77 thoughts on “WHAT ARE ANXIETY DISORDERS? – Mental health psychology about stress, fear & treatment by Kati Morton

  1. I'm really pissed that the stress I get from procrastination can't be defined as a panic attack because it's not random. Just telling people I have stress, they don't understand. And I can't find another term besides stress. I'm so frustrated.

  2. I am afraid I will embarrass myself or people will say mean things also that I will shout obscenities and say rude things even though I never had is this normal need help

  3. I became a eucharistic minister at my church, there was a time that just thinking about serving at Mass would make me sweat profusely, I know gross. This feeling stemmed from a fear of people mabe thinking I shouldn't be doing what I was doing, which was serving at Mass. Then I came upon the solution. I thought if people where thinking that about me then mabe they shouldn't recieve communion. Problem solved.

  4. my anxiety is probably one of the worst cases ever. I have social anxiety, panic disorder, agoraphobia, and OCD. I obsess about my blood pressure which I only get relief from checking to make sure it isn't high since when I panic it goes through the roof. Like hypertensive crisis high. I panic every time I have to shower, I panic just stepping out my door I often miss doctor appointments because of it. I'm afraid of working out because of the blood pressure/heart obsessions. I have no friends and feel alone a lot. Every time someone comes to the door or the phone rings my heart starts beating fast, then I think OMG my blood pressure must be high, then I check, if it is, I panic making it go even higher until I have to call 911. I need help but I have to leave my house which will cause a panic attack ending with me in the ER yet again. My life sucks right now and to think 2 years ago I would do everything by myself and loved to go out and spend time with family. I miss my family so much. When they come to visit I'm so anxious I can't even focus and enjoy their company. Sorry for the long rant. I don't have anyone to talk to and just needed to vent a little.

  5. I noticed I have to do one extreme: I worry way too much about everything, so I combat it by being impulsive and trying not to think about it at all, which also isn't good. >.< like, I either clean my house to the point where you can lick the floor, or I ignore it. DO you know why this is?

  6. Does GAD ever go away? I've struggled w it for a decade :/ it seems even when things are good, it sneaks up on me. thx for all your videos! 👍🏻🙏🏻

  7. Could you possibly do a video on Healty Anxiety and Somatic Symptom Disorder. This is tricky because the symptoms of anxiety can cause sensations in the body (like globulus sensation, GERD, Muscle tension, headaches, chronic fatigue etc.) and can further increase the anxiety of the person dealing with it, eventually leading to health anxiety, with a lot of doctor visits, thank you

  8. Thanks Kati!! Been fighting this all my life not knowing what was up… Thanks for the breakdown, looking forward for more…🙃

  9. from like 7th – 8th grade I went through a period of time where I would have these episodes where I would cry uncontrollably and I knew I could breath but I had the strong urge to take deep breaths. My heart rate would sometimes rise but nothing too abnormal. I don't know if they were panic attacks but they were freaky. now I go to online school and when I have to drive by my old school it gives me that scared feeling in my chest. I also had to leave school early/stay home that day/ be late multiple times because of them. sometimes they would happen before school, but once I got through like half the day I was usually alright

  10. I have generalized anxiety disorder and OCD:/ I’m always worrying about little things and it’s sometimes making me irritable and my friends don’t really understand it. (Me neither I don’t know how they can be so calm and relaxed ^^’). Anyway, I don’t enjoy my life to the fullest and I know that someday I will regret it. I have less OCD since I went to a psychologist a few years ago.
    Just now I’m checking if I didn’t say something stupid ^^’

  11. Kati Morton I have talked to a therapist and I go every week and I have anxiety I fidget with my hands feel like I can't breath I get red in the face at school everybody worries about me so I need your advice Kati?

  12. None of these describe what I have but everyone thinks it’s anxiety. I’m waiting for a therapist to actually talk to me so they can diagnose me but I wish I knew what it was.

  13. I have had anxiety ever since I could remember and have been in an pit of therapy since I was about 4/5. I have been diagnosed with social anxiety because social situations and meeting new people can lead me to panic, I had also been told I have generalised anxiety with depression. I’ve tried medication which only made the depression worse and I’ve tried CBT several times and it never works for me. I used to have panic attacks every other week especially if i was around people that made me feel particularly anxious or if I was singled out. Nothing works and the feelings fluctuate, I wonder if the diagnoses is wrong or maybe there are other things I could try, I genuinely don’t know what’s wrong with me…

  14. I used to have panic attacks daily and now they’re more like bi-weekly (I started going to CBT) but I really don’t think it’s panic disorder bc I have no fear or worry that I will have a panic attack, I just worry about random stuff till I panic. My therapist diagnosed me with something but I was worrying too much and not listening to her and so I forgot what she said and now it’s been over a year and a half so I don’t want to ask ooooof

  15. Also there is health anxiety or hypochondria, that's what I have. I check my body for cancer ten to twenty times a day. I think I'm dying of a terminal illness or I think I'm sick with something all the time. I always think I have breast cancer because it's in my family. Im trying to get help. Anxiety sucks.

  16. Dr Kati, would you ever be interested in doing a video about the song "Neon Gravestones" by Twenty one pilots? I would be interested to know what you think of it as would many other twenty one pilots fans! Or just their music about Tyler Joseph's (the songwriter and singer) mental health disorders. I'm subscribed so I would be thrilled to be able to see it on my notifications!

  17. is it normal for anxiety to cause psychosomatic reactions? when I get anxious the first bodily reaction after I think about or experience something that makes me anxious is to feel pain or discomfort in my abdomen. it's gotten to the point i've been so stressed out for so many days or weeks I worked myself up into believing I might have an ulcer because that feeling is so consistent.

  18. I’ve had anxiety since I was 8…I would go through periods of such high anxiety I would get angry, or I would make myself so nauseous I couldn’t eat. Medication has helped the constant worry so I can eat and function, but therapy helps me to focus on what I failed to pursue or avoided because of anxiety. Stay strong to those of you with anxiety. Don’t be afraid to talk about how you feel to family, friends, or a therapist.

  19. I recently learned that my hypothyroidism levels were too high and that was making my anxiety worse. So very good idea to check with your PCP for physical issues.

  20. This is quite a personal question, so don’t answer if you aren’t comfortable- but I was curious to find out what your mental health issues are, or even if you have any? I have Anxiety/panic disorder and OCD

  21. So true. I change everything up to try to control my anxiety. Cleaning is a major issue in my life. I feel like my anxiety disorder gives me OCD and I also have a much harder time doing things I used to. I isolate and dont have friends over anymore. I hate my anxiety and PTSD. I try to fully accept myself but this makes it hard. I know its bc of the trauma I've been through. Still trying to find a trauma specialized therapist who can help me.

  22. My panic attacks are getting so bad to the point I lost my job I’m scared to leave my house I have a 2 year old son and it makes me so emotional that I don’t have the courage to go out to the park with him its consuming my life in the worst way I can last weeks and weeks with out leaving my house I’m just getting so depressed I really would like to seek help but I feel like everyone is going to think I’m crazy or I’m doing it for attention

  23. About 4 months after having my daughter I started having panic attacks. & started to close myself in because I had one in the car, at a friends, at a restaurant, doctors office that I started to avoid those places. I did start taking medication & counseling & I’ve learned a lot of coping skills to push myself & get out of the house. Almost a year later & I still feel super foggy headed & anxious all the time but I can say I haven’t had a crippling panic attack since June! But I wish I could just wake up & feel normal. 😓

  24. i fear for my life and my mental health everyday and i panic very often. i freak out over anxiety at leats 5 times a day

  25. my old therapist said social anxiety can turn into agoraphobia which sounds way wrong but she said it like i need to be extremely cautious. the look on her face stuck with me but idk about her anymore lol

  26. Hi I deal with anxiety and depression and ADHD. How do I get people to understand that I can't just "get over it " and why it takes alot of time to deal with

  27. You look so much like my ex girlfriend. When I miss her, I watch your videos. Is that weird? Do I have some sort of disorder?

  28. Yes that's so me I feel embarrassed because I may feel being judged because in the past I was bullied about acting like a girl, walking, talking

  29. I don't know, i feel like if we talk too much about mental illness, we'll become ill. Like,i worry too much about my mental health since my therapist said i heve OCD. My priest said i will get paraphrenia, my therapist said that it's an old technical term that was used just to scary me in order to not care anymore about buddhism and other stuff like stuff not being necessary or other shit

  30. My anxiety was so bad that I almost failed my (Mandatory) speech class in high school. I used to make the presentations but I wouldn’t present them half the time. I actually hid in the bathroom… then I started to freak out that my friends would think I’m weird. It was my freshman year and it was hell everything was new. Also I didn’t know that you didn’t share classes with just your grade. So that freaked me out.

  31. GAD is probably my worst diagnosis. Last year, I was applying to colleges. I couldn't tell you how many times I said "What if Geneseo (my 1st choice school) doesn't want me? I will have nothing to do with my life."

  32. Kati, please talk about Illness Anxiety Disorder, I've been looking for a safe material about it and I can't find anything. Not even articles online, but I really trust your videos. And maybe talk about how IAD would differentiate from OCD. Thank you so much

  33. I’ve been diagnosed with GAD, SAD, PTSD, and PDD. I can’t even imagine what just waking up, breathing deep and saying “Good Morning, World!” would be like. Just waking up is a reason to be depressed.

  34. My GAD came out of know where and it has gotten worse. 2 days ago I had a episode wasn't feeling good all day kept feeling like I need to go to the ER but I didn't and then at night I started feeling a pain in my stomach then I felt like I was going to be sick at my stomach so I did and broke out into a cold sweat and I was still feeling dizzy and lightheaded so I decided to call 911 for an ambulance she said if you have any pets but them up and unlock the front door and I got up to put the puppy in her little apartment and my legs wouldn't work right they were buckling the top of both of my legs hurt and burn I just couldn't believe anxiety can do this to you and still to this day my legs are weak and I buckle and my vision has gotten more blurry. The doctor at the hospital said it was general anxiety disorder

  35. I’ve had severe anxiety for most of life it’s definitely no fun,for the longest time I couldn’t keep a job or friendships until I got help it took me a while to really get help but when you get help it changes your life .Please don’t ever give up be strong and get the help you need please your life will improve so much

  36. How to stop constantly thinking about the past and its embarrassing moments so that I can stop blaming myself for them.

  37. nine years ago I started shutting off the world little by little. First friends, then family, now work. I don't even like to stroll into the farmer's market with my boyfriend. I have a college degree and lots of great work experiences before I started to get worse, but since then I've had a never-ending string of jobs and I can't afford treatment or anything, really. I usually don't make it more than a day anywhere because of overthinking and I'm so tired of not having money to get my health problems sorted. I had a job working from home but it was phone work and it really stressed me out. Does anyone have any advice?

  38. I definitely have social phobia. Whenever I talk to friends I think they will judge every sentence I say. Even though they won’t. I feel like they will.

  39. Nice video! Thank you for this information. Anxiety is a normal reaction to stress and can be beneficial in some situations. It can alert us to dangers and help us prepare and pay attention. Anxiety disorders differ from normal feelings of nervousness or anxiousness and involve excessive fear or anxiety. Anxiety treatment in Total Mental Wellness is available. We help manage mood disorders effectively.

  40. I don’t know what I have but it seems as if everyone and everything scares me and I panic I feel like I’m literally mental in a lot of ways but everything is so confusing and I’m always helping so many of my friends who are depressed and I don’t want to tell my parents or anything because it might be super awkward or they won’t believe me, my heart is starting to beat fast so I’m just going to stop here

  41. When I get anxiety my mind won't stop racing! I keep thinking about things that are not important at all 🙁

  42. I have experienced many panic attacks but also can I relate to every single disorder. I do not suffer from one specific, instead it seems like there is a bit of everything, like a pretty bad mix.
    What does that mean?

  43. I think I’m developing anxiety disorder. This is the first time it’s ever happened to me. The chest pain, rapid heartbeat, exhaustion, etc. It scares me so much.

  44. The best way to describe my worst panic attacks is: a combination of the grief you would feel hearing that all your family just died in an accident, plus the absolute terror of falling headfirst off a building. Literally the worst suffering I've had in my life.

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