What’s Rage Yoga, And Why It’s a New Way to Release Stress

Imagine someone sitting at a bar and sipping
on a beer. You might think they’re just trying to unwind
after a stressful week at work. But what if I told you that they were actually
taking a break in the middle of a yoga class? Well, that’s what a Rage Yoga class looks
like! This new type of yoga was created by Lindsay
Istace. She started the trend in Canada, and now it’s
taking over the US. A few years ago, she experienced a life crisis
after a painful breakup and developed anger issues. Naturally, she started looking for something
to help her relax. However, traditional yoga was too serene and
slow for her and didn’t seem to fit her loud, expressive personality. That’s how her yoga practice took on a new
tone. Her mat became a place where she could freely
let out her anger, hurt, and confusion by swearing, screaming at the top of her lungs,
and sipping on alcohol in between asanas. Wow, that sounds like a real revolution in
the yoga world, right? She soon decided to hold the first Rage Yoga
workshop. As you might have already guessed, it wasn’t
in a quiet studio with incense or candles and meditative music. Yup, it took place in a bar! I don’t know about you, but I would give
it a try. Sign me up! Those who came loved the idea of a practice
that involved stretching, positional exercises, and getting all their emotions out by cursing
and making rude gestures. That’s how it turned into weekly classes. Later on, Lindsay launched online classes. Of course, some yoga experts don’t consider
Rage Yoga real yoga. Real or not, those who are into it claim that
it’s a great way to get rid of negative emotions and connect with your body. If you find Rage Yoga a bit too eccentric,
there are other methods that can help you deal with anger issues and tame your temper. The most productive and healthy way is trying
to figure out why you’re angry. If you or someone else is treated badly or
unfairly, anger might be an understandable and natural response. But sometimes you just don’t know why you
snapped at someone. It’s quite possible that your body is going
through hormonal changes, and that causes mood swings. Maybe you’ve been under a lot of pressure
lately. But pretty often, you get angry at someone
just because you’re frustrated about how your life is going. Are you satisfied with your job? Are you happy with the relationships you have? Do you take enough time to take care of your
emotional and physical needs? Answering these questions will help you pinpoint
what triggers your rage, enabling you to work on this particular problem. We all experience emotions differently. Did you know that there are 7 types of anger? Yeah, that many! Knowing which type is yours can definitely
make you understand why you act the way you do when you feel the rage boiling up inside. #1: You avoid anger. Do you often feel mad but never let yourself
say anything about it? Do you bottle it up inside? That means you avoid anger and conflicts at
all costs. People usually learn this at an early age
when their parents tell them that showing your anger is bad. In fact, anger is a normal human feeling,
and what really matters is how you act when you’re mad. If you suppress it all the time without addressing
the issues or situations that caused it, sooner or later you’ll just blow your top. That’s why it’s always better to let others
know if you strongly dislike something — but in a polite yet assertive way. #2: You can’t let go. You simply can’t forget the time someone
wronged you and keep holding a grudge against them even if a lot of time has passed. That person has probably moved on and couldn’t
care less about what happened. You, however, find it impossible to forgive
them. For you, forgiving means admitting that you
were wrong. Your ego is hurt, and keeping a relationship
with that person seems less important than being right. But forgiving someone is about letting yourself
let go of negative emotions. So do it for your own benefit! #3: You tend to exaggerate. If you find a reason to get angry in almost
any situation, then this anger type fits you. You treat even a simple conversation as an
argument you have to win. The root of this behavior usually hides in
low self-esteem. Maybe you were bullied when you were a kid
or felt inferior to others for some reason. In any case, now you put down the people who
surround you because it makes you feel powerful and significant. You’re scared to feel helpless again, and
that’s why you always attack first. Clearly, working on your self-esteem will
help you change this damaging pattern. #4: Anger is your habit. If you’re constantly angry regardless of
the circumstances you’re in, then you most probably have chronic anger issues. The inability to shake off this feeling has
a lot in common with addictive behavior. Such people were not born bad-tempered. Most likely, they were raised in families
where anger was the norm. Now they perceive the world as a dangerous
place where you always have to defend yourself, and aggression has become their weapon of
choice. To deal with this problem, a person will need
a lot of support. Breaking this habit might be a real challenge,
but it’s definitely worth trying. #5: Your beliefs set up your anger. No matter the nature of your beliefs, it’s
ingrained in your mind that you’re right and those who disagree are wrong. Sometimes you might find yourself in a really
ridiculous situation where, for example, you feel agitated because someone doesn’t share
your sentiments about a TV show. And then you get into a fight, trying to persuade
them that this is the most spectacular show ever! Try to be more open-minded and accepting of
others’ opinions. We’re all different, and that’s what makes
us unique! #6: You rage online. Oh, yes! Most of us are guilty of this to some extent. Expressing your feelings, especially anger
and dissatisfaction, seems so much easier on social media. You feel free to let it all out because it’s
not a face-to-face situation. In most cases, those who unleash their discontent
online would eat their words if they met their targets in person. But keep in mind that the web — regardless
of its anonymity — is still a place where you should follow the basic rules of etiquette. #7: You’re passive-aggressive. This type of indirect hostility is really
tricky. Those who fall into this category like to
give backhanded compliments and say a lot of things they don’t truly mean. They don’t get mad in the traditional way
by screaming and shouting, but they still find a way to get even if their feelings have
been hurt or they feel mistreated by playing innocent at the same time. A friend asked you for a favor, but you don’t
want to do it? A passive-aggressive person will agree without
a second thought but then purposefully “forget” about it. And that’s how you lose friends and become
someone everyone avoids! To beat passive aggression, a person should
acknowledge their dysfunctional behavior and work on being more honest and genuine. Which type of anger do you experience most
often? Sound off in the comments section down below. And don’t forget to give this video a like,
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  1. Dude can your cultures stop or something it's not okay to be angry for no reason people leave your life even family members leave your life it's a part of life get over it

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  3. Its not a yoga .. yoga means peace calmness ..its a spirituality path where ur body meets ur soul.. It cant be rage..u can rename this..Its not even closer to yoga..

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  5. Very Interesting video! Well done.

    I got inspired by you and started a youtube channel about funny stuff. Although i worked hard, i got only few subs and views.
    I would appreciate it if someone could give me some support .GOD BLESS YOU!

  6. According to the present life style I think more than 50% of people can follow only this system. whatever be its name. But I don't think for person who cares all the layers of life cannot be satisfied by this system. Anyway may this system helps a lot of people to have a much better satisfied life.

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    How Lindsay Istace invented this type of yoga 0:20

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    – You avoid anger 2:53

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    – You tend to exaggerate 4:06

    – Anger is your habit 4:45

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    – Youโ€™re passive-aggressive 6:30

  10. It isn't yoga. Western people stop defiling our culture like that. Yoga literally means union with the spirit. Its a spiritual thing and it needs calmness and abstinence from unholy things like alcohol.
    I'm not saying this particular session called "rage yoga" doesn't work or something. I'm sure it's a beneficial thing and works out well for some people. Just don't call it yoga. Give it some other name.

  11. Getting angry over the fact that you have gotten angry, over not getting angry, when you shouldโ€™ve gotten angry. ๐Ÿคฌ๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿคฌ

  12. I go bring my meditation camp mat NOW and I have no idea what exercises I will combine there, but I will curse my anger out there on a controlled act. I come back if it works.

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  14. This b*** is Crazy, but for everyone who dont Unterstand what yoga is good for,, maybe this way is a good eyeopener.
    Forgivnes is a way to perfection

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  17. Ya i know one shd ask "Why" for one's unbalance. But i bet you definitely don't knw wht "Yoga" means Lindsay. But why name 'yoga' at the end of your class name – Rage yoga..Really?

  18. Expressing anger doesn't get rid of it. Giving it our full attention and acting on it FEEDS it. I'm not saying we should suppress it. We shouldn't. But we shouldn't feed it. Letting go of it involves working on ourselves, not working on others or letting ourselves have tantrums whenever the feelings come up. Don't baby yourself!

  19. Well, was angry before I got here, stumbled across this after I was calm. Now I am angry again because I'm realizing I'm my own worse enemy and that's why I'm so angry and I need to grow up.

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  21. Yoga's essence extracted however letting out your anger is the good part of rage yoga however I wouldn't consider alcohol ideal as it tends to makes us kinda less conscious

  22. i Love to train/spar or fight to release my severe anger issues, i just donโ€™t start any conflicts or problems whatsoever!! As an mma fighter this sounds very interesting TY…

  23. How hilarious can we get? The yogic system was originally build in order to be able to sit quietly, comfortable and highly alert unmoving in one posture over a long period of time, in order to observe the mind and how it works, to make it into an efficient tool for oneself and a ton other reasons. Well, now we start shouting on a mat in thin yoga pants in a room together. Tells a lot about our generation or nah? Nevertheless, good video ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. I've been doing yoga a couple times a week for the last 12 weeks and it's not for me. I always feel anxious and stressed out while I'm doing it.

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  26. I am the one that don't like to show my emotions because that's not something i see in my past. So i just keep it in me and do something to get rid of it

  27. This is not YOGA. Itโ€™s called drinking and having a fit. Thatโ€™s fine if it helps you, but itโ€™s not YOGA. Itโ€™s worked in Pubs and Bars since the beginning of time. Drink. Yell. Flip someone off. I hope that you know how to fight. ๐Ÿ˜‚

  28. This form of rage yoga can be traced back to ancient India…..for thousands of years it has a name in indian culture…..it was and still is called in India as….."Chutiyagiri"!!!


  30. No thanks! keep your control is better than letting your anger to show inwardly or outwardly, save your self from being a out of control person that can not keep your temper, it shows your immaturity as being childishly 2 year old with none control…

  31. It's not yoga
    It's like defamation of such a great thing like yoga
    When people don't get results they will lose faith in real yoga also
    Moreover drinking alcohol and cursing affects person's life and personality .
    The name of this activity must be changed

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