(gentle music) – Hi, I’m Andrea Butje
from Aromahead Institute, and I want to show you how
to make your own inhaler if you’re having headaches, especially sinus-related headaches. And it’s so easy and these
inhalers are wonderful ’cause you can just
carry ’em around, really, in your pocket, in a backpack, in a purse, and there’s four pieces to the inhaler. There’s this top that keeps it closed, and there’s this little
middle part that has a hole in the top and this is what
you’re gonna be smelling. Then, there’s these little
cotton parts that go right in, and that’s what you put
the essential oil on, and there’s a little bottom piece. You just stick this here and press it and it holds the cotton in. So, that’s the inhaler, and we’re gonna make this blend right in the inhaler, ’cause
I’m gonna tell you the recipe. If you were blending it for yourself and coming up with your own recipe, I might make it in a little dish and then put it in the inhaler so you can blend drop by drop, but I’m making it easy for you. So I’m just gonna put the
inhaler cotton right in here, and now I have my piece
to add the drops to. In this blend, we’re
gonna be using peppermint and lavender and black spruce. This is a great combination for sinus infection or a sinus headache. The peppermint, we’re
gonna put five drops in, and peppermint really clears your head, have you ever noticed that? It’s just vibrant and
really opens up your sinuses and it’s known to help kill infections, so if the headache is
because of an infection, peppermint is a great oil. So, the cotton’s in here, remember, so I’m just gonna put five
drops right onto the cotton, there we go, and it will
just absorb it and hold it. And then, I’m gonna put
four drops of lavender, and the lavender is so calming
for your nervous system. Whenever I have a headache,
I do feel pretty stressed and uncomfortable, so the
lavender plays two roles. It’s good for reducing pain, and it’s very calming
for your nervous system. So, four drops. There we go. And then the black spruce. I’m gonna use six drops
of the black spruce. And the black spruce is known for helping calm tight muscles. And so a lot of times, it depends why you have a sinus infection, or a sinus headache, but a lot of times, the tension in your neck, it doesn’t help. So this is mainly to help
clear up respiratory infection and reduce tension. So six drops. It smells so good. The whole blend smell is
just kind of permeating. It smells amazing. So, that’s it. It’s so simple. Then you just put this on and you press it and then you’ve got your inhaler, and you can label it. I do because I have a
few different inhalers. And then you open it up, and
you can just close one side, and (sniffs) put it right up and sniff, nice deep breath, and you’ll feel it go right through your sinuses. I feel it in my lungs, and it feels really clearing and amazing. Great for headaches.

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