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(Intro Music) What to do when you are upset Hello there Inevitably in life, You’re going to line up with an experience which causes you to feel negative emotion. We call this an UPSET. An UPSET is essentially your internal guiding system telling you that at this current moment Your Actions or words or thoughts are not in alignment with your desire. Its essentially your inner compass telling you that you have gone ”off” due north. If you feel UPSET It’s critical to know that you *cannot* control an UPSET once it has happened. You can’t go back in time The reality is you’re feeling negative emotion. It’s how you respond to that negative emotion that makes the difference between going even ”Further off” course Or Allowing yourself to come back “on course.” So, that you’re headed due north again. When we don’t use an upset to cause us to become aware, what we don’t use it to awaken us that we have to become conscious of something we are unconscious of what we do is we tend to react! For example we slam doors or smoke the cigarette or yell at people or take an action that we feel gives us power over someone else. This reaction is the resistance to what’s happening and so it only serves to make matters worse! For this reason, I am gonna give you a formula to follow to create resolution once upset has occurred. Step 1. Re-arrange the order of the conjunct words that make up UPSET Once you do this, you arrive at an interesting truth. It’s in upset that you are being SET UP! by the universe at large. The universe is setting you up to be completely aware of something. You are being set up to awaken. You are being set up to integrate what is unacknowleged, unintegrated or heal what is unhealed within you Because it is a set up, acknowledge this is not the universe working against you this is the universe offering an opportunity Because the universe is alerting you to an opportunity to awaken you can treat an upset like an alarm clock going off or red flag popping up or my personal favorite, a meditation bell. But the discomforts of the upset snap you awake and bring all of your focus to the present moment. so that all of your conscious attention can be placed on the situation at hand. It’s best to address each upset as if that upset is in fact completely valid It’s not a question whether if its right or wrong to feel upset Its valid to feel upset. So instead of suppressing, denying, disowning, rejecting these feelings instead let yourself feel those feelings completely. Two When you are upset, your nervous system kicks into high gear it essentially goes into fight or flight mode trying to remove you from what it perceives as a threat Its really difficult to deal appropriately with an upset when your nervous system is in that state of fight or flight. So what I want you to do are the following things.

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  1. I needed this so much. I have so many memories that I need to work on because they run my life now. I am so ready to move on and have been. but things have scared me so much it felt impossible

  2. I came to think about something. Christian people in free churches, they sing a lot of praise songs, they sing out their happines and love to life. And the same goes with sad songs, it`s good to sing it out. Thank you!

  3. and what do you do if the person is unwilling to communicate at all and I don't know why. It is my only child.I am not angry just very sad.My biggest fear is dyeing alone. I just turned 63 and tonight that feels old

  4. I am more than upset. About some things I feel hatred. If I am a co-creator of the universe, why do I hate? I wrote about this recently in my blog regarding Antonin Scalia. Please help.

  5. singing is my drug!!!! no wonder why i love to sing so much, it is a miracle for the soul! I LOVE YOU TEAL!!!!

  6. Nice video, though I don't wholly believe her point that animals suffer any less than humans. In fact, that perception could be one of the reasons humans are so out of balance with nature.

  7. Thank you for the breathing technique. I have high baseline anxiety levels and suffer from panic attacks and this breathing set has helped me the most. We get waaaaay too much oxygen when were upset apparently and this technique is really great for getting the proper balance re-established,.

  8. I liked how she broke it down and explained the basics of why we get upset but I didn't like when she said humans suffer the most of any creature on this planet. Suffering is suffering whether or not you understand who is making you suffer or for what reason(s). Look up what animals in the meat, dairy, and egg industries are going through and I think you will quickly see few, if any, things a human can or has gone through can compare to that.

  9. teal, I feel very connected to you. I innerstand the abilities you possess and I appreciate your teachings and respect your skills. I love you xoxo Blane

  10. When we talk about animals we Must address them in terms of gender. The language we use is vital for educating others. We don't use "it" in regards to humans. So let us use he or she when talking about an animal. This is very important. Animals must receive personhood status legally and it all starts with the language we use.

  11. Thank you Teal. My husband & I have agreed on divorce although it is what we both want…I'm feeling deep hurt & upset. 13 years together & I'm now 30 years old. I'm feeling like I've never set foot into the adult world alone, I've always had him by my side. I hope this feeling will pass & things will get better. Feeling scared of the Unknown, feeling sad for our loss, hoping I can be a good single parent to our 3yr old son. Hoping that with your guidance & teachings I can stay due north as you put it.
    Many thanks as always
    Tara ❤️
    From England 🌍🙏

  12. I just want you to know how much you have truly help me move through a lot of my personal pain and hurt and blocks

  13. Thank you i really needed this and im very grateful. By the way could anyone please tell me that beautifal music that plays in her intro? Thanks. 🙂

  14. Because I carry a bucket of ice water around with me to dunk my head into whenever the need arises. Haha made me laugh!

  15. Thank you Teal! Really helped me accept how I'm feeling and understand it. Also I am having trouble with ocd , could you think about doing a video on that? x

  16. SUMMARY -UPSET – Teal Swan

    An Upset tells you that your actiins, words or thoughts are not in alignment with your desire
    Your emotional guidance system, your compass tells you that you have gone off

    It is about how you respond to the negative emotion

    An upset wants you to make conscious of something, if you dont become aware you react slamming doors, smoking, yelling making things worse.

    Handle a upset like this

    1. upset = set up by the universe to be completely aware of smth., to awaken, to integrate what is unacknowledged or to heal to what is unhealed within you

    This is the universe giving you an opportunity, to awaken
    Its like a alarm clock, a red flag, meditation bell

    Address the upset as it is complete valid, dont deny it, let yourself feel the feelings completely

    2. neing upset your nervous system kicks into fight or flight mode trying to remove you from the threat

    Breathe deep into you diaphram and belly, inhale for a count of 4, hold breath for 2, exhale gently for the count of 8, finish holding for the count of 2

    Fill your mouth with warm water, bend your head into a base of cold water covering at least two thirds of your cheeks, breathe through the noise in between dunkings
    Do this for a few minuets

    Sway or rock your body back and forth for a few minuets on your hands and knees or while sitting hugging your knees tightly to your chest

    Seek out pressure in form of tight holding, hugging or squeezing, cuddling

    Wrap yourself tightly in a blanket

    Your nervous system is also soothed by singing, so sing
    You can also use soothing music (create a playlist) while doing this process

    3. look at the recipe of an upset
    Isolate the specific ingedients that cause your upset

    Ingedients are:
    1. intention or desire that is opposed or prevented,
    causing emotions like hate, anger or helplessness, dispair, hoplessness
    2. a expectation that has been unfullfilled
    Expectations can be highly unconscious, causing emotions like disappointment and grief
    3. a unsuccessful communication
    Maybe one of you was not open for communication, or you or held back authentic truth,
    causing to feel abused, trapped, stuck, rejected, violated

    You have to become completely aware of your unfullfilled expectations, what you need to communicate what has not been accurately delivered

    Try to find the hidden core believes behind the situation that upset you
    > how to find a core belief

    4. take a close look at what you make the experiece mean
    Seperate the experience from what you make it mean
    Ask youeself
    What am I making this mean?
    > meaning thebself distruct button video

    5. the way to know if something should be happening is quite simple: its happening
    Dont think that this shouldnt be hapoening (what you mostly do)
    Suffering mostly is about things that are not but should be or things that are but shoulnt be
    This is resistance to the present moment, it puts you at war with what is, with the present moment, it prevents allowing

    Explore the question:
    Assuming this is supposed to be happening why should this be happening?

    Further Find out and list l the positive aspects about the negative situation

    6. if you dont find ease by the previous steps you deal with the trigger, a old wound
    Whatevet upset you are engaged in is a mirror of previous upset you had in your life, a deep unhealed wound, a unintegrated aspect of yourself

    Then the upset is calling you to take the light of the consciousness into the shadow of the unconscious in order to reintegrate the fractured part of you

    In this case dont try to feel better but sink into the feeling as deeply as you can to get better at feeling.
    Then you trace back to the original trauma which is reflected in the current upset
    > how to heal the emotional body video

    A upset is always a call for you to awaken, to make a change in your life, thoughts, communication, actions or the situation at hand

    Thanks Teal

  17. tela I have a phobia off. loud noise like fireworks and other loud noises how do I take control of the situation so ii don't get upset in public

  18. Hey Teal,

    I actually have been going through a process that triggered me not too long ago. (Well it feels not too long ago in reality it was 2 years ago). Regardless, there was a moment in time where I "had" to go to University. My father forced me to go to school and I rebelled and decided that I didn't want to go. However, he threatened my security by saying if I didn't go to school I would get kicked out of the house. A part of me was terrified and another part of me was exhilerated. I was about to resign from school in January but I decided to stick with it because I was like, well it's just another 4 months right. The thing was, my body kept giving me signals that it wasn't meant for me. My internal compass was going off like a red flag, or a meditation bell, every single day during school. It was so hard to ignore. I ended up supressing a lot of the present into my subconscious and became very arrogant, angry, and rageful. I allowed myself to feel everything that was pent up over the next couple of years and now I am at a point of time where I feel more at ease with myself 🙂 I just wanted to say thank you for this and that if anybody has gone through any difficulty with their parents, don't give up! And don't give in! Stay true to yourself and don't suppress your true feelings. Have the courage to be you regardless of the resistance you may experience! Thank you Teal 🙂 <3

  19. wtf ohhhh my goodness yo just blow my thinking and understanding. right that upset setup that's some deep truth right there. Bless you Teal this message just helped me alot

  20. I took your advice and started singing…hmm "Woke up this morning saw my baby's socks there on the floor, Woke up this morning saw her panties on the door, the toilet lid was open and that gave me three more chores. (2nd Verse) came in this evening that girl hadn't washed up one cup, yes i came in this evening that lazy bitch still hadn't gotten up, so i told her i was leaving and then she said that she'd fucked up. So we watched one of your videos and we both learned something new, yes we watched some of your videos and it stopped us feeling blue, we used the law of attraction now we're going to have a screw. THE END X. Sung to a slow blues btw.

  21. I got to admit this is no what i was expecting, also need to admit that I would be much easier with singing than dunking my head in cold water but desperate times call for desperate measures I guess

  22. Teal your videos help me immensely. I'm going through a very difficult time right now and i keep reacting to those around me who are negative. I was recently told i wasn't self aware. I'm searching for how to attain a deeper knowledge of myself

  23. I wanted the universe to solve my problems for me, not destroy my life to give me an ‘opportunity’ to solve them myself. I hate the universe for giving me this opportunity. I would have preferred to have died. Why does my larger spirit not care what I suffer? It really makes me angry at it. That is an understatement btw.

  24. I feel like We add meaning to painful experiences to understand that emotion energy the same way we do for other things we do not understand. It’s really a distorted perception because there was never any meaning to it in the first place in that case. I believe instead that we attach physical meaning because not all of us have elevated beyond the physical dimension/plane and that is as much as we can make sense of for things that are beyond this plane of existence. Sex for instance is acted out physically but the meaning is far above the physical. We know how it feels but cannot explain it so the human brain makes up something it can understand. Same for sight. When we see something that doesn’t make sense, our brain creates a picture that we can make sense of. It’s an illusion, or perception.

  25. Even though I get upset of sad often, I do find good things of negative situations quite often

  26. I have been upset all my life as my father broke my heart but I get the singing bit, especially George Michael

  27. I don't know if she ever reads the comments but I'm not trying to be creepy or weird but I wanna shift to the reality and vibration where she and I become one.

  28. being UPSET is a SETUP of the universe for you. It is the universe offering you an opportunity to integrated those which have not been integrated.

    recipe of upset:
    – intention or desire that has bewn prevented or opposed
    – unsuccessful communication
    – expectation that has been unfulfilled

    real cause of human suffering:
    – what happens shouldn't happen
    – what couldn't happen should happen
    aka resistance to allowing and being in the present moment

    +what am i making this mean (th upset)?

  29. Analyzing emotions.What up with that? Trying to rationalize that which is irrational.Ain't nothing new here,Aldous Huxley dumbed down for dimwits..

  30. You are seriously my personal therapist , your videos help me so much and make so much sense. I have never come across anyone that understands and can explain things so truthfully the way that you do. You are so right and real and raw. I feel like I appreciate and respect you so much as a person and as a teacher.
    Thank you 🌟

  31. Teal you're a blessing .. thank you for the many highly useful ideas and the wisdom you share with us

  32. Teal is the most fantastic, brilliant, wise, gorgeous being, that has ever existed…
    This is my perspective, and as such, is irrefutable…

  33. Teal is the most fantastic, brilliant, wise, gorgeous being, that has ever existed…
    This is my perspective, and as such, is irrefutable…

  34. Teal is the most fantastic, brilliant, wise, gorgeous being, that has ever existed…
    This is my perspective, and as such, is irrefutable…

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