Top Chiropractors for Headaches Near Me Springfield IL

Hey, I’m Nancy Thompson, the Eight Weeks to Wellness Director here at the Springfield Wellness Center and I have the privilege of talking to people everyday about nutrition. And quite often people that
are coming in for treatment and then their wellness programming are experiencing headaches. And what we have found out, a lot of research is behind this, that there are certain foods that certainly can trigger headaches and then there are some foods that can help you fight headaches. So the three things that
are, been implicated in contributing to headaches are certainly sulfate containing foods or beverages, such as red wine, unfortunately. Processed meats has a lot of sulfates, dairy doesn’t have sulfates
but it’s another food that’s been implicated in headaches. And then, more recently,
aspartame and possibly some other artificial sweeteners
can contribute to headaches. So, those are some things you can avoid and hopefully, easily
avoid because there are so many other good things to eat. One of those things that
help us maybe fight headaches or really what it comes
down to is providing an anti-inflammatory affect,
they are typically spices, actually, that are the most potent. Saffron has been shown to
actually improve headaches. So, saffron, if that’s
something you can get a hold of, that would be good to include in your diet but easily accessible spices such as, ginger and tumeric have
been researched and shown to have a very potent
anti-inflammatory affect and thus could help you reduce headaches. So, there’s some spices
you could include either in supplemental form or
right in your food for if you really like to enjoy
some great, tasty, spicy food, against those things that you could, should avoid perhaps to reduce
the likely hood of headaches. And hopefully, you’re going to
be feeling better real soon. So, if this information is
something that’s been helpful to you please share it
with somebody you know and join us next time. (upbeat music)

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