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Are you even serious about marrying my daughter? Hi guys, welcome to another episode of TSL Plays, and today we’ll be playing a combination of – two of your favorite games that is – Questions Only and Alphabet Conversations. Eh why do you sound so sad? Because it’s an awful combination! Alright, here are the rules! Both teams will be given a scenario and each team will send out a member. The goal is to carry out a conversation, inclusive of at least one question, in alphabetical order. Players are disqualified when, One, they start with the wrong alphabet. Two, hesitate for too long. Three, did not include a question. Four, the answers do not make sense. The team with the most survivors wins! Okay, we are – The children and the queen. So we are the 99.9999% winners. Ah boy ah. Why am I a boy?! Can you please teach me how to use In-sta-gram? But you need Instagram for what? Can you please speak a bit louder? Don’t you only use your phone for calling? Excuse me, I still don’t understand – Oh noooooo! Bye, dead. Eh? Phone how to use ah? For real? You have used it so many times. Girl ah, I don’t know how to use – can you teach me or not? How to teach? Ali no – You sabo (sabotage) your own teammate! No as in like, Ali don’t stop, just go I don’t want to play. I got this. I don’t know why – why you ask me to teach myself? Out! Just try la, you don’t try, you’ll never know right? Knew it – Out! It’s “K” “Knew it” is “K” Knew it! Oh, sorry. Oh my god. Knew it, why kids these days ah – always don’t want to teach their grandma – how to use Instagram. Let me just watch TV okay? Mommy later scold you, Do you want me to tell her – you never teach me Instagram? No, why would Mommy say that? Oi! Why you so rude ah! Please let me do this, just watch TV okay? Quiet! How- How do you feel when your grandma is so stressed like this? Right now I just want to watch TV – cause the thing that’s showing is my best show right? Should you be a good kid and – teach ah-ma (grandma) how to use Instagram? Today – too much, too many things happening I don’t know what’s happening – I saw the gradual change in Chris’s face. Like from 0 to 100. yeah, like whaaat? Tired ah, can I teach you another day? Understand – your ahma (grandma), girl – Do you know – Out! Yes! Wa, the “U” was very hard. Okay, Wei Lun go! Wei Lun’s scared! I don’t even know how I I don’t even play mahjong. Is it very difficult? Why do you all need it? It’s very hard la! Really meh? Now is? “U” right? That’s not a question! Umm? Okay what! That’s not a question. You’re almost there. Understand that grandma, one day, is gonna go on. Why can’t you just help me now? Very late la, shall we just watch TV first? Why? Oh! You see, I’m very tired now – Out! It’s “X”. How do you start with “X”? Xenia! Anyone home? Boy ah, what do you want? Can I have a talk with you, uncle? Don’t you think it’s a bit late to have a talk now? Nooo! Excuse me uncle, Why don’t we just settle it right now? Forget it la, tomorrow can or not? Great, but – I think – We need to do this real quick, Can we – Can you let me in first? How bout you step inside, then what do you want to ask me? I want to ask you something. Can I have – The hand of your – Your daughter’s hand in marriage! Just so you know – I don’t think it’s an appropriate idea, so why do you think it’s appropriate? Kelly really wants to get married to me. Can I ask you for permission first? Like – This is a very strange time at night, I think that I should sleep on this and you should think about it again, tomorrow, baby? Look at the time, can’t I just rest? Midnight only, why don’t we do it right now – and you can go back to your sleep. No, don’t you think you’re being unreasonable? Okay, take five minutes – out of your sleep schedule and settle this. Perhaps you would treat it as more serious – than only needing five minutes. Are you even serious about marrying my daughter? Queen Kelly would never appreciate this. I – don’t know how to continue this – Quiet quiet uncle, your voice is too loud now, can’t we all just go inside and then we can talk about this now, it’s very important. Really? I’ve already told you so many times and – you’re still pushing for it? Shouldn’t you be more understanding? I already came all the way here – just to ask for your hand – for your daughter’s hand in marraige! Talk about being understanding but – then you’re disturbing my sleep schedule? Understanding? You’re not being understanding – right now. Can’t you just allow me to – give this amazing speech to you – and convince you that I deserve – to marry Queen Kelly? Very rude sia, can you please respect your elders? Xenia! Yeah, it’s “W”. Wei Lun! Are you Fauzi? Boy err – can you leave me for a minute? Can you please sign my forehead? Er – dear, hold on for a moment, Can I just go to the toilet first? Everyone! Can you all see it’s Fauzi! Fauzi? Who is Fauzi? Gosh! Are you being serious? Hold up! Who are you talking about right now? I love you so much, haven’t you seen my tweets about you? Out! Just cause you tweet me, means you love me meh? May I have your number so I can whatsapp you? No. Eh, it’s wrong. Oh my god, cause I keep thinking it’s at “L”. Knew it was you, can you don’t pretend so much or not? Leave me alone. Don’t you see, I’m not Fauzi? My eyes tell me that you are – is there anybody there that looks so much like you, Fauzi? No! I am not Fauzi! Can you please not – let other people know? Oh my god! Does this mean I can have a private session with you? Please. Hold your horses. Don’t you see I’m trying to – leave this place? Can you not tell other people that I’m here? Queen Fauzi please! Let me be your biggest fan! Right now, is not the time to shout. There are a lot of people. Can you please be more considerate of my – image. So if I don’t shout at you, will you – please sign my forehead? Thank you, next. Can’t you see I’m not interested to sign your forehead? Understand you are not interested – but I really want one – so please can you be nice to me? Very good ah, your speech. But no. Don’t you see that I don’t – want to sign your forehead? I’m very stressed. Why can’t you be nice to your fans? Xenia! You like Xenia? Can you ask her for her signature instead? You, please don’t move this to Xenia – cause I like you so much can’t you see that? I want to sleep sia. Calling for Zedd the DJ. Oh Zedd! The winner is the 99.999999% winners! I must say the MVP is Renae. Yes, Renae was great. She single-handedly killed all of us.

89 thoughts on “TSL Plays: Alphabet Questions Only

  1. HAHAHAHA I REMEMBER THOSE TIMES WHEN I REWATCHED THESE INDIVIDUAL ONES SO MANY TIMES XD and my mom thought i was crazy .-. buT i still luv this game :p

  2. Hahahahahahahaha that Xenia collage

    I’ve always found it really funny that they always use Xenia

    Edit: thanks for liking!!!!

  3. Omggggg I loved the previous ones and this was hilarious!! Love this channel sooo much!!
    Thank you for the ❤️ !!

  4. omg… alphabet conversation!!! gosh brings back so much memories!!! lol and when is x.. Xenia always comes in play HAHAHA

  5. thumb up for 99.99999% winner yeah!!!
    at 1st I tot it will be embarrass to watch
    who would name this type of team name
    what is the best 3 people who know a to z well enough to beat this team call 99.99999% winner…

    I wanna see more 99.99999% winner to play this game …

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