Winter Foods for immunity and growth in kids | In Hindi with ENGLISH subtitles

Hey guys, welcome back to your own channel, Priyanka The pharmacist Friends, in today’s video I am going to tell you about some winter foods that will ensure warmth, improve health and growth in our kids Friends, our physical health is entirely depend upon what we eat and it directly shows upon our face.and same shows on our mental growth. Therefore, all parents must consider physical demands of our kids should be fulfilled and also they meet their proper nutrients demand. so that their brain can work properly and they can achieve maximum in their lives. So frinds, in today’s video, I am going to share that what kind of food we should give our kids that give warmth and improve their health and immunity as well. First of all, I am going to tell you about GUR or Jaggery See, Jaggery is a substance which is power packed nutrient Friends,this winters, try replacing sugar with Jaggery if your kid have a sweet tooth or kid got a craving for sweet than offer them jaggery instead of sugary sweets. because see the goodness of Jaggery, It maintains blood pressure, improve immunity, strengthen bones bring a bright glow to our face, rich in nutrients and vitamins and also help kid fightng with cold and cough, Whenever your kid suffering from cough or cold you can give them a decoction of jaggery in warm water. which is very effective, secondly, Give your kids, everyday a small piece of jaggery after meals. which will treat the deficiency of iron in kids and also improce blood level in kids, along with it jaggery give warmth in kid’s body and improves kids immunity. so, everyday make a rule that you have to give jaggery to your kids after every meal. As per a research, kids who use to consume, jaggery in their daily diet suffer from cold and cough, 50% less as compared to those who does not consume jaggery in so frequent basis. so , make most of this winter season and give jaggery to your kids in order to keep them away from cough and cold 2. Dry Fruits Powder Friends, when my kid was very young (around of 2 years) I started giving him dry fruits and for such little age, I made a dry fruit powder and stored in a box So, when you give this powder in milk to such little kids it irritates their throat, So what I tried is – I gave him this powder in meals like lentils, cereals and give him in semisolid form after cooking it. by this way, kid can chew some of it as well as can also gain goodness of dry fruits In winters, Dates, Figs, walnuts, Almonds Cashews, resins, these all dry fruits, you can offer to your kids, even you can add some of these nuts, in their school tiffin Dates and figs are the dry fruits that are sweet and also satisfies, kid’s sweet buds therefore, we should give our kids dates and figs to our kids let them have such dry fruits and you can see their increased immunity level in short span of time 3. Fresh Fruits: So, here is the winter season going on and at this time vegetable markets are loaded with varietes of fruits and vegetables apple, banana, kiwis, dates and all these all fruits are loaded in market at quite reasonable prices and as they are seasonal seasonal they are loaded with goodness of minerals and vitamins so, therefore, try offering your kids seasonal fruits. A few days ago, I received a query that in winters., what we can give our kids to eat in an empty stomach, so, for that the best option is you can give your kid a banana on empty stomach as it will improve potassium level in kids their blood pressure will stay normal, so, you can offer a banana to your kids every day and also by this way, you will see their normal cholesterol level. Always keep in mind that in case cold and cough avoid giving oranges to your kids, however, Vitamin C rich fruits, or foods are very much beneficial for our kids in winter, therefore they are abunduntly found in winter season, so, try offering your kids oranges and all always under the sunlight it will give maximum at such time, but avoid giving citrus fruits in morning or night. you can give banana at any time you want. 4. Lentils Or Soup: Friends, I always ask you people to give your kids fruits in snacks but in winter season the best option in snacks is a bowl full of warm SOUP like you can give them Tomato soup, fresh vegetable soup, corn soup, hot an sour soup, you can find such recipes on YouTube So, offer them freshly prepared home made warm soup see the benefits of soup in our kids Rich in minerals and nutrients, Goodness of vegetables, warmth and replenishes the fluids in our kids because it is a liquid diet So. soup is a power packed nutrient meal that you can give your kids in the evening So, if it freezing outside, give your kids a warm bowl of soup, and if your kid don’t like its taste, try offering tomato soup with little sweetness in it. your kids will love it for sure. 5. Halwa or pudding: See, frinds we all like sweet delicacies and once in while our kids also like to enjoy such treats so, why not try offering our kids a healthy nutrient dessert. whenever your kid got a cold or cough give your kids a warm gram flour pudding but of thin consistency You can lso give them carrot pudding, by this way kids will get the goodness of carrot and goodness of gram flour by the gram flour pudding and give them a sweet pudding it also softens the mucus membrane and it keep the cold and cough at bay you can also try milet pudding but try giving all these pudding once on a while like once in a week is a good start

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