WATCH IF YOU HAVE STRESS !!!! फ़िक्र टेंशन है तो ज़रूर देखे !!! By SeeKen

Hello Friends, if you live in India Then you must have heard About Nipah Virus you must have heard it through your friend, social media or through any news channel almost everywhere there was news about Nipah, how it causes, how people are dying coz of it and how we should protect ourselves from it etc but actual fact it that because of Nipah, around 20 people died out of billion that too in south but because of (Nipah) it’s fear people were madly sharing or forwarding messages about washing fruits and only then to eat them here i am not saying that taking such actions were wrong, or such precaution was wrong actually it was great, i am proud that people were gaining knowledge to protect themselves and others and even one life matters a lot but don’t you feel that we should worry for that thing also just like Nipah virus which causes death of lakhs of people every year which is destroying millions of lives not only in one part but in the entire world all are victims of it child, adults everyone and chances are that you or your loved ones or any one of your family member can be the victim of such virus and the virus or dangerous disease about which i am talking is Worry worry means feeling anxious or feeling troubled about everything worry creates stress anxiety depression tension and many more dangerous problems Doctor O.F Gobron who is the chief Physician says that 70 percent of patients which comes to see him has the capability to improve their health by themselves means that their body has natural capability to get well only if they learn to overcome their worries and fear In fact a Nobel Award Winner Dr, Alexis Karrer says That people who Do not know how to fight their fear and worries they die young worries and stress are the reasons because of which diseases generates in humans directly or indirectly or because of which people fail to fight with big problems and diseases As per research many dangerous and big diseases like stomach ulcers, heart diseases heart problems,diabetes, thyroid,paralysis ,insomnia etc are linked with worries and stress it takes lakhs of peoples lives directly or indirectly by not allowing them to fight with it Therefore please if you want to be healthy and fit then stop worrying from today itself now i knows its easy to say but hard to do therefore today i will share some useful techniques from an amazing book which help you to overcome your worries and fears and help you to live health and peaceful life i am saying this because this book literally helped me when i was going through worries and stress this book techniques and principles helped me to overcome my stress anxiety depression today same principles and techniques i am going to share with you’ll Day Tight Compartmet It was The Time of world war 2 and Ted Benjarmino used to work for Grave Registration means keeping account of all dead people, he has to take care of dead bodies to inform dead people’s family about the unfortunate incidents and delivering dead bodies to their home, he used to do many such heart wrenching works because of such distressing work, he was getting so stressed and worried that he used to wish that anyhow this war should get over otherwise il go mad there were so many bad negative thing and stresses in his mind that due to which his weight had decreased considerably he lose so much weight that only bones were seen and he started facing stomach aches stomach aches were so severe that he was admitted in the hospital after getting admitted he learnt such a wonderful thing which not only gave him courage but also gave him a way to fight with his worries and stress for his entire life when he was in the hospital there he met army doctor who told him that the way HourGlass has many sand grains which moves to the other side from that thin/small area no matter how much you try it won’t go down together and if you force it above the limit then it will get break hence it’s better if we allow one grain at a time to go down now here the thing we must understand is that OUR LIVES ARE ALSO LIKE HOURGLASS many things can hit our mind after waking up in the morning many stress work worries can hit our mind in the morning, we think all should get over together but just like sand grains, if we don’t complete one thing at a time and try to complete everything together then it will destroy us mentally or physically there is a very powerful 200 years old saying or quote Is “OUR MAIN BUSINESS IS NOT TO SEE WHAT LIES DIMLY AT DISTANCE BUT TO DO WHAT LIES CLEARLY AT HAND Most of the people has same problem they think about lot of things together has to do this that ,have to finish everything today itself, everything will be sorted etc and while thinking about all stuffs they fail to take action because of which their problem remains the same and their stress increases which eventually starts ruining their life therefore try to win one day one task, try to focus only on one task at a time Analyse Facts Galen Lichfield was a Manager of Shanghai Life Insurance company in world war 2 after attacking when enemies were withdrawing all money from the shanghai company at that time Galen job was to transfer all that money to Japanese otherwise he would be killed by them Galen did everything the way he was asked to do, but unfortunately he forgot to transfer 750k $ to Japanese and Japanese admirer came to know about Galen’s mistake Admirer was so pissed and angry that he went to Galen’s office but fortunately Galen wasn’t there hence That Admirer told other staff members who used to work with Galen That Now Galen will not be safed He will Send him To Bridge house, Bridge house was such a prisoner camp, instead of going there people love to choose to die where many friends of managers were killed when manager came to know about his mistake and Admirer anger he started getting tensed and stressed but instead of getting panic and doing something wrong, manager like every time choose to deal with it by using his 4 question answer formula, and those 4 questions were No.1) What i am worrying about? what’s the exact reason for his worry and stress? for this question Galen answer was That he was afraid that Admirer will send him to the Bridge house No2) What all things he can do to make the situation better? means to see all the options as an answer of it Galen wrote every option which he can do to make it better like running from shanghai or by going to meet admirer with a translator to tell him about his mistake translator because they both were not familiar with each others language etc question 3) to decide which option is the best option as an answer for this, Galen think about all the possible outcome, what can happen and what is best hence he came to know that the safest option is to go to the office without doing anything and to go office as if nothing happened, fourth question) after deciding the best option taking action on it he did what he decided and as a result what happened next day admirer was in the good mood and soon that admirer got to order to shift from there and galen fortunately was saved galen says that if he would have got panicked and wouldn’t have performed that exercise then for sure he would have faced the hard time or problem because explaining to admirer in fear about his mistake would have ruined the situation and could make him look guilty usually people worry and stress because they are confused because they have many unclear question and answers in their mind, they don’t understand things properly and all that confusion and unclear things make them worry hence if you follow this 4 question and answer technique just like galen then your mind will become clear and you’ll able to overcome your stress and worry and able to search solution of your problems Petty Things There was a huge and a very strong tree in the Colorado, As per Naturalist that tree was several hundred years old but still it was very firmly restrained there that tree faced thunderstorm 14 times, that tree faced many natural havoc and natural calamities but all those big and huge problems did not able to drop the tree but one day that tree fall and the reason for the fall wasn’t any big thing, wasn’t storm or anything the reason for fall of that tree was so small that human can kill it by two fingers Small beetles made that tree fall, those small beetles eat that tree from inside which made it fall author says that we humans are also like this big trees we many times deal with big problems very easily with courage but the things which make us weak from inside is every day small issues and stress those small worries and issues are so small that we don’t even remember them after sometime or days means getting worried of because someone who said something worried of pimple, or worry of car crash etc maximum times we worry about things that actually never happens Example, Few years back when i was playing cricket with my shot i broke someones window at that time i was so stressed started taking tension so much that i started feeling ill (not well) i started thinking many things like what will happen, they will complain about me, mom day will yell on me but actually nothing happened, unnecessarily i took tension and spoiled my day and night similarly, people worry on so many things which actually never happens example: as per research 85 percent things on which you worry never happens with you and 50 percent things which happens to you out of which 79 percent of things are kind of things which doesn’t need to be worried about, meaning 97 percent of things about which you are getting worried now is nothing but your unnecessary or useless fear some short and practical things about overcoming fear are: no.1) have faith always have faith in God that everything will be alright because faith gives courage to humans no.2) Stay Busy when a man had faced two consecutive deaths (of his child) he started getting stressed but the thing which gave him courage was his work hence even you stay busy, use creativity planning and be busy in completing your goals because work which you do without thinking or planning are usually not that useful No.3) Take rest work nicely but taking proper sleep is also required and necessary no.4) stay funny always focus on your lives funny side, search for reasons to laugh to smile always smile more, all these will improve your life happiness but it will also make your strong and healthy i have already shared useful knowledge and amazing info from this book like how a man who was told that he will die soon because of his disease, how he proved every doctor wrong by overcoming his fears and worries and by living healthy life many more interesting and useful knowledge i have shared earlier by creating this book summary part 1 if you haven’t watched it then can watch it by i Button or through the link mentioned in the description this is truly one of my favourite book therefore do read this book, dale carnegie has shared many useful amazing techniques in this book i have shared link in the description, can buy the book from there if you want free audio book of this book then can get it through audible is an amazon company which gives free trail for a month , only then they will charge you can read audio book from there just like me, and lastly, if you never want to miss any of my videos then do subscribe and click on the bell icon, do click the bell icon only then you’ll receive notification on Saturday’s or Sunday’s on any other days when il upload new videos don’t forget to choose or else you won’t get the notification and miss such useful knowledge like this video if you find it useful, comment and share your experience what small thing made you worry share this video with people who worry a lot for every small thing and finally thanks for watching…. background music…..

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  2. If we are right and people misunderstand us and make fun of us, what do people do to such people.
    2.The most important thing happens when I talk to someone in a while and they talk to me in a dirty way, and do not give me value.
    Should i ignore ?
    I will wait for reply

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  4. nice and excellent video HOW TO KILL STRESS/DEPRESSION फ़िक्र टेंशन है तो ज़रूर देखे !!! By SeeKen

  5. Thank you bhai app ka inspiration sach me work kar Raha he so mujhe bataye ki hamara 5 sense ko kese properly ham Focus ka satha work kare for students, business,and improve yourself pls……….. video Bana do bhai

  6. 1)-Thanks sir for providing these types of videos .
    2)- sir please make video about transformation growth
    3)- not about increment growth

  7. I have been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Its symptoms get triggered when I take a lot of stress. It has completely changed a lot of things in my life.

  8. Thank you for making this vidieo sir it is very helpful. I don't know if we are allowed to make requests on your YouTube videos or not or if you have made a video on it already , but I would like to request a book summary video on the book called ' The 5 second rule ' by Mel Robbins . It is also helpful to cure anxiety and depression so please make one on it and if you already have please give me the link to it. Thank you.

  9. {Whosoever does right, whether male or female, and is a believer, we shall make them live a good life, and We shall pay them a recompense in proportion to the best of what they used to do.} (16: 97)

  10. {Those who believe, and whose hearts find contentment in the remembrance of Allah: for without doubt in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find contentment.} (13: 28)

  11. Sir pls create a page on where you can uploaded any format of file like pdf word audio video text etc so we can get more knowledge from you

  12. seeken bhai, i am not happy at all because
    the feelings come to me like i am not doing right.
    even i am not able to talk funny with friends and after that i start feeling more depression.
    i dont feel confident which results to my digestive problems(mainly in regards with studies).
    what should i do so that i start feeling good and confident.
    and i feel confident to talk with friends and i can live with an open mind.

  13. Sir 10th me mai apne exam ko leke kaafi tension me tha ..kayi saari books tuition etc krke bhi accha nho mahsoos kr paa raha tha but 10th me maths Ka paper kaafi easy aaya and I got 93 /100 …..
    Pr abhi bhi sir exam Ke naam se meri raato ki neend udd jaati hai pta nhi mai kabhi iss worry se nikal paunga yaa nhi…….

  14. Thank you SeeKen
    We like all your videos, We must have seen over 25 of your videos, We live in North america but we like to watch your motivational videos. Your presentation is so clear and simple any lay man can understand. Thanks for your tremendous contribution, very impressive work. Good luck brother. Keep motivating others, its a noble cause. It will repay your listlessly.
    Jai Hind

  15. #seekin
    Sir i am very depressed
    I have one year gap i have done usless courses in gap year which didn't required in my field and i doing nothing now..plz tell me sir what ……plz help out sir
    My depression level is increasing day by day

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