What Happens When You Get Angry? | Amazingly Amazing Science

( music playing )Welcome back. All right, we’re hanging out
with Gregory and Mitchell from “ASAP Science.” Now, guys, we are big
fans of you guys. – Thanks.
– Likewise. – Right back atcha.
– All that you do. You’re actually
legitimately scientific,
which we respect. Yeah, you guys are
too in many ways. In many ways,
in some ways,
in a few ways. Boiled
for safety, true. – That is scientific.
– That’s scientific. I’m curious, we’ve parodied
you guys a number of times on the show, but we didn’t
tell you we were gonna do it. No, you didn’t. – I actually thought
that’s why we’re here…
– You just saw it. …to collect
our royalties. – I thought–
– This just got awkward. – We first saw it–
– You can take
the mugs with you. We’ll take this. When we first saw it
though, ’cause remember, they always start very real
and similar and we were like, “Oh, wow, they just
took our idea.” ( laughter ) They’re literally doing this.
I’m pretty sure. That one looks
really familiar. Those YouTube people are
gonna have a throw down. But then it progressed
and we were like, “Oh, this is so funny.” Like, they are
truly amazing. They become absurd,
they become– So as a result we really
decided that we wanted to do a parody of your parody
if that’s all right. I don’t think you need
to ask our permission, I think we firmly
established– You didn’t ask! ( talking over each other ) – Shall we watch that?
– Sure. All right, well
lets watch our version of “Amazingly
Amazing Science.” Moffit:It’s time for
“Amazingly Amazing Science.”
What happens
when you get angry?
When something triggers
your anger,
a part of your brain
called the amygdala
sets off an alarm.Brown:Before the more
reasonable parts of your brain
can chime in, this alarm
wakes up your adrenal glands
and causes them to
start flooding your system
with adrenaline.Moffit:You experience
a burst of energy,
extra blood pumps
through your muscles,
and now you’re ready
to fight.
Brown:Think of it this way;
your brain is like
an apocalypse bunker.Inside your bunker brain
there lives a trigger happy
Kid Rock for president
supporting amygdala.
Let’s call him Link.Moffit:One morning
Link wakes up and jumps out
of his leaky waterbed because
he thinks he smells smoke.
A normal, sensible,
smart man would go outside
and check for the
source of the smoke
before jumping
to a conclusion.
But Link is not normal
or sensible
and he’s definitely
not smart.
So he immediately hits the
bunker’s special panic button.
Moffit:The panic button
sets off an alarm
that wakes up an obnoxiously
tall adrenal gland.
We’ll call him Rhett.Brown:
Just like Link,
Rhett is too lazy
and self-absorbed
to double check things
so he immediately
releases his swarm
of messenger pigeons,
all of whom are trained
to fly to every other bunker
in the land, alerting
their inhabitants
that the world is ending.Moffit:Unfortunately,
that chinless praying mantis
Rhett had only been feeding
his pigeons
out of an expired
Jim Baker bucket.
Chunks start falling off
of these birds
like Rhett’s skin
during a psoriasis outbreak
because it turns out they’ve
all contracted a zombie plague.
What a hypothetical moron.Brown:
Rhett’s disgusting
busted pigeons
rub up on every other
apocalypse prepper’s pigeons,
eventually spreading
the bird zombie plague
to every bird on earth.Moffit:Meanwhile Rhett
and Link are running around
their bunker fighting
over who gets the last lock
of Jimmy Fallon’s hair.Yeah, they stole his hair.It’s a real doozy of a fight
because Link is physically
incapable of compromise.Brown:
Rhett’s running into walls
because his 40-year-old eyes
can’t perceive depth anymore
while Link is crying like
a little baby in the corner,
but only out of
his right eye.
There’s something really
wrong with his left eye.
I wonder if it’s related
to the fact that his hair
has gone completely gray.He’s been dying it
for years, kids.
Yeah, and Rhett’s nose,
why is there always
a bat in the cave?It’s like the man’s
entirely composed
of dried nasal mucous.That’s a scientific
way of saying boogers.
If I were Rhett I’d
just say boogers
because I don’t understand
the basic principles
of the scientific method.And I think Francis Bacon
is the new breakfast sandwich
available at Hardee’s.Brown:
Speaking of meat to avoid,
Rhett’s pigeon plague
spurs the actual human
zombie apocalypse
and the world devolves
into a barren wasteland
unilaterally ruled by
the one animal
unaffected by the disease,
Moffit:Oh, and by the way,
Link has mouth herpes.
Brown:This has been
“Amazingly Amazing Science.”
– Okay.
– So you’re not harboring
any resentment at all? How do you
really feel, guys? You really did
your homework. Parody us
one more time. ( laughter ) All right,
that was amazing. That was fair. Four way toast. Four way– ooh. All right, click through
to see if we can get some of the stupidest questions
ever Googled on Google. Link:Go way back with
us with our Rhett and Link
friendship tee,
available at mythical.store.

100 thoughts on “What Happens When You Get Angry? | Amazingly Amazing Science

  1. Lmao the guy on the left is that one gay guy who makes hilarious videos!
    Hes super funny and makes good videos that I saw on Facebook! Lol I didn't know he was apart of ASAP science!!! That's super cool!

  2. Idk these guys (yet), & I guess I did like the video (cruel as it was)…still…was it just me, or did it actually make NO sense in terms of what happens when we get angry? lolz

  3. This really didn’t seem all that good to me. It just felt like an excuse to ‘roast’ R&L while halfheartedly throwing a cover around it. They actually seem proud about it. Ugh.

  4. So much to say about this video.
    Timely communication is very important….the ASAPScience boys may never let on, but they were obviously butthurt about R&L’s parodies.

  5. Can you number your videos for each program? Sometime I watch 2 videos then go back to start from the third but don’t know which one it is.

  6. It was super funny but Rhett and Link looked like they had no idea how to respond. ASAP science did a great roast but went too far and didn't make it clear enough that they were only joking 🙃

  7. Would it be rude to ask their sexuality?? BTW I support lgbt so you can't say I was taking bad about it. I am genuinely curious…

  8. I really liked the ASAP guys in the other video, but this just made me unconformable and a little annoyed. I was basically akward laughing the whole time. This was super rude and uncalled for. In Rhett and Links parodies all they did was science, never calling these guys out. And the things those guys said we're ridiculous and so uncalled for. They had no right to call out Rhett's psoriasis or links herpes. Those are personal topics that (as we know from previous vids) they don't really like discussing. I was not amused.

  9. That was pretty awkward. I kinda feel like ASAP was actually salty even though they said they weren't. It's just seemed a little passive-aggressive.

  10. If the guy with the glasses put them on the guy without them it would literally be Rhett and link because of the hair, clothes and just they do


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