Why being a LoL YouTuber is so FRUSTRATING? (My Rant to Riot Games)

Hello everyone In this video I am gonna tell you how fucking
frustrating it is to be a League of Legends YouTuber and how little Riot does to make
anything better. Trying to do a video using anything more than
a raw gameplay footage was always a pain in the ass. Over 10 years have passed since LoL was released
and still literally every single important thing is not working properly. What are the 3 most important features for
content creators? Replay system, Camera Tool and Sandbox Mode. Let’s start with the replay system. Official League replay system was released
in late 2016 – so 7 years after League of Legends was created. Before that time – in order to get a replay
you were forced to use an external software like LolReplay or SkinSpotlights Replays. Lolreplay for example used to automatically
save your replays after the game has ended. What’s more, these replays were usually
working after League patched – meaning you were able to open your old replays that were
weeks or months old. The current tool that we have – official
replay system is the opposite of that. If your game isn’t in the 20 last games
in match history, too bad, you can’t get the replay anymore. If you play a game on Tuesday night and then
try to download the replay the next day, jokes on you, the replay is unavailable to be downloaded. Maybe you were lucky enough to download that
replay before it patched, that’s great – you can use it now, right? NO, because the client patched so the replay
won’t open anymore. In order to open that replay you basically
need the entire game folder from the previous patch. So before every single patch I have to copy
and store entire League folder. You didn’t do it? Too bad, you gotta find someone who is storing
that. Currently I store around 300 gigabytes of
League game files. Even if I get a replay from someone else I
cannot simply just open it, that would be way too easy. You have to bypass it by going to the game
folder then rads, solutions, lol game client, releases, version, deploy. Then you make a shortcut of the game file. Then you find your replay, you copy that replay,
you go to the properties of the shortcut and you paste that copied replay in the source
component at the end. All of this to open 1 fucking replay. It was so much simpler and better back in
the time with unofficial tools. Camera Tool. For years we had a decently working Camera
Tool known as Creator Suite, that was made by Declan, better known as the owner of SkinSpotlights. He spent so much of his time developing and
maintaining this tool. Remember – without him, most of the edited
League of Legends videos, especially quality montages simply wouldn’t exist. First official camera tool was released THIS
YEAR. 10 years after League of Legends was born. And it’s already a huge downgrade to the
Creator Suite. It’s extremely obvious that Riot doesn’t
work on making this thing better. Hell, League Director is supposed to be updated
by the community. If you want to develop some new features,
you can do it yourself. Yesterday I wanted to record few simple Zoomed-out
clips of the Global Yasuo Ult. All I needed was the zoom-out option. I open League Director, it doesn’t work. I uninstall, reinstall, remove all the files
multiple times, it won’t even open. If it wasn’t for Declan telling me that
I have to remove another random folder in Documents I would have never even opened it. Because apparently there is a bug with it. And there is noone you can contact about it. Noone can help you with that. Literally noone, you are basically on your own. Wouldn’t it be better for them to have literally
1 employee dedicated to this and working on this? Wouldn’t it be better to maintain the previous
tool that was actually working decently. But Riot would rather have their own tool
that’s not working properly than let someone else do it properly. It’s absolutely ridiculous and is absolute
pain in the ass for creators who want to do anything else but recording the raw gameplay
footage. You may think Declan can still update his
Creator Suite, so we can have it. No, because Riot Anti-cheat system doesn’t
allow him to make it work properly. Riot does an incredible job at making things
and then abandoning them. Made a new client – it just progressively
gets worse and worse and currently it’s about 100 times worse than the client from
2010. Practice Tool? Took them 6+ years to make it. It took them another 3 freaking years to add
anything new – they added tear stacking and game ending option to the game. These 2 things in 3 years. You still cannot even play vs 1 of your friends. You cannot even spawn Baron or Rift herald. Do I even need to get started on clubs or
clash? Look at Fortnite or CS:GO. Fortnite got both replay system and camera
tool within months of the release. They have multiple Sandbox modes that they
can use. Similar for cs:go, which is known to be an
abandoned Valve child. You can literally do everything in that game
as long as you have the knowledge. There are countless custom modes made by people
in CS:GO. We have none of this in League. You can also do everything with its Camera
Tool. What’s more you can also download the replays
from Major Tournament matches and make content from it. You can see me opening 5 years old replays
now and they work properly. Meanwhile we (league content creators) never got
any chance to get the replays from official matches. Imagine the amount of great content lost. Imagine all the crazy edits that could have
been done with the professional players plays. If you complain about anything that Riot is
doing, 99% of the time you won’t get any response. You legitimately need to hit the frontpage of
the League subreddit for a chance of any reaction from Riot’s side. And that’s regarding everything League related. Riot NEVER seemed to understand that having
a proper replay and camera tools is gonna help their game. Quality videos made by creators attract new
people to the game and old people back to the game. That’s basically a free marketing. All you need to do is provide these 2
working tools. But for 10 fucking years Riot was unable to
do so and it’s honestly sad how much potential is being lost because of them. So many great videos that could have been
made. Don’t get me wrong, I love doing League
of Legends videos, and making gaming videos was always my passion. But when you have to go through all of this
you really can get discouraged. I used to get over it, but imagine how many
creators simply gave up at some point. So the next time you’re wondering why your
favourite montage maker isn’t making videos, keep in mind he is probably going through
this shit. Thank you guys a lot for watching, I wish
you a great day.

100 thoughts on “Why being a LoL YouTuber is so FRUSTRATING? (My Rant to Riot Games)

  1. Note: I love doing LoL videos. I love making content for you guys.
    But Riot does everything to make it as hard as they can. With just a tiny bit of effort spend towards this, our job would have been so much easier and we would have been able to make higher quality content, or just more types of content (e.g. if we got replays from LCS, world champs games). So many opportunities being wasted.

  2. To tell the truth making skins and fixing stuff is two diffrent thinks in game industrie. Skins are made by ones who proparly do not have programming experinse so it should not slowing down fixing the game, the skin just cost money to make but they proparly do not have any money issues. right?

  3. riot games are a poor company…
    i hate them and all decision them take, because all of it are a poop…
    hur dur lux skin lmao

  4. Most people don't understand:
    Leagues Code base seems to be complete shit.

    It's easy to say "Hey Riot add this and that and why did it take so long to add xyz…" if you don't have to deal with a lot of code maintenance.
    Remember when riot reworked the way projectiles work? Or the time everything was based uppon the minion base class?
    Guess what: That shit is expensive to fix. Too expensive in fact.

    Let's be real: Why should riot care about quality content creators? Most league "youtubers" are streamers or stupid e-celebs that get views anyways. (*caugh* Nighblue *caugh*) so from Riots point of view there is no financial benefit from implementing all the stuff you have been talking about (it would loose them money actually because the programers could be used to dev. a new champion for example because a new champion (and therefor skins) bring new revenue.)

  5. Everything you mentioned is so broken because… it's free, you don't pay for replays, camera tool etc. so they don't care

  6. The issue with riot is that they have no proper managment and leaders. Almost all of riot employees managers are people who were with mark and the other creator of league from when the game first devolped. Most of them have little to no experience in management let alone knowing how to coordinate a company that consists of 100s of employees. Also a lot of rioters especially the ones at high ranking positions have made hundreds of millions of the game, at this point most of them dont care what happens with the game which is why such little effort is put into the game. This shows from alot of their balance changes, their inability to communicate with their player base let alone listen to what they want and also various bugs that haven't been fixed for years. League is a great game prolly one of the best mobas right now and it has so much potential but it is ruined by incompetent company which is frankly ruining the game.

  7. LoL reddit mods are cucks of Riot anyway. Any critic towards them will never been seen there. Im very sry, for all LoL youtubers

  8. I mean, its not their job to make your job easier. League youtubers probably only make up a small percentage of their targeted audience.

  9. The reason why Riot don't fix stuff is the same why the politicians don't resolve the problems of the city I live. You need to destroy everything and rebuild from zero to do so.

  10. Riot promised they would roll out the current client a couple years ago after bugs were fixed and it was stable. Still waiting for them to fix anything the client is so bad it's actually funny.

  11. No don't worry, Riot is using it's 23 offices and 2,500 employees to make skins and what they think is balance. 😀

  12. It's so jarring to be a fan of Riot, sometimes it feels like we are being listened, but most of the time it seems they blatantly ignore us when it comes to important stuff.

  13. New Client – Never came out of beta, old one had far better performance.
    New Aatrox – A damn unfinished mess, still has bugs that were present since release.
    Practice Tool – Still bare bones.
    Replays – Worse than an unnofficial tool.
    Clash – Never came out, period.
    Lux – Prestige Skin.
    Twisted Treeline – Promised that wouldn't end up like Dominion, but it is being ignored and forgotten, going the same path as Dom.
    – Added profile customization 2 years after new client.

  14. Open a petition, and try to advertise through league pro player to get votes. Once this gets understood on players mind, they Will Change how they do this shit. As a main vayne i had some good cheesy Plays i would like to Share. But no, u have to pass all the burocracy to spread league content. They want US to spread the game, but trying to edit and get through content ( searching for it ) its like playing a game of chess to A.I.

  15. See… CSGO was built basically from the community. Basically every map is made by the community and also comp. We all know Riot has no interest in collaborating with the community at all. If they actually gave the community the tools that Valve gives their community, I bet this game would be 1000% better. I have yet to hear anyone complain about not having enough champions to play but instead I hear everyone complain about bugs and broken crap that has been in the game for a long time. I'm starting to think they are more interested in the money they get from skins and new champion releases instead of the community, that buys them. Hell, they are centralized in California, maybe that has something to do with it.

  16. And Dota 2 has so much more freedom with their creativity of the game for its users, honestly you'd think League has given up and wants to die by this behavior.

  17. How to keep people interested in League.
    Make replay system so content creators can make videos?

    No no no, make champions like Riven OP so they get played in pro play for the 0.0001% of players, who no one gives a fuck about.

  18. Saw the thumbnail and i'm just here to say that riot is far from the only company that does that, heck most companies care more about releasing the next mtx stuff over fixing any bug, no matter how simple it is to fix and how much damage it does to the game.

  19. 100% agree, the LPP is their first actual assistants to their content creators, but they still don’t fix all this shit so it’s very frustrating…

  20. in 5-10 years we will be talking about what riot did wrong and why they went under. this is one of those reasons

  21. saying that riot games dont focus on anything but skins is just not true also it did not take them 6 years to make practice tool you wanna know why it didnt take 6 years? beacause it wasnt planned for 6 years ago its that simple god the hate is real they have been making multible reworks/map changes speciel maps like urf, hexakill, winter maul, one for all, plus the grafik in lol is amazing compared to 2013 but yes they do make alot of skins and yes theey do use alot of time on those skins but saying they ONLY use time on skins and no time on fixing bugs/ balance the game /game modes / grafik speciel maps new champs its just not true ( i am annoyed at riot to but atleast i dont say that they do nothing but making skins they dont care about content creaters xD vandiril you so mad sorry about my poor english )

  22. Special thanks for the Russian subtitles ^_^
    (because i don't understand much English)
    totally agree with your point of view, even Dota2 has all these functions right from the start.

  23. Ahri main here fuck prestige skins! Give us new game modes for the love of god it's been like 100 years and all riot does is make skins that kinda blow now with little creative direction and jerk off to competitive play all the while seeming to try to make the game more kid friendly with there new champ designs makes no fucking sense!

  24. I fully understand how this is the frustrating things for a content creator but to point at flaws that SHOULD have been fixed by now you just need to point to the incompetent walk pathing or the death recap… like how does Sona deal damage too me with Janna passive WHEN I AM JANNA… is the recap f’ed or did the game somehow count my ow passive as a source of damage to me and credit Sona with it?
    But yeah would be nice if they actually tried to bug fix their now 10 year old game instead of making more skins… but then that’s where the money is so.

  25. To be fair, the team working on skins has nothing to do with the team working on the client or the game code in general. They're two entirely different departments. You don't get angry at the plumber for not fixing your roof.

  26. I've seen these rant videos for years and no one ever does anything at riot games. Guess they are too busy making rape jokes and excluding men from their panels.

  27. Haha, it's cute you think that's the ONLY issue with the client… In the last week (Can provide screenshots) I have had:
    The summoner spell change box GONE
    Can't lock in champion (Was AFK punished)
    Sejuani is hovered having knock out lee sin skin
    Unlocked an emote from hextech, I still have yet to recieve my emote
    The select background has no skins or champions.
    Clash, just, clash.
    Rek sai ult crashed the server.
    My friends icons are set to default for no reason

    I can not change my club.

    I have 1175% more honors than the average player.
    So, you know. Just a couple of small issues.

  28. New client quickly derailed into a marketing machine. The quick interations allowed them to add so much junk to keep players invested and sales high, its kind of frustrating that nothing else comes out of it…

  29. Im going to open lol director and BOOM Replay UI problem, then i go on my notebook and BOOM Replay UI problem again so what now riot ? What will be your next step ? Wait i see something … I can see it: NEW PRESTIGE LUX SKIN ! 🙁

  30. Us skin modders feel this too, they changed their file setup for champion assets; breaking LoL on Macs and old computers as well as breaking our skin mod tool.

    There's only one other skin mod tool up because of that and its reputation with Riot is really awful since it also mods in real buyable skins.

    We just wanna see Poppy beat someone with a baseball bat.

    P.S. This is why UberDanger can't make more montage vids.

  31. Lmao i feel like riot has 90% of their employees in art, skin, and music, 9% in customer support and 1% in balance team

  32. Riot really deserves to fail at this point, they're a bunch of talentless hacks who got lucky, that's all.

  33. No they are busy banning players with clean history. I said faggot to the troll in my diamond promo game i got perm banned for that…

    I quit the game fuck riot. Moral of story troll in game with mute ALL and you csn do it forever

  34. On the other hand, they should have different teams working on skins and graphics, and on the league mechanics, modes, client, etc. yet they seems to keep getting into the one another's field.

    Oh and also even the in-game camera is broken and sometimes locks on your body when you die, despite 'unlocked camera' settings..

    Tbh I wonder why they haven't incorporated SkinSpotligh tool into the game (IT WAS A READY FUCKING CODE), neither the creator himself to work for them or smt.
    I guess because of reasons c:

  35. Riot doesn't even listen to community feedback they ask for. Makes thread on their (safe space) boards, Only respond to positive comments.

  36. Riot is a bunch of incompetent retards who don't know how to make video games and instead just want to make an ATM machine for them to abuse. They will never add a feature into the game that won't guarantee them some kind of profit. The reason they took so long adding in these extremely basic features? It wasn't profitable. It makes no money so why bother? Only when their game started to die critically and they desperately needed any way to get people playing this shit-tier title did they bother even considering to implement these minimal quality of life features.

    Riot Games doesn't give a shit about you unless you're putting money in their wallets. And if you are, you better play perfectly every game and never use chat because they'll exploit any reason to permanently suspend your account (but are happy to let you make a new one so you can pay for everything all over again).

    Riot fanboys can get as mad as they want about this comment but it makes it no less true. I've played this game up to Diamond and it's not a fun game. It's not well balanced. Obviously broken mechanics and champions continue to be buffed (Akali) and champions who are virtually unplayable continue to be nerfed (Shaco). Every other week is literally a crapshoot as to what they're going to arbitrarily decide what to change next.

  37. hahaha….RIOT is owned by CHINESE COMPANY……every chinese owned games are just for profit scheme….

  38. Recently started playing Dota 2 instead. Would recommend. Shit's toxic as fuck but what moba isn't lol.

  39. All I want from Rito Games is to actually stop making skins for popular champions. There is no need for someone to have 10+ skins and one champ sits on one skin for 5 years…


  41. I mean, it's their intellectual property, they can do whatever the fuck they want. You are not a shareholder.

  42. For my newest(first) league video I was looking forward to working with my replays.

    After a few days I realised there was no way for me to get my replays.

    I then just decided to animate everything instead.


  43. Riot has been undemining a lot of the people that made their game successful. They overwork and underpay their casters. They keep patching shit that makes even pro players hard to catch up, and they do this shit to the replay system.

    All Rito cares about is Faker, boys.

  44. Being lol youtuber is so frustrating, because you do 1-2 flashy plays per game, do 3-4 stupid plays and try to make a joke out of them, but everyone heard every single one of them like 1000 times, and then either your team or enemy team surrenders.

  45. Sorry buddy, but it's not worth crying this out. Riot rather focuses on getting money and they try hard being the company with the most played game in the world.
    They rather make shitty and pricy skins and focus on fixing things for the eSport community and that's it.

  46. One of the original reasons League of Legends was going to be a game was to leave the limitationa of the warcraft 3 engine, and yet they created a whole slew of new limitations

  47. It's so sad I can't even joke about it anymore
    playing since season 2 and they won't get their shit together, never, the only thing they did is keep euw from crashing every week, they reworked a few vfx, hitboxes became better etc
    but stuff like the death recap, only 20 games in match history and all the point mentioned in the video or mordekaiser…
    not even one of those points is properly addressed by riot, they simply don't give a shit
    I hope riot grows and die with league of legends, shithole company begone together with EA, Ubisoft, Bluehole and Activision

  48. Imagine going on an ignorant ass rant about a video game as it all developers work on the same things it’s a big ass company do they have different departments who do different things who have employed at different specialists to specialize in different things

  49. Everyone (Including Vandi): Frustrating, Mad and Complain about Riot…etc..

    Me: (Also Frustrating)…
    …. but at least they give Irelia the GODDAMN DELICIOUS THIGHS skin…

  50. Players: Lets make league more popular and easy to get players into
    Riot: Here’s a prestige skin

  51. There's no technology oriented atmosphere in Riot at all. I guess Employers of Riot's IT department are probably just like they are from lower social class, with lower salary, suppressed by people from market department and such (who don't have the ability to make the game client better). And the Riot's managers are still keen on playing the game of thrones ——- No decent lead coders would want to work at Riot, except who went there out of love.

    Also, I guess they don't have a senior game architect. No one would take the responsibility of leading code refactors (which solves everything).

    Dota 2's Replay System/Client/Camera/Console(Practice Tool) are 1000000 times better, in the context that LOL created way more income than Dota2 did. Where did Riot spend their money though?

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