Welcome to my Youtube Channel – Fresh Springs Counselling & Psychotherapy

hi my name is Dawn welcome to my channel I just thought I would do a video introducing what i will be doing here I want this to be a place where you could come where you can get help to improve your life for the better. Where you can get support encouragement motivation inspiration upliftment advice information I will be providing tools and tips on how you could overcome certain issues you may have in your life You may see the odd vlog or two I may take my camera outside showing your places around Birmingham, the Midlands. Where ever I decide to go You might even see a few Lookbooks, I don’t know. What ever it is to improve our lives. To live our best life possible that’s what I’m about to be that really I’m really passionate about that and I will like to share that with you all so it would be great if you could subscribe to this channel When you do see videos that you like click on the thumbs up and you could also follow me on instagram facebook and Twitter Hope to see you soon. Please feel free to comment and let me know what you think and I’ll see you in my next video. Bye

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