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Ladies and Gentleman.Subscribe my channel ♫Phone ringing♫ OH NO! Why happened Prash? These collage boys,they made a new whatsapp group WE ARE WARRIORS When a dog barks,he loses his s**t Take a note of it In 2 days,Just 2 days If the group’s name will not change from WE ARE WARRIORS to ‘Sunny Leone Fan Club’ Then I will shave my moustache What? If it will grow then i will cut it*SAVAGE* ♫Glass Breaking Music♫ Tell me one thing With out my permission,Who the f**k added me in the group Bro,I don’t use Whatsapp These people,When they become the group admin They think them selves as they are CEO of Microsoft What was the name of that group? YESS ‘Only Boys No Girls’ Why,are you gay? Or you doesn’t get hard any time Then go to the Doctor What is the reason to create the group and tell everybody “ONLY BOYS’ Are you scared of Girls?? *GIRL SCREAMING* ♫GLASS BREAKING MUSIC♫ Do you know? In the Group,Everyday there is someones Birthday In the morning,When the groups name changes to “HBD CHUNNU’ Then everybody starts messaging HBD CHUNNU,Happy Birthday Chunnu,HBD CHUNNU,Happy Birthday Chunnu When will you give treat Chunnu,Happy birthday chunnu My d**k is vibrating here His Birthday becomes my Death day ♫Glass Breaking Music♫ Do you know? In every group,We have that Excited Guy Who sends “Good Moring” in the morning And “Good Night” at Night That day i went to My Grand Father’s Funeral And that Mo**er F**ker Message me “i hope you have a Great day ahead” GOOD MORNING I think of give a pole in his A**hole And we can’t even leave the group Because when you will go to the college the next day Your friends will watch you like you have left your Country ♫Glass Breaking Music♫ Some fools,They will forget that there are other people in the Group “Hi Neha what did you ate today?” *Dogie Emoji* “Hi I ate Pizza today and what about you?” “Aww,I also ate.HAHAHA Pizza Same Pinch” Prash:Tell Same Pinch to your A** You just came bringing Bottle Groud Lying,Saying i ate Pizza today ♫Glass Breaking Music♫ Do you know?,There was an Exam day before yesterday That’s Why i was studying with full confidence In that period of time someone messages me that “Send this message to 25 people then all your Wishes will be fulfilled” If you don’t you may get bad news tomorrow *An Indian word which means God or Guru’s name* When i forwarded it to my friends After that they forwarded me again the same message WTF all night I was forwarding hat message instead of studying Then Then what,I failed my exams ♫Phone Vibrating♫ Happy Birthday Munnu,Your Sister’s D**k Mot**r F**ker *Throws his Phone* ♫OUTRO♫

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