Tichel Headaches?  No more pressure, weight, pulling!  Andrea Grinberg Wrapunzel

Hi everyone! I’m outside on this
beautiful day, and I’m hoping it’s not going to rain. It’s patches of grey and
blue, and white clouds up there, so God willing it won’t rain while I’m making this
video for you. So, this is a video that, about, questions that I’ve been asked
since the day I started headwrapping, and it’s all about headaches, and tightness,
and migraines, and pulling, and all those things that some people seem to have
happen when they start wrapping their hair. Usually for these people, they have
this happening to them before they start wrapping their hair, but the wrapping
doesn’t make it any better. So I’m going to share with you a bit of my personal
story, which will tell you about why I’m making this video. When I was a teenager
and actually still right now, I got chronic migraines. And when I mean chronic, I mean
that it was every day. I could not see out of one eye, it was, I had terrible
auras. The pain was insane. I had to go to pah, pain management therapy to
just to be able to cope so I could get through school. It was really bad. Um, so that
was my, when I was a teenager. Thank God it’s much better now. I started taking
vitamin B2 and that actually cured everything. I was, I went on lots of
medications, but that’s actually what helped. So I know all about migraines, and
I know what they can do. I know that when you have one you just want to, you can’t
do anything, and you can’t function. So. Headwrapping and headaches. It’s actually
a funny story that since I started wrapping my hair,
I actually got less migraines. So when people started talking to me about
getting more migraines from wrapping their hair, I was like “why is that, and what do I do
that’s different?” So first of all, the biggest problem that happens to most
ladies is that they’re wrapping their scarf too tight. Too tight
all around. First of all, a woman might be tying her hair back too tight, which is
really not good. You do not want to pull your hair back, and tie it in a tight
elastic. The reason why we sell the velvet scrunchies is not only to protect
from hair loss, but also to help with headaches, and pulling, and tiredness, and
all those things that happen from pulling your hair back too tight. So do
not pull your hair back too tight. Second of all, you do not want to have
your velvet headband too tight on your head. Your No-Slip Headband needs to be
snug, but not tight. Now many people ask, “Well how do I know what size I am? How do
I know my measurement?” And that’s actually a difficult question, because
most people assume that if they have a large head, then they’ll be a large size,
and vice-versa. This is not true. I have a high hairline, so that means, that meaning
that my forehead is pretty big. So therefore, I wear a smaller size, because
the actual circumference of my hair doesn’t take up very much room. However,
if I had a lower hairline, I would wear a larger size. Same as those women that
expose a bit of hair would also want a headband that, that is a bit smaller. And
depending on actually how low your hair comes down here, that also changes things.
So the best thing to do is measure your head with a shoestring, or something like
that, and hold that against a measuring tape. The measurements that we give on
Wrapunzel.com are when the headband is laid down flat.
Now the headbands are stretchy, so someone might say, “Well, I have a 23 inch
head. How is a 22 inch headband going to work for me?” And it actually really does,
because most of them I, to fit comfortably, would stretch about an inch. However,
what’s comfortable to me is not what might be comfortable for someone else.
Some women’s like, women like a tighter fit, and some women like a looser
fit. But personally, I like, I just like it to be snug. So you’re better off going
in the middle. And so yes, headband, make sure it’s the right size. And last of all
is your wrap. Now we’re going to talk about lots of wrapping techniques, and
what, you know, how to avoid headaches. But most basic one is, don’t wrap your headwrap too tight. If you have the velvet headband on, you really do not need to
wrap your headband very tight, you know, sorry, your scarf very tight. So just put it on, get
it so it gets a nice line at the front, you don’t want any weird fabric sticking
up, but then do not tie it any tighter. You don’t need to. Okay. So that’s ‘too
tight.’ The second problem that comes up is pulling, and I’m going to go on a
little bit about pulling, because this is an interesting thing. There’ve been in
some pho-, pictures I’ve posted where I have a lot of volume going on at the
back, and people are like, “Well, isn’t that heavy? How do you wear that without it pulling
at your head?” So I’m going to talk about something, and those of you that have not
wrapped before might not know what I’m talking about, but those that do wrap,
just listen up. It’s all about momentum. And, as
Rivka Malka actually says, it’s all about hand angle. So, if you arewrapping
your scarf, and you are pulling back, and your hands are facing down here all the
time, pulling, pulling, pulling, then your wrap will feel fine at the beginning, and
then, after about an hour, oh my gosh it’s starting to rain, okay, we’re finishing
this! After about an hour it will start pulling down really harshly, and you
really don’t want that to happen. So, when you are wrapping, you want your hands to
be very often facing up, and you want to be thinking this way, forward, uh, momentum.
So when I’m doing my Criss Cross, and doing all this stuff, even if I’m working
back here, I’m thinking this way. The idea is, you want your head wrap to hug your
head. You actually want, and this is why actually wrapping my head gives me less
migraines, my hair before weighed quite a lot, and now that it’s all wrapped up and
kind of hugging my head, it actually takes a lot of weight off my head. So you
want to think this way. Think forward momentum. Wrap this way. Wrap in this direction. No pulling down. Do not pull down this way. You will get really bad
headaches, even if you’re not a migraine sufferer, you will get bad headaches.
Don’t do that. Okay. Another thing that might cause headaches or tightness is how
you tie your knots. If you are tying, I, you can see I have a double knot here,
but it’s actually quite loose. If I were to tie this really tight, I would find
that I get a pressure headache right here after a little bit. So when you’re
tying your knots, make them nice, don’t, you know, don’t tie them too loose, but
don’t tie them so tight that they kind of stick and, you know, and really hurt
your head. Also, for some of you, you might actually want to try, and I’ve done this
in a lot of my wraps, is that you do, instead of tying a knot at the back,
you just do a crisscross. If you want information on how to do this, there’s the
Crazy Wrap with lots of braids, and the Regal Wrap, all these rapping tutorials
show you how to do this. So just do a crisscross at the back. Finish your wrap.
Don’t do a gazillion knots at the back of your head. Okay. So another thing is
how you tuck your scarves. As you know, we are, we often tuck our scarves in here, or
underneath here. You know, you can tuck it in here, or here. If you bunch your scarf up, and kind
of stick it in, it’s not going to go very well. It’s actually going to create that
same pressure headache that the knot would create. You want it to be nice and
smooth, you want to put your scarf in like this, nice and smooth, and like
nice and smooth, you don’t want to bunch it up, because again that’s going to
create pressure against one part of your head, and it’s going to give you a
headache. So, the last thing I want to talk about is weight. Now, as you know,
pashminas weigh more than, like, 2 in 1 summer scarves. So, obviously, you do not
want to pile on two or three pashminas on your head if you get headaches,
because that’s going to weigh quite a bit. So a lot about weight is actually where
your ponytail is, and that depends from person-to-person. I’ve heard a lot of
people say that when they have a low bun, that actually is much better for
headaches. For me personally, having it kind of in a medium high place, like where
I wear it right here, is the best place for that comfortable, hugging my head feeling.
But other women on top is going to feel much better. So everyone has different
shaped heads, and different places where pressure feels different. So experiment
with that. So you want to, you really just always want
to think, when you’re laughing about the tichel hugging your head, and not pulling
it, that’s the best if I could say one thing in this video, think hugging, not
pulling. Think embracing, not weighing down. And I think, actually, because it’s
starting to rain, and I really do not want my computer to get destroyed, I’m
going to finish off this video. Please let me know if you have any questions.
Many of you have asked about some wrap, especially the Crazy Braid Wrap that I
posted, and say like, “Well, doesn’t it give you a headache?
Doesn’t it, isn’t it heavy?” And first of all, the answer is “No.” It, it was a bit more
cumbersome in terms of my head movement than most of my wraps, obviously, because
it was huge, but because I was thinking forward motion, and because those 2 in 1
scarves were so light, I did not get a headache, and I wore it all day. And it
felt great, it felt fine. So I hope this helps all of you, and I hope we all have
a headache-free existence, and are happy, and wrapping, and beautiful, and loving life.
Bye, everyone. Enjoy the weather. Enjoy the rain. I’m going to run inside. Bye bye!

10 thoughts on “Tichel Headaches? No more pressure, weight, pulling! Andrea Grinberg Wrapunzel

  1. Andrea, I would love it if you could do another video some day expounding on the pulling aspect of problems with tichel tying. This is something that I've really struggled with, and I'm certain it would be very helpful to a lot of the other ladies, too.

  2. Thank you so much for making this video!  I have headache problems too and this was so helpful!!  I love how thoughtful all your videos are but I extra appreciate this one.  😀

  3. Wrapping my hair makes my headaches go away. Something about the way the scarf hugs my head… If I take it off too early in the day, I will get a headache!  

  4. This was really helpful & I will try these tips. But, I also have a problem with my wraps sliding off my ears sometimes; I start out with them covering most of my ears, but by midday, they are behind my ears. Why is that?

  5. What kind of tichels do you wear when it rains?? Like, if you have to run through the rain or something without an umbrella, how do you prepare? Is there a video on raincoat-pairing tichels? Lol

  6. Where do you get your beautiful layering shirts that cover the collarbone? Please forgive me for the off-subject topic! Your outfits are always so well coordinated, and I LOVE the one in this video!

  7. Hi Wrapunzel, I've been wrapping for a few months now, and have just started using 2 sock buns to give my shoulder length hair some volume (hair wrapped around 1 and another wreaked around that – tip borrowed from another person on youtube). Other than using a shaper, do you have any tips on how to get used to the extra weight or work with it to reduce headaches, etc? Thanks

  8. I get really bad migraines like it makes me dizzy and nauseous when I wrap my hair I have to lay down for the rest of the day

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