Tyra’s Frustrating Visit With Alex’s Family | Unexpected

– I’m grateful for Tyra. I mean, I know she doesn’t feel
well and she wants to go home. But she’s sticking it out for me Ow. [INAUDIBLE] Tyra look like she
about ready to die. Well, where is the baby? Where is the baby? Neither one of them got it. Here. Let me come on that side. We don’t care about them. Bring the baby. Got a couple of stitches
after having Layla. And I’m not supposed to sit-in
a bath or lift heavy things. So it would be nice if
Julie came out to help. This is gonna be rough. Look at that. Isn’t that sweet. Give her here. Don’t start. Do not start. Come on. I ain’t seen her. Alex’s grandmother and
his mom have both had kids. And they know how
hard it is, especially after just giving birth. Am I making you mad? I don’t care. I don’t care. Get up. I’ve been trying to wake
her up ever since I had her. – You don’t want to wake her up.
– Here’s fork. Yeah, probably. Yeah, because you’ll want
to hand her off to somebody. She’ll be hungry. You going to open your eyes? I’m telling you, you
don’t want to wake her up. Hi, Lay Lay. Tell her to get [INAUDIBLE]. She doesn’t [INAUDIBLE]. Uh oh. Uh oh. I know you did not
just wake her up. Uh oh. Here we go. Oh my goodness. That’s what I
wanted, you to get up. That’s what I wanted. Oh my god. Parenting 101, you never
wake up a sleeping baby. And I asked you
not to wake her up and here you are waking her up. Seeing my mom wake Layla
up after we specifically told her not to,
I mean, in a way, I kind of felt disrespected. It’s kind of frustrating. Oh, I was gonna ask you. Good god. Her farts stinks so bad. [INTERPOSING VOICES] I’m not even playing. Oh my god. It really stinks. She may have
messed her britches. This is a swaddle. Did y’all breastfeed? Or did you–
– No. All formula? I never did
breastfeeding none of mine. Me neither. Let me tell you,
it’s not the– it’s not the easiest thing. Are you ready? You need some better
situations or something. I don’t know. But y’all need to hurry
up so I can have her back. At this point, I’ve had it. They’re not thankful or helpful. All they do is laugh at
my struggle and I’m done. She don’t like you. She wants me.

100 thoughts on “Tyra’s Frustrating Visit With Alex’s Family | Unexpected

  1. Props to her for breastfeeding ✊🏼 it’s definitely not easy at the beginning and for the grandma to bring her down while she feeding with those nasty remarks 😤 y’all can at least help her or be encouraging

  2. His mother.is so damn ugly in every sense of the word. She mad she's ugly and nobody wants her rude homely ass so she's got to be disrespectful to others. If that young girl has half a brain, she'll run in the other direction and not look or go back. ASAP! If he had any smarts or a spine at all, he'd tell those old bats to be respectful to them or they won't be seeing them.

  3. I beyond over 1000000% understand this lady’s position having to deal with stupid ass dumb ignorant ass in laws. The fathers side is usually majority of the time the most complicated side to deal with and usually the most side that ends up getting cut off completely.

  4. I would not let of them even touch that baby. As soon as this rude people touched her I would of made me grab her back or grab her back myself plus I would have walked out that house and never seen them again

  5. When Tyra was in the delivery room giving born! Alex was shaking like a leach like if he was giving birth. Man! I was rolling.
    Rule #1
    You never ever wake up a sleeping baby.
    I know how happy Alex grandma and Aunt was to the baby but man look! I just given birth ! They would've to put that baby back to sleep. I don't blame Tyra for being so frustrated


  6. Disrespectful fr, I feel like parent's should know better and give there kid and baby there own space ! Don't wake the baby up , parents feel the need to try and tell there own kid how to raise they're own baby bc they're child is a child

  7. “She don’t like y’all she wants me”. Lmao yeeeaaaahhhh you won’t be seeing her again matter of fact go start the car we’re leaving 😂

  8. If my mom and grandma acted like that, all selfish and not helping and not being supportive. I’d say “hey you two need to have your own babies and try to breastfeed since you two obviously don’t know the struggle, if you don’t want a baby at least keep quiet or say nothing but nice things and get them lazy butts up and help around here or out the door you go from once you came from”

  9. I know she is not in that baby face talking all loud trying to wake her up like wth?! Poor baby shit I hope they washed their hands too touching all on her face

  10. OMG I’m so angry right now! If they treat me like that I would have screamed at them so bad I wouldn’t even care if I was in the most terrible pain. They are pure evil and selfish! And the dumb bf didn’t even said something

  11. omg they are just like my bf s mom and grandma. Everytime they visit they want my 1 month old to be awake they yell at him to wake up. some people are so disrespectful -_- . they keep asking me why does he sleep so much like if they never had a baby.

  12. Don’t kowtow to his mom, she’s a lazy ass that expects her kids, her mom, you to kiss her sorry ass. If you’re not allowed to stay in her house, then don’t let your child stay either. The dad can have daytime visits with his daughter…she can see her then, she’s a bad influence on your daughter by not respecting YOU! She made no effort for you, return the favor! She needs your goodness, you don’t need hers. God bless your baby! 👼🏼

  13. They are so annoying as a mom if 2 pregnant with my third it pisses me off. Especially after remembering how hard it was with my first. I was 21 and it was still hard.

  14. Dang alex's mom and grandma mad disrespectful smh… But i actually know alex he use to go to my church when we was longer i dont really talk to him and havent for a while.. And i know tyra and her cousin( she went to my school ) who also had a baby XD …. But urg when they woke up that baby and was kissing it and such it made me upset

  15. Oh god I felt that pain she felt. 🙁 And it's horrible to go through it around people who aren't supportive or don't know how to help.

  16. Bruhhh if i had to breast feed and i was still in pain from the stitches both those women would be getting some words after waking her up like didnt i say dont wake her up thats it we're leaving😠😠😠

  17. That couldn’t have been me 😭😭 as soon as they woke her up I would’ve gave him that look like (I’m ready to get TF ASAP) and leave

  18. Man,when you thought it couldn't be possible to be trashier than Shen Williams and Co or Jenelle Eason and Co ,TLC brings you Alex's mother and grandmother….damn. I cant believe Tyra stayed as long as she did. The poor girl, then Alex asked "what's wrong" ….seriously??

  19. I’m so tired of weak men not standing up for their girlfriends or wives.. especially after having a baby. The least you can do is speak up when someone you supposedly love is being treated like trash.

  20. Idk if it’s just me but I didn’t even kiss my son till he was like 4+ months I would damn if someone kissed my child nahh keep yo germs/stank breaths away

  21. Wtf. No. Not even when the grandma bent down to kiss the baby .. NOOOOO. 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️ fucking disrespectful.

  22. Feel soooo bad for Tyra shes so young and doing a good job and his mom is ANNOYING AFFF!! I would take my baby and get the hell out of there!

  23. I was waiting for TLC to post this video – because after watching this air on Sunday…OMG like WTF???!!! It hurt my soul that there’s ppl who behave like this. Alex’s grandma and Mom need help. We can’t change ppl but God can.

  24. This women are disgusting, why do they act like this , help the mom , be patient with her the baby is not a toy , omg I would have slapped that ugly wench with glasses and that grandma so hard , poor girl.

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