Why She Left Me & Starting Therapy | Weekly Vlog S2 E1

Good morning, it is Monday. Let’s try this weekly vlog thing again It’s been a while since I’ve done one, but we’re gonna get back to it I have missed see you guys on a daily basis. I miss just doing some chill vlogs What do you… What do you want? I want a Rosie A heart from you would be nice K actually I don’t know what’s going to happen It looks like a person from the side like that’s the eyeball and that’s the nose Yeah I was going to say it actually look like Michael like the scary movie the serial killer? The with the mask Well, I’m so talented Didn’t taste like a latte There still coffee in it It’s a Michael Bay movie starting with my cappuccino I feel like discipliner… a discipliner in a teacher’s room Why I don’t know, I feel anxious I do too. I feel nervous why I feel like We’re divorcing and we’re telling our kids like listen things are gonna be different around here It’s gonna be hard Life is hard We’re here for you And you have to comes to your mom’s house on monday Wednesday friday and sunday Alright Natalie quit The end do you remember how you told me, tell them the story Well it’s just like a… So I was having a really bad day. It was really stressful I was like Really looking forward to going back to Canada as soon as possible and spending Christmas and like I had a lot going on I don’t know what happened on that day apart from me quitting There’s something I remember, cuz I remember telling you Oh, I’m having one of the worst days ever and then she was like and she held it to the end of the day after I said that did I said I have to make your day worse or something like that? No she goes I have to drop a bomb on you A yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah and I was like what and then you started laughing awkwardly for like five minutes straight and I was like Just tell me it you just kept laughing We were like on the street ha ha You just giggling and I was like terrified like Because I’m really nervous that’s why Were you? Yeah, that’s why I giggled. What the hell like why would I giggled? I don’t know you never giggle like that Yeah, exactly. That’s why I was so scared That’s like a a awkward laugh that’s why And then after she laugh for five minutes She was just like I’m quitting Then I was like what and she was like yep I’m quitting and she’s just left it like that and then I started bursting out crying And it’s on the street. I have to emphasize that I understand your reasoning and I fully support your reasoning and like I agree you should do that because it’s your new passion We’ll explain what is that in a second but it was like because I had so many feelings because she’s been working for me for two years And it’s been more than an assistant Is that exactly… Oh new year, yeah two years Because we’ve seen each other every day she was kind of the person I I’m the paid friend So I’m quitting because I’m going into like I wouldn’t say specifically politics stuff, but I’m going to spend more time on working on like a better community like Devote myself into community and people around me not only Taylor anymore But Iike strangers and yeah I think I would say that So I think the recent events in Hong Kong have sort of indicted this new found passion in Natalie yeah, it’s actually mostly recycling and like animal right stuff so Yeah, that’s very you. So yeah, she told me these reasons and then I agree but I was like this super upset It’s still on the street tho We’re still on the street So I called Tom and I was like can you come and get me Felt like I was calling my father off after a breakup like you come pick me up So this from now I don’t have to do those I cringy DIYs anymore which I appreciated that a lot The flower vast one I’m like super proud of that you like that. Yeah I love that one and it came out great. And I’m so happy that it cames out great. I really love it It’s like a brilliant idea. It’s like well Taylor. You’re so smart People… I read comments that people say I came out from my shell I would say yeah Thanks This may be the last video you see of her but you can follow her on her Instagram I will link it below she post mostly her cat and sometimes her art and my cat and now she’s fostering a dog I’m turning into Taylor Alright and if you want to see me then just like ask her to ask me Bye Now I wanna be on videos so much I wanna see babies That’s when you can be in my videos again like What? until you got baby? No, but I mean like you’ll still be in my mouth sometimes I feel like In like I don’t know like are you gonna come to my 40th birthday party? Like when I have a baby That’s like nine years later It’s not that far away, yeah Yeah, I mean not just basically lives down the street as you say, yeah you could come for lunch I can’t escaped from anything I would definitely come for Tom’s coffee Tom’s coffee Say goodbye I would also go to Canada Oh yeah, you do got to come to Canada. Okay any last words Definitely I wish you all success in toat. Not to me, I mean to them. I mean we can do this off camera I’m gonna see you like tomorrow To them? be good to Taylor Aww, they always are I still want to encourage everyone just to be themselves Like yeah just to be yourselves I’ve been through times that I saw comments and I’ll be like oh shit. Am I doing me that wrong Or like am I being too mean shall I be like, um Should I change the way I am? And I’ll be like am I… Because this was the first time you were really put under a magnifying glass Yeah, and people gave opinions on you right? Cuz before you’re not really on social media like you don’t even really post yourself on the public page and stuff Yeah, but then like I care I’ll wear makeup They were definitely realize that and that. I would like oh is that hair good I like how people would think about that new hair like makeup But eventually you saw me just being myself and being really fashionable so Hell yeah I wear more fashionable than Taylor just now My socks match my sweater I’m still fashion Because I have someone text me DM about that too like be yourself be confident and then I was like you realize that in a short time it took me like six years On social media because I understands but uh, but it’s like your thing. I’m like a side like social media like side No, but it can really people’s opinions can really affect you I mean, I’m still not over it like sometimes I like I you guys so probably knows I film less of my food now because everyone has opinions on what you eat and then they ask you or you’re not this anymore you’re not that anymore and then so I just stopped filming it and I feel like I lost a lot of What I used to love to film because people’s opinions affect me I mean they affect me they don’t affect me as much as they did before but there’s still things that I’m kind of tied down to that I would rather just not talk about it because I don’t want to hear it so it’s definitely hard but when you were getting older then I feel like You care less? Yeah you care less definitely Like you see your hair right now. It’s like such a mess. And that’s why it shows how you care less I just got this… I actually tried today It’s like a bump and then but then you still have to drive through it just like drive through slowly but then you would be… I passed it It is like behind me And then I learned something from you I learned driving Good morning from Lee Tung Avenue Look at these lanterns We’ve come here to shoot some photos for Instagram Back at Bolio’s it has this really cute mouse ice cream right now and we gonna get it for breakfast Because we’re here and I want to take a picture And ice cream breakfast is fun It’s Chinese New Year So when we actually break it down it is cereal and milk I think we’re okay I’m now making my way over to the hospital cuz I had a breast exam the other day And she find two concerning spots We are gonna do some further testing on that and I feel like it’s okay though It’s kind of my lucky day I feel like I’m lucky today because I went into the ice cream shop and she was like You’re wearing a red coat If you’re wearing a red coat Specifically coats not a red item a red coat you get 20% off today and she showed me the sign like it’s actually true It’s 20% off today. You’re in a red coat So what are the chances I just tripped, I’m so lucky I’m gonna look at where I’m going Good morning guys, so last I left off you guys saw us trying to set up this This cooking scene We’re trying to make very professional cooking videos is kind of like tasty, but I don’t have all the equipment so we’ve made this like Makeshift tripod thing with different poles and clips and things we found and then we’ve got some light a diffuser I’m gonna be cooking right here, so what you see will be very close-up and looking very professional but I’m gonna show you the behind the scenes and how we kind of do it We’re sort of learning along the way so this isn’t the most professional way or a way that you should do it but I’m gonna show you the easiest way that we did it and now I’m gonna be making lo bak go, which is the lo bak go lo bak go lo bak go lo bak go lo bak go Chinese is so hard Hopefully the cooking is a little bit easier than pronouncing the words although I don’t think so Chinese cooking is very delicate and complicated and So many textures and flavors but I’m gonna try and do it today because I have been watching Li Ziqi -Ziqi -Ziqi, Li Ziqi YouTube I came across her channel and she is the most inspiring woman ever So she does these cooking videos she picks stuff from her local not her local her actual gardening where she planted things It’s like straight from scratch. She can make clothes out of cotton that she collected From her flower garden. She makes makeup out of rose petals She makes furniture There’s absolutely nothing this woman can’t do and watching her I feel More dumb I don’t feel surprise at all It’s crazy how civilization has really advanced and gone forward and Accomplished a lot of things but we’ve also like deaccomplished a lot of things like there’s a lot of things Is that a word there’s a lot of things we stopped knowing all these like basic things of life We stopped knowing and she knows them She knows everything and this says maybe you want to get back into cooking Try my hand at Chinese cooking again which is what I’m going to be doing now and just learn things like I want to talk more talk more to your grandparents learn how they did things because they know a lot of things that we don’t know now anyways Miss my grandma She has this really cute grandma And when I come back in my next life I want to be that grandma because she’s just eating her her good cooking every day And they’re so cute together and I love their relationship this lo bak go It translates to turnip cake, but it’s it’s not actually turnips Its radishes and when you cooked it, it smells a bit bad So I was thinking we could open up all these windows for the first time because I’ve never done this on it on I’ve never showed them this window thing how it opened And so we’re gonna have open air It’s gonna be like, I’m one with nature and I’m cooking and I’m having my Li Ziqi moment Let’s do it We can have the sound of the birds in the background Okay, so we’re just sitting here and we got a bunch of Chinese New Year snacks because we’re writing an article about them on toat But I just wanted to share some of my favorites with you This one is my absolute favorite It’s lotus root, but it’s dried in candy and this one symbolizes Oh I forgot abundance every year I’m not talking about it in the article but we’re putting it in our flat light and it’s a rice cake fish So you actually slice it up and fry it yeah, it’s rice is all rice. and this one is um nin nin yau jyu Jyu is fish Yeah, and jyu is also extra so More than I need Another favorite is these chocolate coins which you are always so happy to get as a kid because it looks so nice but it tastes the worst I’m a professional flat lay person But how we put this together was first we decided on our colors and then we made a list of things that represent Chinese New Year and then we went out and tried to get those items So mostly we have food but then if you think about it Chinese New Year is about spending time with family So we have playing games taking photos Eating of course the seed planning for the next incoming year of the rat or mouse we have tea big part of family communal gathering and then you want to get ready So we got some makeup some earrings a bag a toat box representing your outfit of choice People here are always buy a new outfit for Chinese New Year, right you want to wear new clothes to go into your relatives, so This is sort of everything you need in one photo not everything but like good amount of things all of our favorite things We did it Morning guys, I’m currently in Sham Shui Po, the electronics market on Apliu Street we have a bunch of things to buy for creating content like tripods and camera batteries and all sorts of stuff So this is definitely the most affordable best selection area of lighting and camera equipment We’re gonna take a look around but reason number 556 of why I love Hong Kong is because you can find really cool food in between random markets so this is electronic food and one of the best cheung fun places in Hong Kong is here it’s pretty cheap. It’s really delicious and I’m gonna go find it After today is Chinese New Year in the market Everyone will open like this Because I would holding it close to here So he said during Chinese New Year This becomes an even bigger market of people selling so many different things so many second hand things So you can find a lot of great deals so I actually came to this place in my foodie the episode my street food episode and I haven’t been back since But I’m craving a good cheung fun James Bond James Bond R, Taylor R Okay. I got my mics, got my mini SD card I’ll go I’ll go in circles Something like that Show me, I don’t know how to… Oh my goodness, I don’t think I can move after you Okay, I’m going this way Oh I’m just gonna do a bit of work a bit of photo editing a bit of video editing a bit of articles Until tonight when I went to see Jessica’s new movie premiere Today is a day of being uncomfortable I’m on the way to get a bikini wax right now after that I’m starting sewing classes finally 3 hours beginner’s class and then I’m starting therapy finally So I’m excited Let’s go Oh wait, I don’t know where I’m going Good lord, thinking back, it’s raining outside. Like misty, foggy, rainy, gross I’m so late to my appointment. I’m nervous. I don’t know what to expect In fact the only thing I know is like people lay down on bed and talk Of their feelings and I’m scared to talk to a stranger about my feelings but else I don’t have time to think about it Cuz I’m really late, I’m just gonna rush in there Oh my god That was the craziest 30 minutes of my life. I got there late So I only talked about 30 minutes, but I think I cried like six times It was good though, oh I’m going back for sure back home I just had a quick dinner and I want to show you what I made today I have all these little guys here it’s not that exciting, but I learned how to do hem lines like seaming at the bottoms so I learned the difference between this bottom part is just a simple seam so you can see it So this would be the outside of the clothes and the inside looks quite messy And then if you want to make it all neat and tucked Then you can do something like this, which is a French seam So the inside looks Very nice This is what they use for couture and and more sheer fabrics and then we just like played with different Sewing techniques and patterns with the machine so I could just get used to the flow because Controlling the pedal is quite difficult at first you either go too fast or too slow So getting the hang of that was quite difficult And then I also did that like zigzag pattern and this is a Quicker way to just seal the hem I’m so proud of this denim one So denim is quite interesting There’s this like almost four layers on this side So what happened was she told me that Levi Strauss the people who made Levi’s jeans actually invented this method so they made jeans and a lot of cowboys wore them to begin with But when they would wear them on horses this area would wear out really quickly and they get holes in them So they need to make the seam on this area a lot thicker and more durable so they created this method where you sort of tuck and fold layers of fabric and then you sew to seam line and everything is sewed from the inside out So everything gets sewn and then you flip it out and It’s a thing and I never knew that because I never did that for my DIYs. It’s so cool I have so much more to learn next time, we’re gonna be making a tote bag I’m so excited and Yeah, therapy went pretty well This time it was just getting to know me a lot came out I kind of started from my childhood until now and Yeah, it was an emotional roller coaster. I actually feel exhausted I want to go sleep But it was good and she thinks that the next time we meet She can get me through my trauma of my jojou pretty quickly a lot of the rest that we talked about she said we’ll take time, but she thinks The trauma with my jojou can get through in one to two sessions with EDM our therapy or EMDR therapy something like that So I’m gonna give that a go and Yeah, it was a pretty good day So I’m just gonna work on a couple of articles now take a bath and probably go to bed early I just feel really tired But today is the Lunar New Year’s Eve. Come here Today’s the Lunar New Year’s Eve tomorrow is the Lunar New Year Day So it will be officially the year of the rat So I want to wish you guys a happy Lunar New Year if you’re celebrating that Hope you have a happy and healthy and successful year of the rat we all need a lot of health over here The virus is breaking out. It is pretty scary Everyone’s wearing masks You can’t even buy masks We went to the movies yesterday and we went to buy some and they’re all sold out everywhere So they’re actually really hard to find right now Hopefully everyone stay safe stays healthy And I’m gonna see you in my next video next week Thank you so much for watching bye Yeah, so I remember leaving my family my whole family took me to the airport Everyone was okay I remember my dad was bawling like crazy He was… he was….

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