The Vampire Diaries 8×08 Sneak Peek #2 “We Have History Together” (HD) Season 8 Episode 8 Sneak Peek

and on top of everything she does she even volunteered to organize Miss Mystic Falls. Wow! Your teacher sure does have a lot on her plate. Yeah, but I help her out with projects. We all do. everyone loves her.
Good morning everyone! Good morning, Miss Sybil. What are you doing here? Well, yesterday we finished the Revolutionary War so today we’re going to start on 1800’s. No, I mean why are you masquerading as a history teacher? I’m not masquerading. I give a lot of homework and pop quizzes, right? You’re the best best teacher at this school. Are you mind controlling these kids? I made them love history, is that a crime? Woah, woah, woah. Before you try to attack me, or call the police, or ask anyone for help, just know that if you do, none of these kids are going to make it to their next class. Can we just skip to the part where
you tell me what you want? Sure, if we can skip to the part where you admit that you would rather be doing anything except think about what Stefan’s doing right now… Who he’s murdering while his emotions are off… And in answer to your question, I want to teach you history. Why else would I have told your boss to send you here on an assignment? The news assignment came from you…
I just said that he must not have been a very good student. We’re gonna have to try to remedy that. Students, please turn to chapter 3. Antebellum Virginia. Miss Forbes? You can take a seat. The Vampire Diaries returns with an all-new episode this Friday at 8/7c on the CW.

32 thoughts on “The Vampire Diaries 8×08 Sneak Peek #2 “We Have History Together” (HD) Season 8 Episode 8 Sneak Peek

  1. Really ? Stefan being Ripper and canceling the Wedding in June and Caroline little regard she's at school people at School and Seriously kidding me Julie Plec

  2. At first i didn't like Sybil, But the more i see her in the Vampire Diaries i really enjoy her character.
    I wouldn't mind if she gets with Damon( Delena fans don't be coming at me, I really enjoyed when Stelena and Delena was a couple, But i ship more with the delena.) The fact if Nina wakes up, Bonnie dies. Supposedly Nina might make appearance, but they haven't found a way to make bonnie still be alive or nina. Remember Nina turned into a human with that cure. I'm not sure if they can bring her back unless they turn her into a vampire. This Season I really enjoy Bonnie & Enzo. I really miss Jeremy and i don't think the actor would come back. But honestly This Season made me ship ENZO & BONNIE so much lol. I hope they find a way to bring Damon & Stefan Humanity because it's the last season and if they drag it out too long, it'll be a disappointed ending. I feel like everyone in the vampire diaries will be gone, Nina would be awake and read everyones journals while she figures where they all went? I feel like that'll be a really great ending . Maybe it'll end with Jeremy & Nina being back home being normal again and forget what happen to them the pass years they actually went through. Or it can be a long as dream about the past season LOL.

  3. PSA for the people who keep asking why Caroline is a student: she's not a student she works for a news station and her boss (controlled by Sybil) sent her there on an assignment. You're welcome

  4. I am the only person not a fan of season 8. It would have been amazing if Nina can come back as Katherine if anything. & if we found out Katherine is secretly working with Cade in hell, which still shows she's messing with the Salvatore brothers. & to quote Damon "see you in hell Katherine"

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