Things that Makes Someone Living Apart From Family Angry | Love Playlist | S4 – Special 2 (EN CC)

He’s the landlord’s son? Do you mean that guy
who’s been preparing to become a singer for the past 15 years? -Yes.
-He visits us if he knows that we’re home. Did you just hear his guitar? No. Tell me it isn’t so. I must’ve been mistaken. Why would the
landlord’s son come over? At first, we were the ones
who called him over. So you’re not getting
any warm water, right? No, I think it should be fixed
before it gets any colder. Right. It must’ve bothered you. I’ll call a repairman to fix it
right away. Thank you. Oh, right. May I ask you guys something? What’s your skincare routine? -What?
-I’ve been having issues with my skin, so I’ve been
looking into it. May I have some? Sure, you… You already did. It’s fruity. It fizzes too. So what’s your skincare routine? -We don’t do such things.
-You don’t? Your pores are
pretty much invisible. Your skin reminds me
of my nephew’s butt. -He has a white butt.
-Anyway… You see, we’re a bit busy. I finally remembered. I was watching TV one day. They said cold water
is great for your skin. You know cold water, right?
Not warm water. I’m going to start showering
with cold water from now on. It was like a horror movie
that I was forced to watch until the very end. I can’t believe this guy. Hold on. Does that mean
he hasn’t fixed it? No. He did fix it. What? He did? Then what? Isn’t it over? No. We shouldn’t have
gotten it fixed. It’s all my fault. I should’ve showered
with cold water even if I froze to death. Skincare routine Skincare routine is so difficult Let’s look for a solution
By searching online Cold water is good for your skin -Fruits are good as well
-I’m sorry Skincare routine Iced water At first, he visited
once a week. Then once every two days. I wrote this after being
inspired by you. Now, he seems to be planning
on coming over every day. That guy is so weird. Which floor does he live on?
Lead the way. No, Ji Won. Relax. He’s really one of a kind. He’s the worst! He’s right. We just need
to lie low. No. I know how to deal
with people like him. -Come on. Lead the way.
-No. I won’t. Wait. You had a friend over. My lovely brothers. My gosh! Oh, my. You’re that guy who’s been
preparing to become a singer for the past
15 years now, right? I’m so honored to have met you. Don’t flatter me like that. -Would you like to listen…
-By the way, you must know
many old pop songs too. Of course, I do.
From the 1970s, I know… My father was a big fan
of old pop songs, so I’ve always listened to them. Seeing you holding that guitar
makes me nostalgic. Really? Then listen to my song. Thanks to that,
I know many songs compared to my friends. I’m quite
a competent music critic. My nickname was CMC. CMC. “CMC”? -Then you should listen…
-But there was a catch. “A catch”? I can’t listen to just any song. “Any song”? What do you mean? You know how our bodies can’t take
certain foods? I can’t take music that
has been made halfheartedly. -That’s how I am.
-I’m not halfhearted. If I listen to such music, I get goosebumps
and suffer from indigestion. I get itchy and even have
a difficult time breathing. Aren’t I just one of a kind? You’re really that sensitive? Then how about you listen
to my song first? Gosh, that’s cold. I’m fine. I won’t die. I’m sorry for blabbering
on and on. What were you saying again? Oh, right. You sing. If it’s okay with you, may I listen to your music? One second. If I have trouble
breathing like last time, could you call an ambulance?
Press one on speed dial, okay? I got it. All right. Let’s hear it. Applaud! -Oh, right. My mom.
-(“Mom”?) Right! She told me to report
to her on something. Gosh. She’s the landlord.
I need to report to her. I’ll see you next time. -Where are you going?
-Please let me go. -Why? I’m disappointed.
-You’re stretching my pants. No, let me go. -My mom’s looking for me.
-Why? I’m her son. I must go. -I’ll come next time. Bye.
-Why are you leaving? Goodbye. You’re so awesome. Is everything
that you told him true? No, I don’t know many pop songs. I like K-pop. I never knew you had
this side of you. Did you see her?
She’s so sweet and spicy. I have the best girlfriend. Listen up. To deal with
barefaced people, be barefaced Got it? (Love Playlist, Season 4
X Minute Maid Sparkling) My first encounter
With her was electric I knew it was special The sweetness exploded It exploded

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