20 thoughts on “What I Eat In A Day For Anxiety | Healthy + Balanced Meals

  1. yuummm yuummm yummmm. your videos are just the best. love you girl. thankful for you and your positive way of life and your help getting through this time/ life in general haha

  2. I struggle with anxiety as well and a change in food does help with anxiety. When i eat cleaner my anxiety is decreased

  3. I really wanted the recepie for the cashew milk, i cant seem to find it without having to buy your book. Can you post it anyway? I just lost my job last week due to the corona virus, so i cant afford the book right know! Even though i really want it haha.

  4. I’m a Type One Diabetic and the mention of not spiking your blood sugar with every meal is exactly what I need ❤️ Thank You 🙂

  5. Love this video. Please could you do more videos on anxiety and how to de-stress would be great and relation with food..recipe ideas. Thanks.

  6. I dont know if I'm even allowed to do this but when I made my minestrone soup that required leek, I also chopped the leaves super small and added it as veggie stock to the soup. I think I did it in another soup as well. It softened and we all ate it lol

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