VLN 9 Teil 1 | Testfahrer, Fanaktion & Frustration | GTronix360° Team mcchip-dkr

Cold, isn’t it? Welcome to the Nürburgring for the last VLN race of this year. VLN 9. It’s 7:20 a.m., still dark. First of all, we have posted our VLN 8 video yesterday. I would like to thank you all very much. That’s awesome. Simply great. We posted the video yesterday afternoon, and we got so much encouragement. It is just insane… Awesome. Crazy. Absolutely crazy. I woke up today at 5:40 a.m. to my alarm clock, went to shower, checked my emails. And then I see 4500-5000 views on the video, 300-400 likes, not a single negative like. Well, of course, you may say negative things, it’s totally okay. But when nobody says anything negative, that’s amazing. I mean that is not our goal to show you only the videos where I get upset and doubt everything and hope for you make us whole again. It was really cool, but it wasn’t the plan. I just wanted to say that really quick before we start. The plan for VLN 9 will be a bit different. As you see down there, the black and gold are already being diligently prepared. All the tires that you see there – actually let’s look elsewhere. We managed to attract Mike and Bernd as clients who are starting in the Winter Series by Endless Summer- by Markus Gedlich with us in their own GT3 Lamborghini Huracáns which we are rebuilding as EVOs. Next year they certainly won’t drive with us in VLN yet, but we hopefully will provide all-round support to both of the guys in at least one and a half series and then eventually more down the road. Regarding the winter series – which begins on December 14th in Ascari I told the guys that we will rebuild our car so it complies with the series specifications. That way you can drive next year at least in one race series. It means that in all other race series we can go lower, with higher performance, with other weight and other tires. As you see there, these tires marked with the yellow strip and a triangle are Dunlop tires, but they have other specifications. These meet the series regulations for next year. Heiko is coordinating with the guys. Heiko will drive the first lap because we need to check on how the car behaves with reduced ground clearance. It will change quite dramatically since the car underbody is more engaged so the car will definitely be faster. And we’ll get better performance, about 40-50 hp more, through a larger restrictor plate. After we verify a clean setup, both guys can go through their first round to get the feel of it. Starting from today Heiko will take great care to coach the guys. It’s an all-in-one package: the guys will go through the complete logistics of operations with me and my colleagues and Heiko will be their driving coach. That’s how it will be distributed. I’m excited. The boys are motivated to work and improve themselves on the racetrack. And we are willing to help, we’re excited and I think it’s a really cool project. But that also means it’s a bit more stressful for us. We will drive from 8:30 a.m. till 2:00 p.m. on GP-Track. So no Nordschleife, just the GP-Track. Then the guys need to rebuild the suspension because- oh I forgot to mention. We’re using much stiffer springs, different damping tuning, different characteristic curves, completely different default settings. We’ll have to rebuild it all. We’ll tear out the suspension and install our VLN suspension, adjust the height, camber angle, toe-in angle and so on and so forth. So, we’ll have a completely different sprint setup. We’ll have time from 2:00 until 4:00 p.m. to rebuild. And then Heiko and I drive on the Nordschleife. It is our Friday and there’s more going on as usual. It’s also good to know how the car functions outside the VLN’s Balance of Performance. That way we’re not going into the unknown territory. I want to be prepared. I proposed this to our clients and they thought that it’s a cool idea too. Now they will be more prepared for that first event in Ascari at the end of the year. Regarding VLN 8, let me tell you what caused the performance loss. Heiko fortunately took the gearbox with him. The company Hör that manufactures the gearboxes reacted very fast as always. Big thanks to them. They helped us so quickly and they support us always. The gearbox was already ready on Monday afternoon after VLN. Heiko, who was here on Friday to drive DMV and Youngtimer, picked up the gearbox and brought it there because he lives one hour away from the company. So, what was the problem? The main shaft was malfunctioning and because of that a potentiometer responsible for shifting was causing trouble on Saturday morning. Unfortunately, gears were damaged, the main shaft was damaged. Repairs were necessary, now it’s functioning. Although we checked the data for performance loss and sent the data for Lambo for analysis, one could not detect the cause because the target values were okay. The oxygen [lambda] sensor was broken. Usually in normal data recordings you see that the oxygen sensor adjusts. But our target values from the oxygen sensor were not met. Our data seemed okay; the oxygen sensor showed normal values. So our data looked okay, these lambda values looked okay. Lambo says yep ok looks good. We put our car on a test bench. After many measurements, the warmer the car was and the more times we accelerated it on the test bench… we lacked up to 23-24 horsepower… and the torque beginning at 4000 rpms was like this. At its peak it was maybe 16-18 newton-meters, but those are not great values at all. After we switched out our oxygen sensor- BAM! our performance was the same as in April. So, we learned something new. Also, about Lambo. Dennis here knows the car in and out, but he didn’t find any errors. Alright, then we’ll try to figure out which outputs are wrong. A 200€ electric errors was all. The banging up front. What was that? I’ll show you later the inside of the car’s front where the container of the hydraulic servo system had shaken loose. It was hitting the side panel and that is proper 5 to 6 kg part which sends vibrations through the entire car. So here you have it. Fortunately. By fortunately, I mean that if it was torn off it would have been a disaster. But, fortunately we pinpointed that it was not because of some other parts or something being loose in wheels, but because of the container hitting the car at the top next to the firewall. VLN 9… to be honest, this season was trash for us. The races were sadly always a disaster. So this time at the VLN9 we just want to enjoy ourselves. Of course, we are going to push ourselves. I don’t come here just to drive a bit in circles. We want to deliver performance. This has been, is and will be what we aspire. Rather than tear my heart out here and keep being in a bad mood like the last 5 races, I said: “Guys, we are lucky just to have the opportunity to be here, to drive GT3 cars.” We want to have fun. I am excited about this weekend. Even if things go south, we should cherish the opportunity that we can race in GT3s in the first place. And just have fun. I am happy to drive, Heiko is happy to drive. The boys too. So we’ll just do it and we’ll see what can happen next year and how we can manage. At this race I’ll try not to be sour, but just enjoy it. Often that doesn’t feel enough, but if you think about it… How cool is it just to be able to race here? How often do we fuck ourselves up because we want to race, but we can’t just force it. That would be too dangerous. Let’s just have some fun this weekend. We should not ever forget about it and especially this weekend. We also have a fan campaign! Our roof and our spoiler can be covered by your comments and messages. So many people signed up on YouTube and social media and that is beyond amazing. For all I care we can write all over the car. We have received so many great letters. As long as it is on foil and not on the carbon, you can write all over the car. The first person is already immortalized. Yesterday morning my mother came here and wrote “Forever a fan, mom” on it. We are about to start. I was talking for 15 minutes already. So, let’s begin. We have finished the complete track test. At first, Heiko worked on the setup. Then Bernd and Mike hopped in in the car. Then we made a little adjustment. The ride height is kind of a new territory for us. I must say the car is so damn fast in the current configuration. Most importantly both drivers feel like there’s nothing to complain about. Bernd has driven longer than planned. “Hey, it’s so awesome, let me drive for a bit more.” – Sure. We don’t have time pressure in that sense. The boys are rebuilding. Right now we’re having pizza. It is a few minutes after 1 p.m. We’re rebuilding it to a VLN configuration. That means other dampers and springs. Then we continue at 16:00. Since I had not so much driving time during the last races, I’ll stay out there for 5 laps, then Heiko gets in for 3 laps. We will use the old tires on request from Dunlop. These are the tires from the tire test. We’ll put more mileage on these used tires. The first fans have already signed the car. Really cool. I believe we have 10-12 signatures. But one marker has leaked because of your white hands. We’ll see each other again after the free training. Yeah, as I drove out and I thought the entire time something isn’t right. Something wrong with toe-in angle, it felt like that. As soon as I started, the steering wheel jerked from side to side for a short time like that. I steered and I felt nothing at all going right, but going the other direction… I’m telling you folks, go fishing on the weekend. No joke. It’s happened again. We’ll go fishing, Heiko. Next year VLN will happening be every weekend, but you’ll find us at some pond. It is 7:20 p.m. The training is over, we had a couple of problems. We rebuilt the car to the VLN configuration, everything was working fine. Then on the second lap we noticed that something isn’t right. At first, we haven’t found anything wrong. We changed the tires, but it was still just as undriveable. Turns out a uniball was dislodged at the damper in the back. This is what a uniball looks like. It has a bit of play in it, but you can not force it with your own hands. The car has almost turned on its own axis by braking. So we changed all four of them. We have co-developed the suspension of the car and we especially wanted to drive it longer. Not necessarily until the car breaks, but to reach a mileage from these races where we would have experience with it. We have experience now. Quite painful experience, but also funny because this piece lasts notably longer than we expected. For safety reasons, we are replacing all dampers, no the whole suspension. We have a complete new suspension. The boys are going to eat soon and I’ll go upstairs and discuss what still has to be done. Afterwards we have much to do downstairs, so today we’ll stay here longer than usual. But in the end, the clients are satisfied from today’s morning. I am yet again not happy, not so satisfied. When something like that happens, you feel mad, annoyed, and also lack confidence. Although we check everything million times between races, you see what still happens. Musti has to take the suspension out. When the boys come, we’ll go over it. I hope we wake up tomorrow early well rested and get to watch the final race of this year. Ah yeah, show also how covered the roof is. Although not much has happened today, the roof is fully covered. All our fans are amazing. One told my dad that he came here all the way from Neuss just to sign our car. He just absolutely had to sign it. Just awesome. The effort you put in exceeds my imagination. When somebody comes all the way from Neuss, 150-180 kilometers just to sign, what else can we say except “thank you very much”. Show to them how full it is, it’s already overflowing onto the rear wings. As I said before, you can write all over the thing. For all I care write on the silver part, whatever. As long as I see while I’m driving, it’s okay for me. See you tomorrow.

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  1. Ach Mensch Kevin, du hast vergessen die Bilder einzufügen xD (Denke mal du schneidest die Videos).
    Naja ist ja auch egal, sonst ist es nämlich ein tolles Video und ich hoffe das noch viele Folgen dazukommen.

    Viel Glück euch auf jeden Fall bei der Winterserie.

  2. Ich freue mich schon auf die nächste VLN-Saison. Außerdem wünsche ich euch viel Glück bei der Winter Series. Wenn es dort einen Livestream gibt, werde ich auf jeden Fall die Rennen verfolgen.

  3. Wird die Winter series von euch auch gefilmt oder nur die vln 2020.
    Wäre toll wenn ihr uns von der Serie auch Bild Material liefern könntet.
    Macht weiter so ihr seid die besten 👌

  4. Auch ein riesen Kompliment an Kevin für die geilen Aufnahmen. Ich guck mir das gleich nochmal auf dem 42" im Wohnzimmer an 👍👍👍

  5. Sehr schön! @Danny: sag mal, gibt es hinter deinem Fahrerpseudonym eine Story und warum macht man das / gibt es das im Motorsport, wenn der richtige Name dann meist doch auch öffentlich bekannt ist?

  6. Wirklich beeindruckende Videoqualität in Verbindung mit dieser tollen Musik. Meine Meinung nach genau das richtige Verhältnis zwischen Erklären und einfach nur zuschauen und genießen. Weiter so!

  7. So krass es für Dich/Euch ist, dass wir uns bei Euch bedanken, umso ehrlicher, informativer, lockerer ist es für uns einen Blick hinter die Kulissen werfen zu können, da das Thema Motorsport für die Meisten aufgrund des Geldes ein Wunschtraum bleibt. Danke an alle aus dem Team, das sie sich so bereitwillig von der Kamera begleiten lassen haben.

  8. Hi Danny(ja ich duze dich jetzt einfach mal, wir verbringen ja durch eure Videos ne Menge Zeit miteinander 😊)
    Es gab diese Saison etliche Momente in denen ich dich gerne mal männlich in den Arm genommen hätte! Ihr reißt euch den Ar**h bis zu den Schulterblättern auf und am Ende ist es doch immer ein kleines Teil(oder größeres) das euch das Rennen versaut. Das das auf die Dauer frustrierend ist kann jeder nachvollziehen, aber ihr gebt einfach nicht auf und davor ziehe ich meinen (nicht vorhandenen) Hut!
    2020 wird bestimmt besser und auch hoffentlich mal wirklich erfolgreich für euch werden, ich glaube da fest dran!
    Ansonsten gebe ich dir mal Nachhilfe im Professionellen Angelsport 😅
    Und Kevin, über deine Kamera und Schnittarbeit brauchen wir nicht zu sprechen. Das habe ich dir ja bei VLN9 persönlich gesagt das die hervorragend ist!
    Macht weiter so Jungs!
    Freue mich auf Teil 2😊😊

  9. Eure Videos werden von mal zu mal besser. Danke für soviel Einsatz und auch Leidenschaft die ihr vermittelt. Genau sowas ist für mich Racing, immer weiter zu machen. Die Erfolge werden kommen… Drücke euch für die kommende Saison die Daumen… Sehen uns am Ring! Grüße/Danke

  10. Echt schade das es das letzte VLN Rennen der Saison ist (war). Ich finde Eure Videos mittlerweile besser als die von RingPolice. Ich schaue beide gerne, aber derzeit nehme ich mehr von euch mit. Für mich steht ihr auf einer stelle mit Roots Racing von Tim Schrick und Freunden.

    Würde mich auch sehr freuen wenn es über die Winterpause immer mal eine art Technik Videos gibt. So etwas wie spezielle Bauteile oder Baugruppen zu Zeigen und auch die Unterschiede zu einem Straßenfahrzeug zu zeigen, sowie zu erklären wie es generell funktioniert. Ich finde es Fazinierend, wie man aus einem eh schon sehr schnellen Fahrzeug wie den Lambo in seiner Straßenversion, ein noch viel schnelleres Fahrzeug machen kann.

    Wünsche euch für die Winter Saison und vor allem auch für die kommende VLN nächstes Jahr viel Glück, das die Probleme aus bleiben und ihr um eure Wunschpositionen kämpfen könnt. 🙂

  11. Bei VLN 9 durftet ihr ja die Capristo Abgasanlage fahren, in den Rennen zuvor allerdings nicht. Liegt das daran weil Konrad mit dem Lambo nicht am Start war? Da gab es doch mal irgendwas 🤔

  12. Ganz im Ernst, ich kommentiere nicht oft, aber ich muss hier einfach mal sagen, als jemand der selbst ein paar Saisons bei nem Team am Ring gearbeitet hat bei VLN und RCN, muss ich sagen:

    Großen, großen Respekt, und Dankeschön, dass ihr, trotz vergleichweise "wenigen" Abonnenten und Aufmerksamkeit, solch ehrliche Einblicke in das Thema privater Motorsport gibt und auch die Mißerfolge zeigt, die unausweichlich damit einhergehen. Vielen Dank, dass ihr das alles so offen JEDEM zugänglich macht, der sich für das Thema interessiert und allein schon dafür habt ihr weit mehr Aufmerksamkeit verdient, als ihr momentan bekommt!
    Ich weiß, wie elitär und teils verschlossen diese alteingesessenen Rennteams sind und darum sind diese vollständigen, ehrlichen Einblicke wie ihr sie liefert umso wertvoller!

    Also danke dafür und ich hoffe, euer Youtubekanal wird euch eines Tages einen angenehmen finanziellen Zuverdienst ermöglichen, der den Aufwand und eurem Verdienst gerecht wird. Danke

  13. wieder ein geniales video jungs 👍 das macht einfach laune !!! bleibt am ball und viel glück und spass für die nächste vln saison und kommende aufgaben 🙂

  14. War ne herrliche Saison mit Euch – bleibt wie ihr seid 👌🏻
    Was mir jetzt erst aufgefallen ist, warum habt Ihr H&R-Aufkleber drauf, obwohl ihr ja KW fahrt?

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