What Is Hypnosis and How Can It Help You!

Hey there Nicole Soroka here. I am the
owner of Balanced Wellness Hypnotherapy and I am a certified hypnotherapist and
I just wanted to do this video to debunk a bunch of myths about what hypnosis is
and what it isn’t. It is definitely not what you see on TV or if you’ve gone
somewhere where they do entertainment hypnosis where people are clucking like
chickens or whatever else they have them do. That is definitely a very fun and
entertaining form of hypnosis but it is not what I do. I do not have people
clucking like chickens because that is not really therapeutic lol I want to
help people so um basically what hypnosis is, is I guide you into a very
deep state of relaxation that allows the critical part of our mind to step aside
so that I can talk directly to your subconscious part of your mind. The
critical part of our mind is like a gatekeeper and its job is to protect us
and so if there is some idea coming in to our brain that causes fear or goes
against whatever has been programmed into our subconscious brain… subconscious
part of our mind that critical mind is like a gate it’s gonna stay closed and
so what hypnosis does is it relaxes that part of the mind allows it to just step
aside it’s still there but it steps aside so that we can directly
communicate with the subconscious mind and while we do that we can get to the
root cause of the issue or the symptom that you’re having and using specialized
techniques we can reframe it and we can clear it. We don’t clear the actual
memory. I do not wipe memories. I do not do that. You would still have
the memory there but the painful aspects that are coming up in your life right
now that are not serving you well we clear those or we reframe them. It
depends on the circumstance and then we plant positive suggestions into your
subconscious mind to allow new thoughts. new habits, new beliefs that are going to
serve you well to grow and as easy as hypnosis is for you the client there’s
still a little bit of work to do on your part. I do suggest to people in between
sessions to do things like meditations, affirmations, journaling…it just depends
it’s different for each client and doing a few of those things is like watering a
plant. I like to use the analogy that I’m the gardener at the greenhouse I’m
planting this seed for you it’s a tiny little seedling you’re taking at home
and if you were to take that seedling home and just put it in the corner and
ignore it what’s it gonna do? It’s gonna die but if you were to nurture it ,water
it, give it sun etc it’s going to take root, it’s gonna thrive and it’s gonna
grow and it’s gonna blossom and that’s what we want these new thoughts to do
for you. These new seeds are going to take out all those old weeds that have
been cluttering your mind and not allowing you to live the life that you want to
live and we want these beautiful this beautiful flower garden to grow in your
mind…beautiful loving positive thoughts about yourself and so things
like meditating and affirmations among other things
are like the water and the sun for these seedlings of these great thoughts that
we are suggesting to your subconscious mind and with hypnosis…
I cannot suggest for you to do something that goes against anything in your moral
and ethical code. If a hypnotherapist were to suggest something that just does
not sit right with you, your conscious brain is still there you are
not unconscious, you are not asleep, you are not unaware. You know what’s
going on the whole time and so if a hypnotherapist was to suggest something
that goes against everything you believe in Red Alert red alert red alert you’re going you’re gonna say no
that doesn’t make any sense and so your brain will still reject anything that
does not match with how you live your life or how you want to live your life
and that it just is we go into trance multiple times in a day. It’s a light
trance if you’ve ever had that feeling where you’re driving a route that you drive a lot and all of a sudden you’re like oh my gosh feels
like I just left 10 minutes ago but I’m like half an hour away,
that is you’re in a light trance. You’re still aware, you’re still
conscious, you still know what’s going on but you’re in just this very light day
dreamlike trance. While you’re in a hypnosis session it’s not a whole lot
different than that like I said you’re not unconscious you’re not zonked out,
you know what’s going on. You’re you’re sitting there you’re in a very
relaxed state. You are not going to say anything that
don’t want to say, you’re not gonna do anything you don’t want to do and as a
clinical hypnotherapist I’m not going to make anybody do or say anything they
don’t want to say. If during a session you say “I don’t want to
discuss this any further”, that’s where we stop it. I’m here to help guide and
support. I am not here to force anyone to say anything or do anything that they
don’t want to do and so that pretty much is no that’s not it in a nutshell I’ve
got a little bit more. So the things that hypnotherapy can help with are they’re
really unlimited, there’s abundance and prosperity issues, anxiety management, stress relief, anger management, any kind of fear or
phobia that you can think about, insecurities, pain management, we release cessation smoking cessation, trauma,
grief, any kind of self acceptance of confident, self esteem, self worth, self
love issues all that and so much more can be helped with hypnotherapy so if
there is any myth in here that I did not cover then shoot me a message or comment
below. If there’s an issue or symptom that you’re dealing with that I didn’t
mention and you’re unsure if hypnosis will help, again, comment below or shoot
me a message and I’ll get back to you and let you know we can chat about it.
Also, I’m located out of Edson Alberta, so if you live in the area we can talk via phone call first and you know see if we’re a match
in the sense of working with one another, see what sort of issues you have
that you want to deal with and if you don’t live in the area we can do online
sessions via online video. They work wonderfully. I have probably half my
clients I do via online sessions with so that is an option if you don’t live nearby
again any questions shoot me a message and we can chat!

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