Why Salespeople Irritate

I’m sure your sales director has it drummed
it into you that persistence pays in selling. Well I hate to argue with your boss but… A study conducted a few years ago asked hundreds
of buying organizations how they value sales rep persistence. The result: Only 4% of prospects
said they appreciate persistent calling, while more than 70% say they find it irritating! Now … before you ditch persistence as a
positive sales attribute let’s be clear … persistence is good. What’s irritating
is how you persist. If you’re one of those sales people that
delivers uninspired, valueless messages like … “I sent you an e-mail and haven’t heard
back” or
“I haven’t heard from you in a while so want to follow up and remind you all about
me.” or my personal favourite…
“I’m just “checking in.” I tell you … Hearing this several times
would put me with that irritated 70%. So stop “following up” and start delivering
relevant messages that provide value to this specific buyer now. Use market data, relevant
news, client successes and testimonials, statistics… Be ruthlessly relevant so that you accelerate
this client’s interest in connecting with you … and nobody else. Want help making the shift? Here’s where
to find us. www.salesSHIFT.ca [email protected]

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