The Undertaker and Triple H will battle each other for the last time at WWE Super Show-Down on Oct 6

[MUSIC] Ladies and gentlemen,
we are experiencing history.>>Two of the all-time greats,
to ever step foot inside the ring.>>It has been six long years since one of the greatest rivalries in WWE
history was said to be dead and buried. But legends, legends never die. At WWE Super Showdown in Melbourne,
Australia, the Undertaker and I have some unfinished business. [MUSIC]>>It is a fantasy match.>>Two legends will collide. [MUSIC]>>An image we can never replicate. [MUSIC]
>>Two icons will do battle. [MUSIC]>>In a moment that will
live in infamy in WWE. [MUSIC]>>Undertaker,
I promise you this is no game.>>The last chapter in one of
the WWE’s most storied rivalries, the Undertaker, Triple H, one final time. [MUSIC]

100 thoughts on “The Undertaker and Triple H will battle each other for the last time at WWE Super Show-Down on Oct 6

  1. Triple h is 0-3 with the undertaker. Hope it changes atleast this time. I really want the undertaker to lose. I am bored of that old man. Triple h is the king.

  2. They must be offering taker some fat checks. He should stay out of the ring though he doesn't have it anymore and its just sad.

  3. Unfinished business?? He beat you three times at wrestlemania this is vince mcmahon at his finest can't let the past go and will do anything to sell tickets, end of an era years ago and now the last time ever DO NOT be surprised if the do it again and the slogan is THIS IS ACTUALLY THE LAST TIME WE PROMISE

  4. Undertaker is obviously going to win. Triple H is a high class jobber. When was the last time you saw this man win a 1v1 at a ppv

  5. Is undertaker gonna finally retire after this one, cause he just needs to give it up man, he’s so old

  6. Hopefully this match will be a 20 or 25 minutes instead of a squash but this is stupid because the rivalry ended on a great note

  7. The phenom and the game assassin's rivalry all started from 2001-2011, 2012, and now 2018
    Wrestlemania 17 the start of the beginning of the whole true story.
    Judgement day
    king of the ring
    Elimination chamber
    Wrestlemania 27 and Wrestlemania 28
    The WWE supershow.
    Marking the finished line of the legendary and special rivalry story.

  8. "If I ever got to the time where I felt someone should put me down, I'd want that person to be you" Undertaker to Triple H Raw 2011… I have a gut feeling that this might be the end of Undertaker.

  9. Won't be as good as wm but for sure don't count out these vets, everyone thought their first wm match was gonna be slow but became better than anything that night, so trust in the wrestler and hope for the best match of the night

  10. I really appreciate how the Undertaker is giving all what he has got for the fans. He is truly the most respectful person in WWE. I am one of the BIGGEST fans of the Undertaker to be honest that I even sing his song all day while playing games. I really wish I could watch him and Triple H battle for one more last time live in front of my eyes, but I sadly can't. I love the Undertaker as how much I love my family. Anyone else would give up wrestling at that health condition, but he didn't because he wants to satisfy and entrain the fans. That's why it's called the World Wrestling Entrainment. 😊 I love you Undertaker and I respect you! 😍😘😘😍

  11. However, I really wanted the Undertaker to face off against Kane at any PPV, then both of them retire and burn down the death valley.

  12. Wwe let the legends rest make some good up coming people I mean yea who doesn’t want to see them fight but their not in their prime anymore


  14. We've encountered this match for decades now. Now we want to see new storylines, new rivalries, between two dominant force wheather from WCW or WWE.
    Goldberg & Sting for ex are two prominent wrestlers to face the Deadman.

  15. the way triple h talks so confidently(unfinished business, I am the game and his music playing in the end ) are all just clues that say triple h could win. I want the deadman to win tho. So Pls vince just don't screw this up by making triple h win. He talks so bloody confidently.

  16. triple h, I think , has never beaten the undertaker so he might be made to win. I want the undertaker to win not triple h

  17. WWE needs this more than ever and tbh the fans need this to show them that yeah even though everybody from the attitude era may be gone but they are sending the message to the audience that they are the epitome of what this business is and should always be.

  18. The Rock vs John Cena WM 28 = once in a life time

    The Rock vs John Cena WM 29 = twice in a life time

    Triple h vs The Under taker WM 28 = End of an era

    Triple h vs The Under taker super showdown = End of an era part 2

    soon :
    Triple h vs The Under taker super Royal Rumble 2019 = End of an era part 3
    Triple h vs The Under taker super Royal Rumble 2020 = End of an era part 4 we promise
    Triple h vs The Under taker super Royal Rumble 2021 = End of an era part 4 we promise
    Triple h vs The Under taker super Royal Rumble 2100 = skeleton vs skeleton match

  19. …For the Last time ever ..On Oct.6 in Melbourne Austrália super show down…Triple h will realize once and for all that…" AIN'T NO GRAVE CAN HOLD TAKER BODY DOWN " !!!!!

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