This man is angry at the cuts in Northampton. Are you?

Northamptonshire’s lost something like
400 million pounds from the government Their budgets been slashed in half.
That’s resulted in some services disappearing completely. Children’s
centers are closed. Schools have been hit badly by cutbacks. Bus services chopped
completely. Daycare centres have closed. Northamptonshire was declared, by Ofsted
who inspect Children Services, to have been a failing service. It’s never solved the financial problem of the cuts which the government are making. The County council this year was declared bankrupt. It’s just gone from bad to worse. All the
MPs in Northamptonshire are Tory. All the district councils in Northamptonshire are Tory.
– bar 1. The County Council is Tory. We’ve got a Tory government. Who
else can we blame? We have rights. We are citizens. We pay our taxes. But all we are getting now is declining public services. What are we paying our taxes for? We need people to get involved. We need people to fight back and to
stand up for what they believe in. We can win. We can win.

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