Understanding Hypnosis & The Unconscious

Have you explored your unconscious using hypnosis? Stay tuned. This is Damon Cart with NLP Gym understanding hypnosis and the unconscious if you haven’t already please click subscribe to this YouTube channel so you can get these videos on a regular basis the unconscious is a lot like outer space there’s much more that we don’t know about the unconscious than what we do know some people think of the unconscious mind as a scary place you may not want to discover the unknown parts of your mind and that’s a real shame because the unconscious is full of experiences and resources and feelings that you can reconnect with I heard dr. Wayne Dyer making an analogy one time that I when the first time i heard it i really didn’t quite understand it fully until i started doing NLP training and hypnosis train imagine it’s nighttime and you’re walking down the street and you see someone standing under a streetlight looking around on the ground and you walk up to him and you say what did you lose and the person says I lost my keys and you say where was the last place you saw your keys and he points up to a house where all the lights turned off in this dark and he says the last time i saw it was in my bedroom upstairs and then you turn to the person whose side are you looking over here then why don’t you go inside the house and looking there and the person says but the light is out here I didn’t quite understand that at first it sounded a little strange that i wasn’t sure when dr. Wayne Dyer met with that story but here’s the breakdown the light is consciousness and we tend to search for solutions and what we’re looking for by staying within the boundaries of what we already know and what we already comfortable with and we don’t want to go outside of that and we don’t want to explore the unknown we don’t want to explore what it might look like a dark and scary place but as soon as you shine a light on so it’s not so dark and scary anymore many times our solutions are actually in our unconscious sometimes the problem you’re trying to solve was created because a resource our skill and understanding you were once conscious of went unconscious and when you need to do is go back into your unconscious and find that resource and reconnect to it or that solution that experience or that skillset all hypnosis really is it’s a method to bypass the conscious to get to the unconscious to tap into that wisdom those resources and as gems and the conscious mind was really a filter it’s a way of protecting you as you become conscious of things you realize that people can be deceptive or things may not be like they appear to be and the unconscious can be kind of like a child wear whatever its told it just kind of goes along with it just kind of believes it just does it you develop a conscience to protect yourself so the conscious not a bad thing and it doesn’t automatically make the unconscious a good thing it’s all one mind and really really the truth is there is no such thing as a conscious and unconscious is really the same thing or not two separate things it’s just a way of categorizing the stuff that has fallen into unconsciousness that you’re not aware of any more and the thing that is basically which are shining the light on your consciousness is that light shining on whatever is being focused on this is really like meditation main difference with hypnosis is it’s a little more outcome driven goal-driven we tend to be a little wear and vicious when we’re doing hypnosis session we have a objective and an outcome that we want to get to and it’s more about getting a result immediately meditation is more like a practice that does something very similar you you go into an altered state and you drop down into the unknown parts of the parts of you that have gone unconscious and that’s more of a practice and i really recommend both what i entice people especially people who have never been hypnotized before the often come out of that saying that it wasn’t scary at all and that they’re pretty amazed that they had more control than what they thought they did and of course they think that because I give them an eva and don’t realize that i’m clocking around the chicken and flapping their wings in front of an audience only kidding I don’t do that there’s nothing wrong with relaxing and going deeper and deeper and deeper into your unconscious in your unconscious you can give yourself instructions to heal to perform better to tap your resources are offering you a free hypnosis session what would you want to be hypnotized to do to have our to be it’s the season for giving and I’m feeling that holiday spirit and I started thinking about putting together some free mp3’s that would be hypnosis induction directed toward doing something before I go and just make some random inductions I’d be curious to know what would you like what would you like to do more of our to have more up to be more of let me know in the comments below and you might just end up getting what you want as far check out my website NLP-Gym.com follow me on Facebook for real-time updates on upcoming workshops and free practice sessions and I hold right here in Santa Cruz California if you like this video please click like right down here and leave me a comment or question and don’t forget let me know what induction you would likely not an induction you’d like to have stay tuned to the end of this video so you can see how you can get your hands on a free NLP online training take care

7 thoughts on “Understanding Hypnosis & The Unconscious

  1. I quit my six figure job to start a company because I was completely miserable in my life slaving away in the corporate management structure. It's been five months and my personal stress levels are gone and I have developed coping mechanisms from a point of view I would have otherwise never had.

    If I were to make a request, I would like to have more separation from my previous life and mindset and more intense curiosity about the unknown future. I find myself over analyzing events to perfect a future response and to bring closure to them, but at this point there is nothing left to analyze and nothing new to discover. So how do I become more intensely curious about the actions I take to advance my business?

  2. I would love to be more courageous in doing new things and being more adventurous.. To drive more confidently on motorways and busy interchanges. I am able to put myself into a deep level of hypnosis and put in suggestions that I want and they really work on the day but seem to wear off after a while – not sure why?

  3. I think I suffer from depression as I experience low-mood: alongside anxiety and panic on a regular basis, however I have never been clinically diagnosed/assessed by a medical professional, alas hypothetically (and 'hypnotically' haha 🙌), without sounding selfish – I wish for an induction where upon the individual is inspired to break on out to the other side of depression. That's if I could wave a magic wand of course :-)!

    Great clip, riveting analogy… gratitude & happy holidays! John

  4. Is it possible to be hypnotized to want to go to the gym everyday? To exercise everyday? To make time "no matter what" to exercise? This would be so beneficial for many people from a health point of view.

  5. Hello
    I would like to forget the whole external world and become thoughtless for a short period of time to achieve the EXPERIENCE of me, my Atma, my SOUL. This experience is self realization which is the first step towards liberation. Generally, we have to reduce all the foul passions like anger, Ego, deceit, and Greed and all likes and dislikes in the external world and preparation. Chatter free mind, pure heart , no likes and dislikes. no foul passions. actually no passions.

    Hope you can develop Hypnosis for these achievements.
    Pradip Shah –
    [email protected]

  6. Thanks for the video. Well Damon I would have to say that I would desire to retain, accelerate and implement my new learnings. For example NLP, Spanish, awareness of ones state ( for anchoring ) etc……now that would be awesome. Whats your take or suggestion?

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