Tony Moayyer says it took a decade to learn to cope with depression

8 – 9-years-old I witness missile hitting
our neighbors and everything’s blowing people burning, I mean I visually see
it. Bad depression, I get up I feel worthless
worth less I feel like the day need to end right
now. I sleep all day. I don’t eat. I turn all the blinds. Bad thoughts comes in my head. I think about my mom, my parents. I
blame myself. So you know this is a story where I survive war,
I survive cancer, I survive suicide, I survive not having a job, being homeless,
no parents, I mean I could have probably six feet under right now if I made
different decisions. When you said you learned how to deal with it that’s
basically helping others and CBD oils? Yep, yep, and how to control it. Do you think, I mean, cause it’s, you talk about the monster within so it sounds
like that this is something that obviously could destroy you. Well yeah, I mean I survived it. JULIE: And it could destroy people around you. TONY: Exactly. JULIE: But you have tried to channel it into a force for good by making it – this
is what makes me helpful, you know what I mean? TONY: Correct. JULIE: This is a motivation for me to help others. TONY: It make me feel better and makes me, you know, the ideal of me do something
for someone that I don’t even know it could be a stranger it could be a family
that end of the day they say, “Thank you Tony you changed my life.” To me that’s
three Zoloft and one lithium and one whatever, it’s way better and it’s cheap
and it’s there’s no side effect. I found out that helping others, it made me feel good, you know, I can go through a severe trauma or anxiety today
if you would have called me and say, “Tony I need your help,” my brain kicks into
something else. I don’t have that anxiety anymore it kicks into a survival where I
need to go help someone. “They need my help.” And I found out that made me feel
good so and that’s kind of really I start
noticing my medicine You know, I noticed that by me helping people the
more people that I make happy and they have a good experience with me the more
happy I get. So that was kind of my medicine. People that don’t have
depression, anxiety, suicidal thought, bipolar – I’d rather be poor and not have
this depression, I’d rather I rather walk on the street with nothing on my back
then have depression, I know I’m never gonna get better, this is within me, it’s a monster within me that it could come out like
this and it could go in too, so my responsibility is to check it, control it
and live with it like a normal person and I think I know what to do now
it took me thirty years literally 31 years to master it and and and trying to
check it and you know there’s days that you know, I have my days where you know
I’m down, I don’t want to talk to anyone but those days are coming not too
often where now I can function I could I could take care of my clients I could
take up my business I can, I can contribute to my marriage.

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