100 thoughts on “WHY Jake Paul Anxiety Backlash Is SO HUGE, “Gun Girl” Kaitlin Bennett SWARMED By Protestors, & More

  1. I missed y'all yesterday. The office had President's day off, BUUUUT I was able to get 2 PAs in to shoot a new possible format for a Friday or Sunday show…
    Timecode: Jake (00:08), TIA (3:57), Gun Girl (5:40), DOJ (11:01)

  2. Kaitlyn harasses people on the street. There’s even a video of her going up to a LITTLE GIRL and talking about how much abortion kills. She’s a public nuisance. I’m glad they chased her off.

  3. Instead of throwing shit at hear and her car, how about just completely ignoring her and not engaging in any of her videos? And if the only people that are engaging are the ones that are agreeing with her well then I can’t imagine she’d be getting all the attention she’s looking for in the first place.

  4. Yeah Gun Girl is a troll. Her entire point is to go to left leaning areas in order to enrage and provoke reactions. She doesn't go to these places to change peoples minds or help people. She goes there to make people look like idiots, feed the egos of the people that support her, and then pull the whole wounded gazelle gambit to garner sympathy and rage from her base.

    Best way to deal with her is to ignore her. She can't cry wolf if no one is violent, and the only thing she can do is bitch how no one will talk to her which is what her base does already.

  5. As far as Jake Paul is concerned… You can NEVER say anything right on Twitter. There are too many crybaby blue check bitches. Just ignore those professional victims.

  6. I think that if the OU students just remained silent and didn’t give her any reaction it would have been so much more powerful than throwing stuff and acting like children. The only person who won was Gun Girl because she got a great reaction for videos. If they had just let her on campus but ignored her she would’ve wasted her time and money to go and ultimately would never go back to OU, but now she will definitely return with or without “gun buddies” and she will get more damning content for her harmful video’s.

  7. I'm a Trump supporter but Gun Girl deserved it. She only tries to get reactions for clicks instead of trying to have a conversation.

  8. I’m conservative and find Kaitlin Bennett fairly annoying, but when people come out and mob her like lunatics it proves her point and achieves her goal. If you want to make her look bad, completely ignore her to make her look desperate.

  9. Kaitlin is NOT a journalist. She is a hypocrite who purposely goes to places and incites people then tries to play the victim in a effort to further divide the country. She does it in every video she makes so it's not surprising to see she purposely went without informing security or the school or the police. She CRAVES the chaos, she wants it. And if she's not getting it, she will twist the narrative until she does.

  10. I have bad anxiety at times from being an ex tweaker and it’s felt unimaginable at time but I still agree with jake. Yo I will always strive for strength in myself. That thought alone gives me strength. Perspective is key. Transcend yourself.

  11. Basically she got made to look like the clown she is. Then threw a tantrum and said "oh yeah well I'm gonna come back with a bunch of people with guns".

  12. You come off extremely biased that's what I think because if you actually watched Kaitlyn bennet shes always peaceful about her debates her having different opinions is not violence

  13. I’m fairly left wing but I am all for gun rights. That being said, Gun Girl exists solely to irritate and provoke people and then hide under the blanket of gun rights. Her platform is purely based on being a victim of the situations she has put her self in.

  14. About the situation, everyone has their right to believe and follow what they choose however at this event that Caitlin was at just asking questions about Presidents Day no one has the right to harass or attack anyone no matter what party you are! Caitlin was in her rights of going on a college campus and asking certain questions and if a person didn't want to be asked questions all they had to do was walk away but you have these disgusting people throwing stuff at her yelling at her and it's not what's we should be as a nation. We should have civilized conversations and even if we have disagreements does not mean that anyone has the right to attack anyone! The people that attack other people because they're angry are just disgusting evil people. Nuff said

  15. How did it become okay to attack someone for their political views? Conservatives are more likely to be attacked and blame for something they didn't do just because they boarded for their party! Now more than ever people like bennent and any other right-leaning voter are more prone of being attacked and harassed and it doesn't help that the media participates in this disgusting situation! Whatever happened to this nation of freedom? People that attack other people just for their political views should be ashamed of themselves and one of these days if they don't fess up karma is going to have her way with them

  16. the gun girl is not a police officer, is not a military person, she is from uni, why is she carrying guns in public? isn't it considered an offense? i am hella confused with these. hopefully, everyone will be safe in her university

  17. Well anxiety is hard to deal with I never admit I have that problem. Howerver, I shake when I have to sleep, because I hate everything about me and is scared of every opinion about me and what you are going to say :C

  18. As someone who is pro APPROPRIATE gun use, I am curious about what she is hoping to prove by doing an open carry walkthrough of the campus. It's not like she can shoot anyone while on the campus. I mean, she could, but not legally. The only time it's justifiable to pull a gun on someone is if your life is truly in danger.

  19. Is it just me or her threatening to come back to the university with her gun and an army of guns sounds like a school shooting

  20. On the Gun Girl story, I definitely don't agree with Bennett's own beliefs on gun rights nor her methods of provoking students and confrontation. However, I do think the actions of students protesting by throwing toilet paper and water at her was unacceptable. They have every right to speak to her but throwing objects really overdid it.

  21. 5:40 I think that the protesters were in the wrong to be throwing things, but I'm glad that they protested her. She's clearly trying to incite crap and shouldn't be welcomed on campus. If she returns with guns, that's just asking for riots.

  22. I personally don't think that Kaitlin did anything wrong, I've been researching this for a few days now. And in more than a few of her videos shes having a debate with some students. I find it absolutely sickening that an entire college campus populated by adults reacted in such a poor manner. She asked them "not to touch her stuff, or don't come close to me" because that's her right. And the same goes for the students that acted like that, they're all just over reacting for clout and that's truly disappointing.

  23. I always wonder why people get triggered at skepticism over specific details over events like the U.S.S. Liberty, 9/11, the holocaust, etc. Also, skepticism doesn't equate denial.

  24. im a conservative so dont get me wrong but katelynn bennent gives us a bad name saying and doing the dumbshit that she does and responding to people using first amendment rights against you with insisting federal funds be removed or suggesting to over exert your second amendment right on a campus is fuckin insane and makes us conservatives look evil and like assholes when we are not all assholes

  25. Another wonderful comedian to look in to is Maria Bamford. She has OCD and bipolar 2 disorder. (Which i also have) she raises so much awareness, and jokes about what goes on in her head, and her every day/ past experiences with her mental illness. And also things we all can understand, and relate to. Personally it makes me feel like I am not alone with my struggles. I love her! ❤️

  26. Regarding the Jake Paul tweet, I feel very strongly about the resulting discussion and I think you handled it perfectly. I have GAD, diagnosed and being treated with various meds, and it definitely isn't going to be cured by going on a walk. I also heard wayyy too many variations of 'just stop worrying' growing up, even from my own parents before they recognized and tried to understand my disorder. And I don't like Jake Paul already. My first instinct would have been to get extremely upset with Jake. With that being said, you're right: he doesn't know what the tsunami feels like and probably thinks he's being helpful. I disagree though on the point that he's 'only' 23: he's an adult, and it's definitely not hard to realize 'hey maybe I shouldn't trivialize other people's problems'. I'm 19 and there's a whole host of things I've never dealt with, but I know to be sensitive and sympathetic about them. You don't tell a poor person to 'just get a job', so don't tell people with anxiety that 'anxiety starts with you'. Simple.

  27. “Why Jake Paul Backlash Is So Huge” …Because he’s an entitled and sheltered f#ckwit that is responsible for rotting the brains of a generation… is the standard answer for anything about either of the Paul bro’s, especially JP.

  28. "Poop girl"
    I don't care about her taking her brothers gun to a school.
    That's illegal here. And pretty immoral. She's the poop girl.

  29. Regardless that was assault?
    You have a mob assaulting someone? I don't get it? What did she say that was so bad? You guys are fking weird!

  30. I think the bigger problem that Kaitlyn Bennet is exposing is the lack of security on college campuses. These kids pay to go to these colleges and to have someone just walk on campus and harass them??? Makes no sense to me. To add to the fact that she openly admitted she was coming back with guns… it’s just plain scary that anyone and everyone could and can just walk onto any college campus in the country. I think that’s the problem. The other problem with the videos she has made is that they are completely one sided. She seems to almost mock everyone she interviews directly in front of them. She doesn’t try very hard to understand the counter argument, or others opposing views. Which isn’t far off of every other media outlet out there. It’s all just a sad state of affairs.

  31. Libertarian here, checking in to let people know that KB and Liberty Hangout are widely and consistently despised among us, and it's easy to see why. They don't follow any rational definition of libertarian values. I'm not talking about the AnCom faction either, even AnCaps clown on them as "Bordertarians", Fudds", and "Conservatards".

    Not mentioning this is either a massive failure on the part of Phil's research team, or outright disingenuous.

  32. As much as I’m sick of the tired and overused no true Scotsman argument, Kaitlin Bennet and Liberty Hangout are not Libertarians. They don’t share many Libertarian beliefs, and many of their viewpoints I’ve seen them express are contrary to Libertarian principles.

  33. The OU protest wasn’t about liberals vs conservatives like Kaitlin Bennett keeps trying to depict. It’s about a collective group of people hating her because she's bad person. End of story. Republicans, people who voted for Trump, hate her too. The problem lies with her and how she treats other people.

  34. I think it’s very unfortunate that some people with the most polarizing views have the loudest voices. I’m a libertarian as well and it troubles me that we are so often misrepresented by people who seem to shout ridiculous things just to be heard and make a scene. Likewise with that “libertarian” channel. I believe firmly in personal freedoms and the checks and balances that keep the government in its place. I don’t believe in irresponsible gun-toting nor the idea that “being gay is a choice.” Frankly, all this mess is just embarrassing.

  35. You have 2 other recent videos that I haven’t watched yet so you might have addressed it but if not, could you talk about the Canadian pipeline conflict between Indigenous peoples and the Canadian government? It definitely isn’t being covered enough

  36. Bennett provokes people constantly… she calls people fat and then tells them…You know I carry, right? Awful human being and her political views have nothing to do with it….

  37. The thing about Gun girl is that her response to anyone calling her on her shit is always “you know I carry,right?” Or “we’ll bring an army of gunowners” cool, fucking do it. It may be legal to carry your gun, but it’s still not legal to shoot people for disagreeing with you. Last I checked someone mocking you for pooping your pants doesn’t warrant getting shot.

  38. Cant we all just be adults why the he'll do we have to react to someone goating you into a confrontation. She gains way more from violence and protest than debate and ideas.

  39. With the gun girl thing okay cuz like I definitely dont agree with her and stand by peoples right to protest against her buuuut I'm just imagining how scary it might be to be in a massive crowd of people throwing things at you like I can't help but feel like if a line was crossed then that's the part that was a bit much

  40. "Gun girl" is an attention grabbing idiot who does not speak for all gun owners, myself included. I'll fight like hell to maintain the rights we've been granted, but there are far better ways to do so. That said, I also feel the morons stopping her car and throwing things at her are no better.

  41. I'm pretty fucking liberal (Canadian liberal tbs) and I am glad there were protests against Kaitlin Bennett. However, I do not condone people throwing shit at her. Not literal shit btw, though I don't think anyone has actually done that… as funny as it would be. That would be wrong and totally disgusting, but I digress.
    Whether it's toilet paper or a liquid of whatever temperature, I believe that crosses the boundaries of "freedom of speech" and, here in Canada at least, could be considered assault.
    A friend of mine was arrested for spitting at/on his ex-girlfriend a couple years ago. As soon as there is unwanted physical contact (either from the actual touch of another human or from an object a person uses to make contact with another) and the person receiving said contact feels assaulted, it is assault. Period.

  42. Kaitlin Bennett is the worst. She's most known for being a pro-gun conservative, but if you actually see her videos or other videos that go in depth about her then you'd find that she's homophobic, transphobic, and a slew of other things. She'll show up at colleges, lgbt+ rallies, and other rallies that stand for something she generally opposes seeking to get a rise out of people she doesn't agree with. She'll test people on their knowledge of a subject and when they don't prove as knowledgeable she'll say that they need to change their thinking, but isn't so open when the mirror is turned on her. These videos generally see her confronting people that'll either ignore her and walk right past her, yell at her and insult her, or actually rise to the bait and prove not as knowledgeable on the subject she brings up, but sometimes they'll be people who prove smarter and more educated on the subject she brings up. These people don't make the cut for her videos and if they do its because they are supporting an idea that is generally mocked or waved away. I saw one video where she confronted two knowledgeable students on politics and they surprised her by being much smarter than she thought. She likes to say that she's open on debating others, but throughout the conversation she would cut off the one student when trying to say something, would try to talk over both of them, and made silly faces when they said things that she didn't agree with. She ended up calling them a couple of racists who are weird and don't talk normal because they used a couple of big words she didn't understand. I found this funny because I've seen other videos of her being called a racist for having a certain political stance. She's a gigantic hypocrite and that's why I don't like her.

  43. Phil, you should tell people to stop talking about Kaitlin Bennet and giving her the reaction she wants. She twists everything to fit her narrative and people actually like her and listen to her and it’s sickening.

    Don’t yell at her, don’t throw shit at her, just don’t acknowledge her at all, let her slip through the cracks and end her 15 mins of fame.

  44. Use your freedom of speech but, leave the name calling out. The toilet paper and diaper chant was not a smart move. It just doesn’t help you in any ways. Harm her words with yours, don’t harm her mentality with name calling.

  45. Why is there so much hate on that campus? They should of had a campus wide paintball fight or water balloon fight. Then have everyone target her.

  46. As someone who doesn’t give a shit about politics. She’s an asshole. She’s so rude to people and she just wants to meet trump. She sucks lol. I mean you get what you put you

  47. Ah cool so people using anxiety as an excuse to treat other people like shit and be a bum with no future. Nobody owes you shit because you have anxiety. Remember that.

  48. 7:25 Personally I find her combative and overly political. But lol what a bunch of primitives. They need to be civilized by force.

  49. I think people have every right to be mad about her being there. She’s a rude person. There’s a big difference between getting peoples opinions and harassing people. It’s important to have conversations about differing opinions but when you talk to people like they are stupid of course they will get mad.

  50. As bad of a person as gun girl may be. What the cops need to understand is throwing things from a crowd at a targeted person is assault at the very least, and that is what was happening. They were not doing their job when it comes to serving justice, you can't justify assaulting someone for their viewpoints period.

  51. Fun fact: your mind is part of you, so anxiety is caused by you, that doesn't mean it's your "fault" but it really is created by you, and can be solved by only you.

  52. my thoughts on the issue is that you are extremely biased and no matter how much you claim otherwise and try to cover it up, it's ridiculously present and I hate that you lie about it

  53. I have severe depression and anxiety attacks… Thanks Paul… It's all in my head 😑 let me just chip up and it will go away. #dick you don't know the HELL this has been the last 5 years for me bro. Do better.

  54. Bennett proved her point and that was to show the nation what a liberal Democrat behaves like. Put yourself in Bennett's position or place your daughter in a role of exercising her first amendment rights of free speech. Would you feel the hate and anger warranted?

  55. I still don’t get the issue with Jake Paul’s tweet, it’s helpful information for a good amount of people. He wasn’t be a dick or being controversial for once and yet people just can’t let him give some simple information.
    His wording was my only issue and a lack of a source for those who might need more help.

  56. People have a hard time telling between stress, anxiety and anxiety disorders… everyone has experienced anxiety at some point in their lives, but most don't develop long-term problems with anxiety. I read that tweet like.. if you're too stressed out, there are things you can do to take control and relax, and it's ok to talk about it to your friends. A lot of people have that internal dialogue that fuels their personal anxieties, especially ppl who grew up on social media. His advice reminded me more of those shitty inspirational quotes from pinterest, a platitude like "Embrace your fears to overcome them!", and some angry commenters below like "I have a fear of dying, how dare you!". Like seriously… pipe the fuck down.

  57. While I agree that one should voice protests against someone who has a divisive opinion about issues, shouting 'Where are your diapers' is on no way a means to voice ones opinion but simply a personal attack. If we criticise her for bullying, we should refrain from bullying: Means do not justfiy the ends and by using her methods we are legitimizing the behaviour that we do not want to see in our society. So yeah, go against her and tell her she's wrong, but do it in a manner that goes against her opinions not the fact that she alledgedly pooped her pants at a party.

  58. I’m an OU grad and I’d just like to say that I really hope she doesn’t do an open carry walk through. We’ve had a group of gun rights activists (also from Kent State if I remember correctly) exercise their “open carry rights” to walk through campus, and as a result they caused mass panic among our international students, who aren’t used to seeing this kind of display, and forced the school to almost cancel big public family events. A student union I was a part of had to hold an open forum with all of its leaders and concerned members about whether or not they should go through with an event that only happens once a year. People were terrified. I get she wants to make a statement and it’s her right, but it very negatively impacts life on a college campus given the rise in mass shootings.

  59. Socialist liberals will use the exact tactics they claim you are guilty of to make their point. They are the MOST racist, no free speech violent mongers on the planet. ala antifa.

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