TVJ Midday News: Doctors Facing Abuse at Public Hospitals – November 19 2019

good afternoon Amish aid masters of the
midday news special welcome if you’re watching on one spot Mediacom the
Ministry of Health is being urged to be more proactive instead of reactive in
addressing issues affecting the health sector past president of a Medical
Association of Jamaica Maj dr. Martin Smith who is making that call also once
a Ministry of Health to placed more emphasis on customer service at public
health facilities TV – amélie Poulain reports following a recent incident at
the Boston mental hospital for children in which people’s National Party
councillor Carrie Douglass clashed with a doctor health personnel have been
speaking out about safety concerns the Jamaica medical doctors Association G
MDA has also issued a warning that its members will no longer tolerate abuse
from members of the public the jmd also outlines several suggestions for
improving safety and hopes they will be implemented former president of the
Medical Association of Jamaica Maj dr. Martin Smith says the demands
from the GMD seems reasonable the members of the chamber who we usually
refer to the junior doctors they’re the frontline members of the medical survey
of interface with the public first and so they would usually you know be the
ones who would offer coming to that initial conflict where conflict should
arise I think what we’re seeing is a level of frustration that is born out of
long working on o4p in terms of the compensation versus what they have to
feel for student loans and other things the Health Ministry noted that it was
made aware of threats against staff on social media it said it would be
reviewing safety arrangements and health facilities but dr. Zimmer thinks the
ministry needs to be more proactive instead of reactive
with the greatest respect in terms of the the ministry I don’t think that
without consulting this on the ground they’ll be fully able to
comprehend all the different issues that are at play and therefore address all
the issues that’s our Utley so I think you know the first thing is to have
expert consultation with the stuff and then implement measures as the staff
would of would recommend the former maj president also wants more patient
Affairs personnel to be hired at government-run health facilities
sometimes what frustrates patients is that they’re waiting and they don’t know
how long they’re going to be waiting what they’re waiting for why is it
taking so long and while it was attending to patients I
think it will be useful to have another category of stuff that’s going around
and explaining to patients what’s happening so that they can be fully
apprised of long they will be in a situation I think that will have some of
the frustration shamila Poulin TVG news hopeful minister dr. christopher Tufton
says he is prepared to meet with members of a jamika medical doctors Association
GM da to talk about issues affecting them
the J MDA has issued a warning that it will no longer tolerate abuse from
members of the public but the J MDA is not seeing what actions its members will
take however dr. Tufton says the demand that the doctors are making if their
grouses are not addressed is too forceful than that and that this is not
necessary the tone of the requests that they’re
demanding a meeting are else option I’m just saying I mean there’s no need to
sort of almost be threatening in the request for the meetings that I’ve never
ever denied a meeting of an important or any stakeholder within public health so
so it’s it’s fine we just need to find the appropriate time it’s sufficiently
urgent to them based on what they have said and therefore we will find the pace
and the earliest attempt of a discussion opposition senator and the economist dr.
Andre Horne is urging the government to establish strict policies in a bid to
ensure some stability in the economy and the Jamaican dollar CBTs prints more
reports last Tuesday the Jamaican dollar went to a new low of one hundred and
forty two dollars twenty three cents against the US currency
that led to the country’s central bank intervening three times in the market
selling 90 million u.s. dollars to authorized dealers and cameos in a bid
to stabilize the economy for opposition senator and economist dr. Andre Horton
the issue stems from the country’s monetary and fiscal management he noted
that there is a direct correlation between the import and export of goods
and services the fuel the value of the fuel our import has increased by almost
thirty billion dollars from 175 in 2007 to almost two hundred and six billion in
2018 also machinery and transport equipment the value that we import also
increased from 160 billion two hundred and eighty i dr. Horton is of the view
that the daily rate of exchange has significant impacts on the lives of the
ordinary man he says for any change to be experienced the country must seek to
drive up exports if you look at exports from 2017 to 12 2018 yes it has been
increasing it has been increasing basically because of bauxite it has been
increasing basically because of alumina and and minerals so when you look at it
our imports are relatively close to 800 billion while our exports is a little
bit over 270 billion which is one third so we we it’s why he says there must be
policy changes what we’ve been doing is that we have been giving importation for
example in motor vehicles we have been given them leeway
we have been giving concessions to a wide cross-section but we have not been
giving the impetus to our productive sector for dr. Horton
when it comes to bauxite especially all of it should not be sold so when we take
a box out of the earth for example there should be a policy that says ok you can
export 50% of this directly what the next 50% must be – Prince more TVJ news
and it’s time for a break but stay with us more stories right after these
messages welcome back continuing the news councillors in the clan dead Municipal
Corporation are demanding than today and their colleagues and the other municipal
cooperation across the island be paid their retroactive salaries the payments
owed for 2018 should have been paid in April president of the Association of
local government or authorities of Jamaica alga Jay Winston Mirage has also
come in for criticism for not advocating strongly on behalf of a councillors the
issue was raised at last week’s meeting of the clan and Municipal Corporation of
which mr. mirage is also chairman counsel for the Middle River Division
Carlton Bailey argued that had the money been ordered to members of parliament
the response from the government would have been swift when members of parliament
to get any benefits if not at the time no take no time at all no time and it’s
education but I noticed we really hope that they’ll treat you like your heart
seed mr. Bailey says based on how they are being treated
it’s as if their work is not as important as that of the MPS meanwhile
counselor for the craft steel division Anthony O’Connor took the allergy
president a task for not discussing the matter with the local government
administered test but Mackenzie you said your new executive met and you agree
with some things yes this in the report and I’ve seen many theaters here here is
no definitive response this relates to the counselor who want you done playing
internationally nothing there’s another call for government to
remove the general consumption tax GCT on table eggs the term acre agricultural
society gs1 see finance ministry to consider ending the tax during the next
fiscal year last month consumers were warned to
brace for an increase in the price of eggs per incident of egg farmers
association why Baker said the rate of increase will be determined by
individual egg farmers mister Baker said egg farmers are facing serious economic
hardships especially due to the GCT which is crippling the sector Jas
president Leonard Fulton agrees that the tax is unfair and egg farmers have been in experience
increasing input to speciality needle one above years I have not been able to
mail their egg price and that is because we are a low consumer of egg we are
eating just about two and a half one and a half egg on average per week and we
are advocating that it’s a health food if we could go to 3x per week then the
industry would dramatically increase its production of it leader of the Opposition People’s
National Party dr. peter phillips made a monetary donation to his former primary
school is in turn on a recent tour of the parish with BNP Member of Parliament
for Saudis in ten nice Ahana dr. Philips handed over a check of 100,000 Jamaican
dollars today Monique primary attitude a high school I thought that while coming here we would
leave a small token of appreciation for what this school did for me and
contribute to the school fund that is being put together to provide easier
entrances to all the classrooms for the disabled students as we have been always
doing seeing firsthand the life experiences of people hearing their
views about what could be done to improve the conditions of life sharing
our views about how to make things better or to improve the quality of
management of the country’s affairs how to secure economic progress for the
people and social progress news now in sports the record boys were held to one
all draw by Guyana in their final league be fixture of the CONCACAF nations
League at the Montego Bay Sports Complex last night it was a grannies who went in
front through in the 45th minute they were strike from Emory a Welshman before
Japanese scored his first international goal to equalize for the Jamaicans in
the 50th minute the reggae boys who were conceding their first gold
league B he ended with a record of six wins and a draw
they had already secured promotion to ligue a of the nation’s league and
qualification to the 2021 Gold Cup meanwhile Antigua and Barbuda outscored
Aruba 3-2 in the other League B group three match on Monday and that’s the
midday news a machine masters join us at 7:00 for primetime news on behalf of the
news sports and production teams good afternoon

13 thoughts on “TVJ Midday News: Doctors Facing Abuse at Public Hospitals – November 19 2019

  1. Both staff and patients are going through stuff at the HOSPITAL….IT'S NOT A ONE SIDE THING HERE….Both parties are human and both should be treated with respect…Something need to be done and fast the waiting is too much ppl travel miles sometimes they are left stranded after seeing the doctor….the doctors are overworked and the problem list goes on and on


  3. Doctors are in demand all over the world and the world will gladly take them. Then what will the Jamaican population do? Unfortunately the good will suffer for the bad………

  4. The doctors needs to understand that any parents with a sick baby 😷 is not thinking straight until your child is feeling better

  5. I agree that all the bauxite should not be sold , if so , what do they left for our Jamaicans to do. We need better thinking people in the sector.

  6. The health care workers, need better environment if they are to continue work in such hostility and violent set of people and society. Don't forget that many of these gunshots / stabbing victim go to the emergency dead or alive.
    Especially because these young doctors/ nurses are still here. The government and people don't do anything to encourage them to stay. Doctors/ nurses are in short demand. So those who think that your wait time is too long. It will be triple in shortly.
    People who work with any kind of trauma, should always have a modern comfortable rest area to equip with ergonomics furnitures to gather their thoughts and clear their heads! Instead of some nasty little rooms.
    It's about time Jamaica hospitals have Health and Safety Staff.
    A & E no toilet seat to sit on , no soap, some no water and no toilet paper. These are some of the conditions at the A&E.
    The poor don't deserves better I presume. Most people who have a visa Pitney a born in a Canada and America. Where them hafy pay. Rather than to get the free care here.
    Story for another day.

  7. Most of the people complaining about the hospital facilities & medical staff, they sell their vote. I don’t vote, because any party in power is the same treatment, theses are things we must demand from politicians, improvement in education & health organisation, etc.

  8. I think illnesses should be prioritised, especially when it comes to children, they should be the first to be treated in a hospital. I have see cases where the people doing the registration, would locked in a room chatting, I personally pushed the door opened, at one point, had a chat, to asked, what's classified as an emergency (that's what was the sign on the door, would been seen as uggent) then the patient was then registered, and be seen/admitted. Smh, things can't get any worse here in Jamaica. In any organisations, at all I would like to know just one to be named that's dealing in a human being perspective. Even if you have a question to ask from the same people that are working where you had gone to do whatever business, they can't give legible responsse. Leaving pure confusion.

  9. I am hearing about this incident with this member of the PNP party, and a doctor at the Bustamante hospital. I must also tell those doctors that they must learned to respect the public, and they must remember that is our education taxes money schooled them.
    I know the behaviour patterns of some of those Jamaican doctors, they strongly believe that are better than the people.
    I don't know the intricacies about the PNP party, and the doctors, because they are telling what the PNP party member said.
    Those doctors must stop threatening the government, else the government get doctors and nurses from Cuba.Because they strongly believe that holds the future of Jamaica, they need to changed their bad ways over the years. The country is suffering from a class discrimination problems against each other and, it needs to stop immediately.
    This is not something new ,some of them left Jamaica, and they are still behaving the same class problems. I been around a very long time more than 6 decades, so I know the behaviour patterns of some of our people. Still strongly believe in their highest level of hypocrisy, because he believes that because he is medical doctor . He believes that he is better than the rest of Jamaican, that is bullshit. I does not buying that at all, every single jobs in the country is very important to the development of Jamaica. It is full time that the Jamaican people must break out of dam stupidity, looking at a place like Cuba doctors and nurses is no big thing there . When some of them got to travel to the United States, and other countries. Then they will realized that what they are getting excited in Jamaica, they will realized that is not in big and richer countries. Because there are millions of people doing the same kinds of jobs, so it is full time those doctors in Jamaica must act more civilized and. Stop trying to bully people whose taxpayers money sending them through schools, they are behaving so erratic over the years. They can say what they want to say about my comment, I been paying education taxes from 1974 in Jamaica.

  10. Please Doctor Aundre train the staff to treat the patients as humans remember most Jamaicans don't care and they will meet people like themself arrogant n disrespectful who will harm them probably even do worse

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