VideoCast #20: Soulish or Demonic Anger – How Can You Tell?

This is Deliverance Ministry.FM VideoCast,
episode 20 Welcome to another episode of Deliverance Ministry.FM,
where we give you proven insights about the demonic realm and deliverance ministry so
you can wage spiritual warfare more effectively. This is Don Ibbitson. I’m here with my co-host
Dr Phyllis tarbox and today we’re going to explore the topic of anger and we’re going
to look at it from a couple of different perspectives. So you can determine if you might need counseling
for anger or if you need something more than that. So with that topic, um, we probably
should begin by saying that we get a lot of people coming into the center. Don’t we fill
us who are. Yes. What are the issues and things in their life that are given them struggle,
giving them problems. Anger is a big one is up a lot of things. Absolutely. It’s in response
to a lot of things that people are dealing with. And you know, all the [inaudible] that’s the
question we ask. What issue, what are the issues? We just tried to leave it open ended.
What are the issues that you need help with? And sometimes people will, individually, they’ll
talk about their issues, depression or fear or anger, or sometimes it’s even in the context
of marriage counseling can come in and they say, well, we’re fighting a lot or work when
you dig down past the first level and we do the interview and get the background and people
will. Sometimes people will acknowledge and say, you know, I have a problem with anger.
And I had it even before we got married. In fact, I had anger issues for as long as I
can remember. And so those are important. Those are important words for us because some
people have the mindset, well, Gosh, you know, if I just had a new job or new wife or move
somewhere or new husband that the anger would go, but now many times it’s not. And you know, we, we want to understand this
whole thing about the mood or the emotion of anger is anger. And that is one of our
emotions. And in other podcasts that we’ve done, we talk about, um, the fact that they’re,
we have a body, a soul, and his spirit and that are soulless realm is part of us, is
not born again. Where am I in emotions are. And as we say, we don’t, we give them to Christ,
we don’t get a born again soul. And that anger is an emotion and we need to learn how to
manage it and learn how to control and deal with it properly. And so the point that we
want to emphasize is that if we can’t manage it, we can’t get control of it. Maybe it is
a demonic strongholds. So that’s the topic today. Before we get into that, I just want
to mention briefly that, um, as part of these podcasts that we’re doing, we really would
value your input as we go along in terms of topics that we can be doing. We also want to hear from you, if you liked
the podcast, if you’d leave a review for us on itunes right at the very end. We’ll, we’ll
talk about that. And we’re going to mention and talk about a new program that we have
where you can get access to free access to a lot of our resources that we have on our
website. So I’ll come back to that at the end. So let’s get right into the topic today
about the two. Um, what we call soulless anger or demonic angry. How can you tell? What do
I need to do? And so I mean, let’s start out very basically with phyllis is anger. What
does the scripture say? His anger ascent. Is it a sin to get angry? Anger is not a sin unless you crossed over
into anger can be something that comes in at you because of a broken boundary. It’s
a warning signal. Something’s wrong. Something rises up in you because they have a lot of
people who say, why was that wrong? That I felt anger. Now like if your boundaries have
been stepped on and you sensed that anger, you, that that’s a warning signal, it’s, it’s
something free to say, OK, now I need to put down a firm boundary with this. What you do
with that anger then becomes the question, if you meditate on it and you lash out and
you act and appropriately and you express that anger and in a way that isn’t godly than
that at that part and then now becomes a [inaudible]. It can lead to us that we need to emphasize
because the Bible does talk about what the scriptures. It says in your anger, don’t sin.
So we use a lot in the context of spiritual warfare. We talk about not letting the sun
go down on your anger and your what’s. What’s the follow on after that? Why about not letting
the sun go down on you? The Devil, a foothold and I, you know, I talked
about that Ad Nauseum when we have people that come in after deliverance because you
know the way you’re set up is the word says, anything that you meditate on can become a
part of you. And there has been some research studies that the longer you meditate on these
things, they become part of your permanent memory because you know they’re, they’re going
to find. So if you go to bed angry, that’s going to give you your brain, another seven,
eight hours of meditating on it because your brain is sorting and filing a lot of information
that comes in as you sleep. If you’ve ever had a dream that’s been like disjointed or
bits and pieces of this and that, that’s your brain. It’s like a little filing system that
files like memories, unlike like things at night while you’re resting. So if you go to
bed angry, then that information is going to get filed on a memory tree with other times
that are like that in your brain. When you wake up and you remember that thing that happened
the night before, guess what? Now it’s filed with all the other times that that person
has done that because they’re all grouped together and boy, there’s power. Now, there
is a lot more anger, anger, action plan and bad things, and even
open the door for demonic. The Bible gives directives there and we understand about we
want to get going to bed angry. We don’t give ourselves and that’s really important. And
we see in the Bible, Jesus, there’s instant. Jesus got angry. I mean there was times, I
don’t know if you’d call it angry, but he got frustrated, certainly talked with the
ferris easy, got angry, frustrated with the disciples. But why couldn’t they get this,
you know, singer, right? Well, and so it was just human error. I mean, we understand Jesus
was fully human and also so he got angry and you know, but then there is the element. You
talked about the righteous anger in, you know? Yeah, they’re right in the gospels rather
than what he went through the money through the template, right over the tables and the
weapon that he was not a happy camper. So that was definitely, he was angry at the situation, not necessarily
at the individuals, but he was angry at the way had come into the temple. So I think that’s
a dip definition between right to singer and just anger is your righteous anger is that
you’re angry at a situation or you know, a movement or whatever. Ah, unrighteous. Anger
is when you start focusing on the person. Yeah. Yeah. I think that’s a good distinction. And
so you know, many people, once again we will come back and they’ll come in and find this
and they’ll say, well I have an anger problem and you know, there’s anger management classes.
Twenty six weeks. I did some research on it. Even the secular realm and yes, some of them
are pretty extensive and we’re here near the air force base here in Tampa and so in the
military if you have problems or identifies anger problems and you go to these anger management
classes and some of them can be pretty extensive. Man and I’ve experienced that. I’ve had a
lot of times as many people go to them, but they’re. Their lament many times is they don’t
work. I won’t say the name, but I do remember a
nascar driver. They got sent to a 26 week me and anger management thing and it was after
he finished his anger management, he was out there throwing wrenches in his stuff right
there on the track. It might not have been totally effective, but the whole idea, the concept behind those
ones going to research some of those things and you can, you can find the courses. There’s,
there’s certain techniques that they teach or the things that you do, you know, if you’re
start to feeling angry, try reading deeply, talk positively, you know, capture your angry
thoughts. Uh, you know, slowly repeat a calm word or phrase count to 10, you know, and
so consumed with trying to get out of the house, you know, consider the value of physical
or regular exercise. And there were some people take out their frustration, the boxing bag
that’s good hanging in their house or they or they go exercising. And so, um, you know,
avoid the, avoid recreational drugs, don’t drink alcohol, all sorts of good things. Get
support and all these are good or nice or positive or not trying to minimize these things.
These are good skills listening skills. We’re gonna. Have a laugh at yourself. And so all
these things, these anger management techniques and those are good and those can be beneficial
and those can be helpful. And so, but the problem is, or the issue is, many times people
are dealing with these things and they say, I can’t control that. And that’s where the point where you say,
OK, I really need, I really need to get some help here. And we’ve covered on those. If
it’s not working, you know, if you’ve tried everything, then what were you encourage you
is to be open to the notion that maybe you have a demonic strong at work in your wife.
And so once again, if this is the first time you’ve heard us or haven’t heard a lot of
our teachings and Phyllis, for somebody who’s new, just explain really what, what is it?
Demonic strongholds in a person’s life in general. It’s uh, it’s, it’s, it’s a pattern or a pattern
of thinking where you know, something triggers it and it just, and you, and you can’t get
the victory over it. You can, you can try to take our thoughts captive. But this thing
is driving you from the inside and you, and it’s an area of your soul that refuses to
submit to the ruling authority of Jesus Christ. So by saying that, I mean that if you are
moving and anger, then chances are you’re not submitting to the ruling authority of
love. If you’re moving in impatience, then you’re not submitting to the fruit of patients,
so it’s oppositional to what God would have you walking in, right? It’s like the word demonic and strong.
What are you put them together because the word stronghold that has a lot of connotations.
It’s used in scripture and I to just to be clear, crystal clear, but we teaches it behind
this demonic stronghold can be a demon spirit spirit and the spirit is resident in our soil
and that’s an important distinction when we talking about what’s it going to go over all
this again, here even spirits exist outside of us. We need to resist them, we need to
discern them, but deliverance is the driving out of demons and people can have, for instance,
a demon or a spirit of anger in dwelling in our there that spirit. Then that’s why these,
some of these techniques and all these other things won’t work and praying or fasting.
There are some people I’ve heard people say, well, that only comes out with prayer and
fasting. Well, my answer to that and say, look at that
scripture in context. When Jesus didn’t go away and pray and fast before he delivered
that person, he thought he did tell that person to go away and pray and fast. So you know,
that’s not the application. I don’t have the proper application or that description. Right?
Right. Though we’d ever also means, so deliverance though is the driving. I don’t. We need to
get that spirit out. So the indicators are that if you, the things aren’t working, you
can’t get the victory. You’ve read books, you’ve talked to the pastor, had counseling,
you know many times for a lot of people trying to calm down, take medications, and that’s
the best time of year world. That’s where the the avenue that people hold to and they
go to a mental health professional. Many times that person is a, they will end up writing
them are prescription, right? And so those are indicators for us as demonic strongholds
in. And so we’ve seen those. We’ve seen people come in here within the realm of demonic strongholds,
haven’t we? Phyllis? A lot of times they’ll be very quick to tell
you that it’s not them. It’s something that’s in them and so that’s when you know that there’s.
There’s A. There’s a demon behind it, like don had just said, so that they can recognize
that something is driving them from the inside and that they know that that’s that, that,
that that is a demonic activity that they have no authority over, so I your good words and we hear that. That’s
a clue for us when we’re listening. We have, as an interview, people will use the words
and say, it’s not me. It’s something in here, and once again they only have the words for
it, but when we introduced the concept, well maybe it’s a different experience in the EU
and sometimes that brings people some sense of peace and understanding because they have
hope for the first time. Yeah, they do get hope. When you start to
explain it to them, they get excited because they’ve not understood with what they fighting.
Like you were talking about that they felt like they’re fighting with the air. Oftentimes,
you know now this is giving them something to take a at. Exactly. When we talked about there’s open
doors for demonic strongholds in a person’s life. I remember or dealt with a couple or
a couple. One time came in for marriage counseling. Think each of them had been married before.
There had been made at least I believe the husband maybe three times that marriage was
in trouble because of anger and he had an anger issue there and it would manifest at
different times in his life. Very laid back, but in terms of the interview that I had with
him getting his family history, his background, even when we went through deliverance, there
was a major manifestation of that spirit of anger. When we called it out and it turns
out in our part of the remembrance and it really only happened during the deliverance.
He remembered his times into the child with a father who was abusive towards him at different
times and when he misbehaved, his father would lock them in an ice cold for hours. At a time, and I think if somebody he buried
away and reflected on it much, but that was believed that that trauma in his life was
an open door on my other thing is you know, toward, for that anger to be resident in him.
And the Lord dealt with that. That spirit came out and it really was transformational
for him, but that because that spirit had been there for a long time, it was manifesting
in his life and his relationships. But one of those open doors was, eh, you know, maybe
there was others, but that encounter, that happened, those times where he get locked
in the ice cooler, that rage or that, that spirit would just manifest. And it was his
marriage. And uh, but that’s an indicator of a demonic strong spirit of anger that was,
that wasn’t working his life. And we’ve seen that at different times in people’s lives
where when they can’t get the victory is because of the spirit there. And it got there some
way. Somehow. I’ve got kids that, well my kids, but people
that have come in where I’ll ask them when they’re dealing with that spirit of anger,
what was the moment in your childhood where you said, I will not be a victim to someone
else’s anger? Generally they’ll have a parent or someone that’s a an abuser or they’ve been
bullied at school or something’s happened to them and there’s always that place that
where it switches. Every single person that I’ve had that deals with anger knows that
moment they know it or it’s switched where they said, I am never going to take this again.
I’m going to be the punisher and in that place I. well it, it, it overtakes them because
they won’t. They can’t take it anymore. You know, they can’t take it anymore. And so there’s
just a switch and then that’s when they start using the anger. That’s the moment I always go back to and
deliverance is that moment. Who was that person? Who was that person that bullied you? And
we bring, you know, we have to break the soul, tie with them and call that spirit out. That
came in because there’s so many things have have children who are bullied that become
bullies. So many statistics on that now that that. But that is that place, you know, always
they’ll always tell me, yep. I remember when my father was beaten the crap out of me that
I just said no more. I’m not going to take it anymore. Or I remember when that bully
at school was beating me up and I thought no more. I’m not gonna take it anymore. And
they actually will tell you that once they became angry, it gave them power. And I’ve
had, you know, one, one of my, one of my lovely clients, I used to call her my fighter girl,
but she, she was in a family with a long history of fighting and beating up people and that
was the way they dealt with people in their family. Even with each other. They would just beat
each other up and she remembered at six years old, sucker sucker hitting one of her family
members, punching them and just doing some damage and thinking to herself, I have power
now. I’m in control. And when she came into the office to go through deliverance, of course,
at this point, you know her marriage is wrecked. Her relationship with her children is on,
on the ads. Every. Her anger has destroyed her workplaces and things like that. She said
she looked straight at me and she goes, I learned a long time ago that in order to have
power in my family, anger was my friend. And I said, can you repeat that? And she said,
anger, anger is my friend. And I said, wow. And so then I did some research on that. You
know, we’ve talked about this before. Spirits of anger, anger, spirits have souls,
or it could be a personality. Personality, Spirit, spirit itself has a soul because it
can think, it can rationalize, it can reason. We’ve talked about that in Matthew Eight,
28. But when you make it your friend, you can actually create a soul tie with a spirit
of anger. You get licensure when you start saying things like, it’s my friend. So I actually
with her, I broke the soul tie between her and a spirit of anger. And I called out that
spirit of anger and boy did it manifest. It manifested. Now that’s happened with two of
my clients, big time, and both of them went from being combative, miserable, angry people
to living a life of peace. So they had unwittingly people they probably
didn’t sign up for it, didn’t have understanding over, but in the whole realm of spiritual
warfare, demonic realm got by Hosea [inaudible]. God says, my people perish for lack of knowledge.
Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to understanding these open doors, but we see it happen a lot
where sometimes people in vitamin, sometimes it’s things that are done to people, right?
Abuses trauma can be those open doors to just really say that, that and so that. That was
her friend that was her friend. Now she said it was her
friend because it gives them power. That’s the worst. They learned how to have authority,
not authority. Certainly they had power power from the demonic kingdom and it actually kept
their, their relatives away from them. They would say, I can tell you one thing, my family
didn’t mess with me. They have good boundaries. I’m like, well, I don’t necessarily think
those are good. Probably afraid in. The thing is we’ve talked
about that. Sometimes people say, it’s not me, it’s something in me, but many times we’ve
had people in here when we can do this teaching and if people had fights, they say they’ll
look at their spouse. Maybe they look at their height wife or their husband and say, and
they. They seem. It’s different. It’s not them. It’s something in them. They will see
it and some people have even said, I’ve seen their eyes go read their eyes and it sounds
like something out of a movie, but it’s not. It’s just that what you’re seeing is that
demonic spirit in that person manifesting and we it is driving the bus. It’s like that.
You know, weren’t that person if they’re a Christian or a demon possessed, but that demonically
spirit is strong. They’ve handed over control and that spirit gets to drive the bus for
awhile and you see a lot in the prisons we’ve talked about before. Out of our prisons are
full of people’s spirits of anger. Anger, rage, button gets pushed. That spirit, we
yield control, manifests in great damage, happens as a result of that and a of times they’ll think, you know, they
can stop the anger or they can stop the rage. I can try to keep it down. But once you cross
over from a spirit of anger to allow a spirit of régine where there’s either been physical
violence or some other kind of violence, there’s no going back. That spirit is there. You know,
that spirit needs to be cast out. I’ve had, you know, different people that have come
in from prison that had been put away for domestic abuse and I’ve been remarried and
they’re dealing with the same things over and over again and they can come into the
office and they look like the most perfect person in the whole world. But underneath
that is that rage and that anger doesn’t take a lot to get rid of it. And then they’ll say
that they were, you know, they were model prisoners, model prisoners because they didn’t
have, they weren’t, they weren’t going to be fighting in prison. But once they got out
and they got back into relationships, usually with, you know, either men or women, then
that thing would start to stretch back out again and get bigger and start getting angry
and move back into its usual pattern of rage. So it can’t be, can’t be kept down necessarily
needs to be needs to be cast out. We haven’t even talked to address it in this
context, but people’s different temperaments handle anger differently. Certain temperament
types, maybe they call Eric type or the sanguine type timberlands. They get angry, they will
explode and they’ll just, they’ll, you know, they will just, you’ll see it comes out. But
other temperament types times of melancholy types or the supine types, they get angry.
It doesn’t. You’d like you see, you don’t see that goes inside and they call it hurt
sometimes. Yeah, there’s certain templates. It are. You hurt my feelings and some people,
they don’t show anything. But invariably, and if you read the news accounts and you
don’t have to go very far. Many times these people who would go back into the workplace
or go back and they wreak all sorts of violence people while he was so quiet and never said
anything, but what do you see is that spirit of anger and rage, whatever’s it however it
comes out and it does manifest and those are obviously demonic stronghold. That’s just more than just somebody got angry.
It’s like there’s a razor and the spirits behind these, these demonic strongholds and
work. So just kind of by way of review, I mean, you know, English and emotion. There’s
not a demon behind every problem in a person’s life. People get angry and we can learn how
to manage and deal with anger and certain techniques and doing some of these things
are, are, are good, and we can learn how to control our anger. You see it with kids, you
know, Tamar, they learn how to control it so it can be done and shouldn’t be done by
then. Those areas where you can’t control it and it’s consistently loses it and there’s
a lot of damage is damage all the way. Oh, I was like a wake of a big ship. Those are
indicators for us and my other is near. It’s not me. It’s something in me. If somebody,
honestly, those are evidences of demon spirits at work, right? In a person’s life. So what’s
the answer for that? Deliverance is the answer. W we always say you can’t counsel demons.
You need to get them out so you just, you don’t want to be dealing with. I mean anything.
And the other thing is too is if you’re dealing with someone who has anger, you don’t want
to like bind it in front of them, either. You don’t want to like say, I bind that spirit
of anger in you because the spirit of anger will actually manifest and probably go past
to rage. If you pay attention to it, demons love it when you, when you glorify them. So
if you start speaking about [inaudible] or binding up anger in front of the person who
is angry, I gotta tell you that’s one of the places you’re gonna. Get into the worst mass
because it will come out and meet you. So you need to get, you know, have some privately.
Yeah, privately, maybe in the bathroom, locked the door. Exactly, and I think that’s important because sometimes
people discern the spirit and I’ll just walk up to that point. It’s like, OK, knowing and
having the sermon and what to do with that is there are two different things, so we encourage
people to just like you said, if you discern the spiritual struggles and it can be anger
or whatever in a person and your loved ones, you get off by the Lord and you pray and you
bind the Matthew Sixteen, you bind up the demons, you loosed the Holy Spirit upon them,
and yes, you do need to have proper boundaries. You need to do some things in the natural
to to cooperate with that. Absolutely. But if it’s a spiritual struggle like that, you
bind those up and he’ll lose the holy spirit. You definitely, definitely do that. And so
that that’s important too, that people understand that that’s the proper way to handle that.
Phyllis, any final thoughts or anything that you’ll want to share with people? Say if they know where their anger came in,
you know, we’ve talked about this several times about breaking the ungodly soul ties
with a lot of the people that are angry at or that place where they remember where it
switched for them. I would break the emotional, Zigbee people that they love, and if you don’t
understand soul ties, go back and check out some of our. Forgive them podcast, forgive
them, I’m drop judgement against them, break that soul tie, pray a blessing for that other
person. That’s all important. You know, and don’t use anger as your God given self defense
mechanism. I mean, it is not, it’s not what protects you from being abused. It’s not your
one emotion only you know, anger is not your friend. Then it’s time to face what anger
has done to your life and your relationships and come out from behind that emotional while
bitterness and live your life fully and there is help and hope. Exactly. And I, I, the one thing I would add
to that too is look up your family tree. You know, if you see a lot of anger, you know,
say Gosh. Yeah, my mother was angry at my grandparents and those are evidences indicators,
probably give it a generational curse at spirit of anger at work in and that’s kind of repeating
down through the generations, visiting through third and fourth generations and once again,
those are indicators that you are going to benefit from deliverance. Counseling is good.
Deliverance is is essential, getting delivered for if it’s demonic, stronghold at work, so
we hope that’s been helpful for you, giving us maybe some food to chew on, things to think
about that you haven’t thought about before in this realm of anger, we’re going to be
doing more of these I’m sure as time goes in on other topics as well and and in general,
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  3. Interesting subject and would love to follow your videos but blasting out my TV surround sound speakers with your intro is very disturbing. After turning down the volume from your loud intro, your voices are then hard to hear. I then turn the volume back up to hear your voices, then it sounds like you have your microphone inside a box making your voices reverberate. Just trying to give some helpful insight from an actual viewer.

  4. SO TRUE!! rage is absolutely demonic. everything discussed in this video is a hundred percent correct. I have experienced it personally. My husband has anger / rage struggles and if you look in his family every single person has it. I have just recently become aware of Deliverance and thank you God. You showed me.
    … but before I had the knowledge I needed about this I did BIND the spirit of anger in front of my husband during one of his rage episodes and I'm telling you absolutely I saw him go from mild anger fit to an absolute crazy insane bloodthirsty rage war. And yes I say War because it was a war. Not physical but he had one goal and that was to cause pain and destruction and defeat the enemy which was me at that time. I saw this first hand. This is absolutely spiritual battle. I've been watching this channel for a few weeks now and I absolutely love it. I feel like so many questions have answers now and I have hope that I did not have before. I am saving money 4 myself my husband are two children and my husband's brother to travel to see someone for deliverance. Either John George out of Florida or your ministry. Hopefully in the next month we will have everything together to go. It's all I can think about because I know it will save our family. Thank you Donald and Phyllis so much for All you do. there is such a huge huge need for this teaching and I think many many many Christian just choose to not go near the subject because of fear of persecution over it. Persecution from other "believers" and fear of being an outcast. thank you for not allowing fear to keep you from God's calling. It is such a vital calling. Life or death. Thank you and may God bless you abundantly here on Earth and in heaven

  5. No doubt the HOLY SPIRIT has led me to your channel. God bless you all for your indepth knowledge. This has been a true blessing to me. I pray God would lead others to your channel and that it helps them as much as it has me. Praise God for you!

  6. Very helpful in clarifying fundamental precepts of anger and how strongholds are established and evidenced. Thanks

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