Tell you what. How would you kill a cow? How will you kill a cow? You’re a natural meat eater. How do you kill a cow? You’re a natural meat eater, you don’t need to use weapons. Lions don’t use weapons, do they? Exactly, but then, they’re natural meat eaters. But, as a natural meat eater… Exactly. But, as a natural meat eater, you shouldn’t need to use guns, or knives, because you could kill the animals yourself, naturally. No, no, because if you’re a natural meat eater… You’re not though. You take a lion on. Fight a lion, who’s the ultimate predator? No, but you, you can… That’s a device. Yes, but you are not a natural meat eater. The word natural means nature. You’re not a natural meat eater, because you’re using guns. But you don’t have to eat both. But you don’t have to. But you don’t have to. I can, I can eat a dog. I can beat up a child. Just because you can do these things, doesn’t make it moral to do them. Yeah, okay, so how do you morally justify killing an animal that doesn’t want to die? No animal wants to die. No, but can you? All it takes is simple logic. All it takes is simple logic. If you inflict pain on an animal, they avoid pain. They don’t want to have pain inflicted upon them. They have a preference to live their life, like you and I do. What right do you have to take their life from them? It’s not how the world works. That’s not an answer. How do you morally justify, how do you morally justify killing an animal that doesn’t want to die? That isn’t a moral justification. Yes. But they don’t have to. How do you morally justify taking the life of an animal that doesn’t want to die? That’s not true. Yes, it is. But that doesn’t make it moral, does it? But it doesn’t have to be that way. No, it is changing. This is why we’re here. I don’t know if you are, but the world is, the world is changing. You’ve got, Nando’s has vegan burgers, GBK has got vegan burgers Yes, but they didn’t used to have vegan burgers. They do now, because the world is changing, because there’s a demand for it. Yes, but there is a demand for vegan food, because there are move vegan people coming into existence. Okay, great. It is changing. Yes, but it’s changing. It is changing. But why… Yes, yes people will still eat meat, but the world is changing What moral justification do you have to take the life of an animal that doesn’t want to die? An animal, an animal has a preference to live their life . All animals, dogs, pigs, cows, chickens, have a preference to live their life. Irrelevant, irrelevant. Irrelevant. We don’t have to eat meat. You don’t have to do it. People in China eat dogs. So, if I choose to eat dog, is that moral? How do you humanely kill an animal? What does the word humane mean? The word humane means having, or showing, compassion or benevolence. You can’t respectfully kill an animals if they don’t need to die. And you didn’t respect them when you killed them, did you? You cannot respect an animal if you’re taking their life form them unnecessarily. But you kill them? Yes. But you kill them. So, say I have the utmost respect for dogs, but I kill them? If someone rescued dogs from a shelter and then killed them, would you say that they loved them? But the animals you kill aren’t in pain. You kill them unnecessarily. You don’t have to. You can make a living doing something else that doesn’t involve killing innocent animals. Why? Why? Why should you… Why do you think you have the rights to take the life of an animal? But we don’t have to. Well, take a child to a slaughterhouse then. Take a child to a slaughter house, let them see a cow being killed, and tell them that that’s normal. So it’s horrible? Right. But it doesn’t have to happen. It doesn’t have to happen. It’s horrible because it’s wrong. It’s wrong. Yes. But most of these people won’t kill the animals themselves because they don’t think it’s right. You ask… You do, but you’re an exception. Most people here, most people here won’t kill animals. Yes, but most people here in Britain won’t kill animals themselves because they don’t think it’s right. What animals do you farm? Okay Yep But the fact that you farm these animals isn’t natural in the first place. Until they die. Mate, I don’t doubt that you look after your animals. And I’m not saying that you’re a bad farmer. But, if you kill them you don’t respect them. What I’m saying to you is you may give them a good life, but you kill them. But you kill them. The only reason you l;ook after them is because they are profitable to you. If those animals didn’t make you money, you wouldn’t be looking after them. Why don’t you kill the dogs? Why don’t you kill the dogs? But what’s the difference between killing a sheep and killing a dog? But that’s only your perception of them. But, the only difference is… But why does the dog get to live because culture has told you that they’re a pet? What’s the difference? Yeah. It used to be culturally normal to have a slave. Slavery was culturally normal. But would you have said… Why? Just because it’s culturally normal, doesn’t make it moral. Yeah, yeah. They’re alive, they feel pain. That’s all that matters to me. Yep. How? So how did sheep survive for thousands of years? No, what’s nieve is thinking that animals are here for you to kill for an unnecessary reason. That’s what’s nieve. You don’t have to kill animals. And you don’t have a moral justification to do so. You don’t have to do so. Yes. There was a farmer recently that gave away £48,000 of cattle because he was vegetarian, he inherited the farm. No, no, they got given to a sanctuary. They’re in a sanctuary. He didn’t sell them, he could have got the money. He could have got the money. Yes, what a lovely chap. They’re in a sanctuary. They’ll live until they naturally die, like we will. And like all animals should be able to. You can farm other things, what about organic vegetables? What about vegetables? Well, farm them instead. Do you not think the planet is dying? IT’s not sustainable any more. Yeah. But why stop there? Why stop at cutting back? Why not go vegan? Look, it’s irrelevant We don’t need it, that’s the thing we’ve already established, we don’t. Well, we don’t NEED meat. We don’t need it. People don’t need it. Buddhists, hindus, you know, have not eaten meat for thousands of years. They don’t need it. None of us need it We evolved from apes that were plant based And maybe ate like, some termites of something. The original beings we evolved form were vegan. We began eating meat when we needed to, for necessity. It’s irrelevant. It is. Because we don’t HAVE to. We don’t have to. We don’t have to. You don’t have to put a non-human animal on the same pedestal as a human, you don’t ahve to do that. All you have to acknowledge is that the life of an animal is worth more than your taste. And if you acknowledge that, that’s all you have to do to understand why you should be vegan. You don’t have to see a sheep the same as you see a human. It’s irrelevant if I believe that. You don’t have to. Mate, you can go living your life thinking that you’re superior to non-human animals, that’s fine you just don’t have to kill them. That’s it. But you can make a living elsewhere. What we need, we need subsidies from the government, to help people transition. It’s not going to happen, but that’s what we need. We can work together to make that happen. Because you want to make money in the future. The world is changing, whether you want to admit it or not, and you yourself said that people need to reduce their meat consumption. so if people go by your logic, that means that you will still be losing out on business. So what we should be doing as vegans and as farmers, is working together to create a world that exists for both of us. And that world is a world where you can farm, but you farm vegan plants. So we get to eat vegan, we get to help the world, save the animals, save the environment And you get to keep your job. That’s why the subsidies need to go to people like you, to create a vegan farm. Not yet, but we can get there. Yeah I know, I know. But I’m saying, we’re not against you. We’re not against you inherently I think what you do is wrong, but I do not think you’re a bad person. And I want to see a world where you get to keep doing what you’re doing without harming others. We come at opposite ends of the coin but inherently, we want to see the same world the world where you get to live, and still do what you’re doing, which is farming, but a world where these animals aren’t having to pay the price for that life. Thank you. It is changing. It is, it is changing. And I don’t want you to be in a situation without a job. I don’t want that to happen to you. And I’m sorry we’re in a situation where people feel under pressure, because they feel that they’re going to lose their money and stuff. Realistically, we can live in a different world. It may seem scary, and it may seem like a big, drastic change from what we have now, but realistically, it is possible. It’s possible, it’s possible. It’s good to chat. The thing about this is the only way we change, is through having discussion with each other. Even though we might not always agree with one another, and it gets heated, we can disagree, but it’s good to talk. And I appreciate you talking to me. I’m sorry for being angry, but we’re passionate. Yeah, it is.


  1. LOL "natural meat eater" doesn't mean you have to literally kill the animal with your own hands like a lion.
    There are lots of animals that eat meat but don't make the kill themselves or with their own limbs.

  2. He thinks we should give animals a moral equivalence to humans, yet animals kill other animals all the time. Therefore he believes humans are superior to animals so no moral equivalence. Vegans are oppressing the third world where they cannot afford their local produce anymore purely due to increased demand from vegans.

  3. I would and have killed animals for food. Herd animals naturally stayed near humans for protection even with the understanding that some of their own would be slaughtered in exchange.

  4. Well were omnivores right didn't our appendix become a useless organ because we started consuming food that was easier for our bodys to breakdown? Idk if nautral is a valid argument though not sure why that vegan guy said it as though it was and the farmer still has things to learn. I mean the reason we survived so long was our intellect. Dolphins don't have claws or anything or razor sharp teath but they have a sonar and work on groups and heard fish in smaller tighter groups. Much like humans hunted in groups and would chase animals to corners and develop weapons to give them a edge. Many animals use tools to there advantage aswell intellect. There's a bird that digs with a stick for worms….was it born with this stick? No, does that mean it shouldn't eat the worms then because it didn't have that tool naturally? nooo. Not being born with claws etc isnt a valid arguments anyone should be able to agree with that.

  5. Im not against vegans but I am more in touch where my food comes from possibly even more than some devout vegans. I grew up respecting the land and respecting the food aswell as the animal. It becomes apart of you and it gives you life. Theres a difference between getting your food from some market and not being connected to is what's wrong.

  6. If you really want to support a sustainable food source its neither from meat like cattle or almonds etc. It would be from crickets no joke problen solved but none of you would do it.

  7. Jesus fucking Christ, it is so painful to listen to that idiot talk. He clearly has never had any of his views challenged before. No critical thinking or reflection. "How do you know they don't want to die?". Pathetic.

  8. This guys mind is run by labels and it's honestly horrible to listen lol my dad is just like this guy no matter how many hours I spend trying to change his mind

  9. What Vegy head don't understand is the world does not have to live according to his opinion , So Shut the F up and back under that rock you came from and leave people alone.

  10. This is actually sad. That farmer is so into this people common excuses to justife their bad habits, " I do it for my living", okay but ITS BAD. If you kill people for your living, its bad too…

  11. It's called a choice I'm going to eat no matter what vegans say. Vegan food is expensive as fuck. And what the fuck would we do with fucking cows. And how are they going to est since we will be eating there food now. And are they just going to be roaming everywhere

  12. Plus what in the fuck is where are all the animals going to go. Eventually we will be over run by chickens, cows and goats and every farm animal is out there.

  13. Facts: vegans are unhealthy, they're low on the nine essential amino acids (which can be acquired only from 3 vegan sources in small amounts), zink ( that's why most vegans are on low energy), creatine (that's why most vegans barely have any muscle mass), iron, CLA, omega 3, vitamin B12 and D. And much more minerals and nutrients that can't be queried from a vegan diet. All facts go study biochemistry or read. Also, most vegans are more prone to diabetes than meat-eaters because they get high amounts of fructose and crabs. Also eggs, beef, and milk are the healthiest and most nutritious foods in the world all facts. Love eating meat and vagtabls.

  14. here’s the thing, thousands of years ago we needed meat to literally live because humans didn’t really know how to grow so we needed to kill and eat meat but now we do have a choice we can live without meat now in modern times

  15. Looking at these comment sections, you vegans have been caught in a cult. You're spindly, malnourished, intolerant, sick and you need mental therapy.

  16. Why don’t u just let the guy be, if he don’t wanna be vegan then he don’t got to I’m not vegan and I don’t see a point in it, it’s life get over it

  17. Not sure if anyone will respond but say everyone went vegan what would we do with all the live stock? Simply let them go into the wild with little to no natural predators depending upon the state. Not sure about many other states but I live in tennessee and to my knowledge the only reason the dear population doesn't get out of control is because of hunting season because there are no more wolves here. Not to mention the human race is constantly expanding we'll eventually have to start talking more and more land for ourselves driving more animals away from there homes regardless of what we eat unless we start taking measures to control our population.

  18. Humans are predators. Look at the jaw it has fangs and molars, to chew plants 🌱 look at the position of our eyes. Animals with eyes on the front are predators. Animals with eyes on the side are prey. Point the finger at the creator who created us to function the way we do.

  19. You sure do meet the uneducated ones, Ed. Does nobody watch or read National Geographic? Or even about agriculture? They're called tools, not weapons. A good amount of mammals use tools; rocks and sticks. Those combined for man was a spear.
    Also we have incisors and molars, one is for tearing flesh and the other plants. Except factory farming is terrible. Animals, when in distress, release chemicals. This ruins the meat, I usually go for Halal. Animals deserve to be respected and live their existence in happiness before a painless death.

  20. There is clear historical evidence which shows that humans shifted away from a diet which consisted of root vegetables/tubers, and towards a diet high in fat meat. In order to get meat humans used highly advanced hunting techniques and developed technology such as knives and spears. There are sites full of animal bones covered in cut marks from sharp objects created by early humans. Why are you simply ignoring human history by saying if we are natural meat eaters we should have claws or whatever? We didn't need claws/etc, because fortunately we could outsmart our prey, used teamwork and created our own very efficient weapons. Silly argument. 🙂

  21. Guys I hope you aren't breathing air, as air contains microbes which your immune system is destroying. Are you better than a microbe? 🙁

  22. Ed, you say you “finally lost your cool” yet you only labeled the farmer as “angry” in the video title. Probably more accurate to say that this was an intense exchange between a vegan and a farmer, correct? I’m a fan, don’t get me wrong. And I agree with a lot of your points, which is why I am here. But this is one of the things that makes people dislike vegans: Portraying the other guy as the “angry” one when it’s clear that both of you are passionate. No need for the “angry” label, IMHO.

  23. I really like this guy. All of his videos contain civil discussions, even if they become passionate. Still civil. We need more of that in the world. I am 52 years old now and have always eaten meats and dairy until about the last year. For health reasons I decided to switch to a mostly whole food plant-based diet. I’m not vegan because I’ve decided to limit meat and dairy consumption to only special occasions and holidays. But most people these days who observe me think of me as vegan because I hardly ever consume animal products. For myself, primarily I’m doing it because I believe the whole food plant-based diet is much more suitable and healthy for human beings and because there are numerous studies linking meat eating to cancer, diabetes and heart disease.
    But I am also starting to think about the animals and the way they suffer. Particularly the way chickens are dealt with. There is no way any human being can watch videos of this stuff and not be horrified. I watched a documentary about this recently and I had to turn my face away. I couldn’t watch it. I agree with Ed that we can change our ways. We have done it all throughout history. Slavery was wrong, we knew it was wrong and we made the change to abolish it. Smoking was once considered very normal and widely accepted by everyone. Now it’s just the opposite and we are all better for it. I think we would all be much better off if we stopped eating animal products, mostly for health reasons but also for the environment. But I also have to say, all of you folks who agree with that while simultaneously supporting a woman’s “right” to abort her child really need to change the way you think about abortion as well. Abortion is another thing that needs to be eliminated from this world. The vast majority of abortions, let’s all be honest, happen out of convenience to the mother and the kind of life she wants to lead. Nobody gives enough thought to the suffering of the baby that is attacked and killed in the womb or sometimes outside of the womb. That is innocent life that in about 99% of the cases does not need to be destroyed. Many, many times I heard Ed express the point that we no longer need to kill animals for food. Well murdering innocent unborn babies is just as immoral and unnecessary as slaughtering animals for food. I’m sorry but it is not a woman’s choice to slaughter or not to slaughter. I think the one and only time abortion should be advisable by a doctor is when the woman’s life is legitimately threatened, such as in the case of ectopic pregnancies. Otherwise, we are talking about a separate life with its own DNA. It is a human life and we do not have a right to destroy it.

  24. humans are omnivores with a palate specifically designed to primarily eat nuts, grains, plants, and fish with the occasional amount of red meat. I don't get why people gravitate hard towards "vegan" or "meat eater". We are supposed to eat what we are created to do so. Killing livestock isn't at it's core bad, it's just that our species is so attached to beef, poultry and pork that we eat them in excess and we treat them as objects. Vegans also have to face a truth as well, which is that humans are mean to eat other consuming organisms as well…but just not as often as our society normally does.

  25. What does the vegan think will happen to the cows, pigs and sheep if everybody turned to be vegans, they would all be extinct.

  26. When you look at a vegan clip but the publicity before talk about how wonderful is the egg industry… bitch I already know de truth 😡🐔🐓

  27. I want to stop eating meat but I worry about studies out that talk about not getting enough nutrients. Can someone speak to that?

  28. 1:57
    they sell meat, because they try to earn money. if enough people start being vegan they don’t have to do it

  29. so as natural plant eaters we should just eat fucking grass or whatever is on the ground? no, we still use machines to grow and make food. point is, we evolved and we dont need bare strength to feed ourselves

  30. As a vegan I think saying "your body doesn't have a weapon on it so you're not meant to eat meat" is kind of an appeal to nature. Just because something isn't natural doesn't mean it's bad, and the strongest argument for veganism IMO is the moral one. Not "we're not supposed to eat meat"

  31. This man is fucking retarded it’s your choice he’s trying to push his point by saying things like is it humain or immoral or wrong to kill animals just because he doesn’t want to eat meat it’s down to choice take your morals and fuck off you don’t after eat meat well not everyone wants to eat vegetables all the time why not become vegan because we don’t want to

  32. Not gonna lie: I eat meat. I clicked on the video expecting to see a vegan get all mad and make a fool of himself and what I got was a chill dude respectfully having a conversation about his beliefs. This definitely had me thinking…

  33. Honestly it's just so hard to watch that guy talk about choosing to kill an animal as if that choice only affects himself and nobody else. I admire how you do these kinds of talks. I think as a vegan I can lean a lot from you.

  34. The dude sounds like such a naive, ignorant loon.
    It amazes me how so many of these people are the way they are because they CHOOSE to just be like their “culture” and be “normal” like “everyone else”.
    Like dude, grow a backbone and be your own person. We used to think that was an applaudable thing, to be an INDIVIDUAL. Stop with the group-think and do your own critical thinking.

  35. Also, he says “I can’t see it changing”.
    Well, would you want it to change? Because if so, it requires you and I to take the first step.
    Anything that has ever CHANGED required people who wanted something DIFFERENT, to change FIRST.
    This type of thinking he has is what kept slaves and sexism and every other bad thing a thing for so long.

  36. IT IS CHANGING and it will CHANGE soon the meat eaters will be the minority’s and after that it will be a vegan world. I believe it.

  37. Lol I watched this thinking you would loose your calm.. But well done love! You are ALwAYs debating with compassion, intelligence & cunning informational statistics! Thank you for helping me make the transition from Pescatarian to vegan! I started eating mostly plant based for my health ( not wanting hormones, antibiotics & bad energy in my body).. But you are helping me feel what I know deep down is true. Animal & our earths ability to live properly are more important than the “satisfaction of our taste buds”! And I do have to add that vegan alternatives are getting better and better. I try not to eat processed but if you are craving an old classic dish there are amazing options and they not only provide a similar taste but often better!

  38. Hey farmer guy, there’s market for child prostitution too. “There’s a market for it” is not a valid argument.

  39. 44 seconds in…this soy boy is wrong.   250,000 meat has been found in the teeth of humans….they didn't have guns.  We are meat eaters.  This week study show meat diet has no affect on cancer.

  40. If they ate the dog…its ok.    Democrats don't get dog and human baby confused.  Its not ok to kill babies and eat them.   I saw your month watering.

  41. Humans used to go to hangings as entertainment.   Kids included.   We are only a generator to 2 away from that.   So you can't say "most people won't kill an animal".   Put them in the jungle for 2 weeks on their own…they will eat dirt…and pray for a animal to come along.

  42. We don't eat dogs because they don't taste good.   Its been proven that dogs and cows have the same minds.   Yet we eat cows because they are yummy.   Otherwise I would be having lab for lunch today.

  43. "As a natural meet eeta, you shouldn't need a weapon."

    Eagles use fire and long drops to hunt. If they were natural meat eaters, they wouldn't need to do that.

  44. Okay so I’m not a vegan but “how do you know they don’t want to die” from the dairy farmer made me burst out laughing. What an insane defense.

  45. Vegans make a valid point with regard to the properties of vegan food. But to eat meat is a dietary choice its not a moral one. This is harassment.

  46. there is a distinction between animals and humans. That is the crux of the argument. There is no social participation in the voluntary abstinance of meat beyond the issue of cruelty.But even if there was, its not a moral issue to kill animals for food.

  47. Does any vegan have an argument outside of morals for being vegan? All they say is morals kill morals. Then they go abort babies where the fuck is the morals in killing unborn babies?

  48. Umm restaurants been selling salads and split pea and lentil soup, green beans potatoes hash, roasted potatoes, lemonade, baked potatoes, fried potatoes, wild rice, vegetable medley, steamed spinach… etc, lol. I Don’t eat meat but life is about choices man isn’t that your human right, to live the life you choose. I don’t go around judging people or wasting my time telling people things they’re already well aware of. Let people live their life and go on your own life path. How long do we all expect to live anyway. Hypothetically speaking.

  49. Personally I don’t agree in the domestication of any living species. If you’re a vegan and want to be one with nature should your pet be one with its own nature and not in slaved by you as a higher power idk I’m just thinking wild now lol

    buts does anyone have the same thoughts.

    I just hate to see dogs locked in someone’s house or confined in one yard, it’s not right. Don’t people think they want to be free too.

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