how is this activating hmm okay god
you’re doing the or be banana Yoshi what so guys this is the finished slime
so I had this I boom squishy Tamizh gonna cut it guys the next time you’ll
see me I’ll probably have no hair welcome back to another awesome video
before we get started make sure though the scratch I turn on those
notifications so whenever I post new video you know what it says anyways guys
we are going to be doing cutting up stress ball squishy and making slime
with them I have some Orbeez in here and some squishy squeeze toys and a giant
stress ball so yeah let’s get onto the video slots going first I’m gonna start
what is this one cuz I’m super excited for this one I got this in Claire’s and
it’s so squishy and I guys I always thought that was black in here comment
down below what do you think it’s in there now let’s get to cutting this up
pretty scent go guys there’s like a super sticky glue
Sedonas gonna put a little bit of glue and some activators see if we can get it
off the desk kind of still like milky bTW I’m gonna add some food coloring so
it’s easier for you guys to see it looks like marmalade jelly what should I call
this one this is the best clear sign I’ve ever made in my life from a stress
ball guys I just added a little tin sea drop of glitter we got is now let’s move on to the other
one it’s so squishy let’s cut it guys this
is really bouncy okay well good now we’re just gonna pour the glue in there
you want to make jiggly slime with this okay I was thinking that guys what do
you think food coloring or not oh it’s so pretty I’m gonna have this glittery
because water makes everything better now we’re just gonna add our activator
it makes the best consistence this is just BAE it looks so pretty yeah all the
Orbeez are staying in I don’t think these are Orbeez it’s like when each
question they don’t fall apart well I’m gonna try and do it with my nail
nope it’s definitely Orbeez but it’s really jelly like Orbeez blobby hey I
said no I’m just kidding buddy here stop you’re gonna curse all the Orbeez I get
it outside let’s move on to the next one I’m just gonna cause I’m scared it’s so
unsatisfying when this line gets caught on the fish net like no I need to wipe
this please okay I’ve read some of your comments that’s what you love me and I
love you told it’s good okay hey guys take a screenshot tag me on Instagram
that’s what Justin here it is thanks guys look it’s the coolest thing
ever see like these things are way more
bouncy okay so now I’ll cut this real unicorn poop and kind of stretch it out
a little it’s like okay ass home balls yeah that’s gross that is just the most
satisfying thing I’ve ever touched okay actually smells like nail polish what
thick is this guys I’m gonna try and make a ball ready okay that is just so
satisfying I’m super excited to make this Wow this is like breaking apart
guys comment down below it’s for cooling I’m gonna do this looks like buttered
popcorn what do you think it was inside doesn’t like face bobbies poop I mean
whose goop is a boy so guys I didn’t add that much just kidding I did I wanted to
make it a really vibrant buttered popcorn
this is phloem okay it melts a lot this is absolute heaven
the best texture I’ve ever felt nope blobby you’re gonna make you’re gonna
contaminate it with your hair yeah you have got stretch it is I know
do you think there was lotion in there probably guys I’m not trying to brag or
anything but this is like the best you guys don’t know what you’re thinking
it’s like squeeze it okay I will okay rip his head off should I say so
guys to me easy yeah he’s gonna split do it I’m gonna
finish head off or should I rip it off cut it I’m gonna rip it off you can’t
say bit because wrong are edible I said I pull the leg I have it don’t cut me
what Bobby sketch it cut it on the spot cuz that’s where my love what way I
wanna rip each other face of this prick well why don’t you never indestructible
ye well nothing in singles I can’t see Oh screw it it’s Fletcher or this glue in it just
ripped his head off now that you needed you to make your
slime Timmy you need to get the glue and pour it in there sure wow it’s hard glue memory stretches gonna add green you
have to add a little bit at a time okay Timmy I know because I’m an expert
yeah thank you nice mix perfect okay that sounds like what you eat
thank you it was amazing what’s gonna touch it not unless you
have to get its to clump break it blobby you eat like a bloody green Mouse no
pink pink is your favorite God Bobby open your mouth I’m the cabbie oh I’m
sorry I do it Cathy you gotta fix it if we
like leave it clear for like five days it’s gonna be bounced ball
you made a bouncy ball slime ball okay let’s put this in the box da best
like literally Oh guys you might be wondering what’s wrong with my hair
I was like swinging this line run and it got in my hair I thought it would like
come out you might have to get a haircut what both the haircuts oh my god
so now we’re just gonna cut the eye blue first I’m just gonna add this so I had
this I boom squishing guys it’s actually idling like it says bloom right here so
but like the leaf came off and like all the paint ripped off but yeah London is
gonna do this one it’s really small okay ready from Doctor squash this is mashed
potatoes oh look at that eel is it that is it the same white face
at a time that was in yeah because that was kind of like a hard to quit okay you
stir this it’s also what but it’s Mother’s sake it’s like white
oh boy oh trying to activate it is it sticky yeah what it’s activating calluses activating
see look I should even add any activator I did this smells like cloud cream guys
I bloom peaches an activator it’s such a good fine
oh this is butter sign what in it’s cloud cream
it’s an activator no it’s not barely I’m more blooming okay I think it might be
melting now okay I hope it doesn’t melt did you just put activator yes because
it was kind of like getting sticky how is your slime doing it is honestly
very sticky but I don’t want to add any more activators the myth isn’t stretch I
think I just need you need it guys my dad knows her dad and so it is plug
these flying guys cuz I added some shopping cream oh my god no I don’t want
to bring blobby out dynamic blobby is huh can I stop Bobby nope you’re not
gonna judge it I love the buzz APIs blobby blobby the patty of it comes and
I love slime no you’re not gonna ruin everything
maybe I did the way so I can make a swirl then he could be able to touch it
well you ruined I could swish I get squished as well no
no this is perfect yeah it’s very public no please if
you’re gonna ruin I’m gonna cry you believe my answer by him he always does
this try to find McRaven I will try to do it summer
speaks guys look wise blobbies horn shaky hey who’s gonna touch it first
Bobby or sadhana whoever touches it first guess I’m ready set go
I think me right else I’m okay let’s Louis yeah we’ll see who the with it
ready okay put your hands and feel the hot button
well scooch back okay so in conclusion my slime was honestly it’s so thick
we’ll see she has to go back okay guys doing the or be banana she
okay I start work done look at my cheek up it’s calling or begun please leave it
woman we didn’t fill it up with a different slut no I want to put in the
client okay I’m gonna make it a green color that’s my favorite color I like it
I like it too Bobby whoa yes Bobby okay that’s good okay
everyone’s around like for Timmy I need some blue in there oh okay that’s enough
for now do you like it Bobby I love it and my
favorite color let me fix it overall I really like the
slider I don’t just wait let me tell you now open it let me tie it shut Thanks and that big one is right thank you
hey don’t cut me and here’s guys so now I’m gonna cut this corner I think it is
and it barrel has anything in it so yeah let’s cut it open ready set go it’s in MA bottle what it’s clay
I could make butter slime with it Oh awesome okay guys now I’m gonna make
slime and then I’m gonna put it in this to make better slime you’re looking gum
so now I’m gonna add my food coloring I added this much food coloring this is it
just came out tomorrow’s picture day guys oh it looks so awesome guys fond
envelope you’ve ever seen Timmy’s face before and is he cute on my musically
livestreams join it because Timmy always shows his face like oh that’s a nice
color it feels like FLARP and yet it made the slime hard let’s move on to the
next thing it’s a giant stress ball give your brain
a break you know I could poke it you could poke it like slime I wash it what
I mean like err I wonder if there’s slime in there it’s not fun because
slime would be like way more drippy I feel like there’s gonna be like a clay
consistency gonna be like white and puffy
custom is gonna cut it hey where’s born no wait wait wait I could do this and
then you cut it why okay I was right taking what I thought wow
ready set Paul Paul whoa this is Mel actually it
looks like vanilla it smells nicer than the other ones
you’re gonna color this red we’re gonna make this slime white and then we’re
gonna Wow okay now I’m gonna make a little pocket okay that’s enough that’s
enough y’all nothing blood look it’s such pretty red
so guys yeah we’re just gonna start by making this slime blobby I need you to
feed the rest of the slime please huh look at his mouth open your ass Bobby
see you guys look okay that’s good okay we’ll be done with the slime in
three two one now let’s add this big roly-poly
it’s like cloud slime I put the shaving cream on and put like a lot guys the
next time you’ll see me I’ll probably have no hair or still a little bit of I
here thought it was stupid that we let it dry look guys Wow
so guys this is the finished slime and guys it’s another day because we forgot
to actually you’re lucky comment down below if you want part two of this video
it does cutting open stress ball at squishy yeah
and which slam was your favorite make sure what was your favorite part of the video
bye guys love you bye I love you guys so much blingle between
the words to say

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