Tips for Managing School Stress – ft. Study With Jess

Hey what’s up guys
and welcome to my second video this week,
I know that’s pretty rare and to make it
rarer still, this is actually my first full
collaboration video. So this week I partenered
up with my friend Jess who runs another channel
about studying and learning called fittingly,
Study with Jess, and I thought it’d be
really cool to do a video on how to manage stress
since we’re just about into finals right now and
hopefully you’ll be able to use some of the tips
in this video to manage any stress
that you’re feeling. – Hi everyone, so
when I was studying my post-graduate diploma
of psychology, I learned a great
deal about stress but also some really
effective techniques that you can implement throughout
the year to help you feel more calm and stay on
top of your stress levels. So I’m going to be sharing
with you my top five tips for reducing stress and
staying calm throughout the busy school year but before
I get into that, I actually wanted to cover what is
stress and what happens in our body when we start to feel
stressed, so stick around. So what is stress? Stress is your body’s
reaction to any change in the environment that requires
an adjustment or a response. The body then reacts to
these changes with either physical, mental or
emotional responses. So in daily life, we often
use the term stress to mean something negative, but
that’s not actually the case. Stress can either be
positive or negative, known as eustress or distress. So eustress is the term used
for describing positive stress and this is the kind of
stress that motivates us, increases our focus,
gets us excited and increases our performance. Some examples of eustress
could be receiving a promotion, starting a new
job or having a child. In contrast to eustress,
distress is the term used for describing negative
stress and this is the kind of stress that impairs our
focus, leaves us feeling anxious or nervous, often
it’s perceived as outside of our coping abilities and
impairs our performance. And some examples of distress
could be losing a job, sickness, or the
death of a loved one. So what happens to our body
when we start to feel stressed? In the event of stress
our bodies defense systems are activated in a rapid
and automatic response known as the fight
or flight mode. Your body then releases
stress hormones called cortisol and adrenaline which cause your
heart to beat faster, your breathing to quicken,
your blood pressure to rise and your senses
begin to sharpen. Also your body is
preparing you to either fight or
flee the situation. So how much stress
is too much stress? Some stress is good, in
fact it actually helps to improve our performance
and increase our focus so that we can execute
a task more effectively. But at what point
does having too much stress impair our performance? The inverted U model or Yerkes-Dodson law
shows the relationship between stress or
arousal and performance. This model, demonstrated
by a bell-shaped curve, says that up to a point
stress actually improves our performance, but
when it becomes too high it makes our performance
drop rapidly. So let’s put this graph
into perspective, shall we? For example, you sit down at
your desk to take an exam, as you turn that page
over, you can feel your heart start to beat
a little bit faster. You can feel your
breath start to quicken. You feel wide awake and focused and maybe even a
little bit eager to keep turning those
pages and tackle that exam. This scenario would
be demonstrated by the middle of the curve,
showing that you’ve experienced an optimal
level of stress and your performance
is actually improving. But what if we actually
turned up the level of cortisol and adrenaline
pumping through your body? This time you sit down at
your desk to take an exam, and as you turn that page,
your breathing quickens, you feel a pit at the
bottom of your stomach and the thought of
actually trying to fathom what these questions are
becomes overwhelming. This scenario would
be demonstrated by the bottom of the curve,
showing that you’ve actually experienced
too much stress and your performance
is impaired. So how can we manage stress to stop it from getting
the better of us? Well here are my top five tips. Tip number one is to
do some deep breathing. So when doing deep
breathing you’re actually switching on your
parasympathetic nervous system to create a calming effect. Try to increase
your exhalations to be longer than your inhalations. Breathing in to
the count of four and then breathing out
to the count of six can have a really calming
effect on the mind. Tip number two is to
use positive self talk. Write down on a set
of flash cards some positive statements
starting with I. This way you can pull
them out at any time that you need and
read over them to get you into a more
positive mindset. Some examples of what you
might like to write down, especially if you’re just
about to have a test, would be I know that I
have studied to the best of my abilities or I have
survived exams before, and my favorite is I’m
going to ace this exam. Tip number three
is to seek support. So talking to a family
member, a friend, or even a staff member can
really effective because it reminds us that
we’re not alone and often they’ll
come up with some really effective
strategies as well. The next tip is to exercise
and get outdoors regularly. So when you exercise
you’re able to reduce your cortisol levels and
also produce endorphins to make you feel better. The other great thing
about exercising regularly is that it promotes
a good night’s sleep. Tip number five is to
engage in self care. Make sure you set aside
at least 30 minutes every day to do something
nice for yourself. Don’t get consumed
in all of your work and end up neglecting
your own personal needs. It’s important to
prioritize yourself and have some important
me time every day so that you don’t end up
feeling burnt out or run down close to the end of the
year or even sooner. Some examples of what
you might like to do for yourself could
be to read a book, go to the park, play with a
pet or even see your friends. So there are my top five
tips for managing stress and I hope you
found them helpful. All right, I’m gonna hand
you back over to Thomas. All right guys so I really
hope you enjoyed Jess’s part of the video and before
I close this video out I’ve just got a
couple of different things I want to mention. Number one, if you’re
looking for some more note taking hacks, I actually
made a video about that topic on her channel,
so you can click right there to watch it
and also I just really encourage you to go
over to Jess’s channel and check out some of
her videos and subscribe if you like them because
she’s one of the few people that is also dedicating
all of her time to making videos about studying and
learning here on YouTube. That is all I’ve got for
this video so thanks so much for watching and as always,
I will see you next week. (fast, upbeat music) – [Voiceover] Hey there
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