100 thoughts on “The Truth About Cracking Your Knuckles | Responding to Comments #15

  1. Hey Doctor Mike.. Love your channel! What are your thoughts on viscosupplementation (rooster comb injections)? I have had multiple doctors/ specialist treat my arthritis and their opinions vary widely when it comes to this procedure.

  2. Imagine you're a 911 dispatcherand someone calls panicking saying this someone's heart has stopped and you just hear faintly 'ah ah ah ah staying alive staying alive ah ah ah ah staying aliiiiiivveeee' etc; hehe

  3. I work a 9-5 desk job and in the last ~year I have noticed on and off upper back pain (between the shoulder blades and spine). How can I stretch this out?

  4. Don’t ur fingers line up wrong or somthing after a long time of cracking ur knuckles? That’s what I was told a lot as a kid

  5. Okay this seems like a dumb question, but the people who live next door to me always slam their door shut. EVERY time they shut the door, it makes a huge boom sound and always gives me a jolt or a mini scare(even when I expect the slam). Is this continuous jolting bad for my heart?

  6. Hey doctor mike! When and why did you decide to become a doctor? I’m a freshman in high school. Did you want to be a doctor at my age or when you were an adult?

  7. I have a mass on my lower left Parathyroid. I will need surgery. One of the things I learned that your Phofurus and Calcium need to balanced. I also learned that Calcium is stored in your bones. Calcium is used in the brain. I'm not sure what kind of questions to ask but the importance of the glands and them working properly.

  8. Question: is overworking yourself on a regular basis. Like doing a physical job and always going for overtime, going to cause you to die earlier due to stress or make you healthier because its exercise

  9. I can crack my knuckles whenever I want to. If I'm like "I feel like cracking my knuckles 8 times", I can do it. Does this mean that I always have that nitrogen stuff in my synovial fluid?

  10. Does dyeing hair hurt it? Should I avoid it? Also (unrelated) how often does fibromyalgia affect teens/young adults? I was recently diagnosed and am very curious, but am finding very little on any of it.

  11. Sometimes I repeat words I say like 3 or 4 times and I didn't know until my dad asked me why I repeat stuff, is that bad??

  12. Mike:there is no dumb questions
    Me: If you you had 2 bullets and Toby from the office, Hitler, and Binladen was in the same room what would you do ?

  13. From a nursing student, what do you feel about DNPs calling themselves “doctor” like “Hi, I’m Doctor so-and-so, your Nurse Practitioner”

  14. Stop cracking your knuckles its rude and disturbing. Like slurping when you eat. Or sneezing without covering your nose.

  15. Has your YouTube channel ever affected your job? For example, has your boss found your YouTube channel or has it made you have trouble finding a new job at a hospital when they're doing background checks?

  16. can having your hair in a really tight ponytail give u headaches or like can it move ur hairline back is that an actual thing

  17. Why can dancers crack almost every bone in their body. I’m a dancer, I can crack my back, knuckles in two spots, neck, knee, ankle, toes, wrists, elbows, and sometimes shoulders. I was just wondering because most people can’t do that. Ps, bear and roxy are so cute ❤️

  18. On the liquid nitrogen thing, just to note, the air we breathe is actually around 79% nitrogen. However, this is gaseous nitrogen. Nitrogen only exists in a liquid state at around -200 degrees C, so consuming this would cause you severe injury and probable death. Now if you’re using the liquid nitrogen to coat something like cereal balls, which is what dragons breath is referring to, this is relatively safe given that you only use a small amount of liquid nitrogen to freeze the cereal and it’s evaporating into the atmosphere almost immediately. I still wouldn’t recommend doing it though, because if you add too much liquid nitrogen and don’t wait long enough for it to evaporate then you could damage your esophagus and such.

  19. What a beautiful viral video and title! Keep enjoying your beautiful life and thanks for sharing some of this love with us

  20. Dr. Mike, if you are wanting to see a mental health care specialist but don’t know who/where to go to, should you go to your family doctor for a referral?

  21. Question: Why do I sweat a lot. For example 5 minutes of cardio makes me sweat as if I just finished taking a shower. I’m not very fat but I don’t have a six pack either.

  22. Can you cause joint damage from using a console controller, and what should you do if your thumb starts locking up because of it?

  23. What’s the dumbest reason a patient have been to the hospital (I asked my mom this question and she said a teen who had a teen party, and his parents came early, so he chugged all the drugs, and he went oof and rip)

  24. Can the fluid in the eye theoretically be sustitude by a saline solution to pottentailly remove internal eye problems or the “flying flies” we see?

  25. Hey doctor mike my headaches have a schedule.Its where the first day I have a headache then the next day I don’t then the next day I do and it just keeps repeating do you know what that is?

  26. So I’m a 15 year old female with lupus do you have any suggestions on how to make muscle pain and fatigue “go away” with out painkillers?

  27. Is there a way to boost your height? I know it's based mainly on genetics but I would still like to know if there are any other tricks.

  28. im curious what are your career goals? most people when they think of careers like being a doctor that they have made it. are you at the point you want to be until you retire or is there somewhere you want to go from here?

  29. Once I sleep walked and my mom said that I walk toward the garbage can and the. I started pissing on it and I pull up my. Pants back up and went back to bed it was like when I was 6 or 7

  30. Is hearing the same cracking sound from purposely cracking your wrist cause for concern? I broke my wrist twice, maybe it didn't heal right?

  31. Hey Mike! My girlfriend have a lot of headaches, I think it's because she is a dancer and of her neck muscles are very tense. But I really don't know the exact reason why does she have so many. Please help 😊😅

  32. Why does my right wrist pop every time I roll it i have never broke it before and i have broke my left wrist but it's perfectly fine

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