Today’s World: Big Brother’s Joe Quaranta was a ‘bitter, angry’ man who

Big Brother’s Joe Quaranta was a ‘bitter, angry’ man who was a ‘bore’ to watch JOE the dry bone has gone…. His exit was so bad – that man doesnt like rejection does he!. He kept giving two fingers to anyone who booed him… he even said in his interview, You wasnt in there, so shut your f***ing mouth …. Mate, why so angry?. He was like that in the house though…He never liked people standing up to him, especially women, and I think the public saw that, hence why hes gone. In his interview he said Raph was scared of him, he said it with pride. Like you what mate?. I really dont know why he wanted to go in the house? He was miserable all the time… maybe he wanted a platform for his drag queen routine who knows? He certainly pulled off the b**chy queen role to a T!. He really is an angry man and comes across as bitter. I just couldnt understand his character at all. I said as much on twitter and had an onslaught of abuse and threats from his family members…Ahh that block button is sweet!.   Tom and Charlotte survive eviction as Joe is voted out of the Big Brother house. I felt bad for his Mrs and Emma when he stared into Emmas eyes and said her eyes were sexy! AWKS! Uggh the level of disrespect to both women was vile. Ladies imagine that was your man! No. I think a lot of people wanted Charlotte out because shes not added much to the house at all but as it was a vote to evict there was more chance of Hurricane Sue becoming a warm sunny day. This moves me on nicely to my new fave person! Hurricane Sue! I had high hopes for Sue and boy is she delivering!.   Hurricane Sue causes outrage on Big Brother as she accuses Sam of a showmance with Ellie. She isnt afraid to say what she thinks and go against the grain and is really ruffling the old housemates’ feathers and I LOVE it!. Her one liners are epic and her c**k blocking skills are second to none! She for me is the peoples housemate, saying what we are all thinking. Joe gives Emma after being booted out of the house. I cant wait to see her and she makes me want to watch the show again!. I loved when she c*** blocked Ellie and Sam. I mean lets face it, hearing sloppy drunk kissing is not cute when you’re trying to sleep, and I for one dont believe those two like each other romantically. Big Brothers Sam accuses Sue of c*** blocking him and Ellie. I think its just a link up of convenience and if I want a showmance Id rather watch Love Island!. Hurricane Sue I’m loving your work girl! But word to the wise, dont trouble Deborah, shes really coming out of her shell and I adore her!. Emma Willis said Toms girlfriend will be popping into the house in the next few days. I hope she brings some balls in for him. hes lost both his leaders now!.

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