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at this point I don’t think it’s any
secret that James Charles has some anger issues and in this video we’re gonna
uncover some of the reasons why which might help him as well as you what is up
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so yeah in this video we’re gonna be talking about James Charles and his
anger issues in honor of the audio version of rewire your anger being
released alright but before I get started it’s very important to
understand this video is not for James Charles this video is for you so while
I’m using James Charles as the context I want you to see if you can relate and
how some of these anger management tips might be able to help you but that’s not
all so in this video I’m actually gonna break down some different incidents with
James Charles to discuss the three core foundations of the book alright so
basically the way I designed this book is I give a bunch of anger management
tools in there but there’s three core foundations to always go back to because
for a lot of us we think we get angry for all sorts of different reasons but
if we can remember three things we can typically manage our anger a little bit
better alright so here is foundation number one
this first foundation is by far the most important this isn’t just important for
managing anger either but for mental health as a whole we must always
remember that it’s a lot easier to fix ourselves than it is to fix others now
this doesn’t mean we need to allow toxic people in our lives but we’ll come back
to that later what this means is that we have a false idea that we can control
and change people I don’t know if this is ego or what but it’s kind of crazy if
you think about it I wasted so much time and energy just wishing other people
would change if my boss would just be nicer if my friend would have just done
this for me if my parents were proud of me then I would be okay
this is not a healthy way to live so yeah in the context of James Charles
like the dude is possibly getting angry we constantly seeing him going off or
you know on Twitter and all these other things like I actually just thought it
was pretty funny because in one of his most recent tweets he’s like I know I
haven’t been involved in drama in a while and I’m like sister you’ve been
involved in it quite a bit you know okay it is something like every other week
with this dude but the most important thing that all of us have to do is
realize realize that it is a lot easier to fix us than it is to fix the rest of
the world all right we spent so much time and energy just wanted people to be
different than what they are okay and you know when it comes to myself as a
youtuber or for you it might be your co-workers your friends your family or
whatever like if you sit around waiting for them to change you are gonna be
waking waiting a long time if not forever because that day may never come
all right the only the only thing that we have control over is how much effort
we put into ourselves and our own mental health okay so something that we start
to realize is that when we’re working on ourselves the rest of the world doesn’t
bother us as much but if I put most of my energy into worrying about how I
respond to the world rather than how the world is treating me my mental health
and my anger issues get a whole lot better so this is why this is the first
foundation where we have to remember on a daily basis that’s a lot easier for us
to us than it is to fix the rest of the
world and now foundation number two so what the heck do I mean by managing
expectations well first let’s all take a second to acknowledge that we’re all
major control freaks how often do we think these things like if everyone just
did what I thought they should do everyone would be satisfied including
myself life would be amazing if everyone just did exactly what I thought they
should do this world would be a much better place this world would be a much
better place if people would think and act the way that I think they should
because I know what’s best what’s crazy is that I often discuss this in groups
of 60 to 70 people and I asked by show of hands how many of you can relate to
this typically you see about 75 percent of the hands go up and I always assume
another 20% aren’t raising their hand because they’re either a full of crap or
B didn’t hear the question but think about this for a second if I think the
world would be great if everybody did what I thought they should do and if you
think the world would be great if everybody did what you thought they
should do you and I are automatically bumping heads as I stayed in the book
like this is the most important thing this is the most important thing and
when working with clients this is something I drill into our heads because
it was drilled into my head okay we need to manage our expectations of others all
right so James Charles what we’re gonna find when I get to foundation number
three is that a lot of this anger comes from insecurities right and people
talking bad about us and all this well like when it comes to releasing a
product or even releasing a video we have to manage our expectations so what
are the expectations that we have is that everybody’s gonna love it okay like
the way I manage my expectations is that I know I know that not everybody’s gonna
like me I know not everybody’s gonna like what I do here on my channel I know
these things these are a fact if my expectation is ever that everybody’s
gonna like me then I am setting myself up to fail right good in more of a wider
context you know like James 12 you know he might have expectations like a fan
should be this way right people who review my makeup should be this way he
people who review my music should be this way but for you it might be
mothers should act like this a father should act like that you know a
boyfriend should act like this or a girlfriend should act like that or a
friend should be this like every time we say the word should we know that that is
an expectation like why do we expect so much out of so many other people one of
the things that I talk about in the book is when I started writing this these
things down and what I think everybody should be and should do I started
looking at these expectations of other people and I’m like oh my god I can’t
even live up to these expectations so why am i putting these expectations on
other people right so for example I would write down a good friend would
never lie to me right then I looked at myself and I’m like I like it friends
you know what I mean or you know it was like a good father should be like this
but when I was first working on my mental health and in a bad place I
wasn’t being a best father to my son you know so well it doesn’t excuse the
behavior of other people we have to recognize that we’re doing a lot of the
things that we don’t even like and going back to the first foundation it’s a lot
easier for us to fix us than it is to fix the rest of the world so when I
started working on myself and improving myself my expectations of others started
to change because whether than expecting people places and situations to be a
certain way I’ve started accepting them just the way they are all right and
accepting people it’s really started to improve my mental health because things
weren’t affecting me nearly as much Foundation number three is all about how
anger is based in fear foundation 3 anger is fear what if I told you that
all of your anger was based on fear when someone told me this it made me pretty
angry it was taught to me that all of our anger is fear-based
and that sounded crazy because I’m a tough guy who has been through some
stuff I thought that I wasn’t afraid of anything so it was ridiculous to think
that my anger was based around fear the reality was that you me and everyone
else who is struggling with anger is dealing with a lot of fear as I
mentioned earlier in this book we think our anger is for an endless amount of
reasons but it’s not once we get down to some of
the root triggers we could also get down to the root fears a great example is my
relationship with my mother and all of the anger that I had towards her
that’s way anger is fear-based so I was actually going to originally make this
video like a week or two ago about Jeffrey star when he went off on Twitter
on some people but I think you know there’s some great examples with James
Charles but maybe I’ll do one about Jeffrey star to to give you some more
examples now how anger is actually rooted in fear and like I said in the
book like like I when you know my mentor told me this I’m like you’re crazy I
ain’t afraid of nothing right so for example when you look at someone like
you know James stalls or Jeffrey’s are you like this is there’s a strong
confident person you know but so many of us are angry based on fears so what I
wanted to do is break down three different situations where James Charles
has gone off publicly online got angry and how this might be rooted in fears
all right so first there’s the snapchat incident where people were critiquing
his rendition of God as a woman saying don’t watch the video like your comments
are so unnecessary I’m so rude what’s the point I posted the ending of my
videos today on the actual snap jumper on my Instagram to promote the video to
my in certain followers and I checked back up yours later because I was
filming all the I thought it were so nasty so rude and they all got thousands
and thousands of thumbs up too so based on that rant the fears that I would wake
out personally are fear of not being good enough and fear of being
disrespected all right so think about that real quick when
people are critiquing something that we do and we get angry about it is that
really from a fear of not being good enough or people disrespecting us right
the work that we put in the effort that we put in you know disrespecting our
craft we’re not being good enough out of a craft do you see what I’m saying like
I’ve noticed that the comments that make me the most angry and you see a lot of
youtubers talk about this is that it seems
the comments that really get under your skin are the ones that are based on
things that you might actually believe about yourself as well then there was
the marlane Estelle Netflix incident all right so those of you who don’t know
what that was so myelitis tell you know was talking
about how she’s in negotiations with Netflix to do Netflix to do like a
behind the scenes beauty industry type documentary and James Charles lost it on
online right there was a lot of Envy going on like why not me why not if you
want you know real stuff I come to me right so what fears might this be based
off of right fear of not being good enough and fear of not being noticed
okay like these are things that a lot of us
struggle with like think about at work think about when you get angry at your
boss while you’ve put in all this work all this effort right and then someone
else gets the raise or someone else gets the attention or someone else gets the
promotion right is that base is that anger based in a fear of not being
noticed is that anger based in a fear of not being good enough and most recently
is the situation with Ruben and those of you who haven’t watched anything about
the situation this is like soul-crushing so Ruben is a 13 year old boy who is
trying to become a makeup artist and grow and you know be be another James
Charles and it absolutely broke my heart seeing how James Charles was going off
on this kid who looks up to him right so let’s talk about foundation number two
is James Charles expecting too much of a child is he expecting a kid to be like
an adult way and especially when we look at our expectations going back to what I
was talking about James Charles has done a lot of the things that he doesn’t like
about Ruben and James Charles is almost 10 years older than this kid all right
is all this stuff starting to make sense so basically if you don’t know what
happened Ruben and his friend did a review of James Charles makeup palettes
all right and Jim Jones didn’t like it and if you go watch some of the you know
drama channels on this situation like T spill or Dustin daily or anything like
that like you notice like this kid didn’t even say
anything back right it was not even that bad well anyways then James Charles
didn’t want to invite Rueben to his meet-and-greet in the UK but apparently
Rueben didn’t here whatever and he showed up anyways and then Rueben like
you know he recorded a thing of like security helping him out and he was
being noticed and James Charles Foster he accused this kid of saying that the
event was for Han and all these other things and in my personal opinion I
think the kid was just excited he was excited that people actually noticed him
this security helped him out but this he’s a freaking child and public need
some backup so think about how James Thomas got angry at this kid but why did
he get angry was it rooted in fear possibly again
fear of not being good enough and fear of being disrespected so think about
that so looking at the makeup palette review that Ruben and his friend did
like is James Hall’s anger from that unfollowing this kid
getting mad at other people for negative reviews does it really come from a fear
of not being good enough all right and then in James perspective of Rubens
showing up to his meet and greet after James did not invite him to the meet and
greet or said he was uninvited to the meet-and-greet fear of being
disrespected so you’ll start to see patterns with yourself as you work on
these things like some like the things that I noticed that came up a lot a lot
a lot one of the biggest ones was fear of being disrespected or fear of being
talked down to or fear of being treated like I’m dumb right fear of being lied
to which also falls into fear of being disrespected
I also found a lot of fear of not being loved fear of being abandoned so I found
that all of my anger issues were based on these fears which is great because
when we go back to foundation number one again it’s a lot easier for us to fix us
than it is effects the rest of the world so if I can discover how my anger is
actually rooted in fears now I don’t got to worry about fixing everybody else now
I can simply work on overcoming my fears and once I do that life gets a lot
easier alright so again remember this video is not for James Charles if you
see this sister I will send you a free copy all
right kids but if you would like to learn more
about how to manage your anger again check out the link down in the
description below it’s also in the pinned comment the audio version of
rewire your anger is now out narrated by yours truly
so go ahead and check it out the book is only about 70 pages the audio version is
only about an hour and 20 minutes so it’s a very very very short read and
it’ll give you a lot of useful tools alright so if you can relate to this
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  2. Slightly irrelevant but also kinda related: I struggle a lot with anger/frustration issues with regards to sounds. Seems bizzare as heck if you can't relate, I know. But loud breathing, chewing, snapping gum, tapping . . . Repetitive noises. I zone in on it and its literally the only thing I can hear or focus on. I get so angry and frustrated that I've literally broken down crying, or have to leave and punch a wall. It's insane — doesn't make any sense to me. I'm never angry at the person thou, I know it's a me problem totally. I don't want noises to affect me like that. I believe it's called misophonia. I've never been diagnosed with it but i definitely identify with the symptoms.
    I'm trying to sort out how this specific issue might be related to fear 🤔

  3. This video came at the perfect time, dude. Love it when the universe does this.
    Anyway, I had a bout with my internalized anger last week at work. A lot of stuff around me (traffic, forgetting something important, not paying attention to what needed to get done) was causing anxiety/fear of losing control. It got to me so much that I was tempted to be like, “Hey, I need to go home, I don’t want anyone to see me like this,” and throw in the towel for the day. I gathered myself together, took some breaths, and made it through the shift okay. This made me realize how much I’ve been ignoring my anger and fear, and how I need to take time to love and care for them like they are my children.
    I’m seeing my therapist this week to work this out, super excited to get started on a journey of self-care. Thank you for your content, Chris. Definitely wanna buy your book in the future, might be a good resource to have in my tool belt.

  4. Please take a look at the stuff Gabbie Hanna is posting on her instagram and instagram stories. IMO she's demonizing medication which has proven to save lives. She reposted someone saying that medical diagnosis are "bullshit" just made up to make money. It's frightening to me that shes sharing this stuff with such a large and young platform.

  5. Unfortunately my problem was always having low expectations of others. I got myself believing that because I myself had faults that I shouldn't judge anyone too harshly on theirs and should overlook certain actions because, hey, I might do something bad sometime and I would want understanding. Instead i blinded myself to obvious red flags

  6. I think James has a long way to go but honestly he's come so far and changed a lot. I find myself enjoying him more lately, because even though I can't relate to his success or fame, he truly is a talented artist and I love having mainstream Queer folx. I think James has apologized for a lot of this stuff, and he admitted to being insecure about his voice so I think you're probably right about a lot of this stuff, just throwing in my two cents, because he definitely has changed for the better.

  7. Of course, I can relate to this. I mean, my anger is based on fears too. Fear of not being good enough, fear of disrespect, and fear of nobody would be my friend. I still have it, but mostly of fear that nobody would be my friend.

  8. This speaks so much truth! I have been REALLY angry lately. But really I'm not happy or satisfied, and I'm scared I never will be. Financially millennials have their unique generational hurdles and set-backs. Income inequality is growing, and life milestones are being pushed back because they cannot afford what previous generations had by their age. THAT. And… Global warming. Island garbage patches in the ocean, starving polar bears and melting ice, complete and utter destruction to the earth to which causes scientist's to speak of the threat of our extinction. It's hard for me to imagine being happy on top of feeling like there is no future. What do you do when you are angry about the bigger picture, with mounting evidence we are screwed, and how irresponsible humankind is being. I'm angry because I fear there is no hope of the future.

  9. I’m honestly surprised the sisters haven’t came for you yet. They’re like a mob of angry high school girls when anyone says ANYTHING about James.

  10. Sometimes I think "famous" people act like this because there are no real consequences. They arent going to lose all their following or money (if they do, its an insignificant amount). If I were to treat someone like this, Im pretty sure I would get hit.

  11. I was just talking about this with my mom. She wanted to donate some of her clothes but was worried that some of the local charities are too relaxed with who they give donations to and she thinks a lot of people get donations when they are really manipulating the charity. I told her "Donate clothes because it makes YOU feel better. You can't worry about how the charity runs it's organization or who is actually in need. Just donate because it makes you feel better about yourself and let it go beyond that."

  12. With regards to James’s rant about his God is a Women cover….he said on his collab Tristan Paredes that he was self conscious about his voice as he has a super talented best friend and he was the worst in the singing group he was in. So his rant was 100% based on people basically confirming his fear that he isn’t as great a singer as he wishes to be. Also he clearly was desperate to be famous ( his meme that originally went viral was staged) so now he is scared of losing that fame.

  13. OMG WAIT OKAY. So I was really angry today bc I felt like my opinions weren't being considered in a club and everyone just suddenly changed what we were doing and I can point out a few fears this is linked to omg
    1. Fear of being ignored
    2. Fear of sudden change
    3. Fear of not being valued

  14. James said that Reuben has talked smack about James behind his back in the past and that's why he didn't want him there. I think you're right, his outbursts stem from insecurity and he has said many times that he doesn't take criticism well and cares too much about what other people think about him. Add that to the fact that he has worked so hard to get to where he his on his own, I think he's used to feeling like he always has to defend himself and therefore always feels like he's being attacked. Instead of giving people the benefit of the doubt, his mind leads him to think the worst (usually that someone is judging him poorly.) One example of this is that he assumed Reuben showed up uninvited when it would be more logical to think that there was a miscommunication somewhere. This is all speculation, clearly, as I don't know James. I'm a fan of James and I think he's a genuinely good person but that his insecurity keeps causing him to shoot himself in his own foot.

  15. Check out this video by Haley Pham. She starts talking about how she is going to start going to therapy for the first time for anxiety around the 5.5 minute mark and I think you would like it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d1r7UGBDZl8

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  19. I have been in recovery and therapy for 6 years. My therapist says a lot of the same things you do. The best advice I have been given by my counselor is…. People will always remember how you reacted to a situation before they remember how the other person acted to garner such a reaction. Respond before reacting. Expectations = being let down

  20. this is a great response about James' attitude towards feedback / criticism from his audience. I keep up with James on social media and i think he is making it hard for his fans to give feedback / their opinion on his content or actions because he reacts in a way where he shuts down to criticism and and indirectly labels it as hate. No ones actions is perfect but everyone does need criticism in order to improve

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    Thank you for breaking it down into 3 easy steps. I always forget until I reflect on my anger after a situation.

    On a serious note, this is something that I deal with with BPD and it’s hard for me to either go completely hard on myself or hard on other people with anger. There’s no in between as you probably know. It’s what I struggle with the most. Anybody else out there, you’re not alone. I’m sure this is something you talk about in your book ☺️😉🖤

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  33. OH MY GOD foundation 3 explained A TON! when i struggle with something, i often freak out, and at some point, i just get extremely angry at everyone and everything. thought that was some weird personality trait or something! next time i feel like i'm going to lash out, i'll take a deep breath, and maybe talk about my struggle so that the other person understands why i'm so pissed and that it has nothing to do with them. now i feel sorry for yelling at people bc i was stressed and thought i can't handle all the things that are going on 🙁

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  37. YES. I like James’s videos and he’s super talented, but this behavior is not okay. He needs to learn to take criticism. Not everyone is going to like you or what you do. You can’t go off on them for it, especially when it’s about your business. But I completely agree that it comes from insecurity deep down.

  38. Anger being based on fear reminds me of something I read where it said anger can also be exchanged for fear "if your afraid of something, try getting angry at it to over come it"

    obviously this is only suppose to be applied to, like, life or death situations like getting attacked, etc.

    But its interesting that two intense emotions are so closely related

  39. Holy crap I just made the connection! Mel Robbins (a motivational speaker) recently did a video where she mentioned that the need to be perfect/ being a perfectionist is just a belief and fear that you are not enough. You are not enough or good enough and are scared to be criticized so you try to be perfect, because if its perfect no one can say anything.

    If you watch James' videos he sometimes brags that he is a perfectionist. It all makes sense to me now and I am mind blown.

  40. The problem with his behaviour in the public eye, or the way he responds to others behaviour, is that it has let him know what he can get away with..
    I think he isn’t insecure.. I think he is actually very privileged and infatuated with him self. He has parents that supported his sexuality, he was popular in school. The one thing i notice when people give him any type of criticism is he’s taken back, “omg how can you not be a fan of me” because everyone is drinking the koolaid. Is he talented yes but theres a point where you need to work on your insides.

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  45. Idk about anger issues, but he is very immature and his ego is way too inflated. I can never enjoy his videos because of that. He needs to understand when to choose your battles. You cant control what other people do but you can control YOUR actions. He should have dmed Reuben if he had a problem instead of putting him on blast knowing damn well his fans will go and attack that little boy. He also had the audacity to say "well I was 13 and no one gave me a free pass", but HE was not an influencer at 13. And he did stupid things too and people did give him a pass.

  46. This video perfectly described an ex-friend I had to cut off a while ago, the words “I’m angry at you because you handled that differently than I would” was a frequent thing I heard and this has been some confirmation that that was not a good sign. Genuinely wish that person the best but I couldn’t help them so I had to step away from the barrage of anger being fired at me.

  47. I’ve grown up struggling and battling an anger problem and dealing with my dads anger problem so watching this is just ridiculous. Having small outbursts and “going off” on social media is not an anger problem and in most cases he’s usually standing up for something. It is pretty offensive to people with real anger issues to just label someone with anger issues because they get angry online sometimes.

  48. You could take your points in this video and apply it to anyone. For someone who has a mental health channel this is highly incorrect. “Anger is rooted in fear” not if you have an anger problem. If you have an anger problem you get angry over people being incorrect, people not doing what you want, people doing anything other than what you expect. It’s not out of fear it’s out of control. If it does not go the way we want it it doesn’t make us scared it makes us angry. We do not fear being out of control because we always have situations where we’re out of control and we don’t have outbursts. In fact my household was a terrifying place and when I was truly scared I was never angry because I’d knew I’d make it worse for myself. It’s a selfish issue that can only be solved by whoever has the issue. The main emotion is anger. It’s in the name. As someone who has never experienced anger problems you shouldn’t just plaster this issue on him bc you think he’s a little overboard.

  49. Waiting for James to comment on this like he has done with every other video coming after him 🙄

    I seriously bow down to you for making this video! FINALLY someone sees how egotistical and hostile that kid can be! James seems to treat everyone around him so nasty, unless your relevant and have millions but even still he treats people like their under him. I hope he sees this video and takes notes!

  50. The whole Reuben/James issue just highlighted how much of a hypocrite James is. James loves to hide behind his age and the fact that he's young, when he's in a scandal he always brings up how he's only 19 (or 18 when he was). Yet he completely ignores the fact that Reuben is only 14. James won't let himself be held to the standard of an adult when he is one yet is perfectly fine to hold a child to the standard of an adult.

  51. I don't know anything about James' past or upbringing but he always gives the vibe of someone who has never been told no or even been criticised. Like with the comments about his cover, he looked shocked that not everybody was praising him like he'd never expected anything less than people gushing over his talents. In that video he reminded me of American Idol contestants who've been told by their family that they're amazing so when the judges tell them they're not they flip out and get aggressive.

  52. He's the type of person who would scream insults at people until they scream back at him so he can take his phone and cry on snapchat "Yall I am being a VICTIM of HOMOPHOBIAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :("

  53. I think James is a great artist & a perfectionist as well
    Which creates fear of not being good enough,
    Getting YT success @ such a young age,
    Gaining access to so much $$$$ to buy a house @ so young
    I think James is afraid that young makeup artist will steal his style ( so fear)
    He needs to mature,he's though worked hard for what he has.
    But now he's acting like a DIVA

  54. It actually seems like you're talking about the viewers in the beauty community, rather than the gurus in the beauty community. 😅

    Fixing ourselves first before worrying about instructing gurus on how to handle their life.

    Managing our expectations on how a beauty guru should act, how good their products/endorsements, when and how they should apologize, etc.

    Their anger is actually their fear of the gurus not meeting the expectations they place on them; that they're not actually the perfect person they portray online.

    I don't want anyone to assume I'm James Charles fan. If I watch any beauty videos, I actually prefer smaller creators, where the community isn't as toxic. Unfortunately, when a smaller creator has anything not 100% positive about their favorite creators endorsement or brand, they're torn to shreds.

    I'm not sure which side started it, the community or the creator, but there's a never ending cycle of bitterness and hatefulness that exists in the beauty community. People should really take your advice to heart and apply it to their online behavior, not think that it's all on these creators.
    One of my favorite Drag Queens, Raven, talking about rabid, hateful fans on social media once said "If your so-called 'role model' does so much shit you don't approve of, get a new fucking role model." 😎

  55. i like what you said about expectations a lot but i kind of disagree a little. For example, having expectations of how a friend or a friendship should be can be healthy because it can help you judge a quality of a friendship and if it's toxic or worth maintaining. Now obviously you shouldn't get mad or upset if things don't go your way, such as making plans and having those plans fall through. It's okay because lots of stuff is understandable and I think when you don't get mad and accept that stuff happens, especially when it's out of your hands, and you don't get mad at the other person. I think that's a healthy spot to be in and having some expectations in that regard isn't too bad

  56. Great video! That aspect of his personality never sat well with me bc he always seems SO quick to attack any and everyone for anything he disagrees with. I just contributed it to a lack of self awareness and immaturity, but I think you summed it up perfectly. And the tips to controlling the anger by working on ourselves and our fears first is amazing advice!!! Definitely something to think about 😊😊 Thanks!

  57. This is so nauseating. You give out completely unqualified advice on mental health, and use a well known artist to "illustrate" the points in the self published booklet you plug every few minutes. Using James to get more attention for a video that's just an infomercial for your book, about ANGER MANAGEMENT, then trying to pick apart the psychology of every little thing this 19 year old kid has done and fit it into your 3 little categories? You cannot judge a person's mental health, the sources of their problems, or their motivations from social media and if you had any genuine mental health training you would know how dangerous it is. Then to top it all off, your comments section is full of people celebrating your genius, and totally dragging James Charles for his anger issues. Look how much you've helped everyone!! WTG!!

  58. Shane Dawson’s series he did on Jeffery Star is a great example of anger and fear. Have you watched it? What are your thoughts?

  59. I feel like a lot of it boils down to not feeling deserving and the fear reaction is a response to the potential of that being reinforced or noticed by others. With the James example, in particular, I think you can go that level deeper to attribute everything to feeling undeserving or not good enough – which has been a theme throughout his growth on social media. The bulk of his detractors don’t think he’s skilled enough to have as large a following as he does and that his entire platform is based on lies. So, through that lens, you could see how fragile the whole thing must seem to him which gives rise to all these fears of failure, being proven undeserving, being disrespected, being replaced, etc. because all those things reinforce an internal negative dialogue. Honestly, it seems stressful and exhausting.

  60. I think a lot of the adults on here have to remember he's 19 year olds. How many 19 year olds do you know that are perfect? He has a lot of growing to do but I think he has a good heart at the core.

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