Please Karan don’t do that yaar Idiot. You have high fever that’s why I switched on the fan to cool you down Should I turn on the ac? Please leave me alone at least when I’m sick So how are you? Arey yaar. I’ having this bitter food since morning I wanna have something good The taste isn’t good now in my mouth Please get me something Pizza? Burger? No! Get me french Fries I’ll surely get it but don’t tell anyone and you have to share it with me! It’s paining! Chill it will be fine! There is no need to strap it At least do it slowly That’s enough. Why are you wrapping it more? What should i do with the remaining one? I should wrap it on your mouth! I’m not well. No medicine works man! Drink it! Are you crazy? I don’t drink alcohol! It’s not Alcohol! It’s medicine! Have a drink. You’ll be alright soon!

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