Top Reasons Why You Are A Magnet For Mosquitoes!

7 Surprising Reasons Why You Are A Magnet For Mosquitoes MOSQUITOS LIKE CLOTHES OF DARKER COLORS AND CONTAGIOUS SHADES. SIT IN THE COMPANY IN THE AFTERNOON BARBECUE OR EVENING OUT, AND ONLY MOSQUITOES WILL BE AMONG YOU. WHILE OTHERS ENJOY A CUP OF CONVERSATION, YOU COUNT STABS AND WONDER WHY YOU ARE JUST A MOSQUITO MAGNET. 1. BLOOD TYPE People of blood type O are more attracted to mosquitoes than those with blood group A or B 2. PREGNANCY AND OVERWEIGHT Basal metabolism indicates how much your body consume calories in an idle state. The attraction of mosquitoes is affected by the amount of CO2 that the body exhales while burning calories. Pregnant women and people with excess pounds have a higher basal metabolism. 3. THE COLOR OF CLOTHES Darker clothing, especially black or dark blue, attracts more mosquitoes than brighter ones. Those wearing darker clothes are more distinguished than those in clothing in white or shimmer shades. 4. ALCOHOL Mosquitoes adore the smell of alcohol on hot summer evenings. Those who drink are at greater risk of irritating stings because they breathe faster and often have warmer skin. 5. GESTURES The more you move or gesticulate, the more you swallow blood, it is more interesting because you stand out from the environment and notice more easily. 6. SWEATING Some of us hardly tolerate hot summer days and sweat more than others. It’s just like mosquitoes that will instantly spice the sweat to you. 7. FRAGRANCE If you like cute perfumes, you must know that mosquitoes like them. The same applies to various other products, such as milk or body oil.

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