drink now. Come on, guys, drink. Tell me something, man.. Ask away. From where have you
brought these sweets? – These sweets?
– Yes. I brought it from the Yo Yo’s room. Here, eat, enjoy. Eat. Go on eat. Yo Yo! The oil drips from these sweets. What could I have done, guys? Canteen was closed.
Didn’t find anything to eat. So I just picked them up. Also, I can’t just drink alcohol
without anything to go with it. You mean,
whether someone dies or lives.. ..but someone will have his fill. What? Suthra. Suthra? Is your name Suthra? My name? Yeah. My name is Kulraj Singh. And affectionately they call me Raja. So you too like it Raja, right? We know it. Bro, then who is Suthra? – Suthra?
– Yeah. Suthra is the one
who drinks up his drink. I am Tillu. Then say who is Suthra then? Who is this damn Suthra? Who is Suthra, man? Suthre Shah. Whether anyone dies or lives,
Suthra drinks unconcerned. Suthra is a person who
is indifferent to the world. Should be happy go lucky. Any example, sir? Look at them. Living, awake, sleeping example. This saint is fast asleep. Says don’t wake me up. Breeze is so good. Fans are on, lights are on. Keep sleeping. Hey! – Hey!
– Yeah? Stand up. I say get out. Get out! Come guys, let’s go out and sleep. Yes, sir? So you already had a gang-bang? – What, sir?
– I mean.. You have already made a new gang? Gang, sir? You stand up. I say stand up! You were being very
helpful to wake them up. So help them going out too. Get out! Sabar. Excuse me? How are you? Do we know each other? I do know you but you don’t know me. Oh, hello. I very well know your kind of guys. These are very old tricks. – Damn, smart!
– Hey, Sabar. You really didn’t recognise me? Look Mister.. Now stop all this. Enough of introduction. Otherwise, you don’t know my dad. Pushpindar Singh Brar. Who is the principal
of this very college.. ..and a very close friend
of Advocate Gursharan Singh. – Gursharan uncle?
– Thank god, you recognised my dad. – Dad?
– Yes. – You are Gurshran uncle’s son Param?
– Yeah. Oh, what a surprise. I really didn’t recognise you. But I did recognise you,
on the very first day itself. Let’s have coffee. Let’s go. Sure. Why not? A great sight. It was great, man. Now what’s wrong with him? Why are you breathing in so
much oxygen like yoga guru Ramdev? Man, what a great
smell that girl emits! Hey, it’s not smell, its fragrance. Whatever it is,
ultimately its a smell. Man, whatever it may be.. Here I have fallen, man. – Whatever it is..
– Fallen? “Tell your eyes which
cast magical spells..” “They are getting out of control,
control them.” “Tell your eyes which
cast magical spells..” “They are getting out of control,
control them.” “The youth is just for four days,
fever of love is on you.” “It has happened first time,
you be careful.” “The youth is just for four days,
fever of love is on you.” “It has happened first time,
you be careful.” “I roam around you,
I’m doing so since many days.” “You are so busy you
don’t get time to meet me.” “I roam around you,
I’m doing so since many days.” “You are so busy you
don’t get time to meet me.” “You make warden understand,
if possible bunk the hostel.” “Find a way to meet,
it won’t do you any harm.” “The youth is just for four days,
fever of love is on you.” “It has happened first time,
you be careful.” “Love’s steps are bit too long,
you walk it up quickly.” “The door to heart is open,
walk straight in.” “Love’s steps are bit too long,
you walk it up quickly.” “The door to heart is open,
walk straight in.” “Your eyes,
o’ beautiful, along with mine..” “Let’s make them one,
come and hug me.” “The youth is just for four days,
fever of love is on you.” “It has happened first time,
you be careful.” Come on, man,
you are standing here, Tillu? We looked for you everywhere. Damn you, Tillu.. We are looking for you downstairs.. ..and you are here searching
for something in the stars? Looking for the North Star? Not only stars, man. I am seeing her in everyone, man. Now get aside. He’s looking at sis-in-law. Damn you, you don’t have any shame? You are trying to take our sis-in-law. Oh, no, no, no. Oh, no, bro. no. Not our sis-in-law. Yours and mine sis-in-law, of we two. – Here to there.
– I see. When you fall in love, Raja.. ..then guys goes out of race. Come back, man. That’s strange. What’s wrong? By the way, who is the girl? Not a girl, bro, she is an angel.
An angel. – She’s an angel?
– Angel.. Then let’s do this,
let’s go to the room.. ..gulp down two pegs,
and bring our angels. What, drinks? Hey! This is such a wise thing, man.
Why do you talk such smart things? Now don’t waste time and come on. – Come on, my bro.
– Hey, man. I am not joking. I am serious, man. – You are serious?
– Yeah. I too am serious, man. We each will have two more
pegs and become more serious. Just a minute, man.
Just a minute. Come quickly. Come on, I am serious about love. Tillu Singh, if that is the case.. ..then show the girl to your
elder brother tomorrow morning. We will do something for you. – Hey, your sis-in-law is here.
– Hi. Go, bro. Be a tiger. Take the proposal of your brother. Seems I will have
to be in-between for you. Isn’t this sir a kind of rude type? Sabar, I think your guy is coming. Oh, God. Give him strength. He should say what’s
in his heart at least. Oh no, where did she come from? What is he doing there at the back? – He is eating Samosa.
– Eating Samosa? Guy, you’re strange. Now he’s gone and sat down. This native Jat guy
is going to remain a native. He’s gonna remain coward. What happened, gladiator?
Why you sat down? I feel, I will have to do something. Cancel. My word is cancelled. I can’t help you. It means you will not go? I said, I will not go. You know, if before the Sabar.. ..I express your love to your girl.. ..can’t I do it directly to my Sabar. And you also know that
in front of Sabar I hang. I totally go blank. Man, you gave me your word. And your word was
as strong as a brick. Who told you that
bricks can’t be broken? Here is a great friend! I will go then. – Come let’s go.
– Okay, let’s go. She will come after me. She disappeared. Pull your top down,
or a bug might bite you. Everyone is enjoying the sight too. Sorry, sorry, sorry. Hey, where is this guy running to? Hey, look there, a new problem. Where is the rascal Mirza gone? Bro, I don’t think he will be here, he
must be outside at the roadside inn. – No, I know he is here.
– I see. By way listen,
what was he telling you? I don’t know he was
blabbering something. Look, his intentions are not good. I am telling you he must
be outside at the roadside inn. Ouch! Damn you,
you said he will be in canteen.. ..but you keep changing the channel. Come, let’s look for him outside. Come on, let’s go. Damn.. Hello, bro. All good? And where are you coming from? Coming from the class, bro. He is lying.
He has come from the back. I met canteen’s uncle and come, man. He loves me. Rascal, correct yourself.
If you fall into someone’s hands.. ..the guy is going to
make flat like a pancake. Why, when will you
guys will be of any use. You are useless. And as it is how can
anyone dare to touch me? I am Raja! I know him. Hey, look. He is standing here. In the matter of girls
you get solid beaten up. And why did you have to
approach someone else’s girl? Hey, come on. Well.. There is a girl crazy about your bro. Then we’ll tease our own girls. And also, how was I to
know whose girlfriend she is? I merely told her, converse to me. What? Converse. Now it’s my time to go
and do my thing. I am leaving. This idiot is not going
to reform all his life. I feel he will also
get us in trouble somewhere. Wonderful! Such a nice place for me? Hey, don’t just keep
looking at this place. Do conserve. Come on, this hotel is of our friend. Right. Why are you bothered? You do your job. Nice girl.. But she might run away
because of his deeds. Nice restaurant. Yeah. It’s so so. But it isn’t better than my hotel. Your hotel? Yeah? Where is your hotel? I have a very big hotel. – Wow, really?
– Yeah. – Hello, ma’am.
– Hi. Hello, sir. Okay, man. What do you have? This is our menu card, sir. What food you’ll like to eat, sir. Speaking so much English! Uh.. Today I’ll have what you like.
You order. I should know your choice too. I am a regular here. Isn’t it? No.. One chop suey.. – Yes.
– One grilled sandwich.. Yes. Two cold drinks. Okay, ma’am. With garlic bread. Okay? Just for now. Sure, ma’am. What happened? Any problem? No. No problem at all. Okay, tell me more about you. Oh, just.. Have little land. About 100-150 acres. Have a small car.. Mercedes. Three Fords and two bikes. Also have a little mansion. Just having 200-300 rooms. Guy, isn’t he faking bit too much? Tillu, go and make him understand. The fellow is faking too much. At the same time,
I also don’t say too much. Will Raja look nice boasting himself? When two people are talking,
one shouldn’t interfere. Go. Hey, Tillu. You didn’t recognize him? He is Raja. Raja sir. He is very big man. He’s loaded. Oh, I see, I see.
So he is that Raja sir. Even his servants carry iPhones.
I recognised him. Hey, Enough. Enough.. – Waiter.
– Yes, sir? They are my friends. – Okay?
– Okay, sir. Go guys, place your orders. Enjoy. So, should we order? Raja, who are they? Uh, they are my kids. They are my close guys. My men. They are my people.
I have nurtured them. Have it. Oh, yeah. Yeah. – Come on, bring it.
– Just a minute. – Here. Keep it now.
– Okay, sir. Keep getting them. – Bye, Raja sir.
– Hello, Roshan. Hi. Party? Yeah, of course. I am just coming, man. Okay, Raja. Bye. I’ll see you tomorrow. Damn with you, Roshan. Rascal has brought
darkness in my life. Damn it. – Sir, your bill.
– What? 6335 Rupees? Damn you, so much bill? 1435 is your bill. And additional for your guys 4900. Oh, I see. The purse has cobwebs. Yes.. Sir, there are cobwebs here as well. Come. Let’s go. – Hurry up.
– Let’s go. Get up. Get up. Man, what you did was not right. As if what you did was right. You kept on lying. Lying.. Lying..? Bro, you will have to agree,
all the lies were great. It was fun. You rascal.. Don’t you feel ashamed?
Drinking all alone? Here I am yearning for even
a drop and you are drinking alone? What these rascals are doing together? Hey, tell me something. There, you don’t tire
of calling me brother. And here, after drinking you two
drops you come to calling me rascal. Rascal? Who calls you rascal? Rascal? Who says it, man? Who? You are drunk. Bro, you are drunk. Man, control yourself. Control. If warden comes to know,
he will complain to the principal. Guys, I don’t know about warden
but I will surely cause trouble. To principal? – Damn this principal..
– One minute, wait. Enjoy yourself, rascals. Just a minute. Let the principal go to hell. Damn the principal. Dog, monkey. Idiot. Principal is a donkey. Here Paramveer bro, your job is done. Now after seeing this
video you will have to kiss me. So what if my face is black. You and your wonderful six-pack.
Hey, Param bro. Param bro. See, what a wonderful
film I made for you last night. Get lost. I won’t see your movies. Come on, man. Listen to me.
Why are you running away? This movie isn’t the blue one. It’s special and it
will come in handy to you. Hasn’t your face brightened up? Rascals, they move around
acting bit too smart. Now I will tell them.. Of course, bro. ..as to how to drink in the hotel. Yeah. Kaka, this is the first
time you are being useful to me. Yes, bro. Now let me have a benefit too. Tell me. Bro, give me a kiss. Get lost. Rascal, what kind of
hobbies you have cultivated? Now I’ll teach them a lesson. Man, people have dogs as
pet and I can’t have this hobby? Where are we going? Come with me. I will tell you. You said we were going to airport. But what kind of an airport is this? This is also an airport. From here too, guys go up. Come on. – Hey, bro.
– Yes. – Who do want to see?
– We have spoken to him. – Let them pass.
– Have to meet the boss. Raja, such kind of guys also know you? The world knows him,
just you don’t know. Guys are bad, have the perfect stuff. But for whom this is? This is for Sabi. What is Sabi going to do with this? Try to understand. So where were we? At the video. Oh yeah. Param has shown our
video to principal. That rascal also couldn’t
stopped himself from messing with us. Yeah, man. Sabi! Sabi! What’s my name? Puspender Singh Brar, sir. You found out my name. But you didn’t find
out about my nature? Drinking alcohol in the hotel. And this video of you
being drunk and abusive- Despite being my college’s student.. ..don’t you feel ashamed
doing such things? So, I am- suspending
from college for 3 months. Excuse me, sir. Sir, I feel you haven’t
seen the video carefully. There were two more people
in it apart from Sabi. And sir, those two people
are standing in front of you. So by suspending Sabi,
please don’t do injustice to us, sir. No, sir. They are not at fault, sir. I brought the alcohol. It’s my fault. It’s me who opened it, man. And I was the one who insisted
to drink in the hostel. Why are you guys trying to save me? You..
– Shut up. If anyone uttered a single
word then I will be your worst enemy. I have another side to me as well. Got it? And yes.. This is the age when you should love.. And not conspire against each other. – But, sir..
– You may leave, my son. I said you may leave my office. Now! What do you think? I don’t know what’s
going on in the college? Those who stay in this college,
those who study here.. What they do,
where they go, whom do the meet.. I know everything. Henceforth,
if this misdeed takes place again.. ..then I shall teach
you a lesson before everyone. Got it? Happy birthday, Jessica. Who told you today is my birthday? Come on, I knew it. Also one has to keep such information. So your information
is absolutely wrong. Wrong? So it means she fooled me? She? Who? The one, that fatso from our library. I used to see you everyday.
She told me it is your birthday today. Yes, it is. Thanks for your wishes. You are really smart. Apparently you look so innocent. I am one. But for your kind of over smart guys,
I have to become smart. Wait a minute, Jessica. I want to tell you something. I have written everything in it.. What I think about you, what I feel.. I hope you will like it. She will come after me. Hey, that fatso from
the library is not my sister.. Crazy fellow. Despite being so far, you’re so close. You are more special than my breath. Seeing you ends my eyes’ search. One day you will be mine.. I have this hope. Despite being so far you’re so close.. You are more special than my breath.. “What’s in you that keeps pulling me?” “Is it love or something else,
I don’t understand.” “What’s in you that keeps pulling me?” “Is it love or something else,
I don’t understand.” “When I close my eyes, I see you.” “How to live without you,
when I think of it..” “When I close my eyes, I see you.” “How to live without you,
when I think of it..” “You dwell deep within me..” “You dwell deep within me..” “I see your face in every face..” “I like to keep thinking about you..” “I see your face in every face..” “I like to keep thinking about you..” “So what name should
we give to this relationship?” “If you ask for my life,
I will give it to you with a smile.” “If you ask for my life,
I will give it to you with a smile.” “You dwell deep within me..” “You dwell deep within me..” “I stay lost in your thoughts.” “I won’t bear to live
part from you even for moment.” “I stay lost in your thoughts.” “I won’t bear to live
part from you even for moment.” “When I am all alone,
you will stand with me.” “You will keep holding
my hand through tough terrain.” “You will keep holding
my hand through tough terrain.” “You dwell deep within me..” “You dwell deep within me..” “You dwell deep within me..” So ultimately that day has arrived.. ..which I have been waiting
for since my childhood. If your blessings are with me.. ..then forget the tap
I’ll even pull the pipes apart. Hail Sunny Bro! Man, what prayers are you
chanting so early in morning? – Where are you going?
– For a movie’s audition. Police station? Come on, talk good, man. I am going to give a film’s audition. I am out to give you
a party for the film.. ..and you guys are after my back. Amen. So, kiddo.. What’s your name? I am Tillu. Tillu? Tillu from Nabha. Wow, man, wonderful. These film guys are amazing. You tell me, can anyone say
the police station is fictitious! Yeah, you are right.
But where is our Tillu? – Tillu?
– Yes. Let’s ask him. Yes. Brother.. Where is our Tillu hero? The guy is staring as
if he is a real inspector. Idiots, keep your mouths shut. Hey, there is shoot going on inside. See, how well he is acting You fools, everyone is real here. Better keep quiet. Shooting goes on there. And the camera is up there. So should we take the shot? Action! Rascal, I had thought that
you could get me out of here. – But you two have join me inside..
– Damn you! Forget about getting out.
First tell me how you came here? It’s right.
How did this guy come here? Are you ready? Yes, I am ready, sir.
It’s ready, steady, go, fully. I remember all the dialogues, sir.
I am getting into the mood of acting. Oh, I see. You tell me,
which dialogues will you say? Dialogues? You are talking
of dialogues? I know films by heart. Very good. Film dialogues? So should we listen to
some Gadar movie’s dialogue? You let me hear some dialogues
from the movie Gadar. – Gadar’s?
– Yes. All right then. – You give me that cue.
– What? Reaction. – He’s gonna be a hero!
– What? – Oh, nothing.
– All right. So, cameraman are you ready? Yes. Action! Sa.. Sakina.. – Sakina!
– Cut, cut, cut. Man, what Sakina Pasina you are doing? Bring a proper feel and say it. – All right, sir.
– All right? Are you ready? – Yes.
– Cameraman, are you ready? Yes. Action! Madam.. Madam.. – I am Tara..
– Cut! Cut! Cut! Man, why are you stuck in few stars? Look, what’s your name.. Mr. Tillu. It’s not really impressive. Do something creative. Get into the character. Get in the soul of the character.. Act with your soul. So that we may know
that you are really acting. – All right?
– Okay. Now, I will tell you something. Assume that you are Sunny Deol,
and I am Amrish Puri. Now jump in the character,
get into it.. and speak the dialogue. Come, Sunny bro. Hey, Ashraf Ali! If a seal is not put on just one
paper, will Tara not go to Pakistan? Our India was long live,
it is long living, and will remain so. – Hey! Hey!
– Help me. Stop. – Asaraf Ali!
– Hey, stop, stop. Mr. Tillu! You guys, show your teeth later, first,
think some way to get out from here. Bro, I can’t do the thinking job. If there is something else, tell me. Hey, they will charge me.
You too think or something. The solution is quite simple. Ashraf Ali is the one
who got you in this mess. Yeah. So it’s Gandhi who will get you out. “Precious friends.” Hey, where to? Where were you? – At the police station.
– Police station? Audition.
I had gone to give an audition. How did it go? They don’t value actors in Punjab. In Punjab, they value good singers. Everywhere you look,
you only see them. Whether it is TV or films. Are you any good at singing? Come on, I can sing well. And my mother used to get
buffalos when I used to sing. What she used to get? I mean to say,
my mother used to enjoy my songs. If you know to sing,
then I know a guy who can help you. My rickshaw has gone bust. It gets punctured everyday. Only yesterday I put a tube in it.. – It gets punctured everyday.
– May I come in? Master, take me under your wings. Give me a place in your feet. Give a place in my feet? Have I built colony of feet? If you want to buy a place,
get it in Model Town. Or at Urban State. I only happen to teach singing. Master, I have heard your name a lot. You did hear my name,
but what’s your name? I am Tillu from Nabha. Tillu from Nabha. And I am, Madonna Ali Maan. Mr. Madonna Ali Maan. I will explain. I have put Madonna
because I am feminine. I am feminine? Oh, no. Tilly, you should first
understand the things properly. – Yes.
– I am feminine. I put Madonna because I
can sing in feminine voice too. Okay.. And I kept “Ali” for this reason
because I copy Pakistan’s singers. And to get famous in Punjab
adding “Maan” to a name is a must. Wonderful. You are here to learn singing, have
you brought some fees or something.. Yes, of course, I’ve brought it. – Then remove it. Give it.
– Of course, here it is. Here you go. Take it. Let me take a look
at Goddess of wealth Laxmi. Hail, Goddess. Hail, Ms. Madonna. Hail Mr. Maan. Hail Mr. Ali. Hail.. Look, you have already
paid me the fees. – Yes.
– Now as far the classes are concerned.. That we can conduct after
10 or 15 days. All right? All right. – You are still sitting here?
– Yeah. Go.. Hey, what’s this? – Hey, hello. What’s this?
– It’s a peg, what else? This is a medicine which guys drink. I have heard, drinking
it adds to your concentration. – We have pre-exams tomorrow.
– Yes, of course. That’s why guys clear their exams, no? Come on, man. Nothing happens if you drink once. – But this is wrong.
– Yes. – If warden comes to know then?
– Exactly. – Warden?
– Yes. It’s warden who brought
it and given to us. Warden brought it? Oh, I see. Warden has brought it. Come on then, let’s drink. You too have gone with her? – Go, I won’t talk to you.
– Hey, hello. Please, at least try once. Okay, do you know, even Sabi drinks. Then let’s drink to Sabi’s name. Come then let’s have one. Now this is something. Tell me, buddies, these drinks
every day, isn’t getting bit too much? Man, you are absolutely right,
but it’s not too much. No. – Cheers!
– Cheers! Whose portion has remained? Mr. Maan’s.. Who says I drink? Why? Isn’t this great? Anyone wants to leave? Hey, keep sitting. – I am really high now.
– I will manage myself. I am not drunk. I will be right back. Uh, what? I will go.. Sabi! Hey, come out. Hey.. who is creating ruckus outside? Ruckus? You are causing ruckus? Sabi! Their ruckus will never stop. – It is always on.
– Sabi! – I will go and see then.
– Come out. Where are you hiding? Who is it at the middle of night? – Sabi!
– Oh, damn! Despite being awake,
you’re not coming out? Why is she here acting
as Queen of Jhansi! Sabi! Come out! Before anyone could come to know,
you better handle the situation. A Jat girl has given her heart.
And he always ignores me. Get him out! Come out! These slippers are also
slipping out of my feet. Sabi! I hope I don’t get into trouble. Where did he go? Sabar, you are drunk? Damn you, you are drunk. You.. I am sloshed. Sabar, I will drop you to your hostel. – You stand here. Wait.
– Listen to me.. Stand here. Wait. Oh man.. This flower is for you. It’s rotten. It’s like you. Like me? It is also withered.. – Just like you.
– Like me? It’s also not beautiful.. – Just like you.
– You say it’s like me? But I will give you
a fresh one in the morning. I love you. Sabar? I love you too, love you three, love
you four, five, six, seven, eight.. Nine, ten, eleven.. “O, listen to my heartbeats,
what they say.” “O, listen to my heartbeats,
what they say.” “Every breath now takes your name.” “O, listen to my heartbeats,
what they say.” “O, listen to my heartbeats,
what they say.” “Leaving the world aside..” “I have given my heart to you.” “You might kill me or spare my life..” “I have come to settle on your path.” “More than any other desire ,
I have come to love you.” “I am here to seek you
from the God for an eternity.” “There is no sense or understanding,
I am drunk from your eyes.” “There is no sense or understanding,
I am drunk from your eyes.” “Every breath now takes your name.” “O, listen to my heartbeats,
what they say.” “O, listen to my heartbeats,
what they say.” Stand up. Hey, get up. Why, don’t I look good sitting? You will still look good standing. – Oh, is it?
– Stand up. Yeah, stand up. You have notes. You have brought them to
cheat in exam. Take them out. Yeah, I do have. Of 500 and
of 1000 too. How many you want? Not those notes. The one you
have brought to cheat. Remove them. I don’t have them. My pockets are totally empty. It must be in this fist.
It is here. Remove them. This one? – Yeah. Open the fist.
– It’s not here. – Open the fist.
– Okay. Let’s do this. – Let’s do one, two, three?
– Okay. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. Now open it. Just a minute. You didn’t say six. – I didn’t say it?
– No. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.. 7, 8, 9, 10. – Open it.
– Here you go. It’s empty. – Now open the other one.
– Which one? – Open the second one.
– Here you go. Open this. Here you go. I had told you my
both hands are empty. Both are empty indeed. Never mind. I guy comes empty-handed,
has to go empty-handed. – Almighty.
– It’s His blessings. Hey, excuse me! You have come to me? What an idea, man! In such a wonderful way
you let every one give exam. You are really smart. Anyways, thanks, once again. Uh, thanks once again..? Once again..? Okay. Good night. Oh Raja, girl has thanked me. Now no one can stop love. Excuse me. Hi. Actually, I wanted to thank you. You saved everyone by helping
everyone during the exams. I get it. I understand now. – Thank you. Thank you.
– Actually, you.. Don’t you have any shame? Let the shame be. I have something very
important to talk to you. Tell me, what you want to say. Man, it took half an
hour to find an empty class.. To express my feelings. Jessica, I love you a lot. Too much. I can’t live without you. Mister, if your heart’s
condition is so bad.. ..then you have to talk to my parents. Here you go. Not a big deal. I will do it right away. Come then. Not this way, Mr. Superfast. First, you will have
to meet a condition of my dad. What condition? He wants that the boy
should have a good job. For now, I only love you. And, he is the super star of future. Oh, no. My dad want that he should
do some good job, not movies. Then let me be a hero. You keep watching.. ..your dad will also keep
running behind your Tillu. – Really?
– Really. Bro, you will get through the exam.
What about me? If you can abandon your
paper to let us finish our paper.. ..then we too don’t have a duty,
don’t we? Come on, keep walking. – Come.
– Come with me. – Come.
– Come with me. What are you doing, man? You are queuing behind me.
Are we at a grocer’s shop? No. Come let’s do the job.
Get to your work. Yeah. There is no light here. How will we do the job? Get the job done? Have we taken
a contract to kill the principal? Have you found anything? Hey, I got it. I found it. – Hey, stop it otherwise, we’ll
be caught. – Get aside. We will get to copy. The papers are found. Paper is found, let’s copy them. Stop it,
we too haven’t written so much. Idiot, leave few blank spaces too. Even our professor
may not know so much. I will get 120 marks. – Put it down. We don’t want 120 marks.
– Okay, listen. Come on, let’s go. Wonderful! Hide. Hide. From where has she come? What is she doing here at this hour? She has come from the hostel,
where else? Listen.. You two go ahead. We? No. – We go ahead?
– Yes. Go now. Sabar, what.. how come you’re here? That’s what I am asking? You and here? That too at this hour? – I have not come alone.
– Then? I came with Raja. – Raja?
– Come. Raja, what are you two
doing here so late in night? Tell her. We came here with Tillu. Tillu is also with you? Hello. Rascals, whose name should I take? Sabar, actually.. We came to take a walk. Yeah, we came for a walk. Tilly has an upset stomach. Oh, I am dying. Take me some place.. He seems to be in a
seriously bad condition! I’ll summon a doctor right now. No. Why should we disturb
the doctor at this hour? Perfectly right. What of Tillu? He’ll drink
two pegs and he will be fine. No, I will call the doctor. – Oh, no, no..
– He will come right now. No. No, no, no, no.. – Set?
– Fine. See, he is all right. Did you see, with the name
of drinks our Tillu is fine. – I am fine.
– Come, Tillu, let’s go. You can walk? Okay, let’s go. ‘Something is certainly wrong.’ Hey, do they know
that paper has leaked? Man, I too have heard,
but how did it happen? Bro, I feel it’s must
be someone from our college. Whatever happen it’s good. If this paper wasn’t cancelled,
then we would be in trouble. – I can’t damn study, man.
– And.. Sabi.. I couldn’t even imagine
the you will stoop so low. Sabar.. what are you saying? You stole the paper
yesterday and you lied to me? Sabar, this is not true. You are mistaken. No. I am not mistaken now.
I was mistaken last night. Sabi, whatever you kept telling me,
I believed you. – But, Sabar, I..
– Enough. I saw you last night outside
the principal’s office. Sabar, we had not gone
there to steal the paper. – We had just gone to see my paper..
– That’s enough. Sabi is not at fault in this. This was my idea. You both are really
acting like true friends. Your friends are as
disgusting as you are. Entire college is being ridiculed. Media blamed us for
ruining kids’ future. Principal sir, the situation
has come to such a pass.. ..that along with you, entire management
is being accused of corruption. You are responsible for it, Mr. Brar. What should we make
out of your silence? Will you tell us.. ..that you have done
all this for sake of money? Or was there any other reason too? Excuse me, sir. Sir, all this is not true. My dad can never do such a thing. You all know.. ..that day night,
he works for this college. Sir, before the enquiry ends.. ..you can’t put such
a blame on my dad. Sabar is absolutely right, sir. Principal sir is not at fault. Sir, entire college knows.. ..how honorable and honest Mr.
Brar is. Sir, I know who has done this. Who has done it, son? Sir, this cheap deed.. ..is committed by the student
of this very college Sabi. Sabi? – Yes, sir.
– Call Sabi. Sabi, have you done this
lowly deed of stealing the paper? Why are you quiet?
Why aren’t you saying anything? Sir, I respect principal sir a lot. – I haven’t done this.
– No, sir. I will tell you. Sir, I have seen Sabi
doing this lowly deed. Sabi? Why are you quiet? Have you done it? Yes, sir. You are suspended from the college. You have to come to
the court for hearing. You may go now. Members of the board.. And Chairman sir.. I am leaving this college. With honor.. And willingly.. Thank you. Thank you so much. We are sorry, Mr. Brar. We are very ashamed for
our mistake of doubting you. With due and regards to you, sir. I say.. I have heard they have
removed you from the college. Hey, Raja really gets angry. – I too got scared.
– Hey! Hey, sit down. I say sit down. Hey, hello. If you are so antagonised
why don’t you fight one on one? By the way, it’s not a bad idea. But for now I will make a move.. ..because someone is
very eagerly waiting for me. No, no, no. I mean, a girl is waiting for me. And also if the blood is
so hot then come take it. Come on. Bro, why did you stop me today? I feel the entire scheme
was of this rascal. If your own deceives you.. ..then others are
ultimately strangers. “Oh my naïve heart, calm down,
brace yourself, I know it hurts..” “This is my first heartbreak.” “Oh my naïve heart, calm down..” “Brace yourself, I know it hurts..” “This is my first heartbreak.” “Why do I still wish
to walk towards my beloved?” “There is sorrow everywhere.” “This is my first heartbreak.” “Oh my naïve heart, calm down..” “Brace yourself, I know it hurts..” “This is my first heartbreak.” “Loneliness.. Choler..” “You have given me.” “God knows, I won’t tell..” “I have left everything behind.” “I valued you more than God,
yet you couldn’t be mine.” “You didn’t even feel my pain.” “Go away, o’ unfaithful one.” “I am all alone, I am broken.” “I am sad,
go away, o’ unfaithful one.” “O’ my heart, you don’t understand..” “It must be God’s will.” “No one gets angry for no reason..” “There has to be a reason.” “No one gets angry for no reason..” “There has to be a reason.” “The one who had to leave has left,
she won’t be coming back.” “Oh my naïve heart, calm down..” “Brace yourself, I know it hurts..” “This is my first heartbreak.” Well done, Tillu. Now you’ve become a proper singer. Now your album should
come in the market. So this is what you need to do now. Get 1.5 to 2 million rupees,
we will produce an album for you. Once your album comes out,
movie guys will be after you. So, you have come alone? Your friends ran away? Man, today you’re a goner. Damn you, I am enough for you. Param! Listen, Sabi.. This fight is ours. You are anyway not going
to win this bag full of money. Param is going to win it. But you don’t worry. We won’t only win and take this bag
full of money but also get you treated. Come on, Param! Don’t spare the rascal. Try and defeat me
if you have the courage. I am not here to win or lose. For sake of my friends,
I raised my hand on my love. You, I shall tear you apart, rascal. Come on, Param! Come on! Come on! Come on, Param. Come on.. Param.. Come on, Param. Param, get up. Hey, Param, blast him! Param, do what he had done to you. Come on, Param. Come on. Param, get up. Get up, Param. Come on, Param, come on! What happened? What has happened to our Raja? How did you two get hurt? – Why don’t you say anything?
– Nothing happened, buddy. Calm down, I will tell you. – Let Raja gain consciousness once.
– He will. Very soon. Nothing will happen to this guy. We won’t let anything happen. I shall snatch back
my brother even from God. You used to say.. ..that dreams are not
fulfilled without the money. Here take the money.. ..and fulfill your dreams. If anyone from three of us
becomes something, we all are made. But once our Raja recovers.. ..then I too have
decided to go to Canada. – Canada?
– Yeah. But bro, you had dropped
the idea of going to Canada. Man, for the one who
I had abandoned my resolve.. ..when she has left me then
what’s the use of staying here? Hey, where is that idiot? Oh no! – Hey, stop, stop.
– There he is. Hurry up, get hold of him. Hey, stop. Hey, stop.
Listen to what we have to say, man. Catch him. Catch him. Stop, bro. Get him. Catch him. Catch him. Scoundrels, what have I done wrong? Nothing. – We were wrong..
– Catch him. – Come, come with us.
– Where are you taking us? What happened? Rascals, at least give
me some water to drink. Forget about water, man.
You drink coke. Yeah, drink coke. Pleases spare me. I am no use to you. Believe me.
Ask my father, he also says the same. I am good for nothing. – Hey, under some wrong impression.
– I am not under any wrong impression. You woke up Sunny Deol in me. And if Sunny bro has woken up,
tell what can I do? But I have taken the decision.. Oh, I have taken the decision. I
don’t want to be a hero or an artist. Please spare me. I swear on God. Galti, Malti. Shut his mouth. Yeah. Now I will bark.. I mean, I will speak
and you will listen now. For my movie Vella Jat,
I need a jobless guy. Which happens to be you. Now you get deep into the character.. ..get into it deeper and deeper.. ..more deeper and deeper.. How much deeper? So much deep that to bring
you out a JCP machine will be needed. You can’t laugh,
has your old man died? Bring it, man. Give the cheque. Here, take it. An advance of half million. And the rest,
once the film is released. You will get or not..
I too am confused about it. Is it real? Yeah. It is very much real. Hey.. – Now let go, I have signed the movie.
– Let him go. Let him. Yes! Keep lying down.. You tried to be very brave. Bro, please forgive me. But I couldn’t see your pain. Yeah, you couldn’t see my pain.. ..but compare to the pain
you are in now my pain was better. What was the need
for you go all alone? – Bro, I thought..
– Keep quiet. If anything would
have happened to you.. ..I would have never
been forgive myself. – But..
– You better be quiet. You alone were worried about Sabi? You should have told me.
I would have come with you. That to like a hero. Forgive me. Look here. Come. Come here, my precious friends. “Precious friends.” Not so hard, man. It hurts. Sorry. – May I ask something?
– Go ahead. That dame didn’t come? Which one? – Hot Kaur.
– No. She has come. She has come? She has come! Where is she? She is sitting there. Bring her in, bro. Bring her here quickly. Hey, they took a
photo of your insides. – My insides?
– Yes. Show it to me. I am lying
unconscious since yesterday. Didn’t click the whole picture. This is you? Your Hot Kaur didn’t show up, buddy. – Sweet Kaur has come instead.
– From where did she come? She is the one who
has tended to you the most. And she didn’t get
up till you come around. She kept praying for day and night. And that Hot Shot Kaur.. ..and your so called girl friends,
none came to enquire after you. Learn to know true love. This is called love. I am really very happy, bro. Those who have your kind of friends,
they don’t need any medicine. I too have some good news. What’s that? I have signed a movie. – Oh, wow!
– Tillu my man.. My childhood dream
is going to be fulfilled. Our hero has really become a hero. Bro, God who has given
such great friends.. ..how can’t they become a star. So, take a look at this. Cheque for the movie. That too worth half million. Now we will handover
this money to the agent. Why so? – Bye, see you.
– Take care. You’re alone, bro?
Your mom-dad didn’t come along? I didn’t bring them. Had they come here.. ..then perhaps my departure
would have been more difficult. Jessica,
now our friend has become a star. Now I suppose your dad will
have no objection for your wedding. Yes. Now daddy has no objection. In fact, now he himself
wants to meet Tillu. Oh, I see. You’ve done it, friend. I have too spoken to my parents. They are also coming
soon to meet Raja. You get this straight. The true love is only available
to those who are fortunate. So, now you shouldn’t
ignore true love.. ..and keep chasing
other skirts around. Bro.. Your insistence of going to Canada
was going to be fulfilled like this.. We had never thought. Yes, bro. We know you are not happy going there. Instead, you want to leave this place. Don’t forget your friends
along with this place, bro. “Why the heart is sinking?” “Why the heart is sinking?” “Why are the eyes silently crying?” “Why the damn fate is like this?” “Why it shows such colors?” “Precious friends..” “Can’t be forgotten.” “They have become part of life.” “Those who dwell in the heart..” “The gems in ones life..” “Precious friends,
can’t be forgotten.” “They have become part of life.” “Precious friends,
can’t be forgotten.” “They have become part of life.” One thing is for sure. If there is no friend in life,
then the life is useless. Isn’t it? You are so right, Tillu. They say,
without friend there is no life. Now is the time to meet Sabi bro. – Come, let’s go.
– Let’s go. So bro, how did you like Canada? Empty Canada, buddy. No matter what place it is, it looks
good only if you have good company. Now see your friend
has come back to you. – You really made us suffer, man.
– Didn’t I suffer? We understood a bit of it.. ..and rest we’ll know once go there. Drive faster. Yeah, Param bro. Your prey is here. His friends too are with him. Get ready. I am coming too. You are looking so pretty today. Watch out that you don’t
catch someone’s evil eyes. Whose eyes were supposed
to cast on her, it’s already done. Hello, welcome, brother-in-law. Come with us now. What’s this? Come, let’s have a drink together. Come with us, man. Sit. Guys, we are not here to sit. We will come to take someone. – Sit here for minute.
– Sit down. Sit down. Get the drinks. – Come here.
– Don’t worry, sit down. Very good. Come on, guys, take a shot. Hold on, man. Let me understand the scene. Damn it, what we came here
to do and what we are doing. Why everything we do turns otherwise? Bro, we are such a twisted guys. Now listen,
there can only be two things. Either we will have
to hit all of them. Or will have to dance with them. Both the tasks are no easy. I would say, sit and drink up. Come on, sit. “Precious friends.” “Precious friends.” “Precious friends.” Sabi! Sabar? Together? So you found time
to come to your wedding? Of course, I did but I don’t get it. How did all this happen? I will tell you. You must be wondering
what is happening out here. So listen. Since college days,
I used to love Sabar a lot. I couldn’t stand to
see Sabar and Sabi at all. Many times I tried to get
him removed from the college. But he always managed to escape. So then I chose a new path. I got the papers stolen
and accused Sabi for it. So that I can be with Sabar. Though I got to be with her.. ..but couldn’t truly get her. Then, after Sabi’s left when
I proposed Sabar for marriage.. She said. We are just friends. That she only loves Sabi
and will only get married to him. Then I called Sabi
in Canada and lied to him.. ..that I am getting married to Sabar.. ..and that too against her wishes. If he has the courage
then he can come and stop it. I knew that Sabi will surely show up. I did love Sabar with all my heart.. It was true love. But the difference was only this.. ..that my way of loving her was wrong. Kindly forgive me, Mr. Brar. I made a big mistake. Please, sir. No, my son. Mistakes are those which
are committed unknowingly. But a misdeed done deliberately
is not a mistake, it is a crime. But still,
if you have realised your mistake.. ..then you shouldn’t
seek forgiveness from me. If you have to seek forgivenes,
then seek it from Sabi. Seek it from my daughter. May be, they will forgive you. Go, my son. Go. Forgive me, please, buddy. To tell you the truth.. ..I was really very angry at you,
Param Singh. But everyone behaves
like that in college. But you.. Today you have done
what a friend should do. You were the one who
took my love from me.. And you are the one
who brought her back to me. So, today,
I have no complaints against you. Come here. Param, today you have proven.. ..that not only love but friendship
too holds great importance in life. Papa, if you love everyone
then please also forgive Param. Please. You are lovely, child. God bless you, my son. Thanks, papa. Sons should be like you. Thank you, sir. – My blessings, son.
– Thank you very much, sir. God bless you, son. So, how are you guys? Hey.. Strange, man. Why are you angry now? Now see, everyone is so happy. – Now we all are brothers.
– “Precious friends.” Ultimately,
our love story came to a conclusion. Actually, it was true love
which brought you back here. Otherwise,
you had fled to your Canada. Though, I had taken a flight,
but only I know.. ..how much suffered
for love for two years. Now won’t you go away leaving me,
will you? No. Never.. not anywhere. Not even to Canada? Not at all. “Precious friends.” “Precious friends.” “Precious friends.” “Precious friends.” “Precious friends.” “Precious friends.” “Precious friends.” “Precious friends.” “Precious friends.” “Precious friends.” “Precious friends.”

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