Arghh, I made it, I made it!
Awww, f*** Hey guys, IamFrazzles and welcome to BBC The
Social Gaming. And today we are going to be playing Trap
Adventure 2 on theeee….tablet Here we go So, we’re a wee guy with a little cowboy
hat. I guess he is my little adventurer, kind of
like Indiana Jones. Eeeeeeh
It’s just a simple platform game, pretty hard to control because im pressing on screen and we have already died… brilliant.
It’s really hard to jump! Wwoahaye Ok Right
Riiigght Ah, dammit.I’m going to have to jump
way over those…SPIKES! Oooh, oooh, there’s a wee platform just
before. *inhale of breath*
WIT! I don’t know what happened? It’s..What?
I was safe. Aaargh!
Ok, we’re good. Right.
Let’s see. You’ve just got to trust that there’s no spi….argh COME ON!
Argh come on! I can’t, can I jump? No Oh Right, that doesn’t do anything though does
it? Because if I jump there… Oh, NOO! Right. Yee-hah
What? Aw my god, a spike came out of nowhere. How? If I can…I don’t know how to do this Aargh…aaeeeeeeegh oh no!
Ah-hah, it’s unbelievable… what did I do? Oh, oh, right, right, right… right I jumped straight after falling, didn’t I? Right How the…how am I supposed to do the next bit? It’s a pile of spikes that fall on you. ARGH! Whaziwizoo! I’m too far to the edge and then… Aw naw, I don’t know what I did! I don’t
know what I did! Do you know when you just react and stuff
happens and you don’t remember? It’s like my life. Argh! Nope! Argh, I don’t remember!
It’s the worst thing…when you’ve done a bit and you don’t remember.
I don’t know what to do here AARGH!
Nup Here come the noises Eeeahh Aaayyye Pfffftttt Jump that, go there…and then…something Owgh, I did it! Ah, dammit! How are you supposed to do that? Oh no, I’ve instantly forgotten what I did again Ooh! Oh-no! I sit on the ground, I jump in the air
I sit on the ground, I jump in the air Sit down, jump
Sit down, jump Let’s go again.
So I need to jump like, straight away. Oi!
And then, where are you coming? Aaaye…yeees!
Ah-ha ha, ah-ha ha Oh no
Aw come on! It just f***ing flipped me! Airgh! Wooooaaye! I’m getting good at that bit!
Oh…Run, run, run, run, run, run, No, don’t move! Ah dammit!
Oh, I ducked. Oh my god. What? Ah-hah ha
I don’t know what to do. Some how the ball bumped over my head. I
couldn’t get in the hole… that doesn’t sound right. And now, I am stuck. What do I do? What do
I do? Of course, the ball moved and killed me.
Ahalalalalgele How’d ye? Wha’d ye?
How’d ye? Whidchi! Do I have to bring the ball back or something? Arghwiwuwowihahaha…I’m supposed to duck Aw nuts What the hell? Wee-arh! He-he-he. Aw god, I hate being chased.
I hate being chased. I jumped by mistake. AAAAAAARRGH! I’m right next to him.
Argh, dammit I pressed…I gotta duck. Aaaeegh-heh hey I’m a wee bit further away.
Argh! Yip Ouuugh
Aw Just like that!
Right, not got a clue what to do here. Block Ball Game
I don’ doesn’t do anything What do you do? Aw right, aw naw Ok, so I go along here.
I press duck and that coin comes out. And then I have to jump down or the spikes
will kill me. And I guess I have to jump through the holes? Right, that’s handy. Wooo! Aw, I can’t jump. I’m going to have to duck under it.
Ok, ok. We’re good. I need to time this right.
Oi! What’s going on?
What? What?
Oooh no! Just let it do its thing.
Let it do its thing. Working our way down. Oh woah woah woah, argh woah oh Aw naw
aw naw there are wee guys Aw naw, How am I supposed to do this?
They are going to get released? They are going to probably come through the
only hole this thing is going to make. Why is it just rotating round that one thing? What? Do I have to go back to that contro…I cant
go up to the controller. How’d you do this?
Of course. Argh, press it loads! Ah right ah, I have only got a set amount of time to…
Whheweahwe-aiy Right, right, right, right. I’m going down, I’m going down
Oh no, no, no, no! Schheeeecsh-heheheh
Please, please, please, please leave me alone. Argh! I made it! I made it!
Argh **** Block Ball Game
Block Ball Game Am I doing to many maybe?
Argh-ha-hah Argh-hah
Eeeeaargh! Eargh! Argh! Eeergh! AARGH!
We’re good. Someone come down.
Someone come down! Yip
Oh no. Oh no!
Oh no! Oh no…how am I..?
Arrgh! Ergh, they’re going up?
They’re going up? Going up!
Aw, come on! Gaah, ffffffewwhh Hhhhhheeemmmmmgh This is one tough cookie of a game.
I need one to drop really low now. They we go.
Run! Yass! Ye, argh!
**** spike! Argh, I died straight away.
What do you do? Argh-ha-ah swimming.
I don’t know how you do this? Ok Ok, right So duck…oh COME ON! Argh..oh I need to dive faster! Ah dammit.
Aw naw, aw naw I am going to go back to the beginning.
Ah-ha-hah Eeerrgh
Eeeeewwwwgh wwoooaargh wwooooaeh-haha Ehhh, oh no
Oh come on! No way man!
This game is bloody impossible! The bit where I’m supposed to get oxygen
Right, no! Argh! Thanks for watching guys. If you enjoyed the
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  1. I just love watching you be so frustrated! Not sure why but it is just so funny to watch. Upload more content! Have you tried the Dark Souls series? haha

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