Word from the street – Irritating Habits

Probably biting his nails, but he has stopped
now. Chewing my nails.He shouts at me about that.
Yeah, well I don’t like chewing his nails, yeah.
Mens most annoying habit is definitely snoring. She snores.
I am kind of stubborn. The way he cooks probably cause he is a vegetarian.
Oh god, farting. Constantly constantly,
and belching, in fact any kind of gastric kind of issues.
Probably getting drunk and saying silly things. He heavy breathes when he eats
She wears her Timberland shoes to work which are really really old, it freaks me completely
out. Will’s just quite over affectionate for me
sometimes, which probably shouldn’t be a bad thing, but sometimes you know
it’s like, get out of my face. Sometimes guys think they should be too sensitive,
and if they start crying, that’s awful,don’t do that!
You don’t know how to handle it really. Well the fact that he goes up the garden,
which you see is very prolific, in his slippers, see’s a bit that wants
digging, digs up a muddy patch with his slippers and then walks indoors.
She is a maniac with cleaning the house and stuff,and I am not so it is kind of a problem.
The fact that he is completely untidy, really really untidy.
She locks everything, as soon as I go out the door, the bloody thing is locked.
He thinks he is always right, and he usually is which is very sickening.

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