Twelve Twenty Short Film | 12-20 | Pen-Ek Ratanaruang | Unintentional ASMR  | THAI (ENG SUBS)

May the owner of the Gold BMW,
license pate Poh Khor 999, please return to
your vehicle immediately. Or else it will be towed.
Thank you. – Window seat?
– Yes, please. Just one piece of luggage? Boarding is at 10:30 at Gate 69. You can wait in the lounge
inside the terminal. Thank you. Where are you flying today? Berlin. Smoking or non-smoking seat? You still have smoking seats? Yes. But isn’t that against the law? Which law is that, sir? – Non-smoking, then.
– Okay, sir. For the convenience of
all departing passengers please arrive at the gate
thirty minutes prior to departure time. Prevent Southern Violence
from Boiling over Army Suffers Lack of Troops… Two Poll Results from Yesterday… Shin Corp Sale is Illegal No One is Jealous of
Thaksin’s Wealth Attention please. If any stranger has asked you
to carry items on their behalf, please notify security
personnel immediately. please notify security
personnel immediately. Attention please. In compliance with airport
security measures, if you notice any suspicious
or unattended baggage, please notify authorized personnel
at the nearest service counter. Normal people like us struggle
to save every penny… It’s disgusting. On the 4th?
I’ll have to check my schedule first. Next month’s schedule
hasn’t come out yet. Excuse me. Nothing. The perverted captain
just walked by. I’ll check my schedule and
let you know if I’m free. If I can make it,
let’s meet for drinks. There are so few passengers,
the airport feels haunted. It’ll suck when the new airport opens.
It’s so far. I might quit first, though. I’ve been looking for a new job. Okay, we’ll talk laterthen. Champagne or orange juice, sir? Thank you. We will now be showing
a short video demonstrating the safety features of this aircraft. Please direct your attention
to the screen nearest you. The plane has 6 exits. Please locate the exit nearest you. A life vest is stowed
underneath your seat. In the event of an emergency landing,
please assume the brace position. By bending over
and holding your head with your hands
but do not cross your fingers. Legs should be positioned with feet
together slightly behind the knees. Take this position immediately
when you hear, Bend over, hold your head,” and make your body rigid,
especially your neck. Because there may be more than
one impact upon landing, hold this position until the aircraft
has come to a complete stop. Cabin crew prepare fortake off. The captain has turned off
the fasten seat belt sign. However, we recommend
that you keep your seat belt fastened at all times while seated. Excuse me. What would you like to drink, sir? Bloody Mary, please. Yes, sir. Thank you. – Thank you.
– It’s my pleasure. Ladies and gentlemen,
this is Captain Soda speaking. Welcome aboard Universal Airlines
Flight 629 bound for Berlin. We will be flying over Burma, India, Iran, Kazakhstan,
Ukraine and Russia before landing in Berlin. We are now cruising
at an altitude of 10,300 metres. The flight time will be
twelve hours and twenty minutes. Any passenger who falls in love
with another passenger on this flight should tell her so. Promise her that you’ll be
forever decent and faithful and that you’ll do anything
to make her life happy. But if she, one day,
happens to break your heart and leave you
for someone else, you promise not to make
her feel bad. You will suffer the loss and
humiliation alone, in silence. So sit back, relax and enjoy
the in-flight entertainment. We’ll be serving supper shortly. Here’s to your feet, angel. Your wife is very beautiful, sir. Thank you. Ladies and gentlemen, we will be passing through
some minor turbulence. For your own safety, please remain seated and
fasten your seat belt. Thank you. Ladies and gentlemen, we are beginning our descent
into Berlin International Airport. Please return to your seat and
fasten your seat belt. Thank you. Ladies and gentlemen, we have
now landed at Tegel Airport. The local time is 7:25 AM. The temperature is -9ºC. Please remain seated until
the seatbelt sign has been turned off. Please check your belongings
before leaving the aircraft. Passengers with connecting flights
to other destinations in Europe, please contact
Universal Airlines ground staff. Passengers who fell in love
during this flight, but didn’t have the courage
to act upon your desire, we would like to conclude
that you blew it. Universal Airlines hopes
you learned something from this and wishes you better luck
next time. Have a pleasant stay in Berlin. Thank you. Thank you. Good bye.
Have a good stay, ma’am. Thank you. Good bye.
Have a good stay, sir. Papers, please.

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