Worst Stress Tests (Compilation) 🤦 Bar Rescue

– Hi I’m Jon Taffer
and we’re counting down the worst stress tests
in “Bar Rescue” history (upbeat music) So the stress test is designed to test the skills of the team. This owner just stood around clueless, watching his struggling
staff fail miserably. – Bianca do you see what
I’m doing right now? – Uh oh, what happened, why? – They all tastes like club soda, it’s like there’s no booze in any of this. We’re gonna get those remade. – Let’s go, this is a slow bar. – I know I’m sorry. – She didn’t make yours yet, right? – Not yet. – These guys are not happy over here. You need seven island punches. Move, move, move, move. – Order in, another four flat bread, and one burger with cheddar. – I have no cups, I have
nothing to serve with. – Is there any more cups, Rod? Rod. You wanna hold on just one second, I think my ginger ale syrups out. Do you wanna wait a second,
I’ll remake them for you, okay. And now would be a good time
where I would throw ice cubes in the kitchen to get Rod’s attention. Rod? – So as you can see right
now, I don’t have a bartender. She had to go take care of ginger ale. ‘Cause the bartenders in charge of that. – Let me ask you a question.
– What’s happening? – How are we doing right now? – Slow. – Now what are you gonna
do to proactively change it Could you do something, could
you ice glasses for her? – One, two, three, four, five. – Ice glasses? – Could you put ice in glasses for her? – Right now? – What could you do to help her? – I could. – Is there anything
that you could think of that you could do to help her? – I think if I iced glasses I’d be in her way more than anything. – Is there anything that you can think of that you could do to help this situation? Could you go say hello to people? Could you tell them we’re falling behind, we’ll be with you in a
moment, thanks for coming? Could you do something to
make these people’s moment better than this? – Didn’t we spend all
day making these drinks? – We did. – Like come on, make a
drink, you know how to pour. Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go. – All right, all right.
– Rod can I get more ice? Rod, Rod? Tony!
– Yes? – Can I get more ice?
– Yes. – I just feel the system
could be a little bit better. Rod doesn’t really know what to do, he’s never worked restaurants,
he doesn’t understand. You have to help the kitchen,
you have to run food. – All right, we got a
little bit of an issue. We got undercooked burger.
– Way not cooked enough. I can get a glass of
milk out of this thing. – What’s going on back here chef? – We’re having a couple issues, Jon. One burger came back to the kitchen, we’re a little behind right
now, stuff’s really building up. – When was the last time
you saw Rod back here? – he hasn’t, I haven’t
seen him back here yet. Hey Rod, how’s it going?
– Bingo. – Drink good?
– It’s kind of watered down. – We’re gonna make it right,
we’re gonna make it right. – Rod, you need to be out there. – Thank you, yep.
– I was, I just picked up their–
– Let me do that, you need to be out there with the guests. – I was out talking to ’em – Go out there with the guests, smile – Let’s go talk to Rod for
a minute, will you help me? – Yeah.
– Really, you like the fries? – Hey, we need to talk to you. – Okay.
– Turn around guys, look at this room. What do you see going on here tonight? – I see complete chaos, upset customers. – What do you see happening tonight? – Ill preparedness in
certain couple of areas. – Just a couple of areas? – Well, that I’ve seen so far. – All the areas. – Is there anything good about tonight? – Not at all.
– When it’s over (laughs). – This is funny to you?
– It’s not funny. – How the (beep) do you deal with this? – No, seriously though, that’s– – You’re smiling yourself to bankruptcy. – What the (beep), this
is our (beep) career. These people are (beep) important to me. – I know they are, that’s
why I’m so (beep) pissed off. – They better be important to you. Stop (beep) smiling before I knock it off your (beep) head. – Burnt pizzas, broken glasses,
and an owner’s bad attitude lowered the stress test
bar to an all-time low. – Lets get some drinks. – I wanna see how Dave and
Sarissa work when they’re sober, but most important, I wanna see if Karen can lead with a good attitude. – We need shots baby
– What can I get for ya? – A boiler maker.
– Okay. – I’m supposed to be back here. I’m coming down here with you. I can’t stand to work by Dave. – Got a full busy bar,
you gotta handle it. – What’d you do there bud,
how much did you shake it? – Not enough.
– Not enough. – I’ll dump it, start all over again. (customers booing)
– Come on, man. – Do you know how to
make the shots for her? – Yes, I’ll go do it.
– When you’re done, if you can make her the 10 shots, so Vanessa doesn’t have to,
that’d be awesome, okay. – Yes I sure will. – I need a drink! – I know, I’m trying, I don’t
even know what I’m doing. I don’t know why they’re having me do it. – Oh no, down the drain. These people, these women,
they’ve been sitting at this bar for a half hour, right there in the front. And this is your job as a manager, so get these people together and faster. We have to accomplish
this in the next 24 hours, or we’re screwed, screwed.
– Other side! – Two pepperoni pizzas. – Two of everything, and
two pepperoni pizzas. – So they’re basic big box store pizzas, – Yeah.
– And how long do they take? – About 10 to 12 minutes with four pizzas. – Gotcha, and then you’ll
slice ’em, and send them out. – Yep. – Let me ask you a question man to man, what’s wrong with
Karen’s attitude tonight? She’s still pissed off. – I think she’s really
frustrated right now. I know she’s gonna pick it up. – But if she smiled it
would make a big difference. – It would, it would
make a huge difference, it’d mean more to the clientele as well. – Say something to her.
– I will. – So how long have we been open? 40 minutes, how many
cocktails have we gotten out? Six in 40 minutes. (crowd cheering) – Are you guys cooking
pizzas for these two? – Yes, I have their two
pepperonis in right now. It’s frustrating, I’m getting frustrated, I know you are too, we
just gotta keep smiling, and keeping these customers happy, they’re gonna love the product. – We’ve been here over an hour, and we still haven’t got the pizza yet. – Joe, two pizzas just fell off the back. (glass breaking) – Oh, he’s breaking
glass right over there. So you guys have broken all
your mixing glasses besides two, you got two mixing
glasses, two bartenders. – There you go. – All right, so I need two
more pepperoni on the fly. – They’ve been waiting an
hour for a pizza, these two. – Okay, let me go check on that. – Say something to them, smile. – I will
– Say something to them, come on, serve them. – I’ll go check on that for you. – Did you not want to be here? – No, I just talked to
them a few minutes ago. Their pizza, said was gonna
check on them, I told them. – Tonight I see her
attitude, she’s working, ’cause I’m telling her to,
there’s no change here. – Matt, honey, can you
just go get the pizzas, I need to two or three, I
wanted you to make shots, not– – I’m trying here, I’m trying.
– I’ve got to go. – Oh, here we go. – Here we go. – No, no, no, we had two pepperonis. – Two pepperonis?
– Yeah. – I thought you had a pepper, I’m sorry. – Straight from the convenience
store is what this is. I can’t finish the last two pieces. – It tastes like (beep). – Could you do me a favor,
could you smile once? smile, do this, come on
Karen, you can do this. – All right, I got it. – I’m speechless. – Jay doesn’t know what he’s doing, Matt doesn’t know this business, he can’t hold this place up. – Karen’s attitude. – The attitude’s definitely still there, that stubbornness is still there. – Finish up your drinks
and call it a night, this place is freaking closed. (crowd jeering) The only thing raging more than my temper was the grease fire in a kitchen that eventually filled the bar with smoke, and ended our stress test early. (crowd talking) – Let’s go, move, move. – Oh god, this is crazy. – We’re losing pace with everything, there’s no organization, it’s a struggle. – Who’s waiting for drinks? (crowd talking) Look at this guys, all of these people don’t have drinks, let’s go. – Go, baby, let’s go. (fryer bubbling) (tense dramatic music) – Come on man, what’s going on, I don’t understand what
you’re doing right now, you’re burning these (beep) burgers, you haven’t even got a
goddamn plate out yet. (crowd talking)
(bell dinging) – I need these orders picked up. – I have two managers back there, but they’re not working together, and now more than half of
this room hasn’t been served. Come on, look around, lets go. – People are complaining Robert,
that last burger came back. – Look Robert, how is that burger medium? – Let me get this out. – Move man. – I need these orders picked up tops. Order up, table six, table six. Both of these, no problem. Robert, is that a (beep) fire? – Turn this fryer off immediately. We need to pull that off there quickly. – What the hell is going on here? – I might need to close this down Jon. – That’s what happens when
you don’t clean your kitchen. You get a grease fire like this. – You need to starve it of oxygen, salt, give me a salt, a lot of salt. – Go dump it, come on
guys, it’s getting worse. (tense dramatic music) Here we go. Chef, it’s inside the
vent, we got a problem. – Here we go, one, two, and one, two. – There you go, there you go. – This is getting worse guys. – Get me a fire extinguisher. – This is what happens,
Robin, this is your fault. This is what you did, you
gotta do it, extinguish it out. Do it, kill it. (extinguisher clicking) – You’re (beep) joking me, are ya? – Fire extinguisher’s dead, your fire extinguisher is
dead, for Christ’s sakes. – Give me that (beep) thing, quickly. – Yes. – It’s gonna flare up, ya gotta do it. (fire extinguisher spraying) (smoke alarm beeping)
(all coughing) – Guys, we have a dangerous situation, we need to shut this bar down. (tense dramatic music)

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  1. There's enough material for about 11 more volumes here, people.
    Give your editors some extra work, Paramount Network! 😀

  2. See these Stress Tests are a perfect example of why we need Rudy and his band The Cincinnati Sinners from Season 2 Episode 8. If they were in these bars playing their "In your Face" Rock and Roll, the staff would be doing their jobs the right way. Theres nothing better then working and Rockin, especially when it involves the Cincinnati Sinners!

  3. What was with that creepy laugh in the last clip. Did they cause a grease fire or summon demons from that possessed fryer? 😂

  4. When the kitchen started catching fire, the cook’s first reaction was to blow on it. Now I’m not the brightest bulb on the tree, but isn’t that how you get fires to grow? Along with that, it was a grease fire. You can’t use the same kind of extinguisher on grease as you do on water. Seems many of these bars/restaurants on this show have employees that don’t know the basics of how not to burn down the building, which should be the number one concern of any owner!

  5. 9:16,that silent when the fire extinguisher doesn't work lol. 🤣😂😆😅🔥 What a fail,ffs. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♀️🙄

  6. How did Rob manage to become an owner of a bar much less get through life. He is LITERALLY a human equivalent of a bump on a log.

  7. I feel bad for the deep fryer cause it was working so hard and no one was helping it by cleaning it 🙁 poor deep fryer

  8. So we had one guy serving pizzas he found in a dumpster somewhere, another guy who tried to give a grease fire a blow job and the first guy who mostly stood around with a not so bright look on his face, they should all get together and start a bar call The Brink of Bankruptcy.

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