This Syndrome Will Make You Question What Is Real (Alice In Wonderland Syndrome)

Imagine this, one night you’re just sitting
alone watching sports on TV. Suddenly that TV screen seems really far away,
as if the room has expanded right in front of your very eyes. You panic, and so look down to see where your
phone is, only the device is massive and your hand has shrunk to the size of a baby’s
hand. Oh God, you think, did someone spike my Kool-Aid
with the world’s strongest drug? You get up to move, only now you are tiny
and the ceiling seems 20 feet away. You can hear voices in the distance; you look
through the window and there’s a giant dog in the garden. It’s got a purple face and orange ears. Your head hurts, and then suddenly you lose
control of your limbs and just fall to the floor. Now time has stopped for you. What’s going on? What you have just heard is how some sufferers
of Alice in Wonderland syndrome have described one of their trips. It gets the name Alice in Wonderland syndrome
from the famous 19th century novel called, “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.” If you haven’t read it or seen any of the
countless movies based on it, the protagonist, Alice, experiences a lot of trippy things. One of those things is seeing things bigger
or smaller than they are. Respectively the scientific terms for that
are macropsia and micropsia. Macro meaning big and micro meaning small. We’ve seen some descriptions of what can
happen and oh boy, having an attack must be one of the scariest things in the world. Before we get into why it happens, let’s
have a look at how some folks described a stint in wonderland. We should say that most people that suffer
from this are teenagers, so that means it might have happened to one of our millions
of viewers. We can’t wait to hear from you if you have
had one of these crazy bouts. One 17-year old said this is what happens
to him: “Quite suddenly objects appear small and
distant or large and close. I feel as if I am getting shorter and smaller,
‘shrinking’, and also the size of persons are not longer than my index. Sometimes I see the blind in the window or
the television getting up and down, or my leg or arm is swinging. I may hear the voices of people quite loud
and close or faint and far.” Hmm, seeing mini people the size of your finger. That must be a bit frightening if you’re
sitting in class. We looked at another case, and this time the
guy was not a teen but 68. He said he was going about his normal day
and then things started speeding up, like everything around him was in fast-forward
mode. If that wasn’t discombobulating enough,
things started moving in slow motion. He then said everything just stopped, like
a freeze frame. He described it as being in a Charlie Chaplin
movie. So, time was not working for this man, but
then some other stuff started happening. When he looked around at things and people
they kept changing color, and then those things just started getting bigger or smaller and
either zooming in or zooming out. He described it like this. It was like “looking into a funhouse mirror.” Doesn’t sound like fun to us. We’ll give you another case, this time a
story we found in the New York Times. The writer of the story said she had had it,
but so too had her ten year old daughter. One day she said her daughter turned to her
and said, “Everything in the room looks really small.” She’d had the same thing, and as a kid said
sometimes she’d be doing something then every object around her looked like it could
fit inside a doll’s house. A 21-year old student in the UK told the Guardian
this is what happened to him while he was writing his dissertation, “I stood up, reached
down to pick up the TV remote control from the floor and felt my foot sink into the ground. Glancing down, I saw that my leg was plunging
into the carpet.” He said on other occasions this happened,
“Floors either curved or dipped, and when I tried walking on them, it felt as though
I was staggering on sponges. When I lay in bed and looked at my hands,
my fingers stretched off half a mile into the distance.” We looked at other things that might happen
and won’t list them all as they are many, and they all involve basically tripping out
in the weirdest of ways. It seems every sense can be affected, so you
might see a swarm of ants that are not there, or you might hear them talking to you. You might feel five minutes takes about one
hour to pass, or you might feel like someone is grabbing hold of you. Basically, the world gets distorted and people
get very, very frightened as they hallucinate to the extreme. So, why does it happen and can it be stopped? While it sounds like the strongest LSD trip
ever taken – maybe a bit like when the first guy to synthesize LSD, Albert Hoffman, took
a massive dose and went for a ride on his bicycle – the vast majority of cases have
nothing to do with drug use. We did find one case of a man in the USA that
liked to take LSD and the tripping then started when he didn’t take the drug, but that is
very rare. In fact, his clinician told the media, “To
the best of our knowledge, this is the first reported case of AIWS which persists after
LSD interruption.” He was alright in the end, he just had to
trip like that on and off for a year. One researcher we found examined 48 patients
who had experienced Alice in Wonderland syndrome and she came to the conclusion that in around
half of the cases no cause could be found. The people were normal, in spite of their
world getting all out of whack now and again. Six percent of the people had suffered considerable
head injuries and the doctor said that was to blame. Another six percent suffered from migraines
and that was the problem, and in thirty-six percent of the cases a past infection was
the source of the normality disruption. That same doctor said that some people will
have a bout and never tell anyone. They experience a kind of temporary madness
and keep quiet. She told the media, “They were almost too
embarrassed. People want to be told that they’re crazy.” The good news is that if you suddenly see
your mother as 6 inches tall and your father becomes a multicolored giant those actual
symptoms shouldn’t cause you any harm other than a lot of anxiety. Time might stop, but your heart won’t. The bad news is that in some cases the syndrome
was part of neurological disease and things got worse for the patient, such as was the
case of the 68-year old we talked about. He had a rapid onset of dementia after his
visual hallucinations and he died two months after he saw the doctor. Another problem is some people keep it all
to themselves and just get very depressed about pretty much going crazy now and again. A teenager might think they’ve lost the
plot and just keep quiet, but if that’s you, don’t worry and tell someone. The vast majority of people that get it, get
it when they are young, and the sessions in the other world might last anything from 10
seconds to ten minutes. It might happen occasionally for a period
of weeks or months, but it usually goes away by itself. Unfortunately, some folks might have it for
longer. That university student in the UK we talked
about had these trippy experiences all through his twenties. He said he just learned to live with it and
got a job and stuff, although he wouldn’t try driving. He talked to The Guardian when he was 31 and
said he had the attacks only about once a month. We’ll leave you with something positive. That guy told the Guardian, “There is one
part of it that I really enjoyed: sometimes, especially shortly after waking up, I would
experience a kind of binocular vision. Lying in bed, I would find myself staring
out of the window, watching crows flying over trees 100m away, but able to see the details
on each bird and treetop as if they were at arm’s length.” How would you deal with something like this? Tell us in the comments. Now go watch our other video “Weirdest Brain
Disorders” Thanks for watching, and as always, don’t forget to like, share and subscribe. See you next time.

100 thoughts on “This Syndrome Will Make You Question What Is Real (Alice In Wonderland Syndrome)

  1. Its happen to me, sometimes when I focus to a person, his/her head is larger than his/her body or vise versa and it zoom in or zoom out.

  2. I don't know why but sometimes when I'm outside I see people doing the Mannequin Challenge without doing it.

  3. I do remember for 5-3 nights stright when i was around 8 i saw the sun rise throw the window in 5 secons i was not tiered or felt dizy it just was funny for me it might be it but i cant be sure

  4. Trying to play a game… suddenly controller feels like it's an inch tall and my hands are larger than the room (grumbles at the feeling of a glitchy brain)

  5. Thank you thank you so much. After seeing your youtube clip. I now know what it is i have. People i tell about hav never said anything. I am now in my 30 and have learned to live with it what i have experienced since i can remember is time slowing down and sinking into my bed when i am in my bed. I have also expeinced zooming out. When it happenes when i am alone i just enjoy the ride but when i am in public i panic. Thank you again

  6. I get this as a migraine aura. I feel like I'm tiny and the room is oversized. Sometimes it's the opposite, which is way worse for me.

  7. I have this – it's a type of epilepsy. It's kinda fun tbh. The headaches hurt but the growing and shrinking is super fun!!
    My dad has it too.
    I still get it into adulthood.
    It started when I was 3yo. I'm 45 now.
    It was every night at first, now its once a month.
    I have auditory & olfactory seizures & they're much worse.
    XO – E.S. 💗

  8. I have the Alice in wonderland syndrome it is apparently rare and it happened to me last time when I expirienced it was in the night which us ally happens to me and I was poorly but objects around me changed size and the distance of objects looked so far away yet they are supposed to be close.

  9. Can confirm this is exactly what Alice and Wonder land is like its shocking accurate and something they didn't mention is that you can get it while you sleep in a type of night terror.

  10. I used to have this when I was young. I would wake up in the middle of the night and started screaming because everything felt weird. Like I’m getting very smaller and smaller eventually it felt like I was twice as small as my bed. When that happened I always would hold myself to feel like I’m normal size.
    I think my migraines caused this, but now I don’t have it anymore

  11. I used to think i was just light headed. Like i felt like my head was on the ceiling but my body was still in bed. I do remember being sick at the time and i used to suffer from migraines.

  12. I experienced things getting smaller and going far many time when I was a kid.

    I thought I was the only one in the world who had this.

    I also could not explain this to people properly back then.

  13. This happened to me many times as a child, I can't believe that actually has a name AIWS. I used to call it a wiggly wobbly.
    I would get them from about age 6 to 11. Usually when I was sick with a flu and had temperature and/or would be given cough medication that may have had traces of alcohol in. The symptoms began in the brain where I felt things pulling away from me and being too far even though with they were right in front of me. When I would open my eyes and look at my hand in front of it it kept stretching far away as if I felt something pulling away the best visual I've ever seen is in Michael Jackson's thriller music video when they are surrounding the girl with zombies and the camera does that pull in zoom back motion so she stays in place but the background starts to pull away from her, check it out in the music video you'll notice it right away it's a very cool camera trick. Anyway the distortions of things pulling away and coming too close would get so badd that I would jump out of bed screaming and kicking the doors open with my parents running in to see what was wrong and when they touched me it felt as if their hands pushed into my skin which felt like it was made of putty or clay and the floor was waving up-and-down like an ocean and the walls wobbling hence me calling it a wiggly wobbly. I would yell to them not to touch me during this moment and that everything looks distorted I would grip my head and sit outside of my Room with the lights on until it passed which thankfully it did within 5 minutes or so of being fully awake in the light. It's kind of like when you're running toward something that is being pulled away from you as you go toward it even though it's not moving. I only had it a couple of other times in my life as a young adult if I had temperature but otherwise thankfully I have not had it any other time

  14. I had that temporarily at st Joseph hospital. They were experimenting on patients, that’s the level of corruption they have over there

  15. My friend actually had this happen to him! I remember being over one night and he just started TRIPPIN! I was so scared and felt so bad for him

  16. Sometimes when I finish reading a book and I look at somebody in my room they look small. that happened to me a lot of times but it doesn’t happen anymore. I just thought it was normal. Because I looked at the book for a long time. Idk. Is it supposed to stop happening? Or is it forever? If it can stop when you grow up then I might’ve had it.

  17. I one time as a teenager felt like everything went 2-D, went flat like card board cut puts/a comic book then time slowed and I felt like I was moving through molasses… I didnt tell anyone because I was going through an eating disorder and assumed it was just a side effect which Im sure it was related.

  18. Happened to me after 16hrs of straight out gaming. Like a trip. But milder than this. Everything just felt ‘unreal’

  19. One time I looked at a digital clock the same second it switched a minute and as turned my head I thought I saw a minute passes again but that was the only scene in my show, nothing else…

  20. the author of Alice in Wonderland had the precise syndrome(and frequently suffered from migraines as well)- that's where he drew the inspiration for the book from

  21. This use to happen to me all the time as a child and as a teen when I had a migraine. Things normally would become overly large or small. It happens so rarely now. It never scared me though, I always found it funny.

  22. This happened to me throughout my childhood and a couple of times during my adult life .. I could hear everything loudly, everything is out of proportion, my hands r big everything is out of wack and it's frightening. It's just moments not long term and I'm also epileptic so it might be related iuno

  23. I once saw a man walking his dog and he was jogging with his dog then the dog and the man froze everything else stayed the same It is still puzzling me.

  24. So the brain's perception goes askew for a time? The senses are heightened? Time isn't measured correctly? I am sure there is a clinical / biological cause for most of this. Maybe a chemical imbalance.

  25. thankfully when it happens to me i only experience things getting really big or small. i never see things that aren’t there or hear voices. however i often have panic attacks when it happens

  26. LSA (not LSD) distribution seems to have worked. Only displayed symptoms years after putting in Kellogg's branded products

  27. I had this happen when I was younger. Things would either be impossibly slow or incredibly fast. It would bring me to tears.

  28. This used to happen to me all the time as a kid (I’m 23 now) nothing ever changed colors for me. But I did have everything speed up like it was being fast forwarded and the. Slow down to a crawl. That only happened once though. More frequently the room would stretch out really tall and I felt like a giant in this tiny room, but I fit in it too. Like it was huge and far away, but I could still reach out and touch them. It was very trippy

  29. I remember having this when i was younger around 6-11yrs old i was laying on my side watching tv i remember i was watching codename kids next door and i was tripping everything felt so huge and i felt myself smaller and i couldnt move

  30. It happend to me 7 years ago, everything was huge. My dog was grinning at me and it was like he was reading my mind…… The shrooms wore off and i was ok

  31. I've felt this several times. Like my bedroom furniture becomes the size of dollhouse furniture but my room is the size of a football stadium. It only happens for a few minutes though.

  32. This is common to people with fevers, especially young adults and children; high temperatures in the brain can cause hallucinations.
    Maybe it's some kind of permanent brain damage from a previously extremely high fever and the brain kinda just, randomly repeats the experience

  33. i have had this when i was a kid
    the tv would look sooooo far away and small
    and other times jiust everything moves away like a slow zoom out effect like a scary scene in a movie and sounds muffled and my hands feel like rocks sometimes in bed my whole body felt soooo heavy and the ceiling looks soooo far away and once there were spheres on the ceiling-the big ones were chasing the small ones – around and around faster and faster i ran downstairs to my grandma and she was a nurse and i remember she said i had a fever

  34. I will say (cause I heard it from my cousin’s friend), that after you take shrooms and acid more than a couple times, you can definitely sorta half imagine/half see how stuff, especially patterns, would move if you were actually tripping. It’s a little more than imagining, cause your eyes are wide open.. And it’s stronger if you’ve tripped more recently, but only occurs if you are actually trying to make it happen (unlike what some report).

    Not sure if it’s just that your imagination sort of expands after psychedelics or if your brain has just realized that the laws of physics it’s used to aren’t always true anymore, but it’s kind of interesting.

    Idk. Maybe my cousin’s friend is just weird.

    Now if only you could get the ultra-contrast, everything looks amazing effects to work while not tripping…

  35. I had this happen once as a child. Everything looked like it was a different depth. I dont remember being really scared though. maybe because I was younger. probably like 9 or 10

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