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Director: Shall We Begin
Actor : Ready sir -Do you know all the lines?
-Yes sir -Say it once He didn’t commit the murder, I did it. Now, do this. *Director shows off his skills* Build the intensity with your pause Go for it *Nods Cluelessly* *Waits for intensity* “He didn’t commit the murder. I did it.” That was (absolutely not) good.
You are doing a neat job. Now the thing is, there should be the same intensity in the face. Your voice has the intensity. Maintain the same in the face as well. Okay?
Do it again “He didn’t commit the murder. I did it” Why did you reduce the intensity in the voice? If I say something, you should add it to what you have already done. Not replace it.
Do it again. ‘Whut!!??’ A lot more work is needed.
But let’s go ahead. Now, With the same intensity, walk till there …and deliver the line there.
That’s it! *Lazy subtitler skips the repeated line* ARE YOU LOOKING FOR INTENSITY ON THE FLOOR? WHAT ON EARTH ARE YOU DOING? *Creeps out every living soul with a smile* Sir, Kaafi? Sir, have some tea! Can I get you some biscuits? What are you doing? Don’t you know how to behave in rehearsals? Go and practice your lines I say! Why are you staring at my face?
Do it I say! Everyone, come and understand the blocking. We will not proceed until you do it properly.
Nobody can go home also! Do it now! * Editor abuses Hans Zimmer’s Music to build intensity* *Stares Intensely* *Builds intensity with visuals of Chappal* *Gulps, intensely* *Pants intensely* You get the picture Mu…mu…mu…murder.. I am READY! Then come, do it You’ve read the scene,right? There is a couple on the hill Villagers below the hill If you go forward, there’s a new life
Backwards, and they will kill you The boy in confusion, jumps off the hill You should scream “NOOOOOOOO” Okay sir? Okay sir. Can you please repeat the last line? Boy in confusion, jumps off the hill Girl screams “NOOOOOO!” To scream “NOOOOooo!”, what is the motivation sir? “Should’ve never taught her about motivation” Let’s work on the scene? I’ll tell you about the scene It’s your little brother’s exam You have no money for the fee Somehow, you have made money and deposited it in your bank Today is the exam Your brother is waiting for you at home You go to the ATM and draw the cash You count it and feel happy You are about to leave, but a thief snatches the money and runs away You say “YEEEAAAAAYYYYYYY” ..and chase him That’s it! Let’s do it? Okay sir Let’s do it? A small doubt Ask, ask He took away the money.. ..for me to run behind him.. ..what is the “MOTIVATION”? *Director and Chi. Udayashankar cry together* Your mother.. poor soul .has been staying alone for years. As her daughter (Whut!?) you have been staying in a far off place for your job She has been waiting, waaaiting, waaaaitiiiing.
She knows you cannot come back. Suddenly, you come to visit her one day. Looking at her daughter unexpectedly, the poor mother …she has a heart attack. Her mouth is dry. She says “DAUGHTERRRR!…Give me some water, daughter”
*Subtitler wonders who talks like that* You run to the kitchen ..you get a glass of water You give the water to your mother and console her This is the scene Everything is okay. The thing is… I have a small doubt.. *Boils internally* Nothing sir… I got it No no.. ask me *Lazy subtitler…………….* *Director rethinks life choices* Moti..va… *Subtitler fills in for missing cricket sound* Director: Shall we start? -Yes. Let’s start Do you know your lines? We have only 2 days to rehearse Okay. Start “Uh… I don’t know..” “..I don’t know” *Click. Click. Click* What are you doing I say? I don’t know… the dialogue sir Director: Should’ve listened to my mom and become an engineer What are you looking at in the phone I say? Come and prompt the actor I say Come here Sit down He will snap his fingers Then you have to prompt the lines Do it *Click.Click.Click* “It’s a hard grape to grow” “It’s a hard grape to grow, as you know right?” “It’s thin-skinned, temparamental, ripens early” “It’s..you know.. *Click.Click* It’s not a survivor What’s with theatre artists and repitition? “………………….like Cabernet” “..which can just grow anywhere and…” *Click. Click. Click* Enough. Enough You have half an hour time Learn your lines. When I am back, let’s do it again.
Okay? Practice. I’ll be back Miss any of your lines and you’ll be replaced. Do it “I don’t know.. I don’t know. It’s a hard grape to grow, as you know right?” “..it’s thin-skinned, temperamental, ripens early..” “..It’s you know..it’s not a survivor like Cabernet” “..which can just grow anywhere and thrive..” “..even when it’s neglected. No” “..Pinot needs constant care and attention” “..And you know..it can only grow in these really specific, little..” “..tucked away corners of the world” *That’s my boy* “Only the most patient and nurturing of growers..” “…can do it” “Only somebody…” *Click.Click.Click* Thank you. For. Watching. This. Video. Please LIKE>SHARE>SUBSCRIBE To our channel

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