Wrecking Ball Beats Up Fandroid/Gets Sent to Anger Management Class

This video was a request. Enjoy the show! Fandroid: Hello, welcome to Fandroid’s Burgers and Pizza. How may I help you? Wrecking Ball: Hi. I would like a cheeseburger, a slice of pepperoni pizza, French fries, a mini soda, and a strawberry milkshake, please. I am sorry, but we’re out of the strawberry milkshake. How about you get a banana milkshake, instead? What? I want a strawberry milkshake! Fandroid: No. Pencil: Hey, girls. Match: Hey, Pence-Pence. What is the blue guy doing? Ruby: I have no idea. Wrecking Ball: If you don’t give me my strawberry milkshake, I’m going to beat you up. Fandroid: For the last time: “I said No!” You’re really grinding my gears! That’s it! (beeping) Bubble: He does not like that robot. Barbara: Wrecking Ball, what the hell were you thinking? Surgeo: Hey, grub worm family! I got some good news: Fandroid is going be fine. But the bad news is: He’s going to stay in the ICU for three days. Skrubz: Dr. Tuth, what is the diagnosis? Tuth: Well, it appears that Fandroid has a broken screen, which damaged the CPU. CPU? Yes, you know. The Central Processing Unit. The little microchip. Skrubz: Oh. Harold: We’re go home, right now! Wrecking Ball, how dare you beat up Fandroid! You need to learn to control your anger. That’s it. We’re taking you to Anger Management class. Wrecking Ball: Anger Management class? Burnie: So, my boss was talking about my employee record. He said I was being rude to the customers. And I was like, “Don’t push me.” But he watched me drink whiskey during work hours. Again, I said, “Seriously, Boss. You don’t want to push me.” My boss said I need to clean up my act or I’m fired. And that’s when I snapped, “I warned you not to push me! I warned you!” Matilda: How did you feel after that, Burnie? Burnie: I just…I just freaked out. Remember, Burnie: Temper’s the one thing you can’t get rid of by losing it. Okay, everyone. Let’s say hello to Wrecking Ball, who will join the Storm Stoppers to tame our Rage Dragons. Angry Orange: Hi, Wrecking Ball. Hansel: Hi. Matilda: Wrecking Ball, care to tell us what brought you here today? Wrecking Ball: Good news. I fed my Rage Dragon a cow and he’s feeling much better. Wrecking Ball beat up Fandroid because he didn’t get a strawberry milkshake. Ted: Oh, I bet you beat him good. Corphish: Barnacles! You’re a computer wrecker! Alright, guys. Let’s try some guided meditation. Close your eyes, inhale a long deep breath, and picture yourself inside a log cabin. Matilda: You’re enjoying a cup of hot chocolate by the fireplace. As you sit near the fireplace, you enjoy the warm sensation and crackling sound of the fire. It warms you up during the cold winter.

11 thoughts on “Wrecking Ball Beats Up Fandroid/Gets Sent to Anger Management Class

  1. Good thing you added BFDI characters cause that show is great all though it kinda looks like a rip-off to Total Drama

  2. Request: Wrecking Ball Forces TheJoJuan4444 Cancel Andrew Orozco: The Sequel/Grounded
    Wrecking Ball
    Josephine (TheJoJuan4444's Wife)
    Andrew Orozco
    Lucy Amanda Nickell
    Vincent Van Goat
    Vivian Van Goat
    Ariana (True Love Starlocker)
    Harold and Barbara (Aka Wrecking Ball's Parents)
    Please do this request for me and the GoAnimate/Vyond Users!
    ❤ my comment, The Animation Girl!

  3. Oh! Matilda the white angry bird(She's full name)! I like the angry birds! And all cartoons, game, and movie characters! 👍😁

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