TRY this and You will Never get Angry | Sadhguru and Swami Mukundananda explain Anger

Brenda’s anger rise when we make a
desire and its fulfillment is obstructed that leads to the outburst of anger
supposing you desired to relish ice cream today so you went and got ice
cream from the store 5 kgs of chocolate chip or whatever your favorite ice cream
is and you placed it in the fridge thinking I will walk in the Sun and
really build up an appetite then I will enjoy it after an hour when
you came back and opened the fridge there was no ice cream so the anger has
started coming you asked your spouse where is the ice cream I put five cadiz
here your spouse said look haven’t you seen your medical report your
cholesterol is high the doctor I said reduce fats I took the ice cream and
threw it in the garbage what you threw the ice cream now anger has come why did
I anger come you had a desire its fulfillment was obstructed that caused
anger the desire could be of any kind I want this kind of bodily comfort I this
want this kind of emotionally comfortable situation I want this kind
of prestige agent status and recognition anything and when it is obstructed that
is the impetus for anger anger does not come by itself
some people are under this confusion Swamiji everything else is all right
I’ve got one problem what is that anger everything else is
all right yeah everything else is all right impossible if anger is there its
mother desire must definitely be there without desire there can be no anger see
around us so many people will do so many things that we don’t like yes or no so
many things in Mumbai happening things that we don’t like that every day
happening but at least within you only what you want should happen within this
isn’t it huh I cannot decide that only what I want should happen with you but I
can definitely decide only what I want must happen within me isn’t it if you
could decide only what you want should happen within you would you choose anger
or joy what’s your choice please choose I’m going to bless you see you want the
highest level of pleasantness for yourself isn’t it then why is such a
thing not happening as I said earlier you never read the user’s manual how
this functions has not been looked at do not go by the example of people who came
here a few few years earlier than you that no no my mother also has like that
my grandmother also was getting angry so I am also getting angry they should not
be the leading lights of your life I want you to look at it your thought your
emotion your body must happen the way you want isn’t it if somebody else can
decide what should happen within you this is ultimate slavery isn’t it so
what happens around you maybe we can decide
but nobody should decide except yourself what happens within you if you decide
you would keep this in the highest state of pleasantness for sure you wouldn’t be
battling with anger it’s not just about anger fear stress tension don’t address
them separately essentially your mind is not taking instructions from you

30 thoughts on “TRY this and You will Never get Angry | Sadhguru and Swami Mukundananda explain Anger

  1. Excellent! Be mindful….anger is a symptom of something much deeper that needs to be addressed. Attachments and desires are at the root of anger. So, work on eradicating anger from the inner level and you'll find success! Thanks for sharing!

  2. So true..any kind of material desire when not fulfilled will naturally lead to anger, there is no other way out.

    Only way is to desire the divine

  3. Our own desires and attachments are the main cause of Anger so need to look within ourselves and work on it.

  4. Everyone can talk anger so easy but no one know how to control anger and how to stop anger??????? So many many like Dalai Lama also talk anger but he do not know how to stop anger???????????

  5. Interpretation of Swamiji is more reasonable. We should truly shed our emotions to set us free from any emotional bondage.

  6. Don’t mix different gurus, Swami mukundanand explains with logic so pls make this unique, mixing is like school teachers mix with phd teacher pls don’t do that

  7. Mukundananda Swami and the other person in the video are worlds apart in terms of philosophy, teachings, erudition, beliefs, understanding of the scriptures and their faith in Hinduism. Setting the two persons beside each other will misrepresent Swami Mukundananda.

  8. "A punishment we give to ourself, for somebody else's mistake"= "ANGER"; A very SELFISH ATTITUDE.
    Whatever, very truly said and beautifully elaborated with different examples..✍🏻
    Thanks for sharing such a motivational videos with we people.
    We are blessed to hear from you SWAMIJI!!πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™‡πŸ»β€β™€οΈ
    WITH GRATITUDE and JOY, HARE KRISHNA!!πŸ’πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™‡πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

  9. Both of you explain ed the same but the icecream stands very high.. Simple but accurate,like your expectations swami mukundanand.

  10. Desires& it's Inability is main reason for anger
    V shld b soo selfish that v shld not anger & poison my health for others mistakes

  11. Desire is the mother of afflictions like anger and greed. When we create a desire in our mind – its fulfillment gives rise to greed and its obstruction gives rise to anger.

  12. Really? But didn’t your position right now, where you are right now is the product of your personal desire?

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